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Jen T @ A Closer Look

A quick shout to Jen over at ACL. She has gone above and beyond to resolve an issue involving a location that has been perpetually closed during listed hours (temp location w no phone to verify). She is making sure I've been compensated for the trouble and has... Continue Reading

A Closer Look grocery shop suggestions

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Problems Logging into A Closer Look

I registered for ACL, passed the test and clicked on the link emailed to me. It asked me to set-up a password, which I did. I then tried to log-in using my new password, and there is a message stating the password in invalid. I clicked on... Continue Reading

A Closer Look is seeking schedulers and editors to complete our team!

Have you been searching for a great work from home opportunity? Our business is growing, and we are looking to add to our editing and scheduling staff. A Closer Look is a professional and legitimate mystery shopping and market research company that has been in business more than 20 years.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look asking for money back??

So I received an email a couple weeks back from ACL saying how there was an error in reimbursement for a period of three months for a grocery shop. They indicated that they shouldn't have paid me over $35, and that I owe them $5.68 and to send them... Continue Reading

Have you joined A Closer Look yet? We have shops all over the US and more

We offer a vast array of shops. From Hotel evaluations to upscale restaurants, retail, massage or Gym shops. There is something for everyone. With over 9000 jobs available monthly there is sure to be something to interested you. Apply today! I personally have shops in the LA, CA, ME, MA,... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Anyone sign up for them? They have a test you take with 10 questions and my husband is a phd and he and I both looked at this and they say 6 out of 10 correct. Full of ............They obviously have something wrong with their grading. I... Continue Reading

Casual Italian Dining Shops in Georgia - A Closer Look

A Closer Look is looking for shoppers in Lake Oconee, Milledgeville, Madison, Covington, Athens, Monroe and Conyers, Georgia to complete casual Italian dining shops. Lunch shops have a $40 maximum reimbursement, and dinner shops have a maximum reimbursement of $70. Children are permitted on shops without bar visits. If... Continue Reading

Theresa- A Closer Look

She is an awesome scheduler! She is very responsive to emails and texts. She is an asset to this company!!... Continue Reading

A Closer Look hotel guidelines heads up.

For those of you who do ACL hotel shops, it seems their guidelines have been updated. For the last few years their hotel shops have had a deadline of 12 hours after check out and included a caveat that they assumed for deadline purposes that you check out at... Continue Reading

A Closer Look....the Nationwide Pizza chain shops

Just curious to know if the shops ACL does with the nationwide pizza chain....are they easy? Am thinking of taking one since they have a bunch of them here in Chicago and they are also dangling a couple of premium shops to go with these pizza shops.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look shop Maximum

I'm curious if others that work with ACL have a limit to the number of shops they can have open. I currently have a limit of five.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - FYI

Outside of schedulers, I have not gotten emails from ACL after I complete a shop. I did a shop over the weekend, and logged on to their site twice a day. I had to click the email icon on their site to see what was sent to me. For... Continue Reading

A Closer Look report advice

I am completing my first report for A Closer Look and need a little bit of help on one section. I am fine with most of the narrative but I am not really sure what they are looking for with the 5-7 sentences that tell the story of the "Time... Continue Reading

Actually considering action against A Closer Look

So I received an email from an editor at ACL last month, perfectly reasonable concern over a shop I did. I replied, then received another notice four days later saying she really needed a response or the shop would be dropped. I responded again, thinking maybe I forgot to hit... Continue Reading

A Closer Look 2014 ACL Shopper Test

I have taken this test over six times and it says my answers are wrong. Has anyone else had this problem? I have watched the damn video over and over and I am not missing anything. Is it my browser? Their Java just messed up? Annoyed! [i]Mod note:The Kudos, Compliments &... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Reimbursement only?

I was thinking of signing up with A Closer Look. However a friend said they are reimbursement only, no fee. Is this true? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Bonnie Brady of A Closer Look

I'm not sure if Bonnie schedules, but I can tell you she is an awesome editor. She recent;y needed a piece of information from me on a shop I had completed. When I got the message, I was a a baseball tournament that wound up lasting all day. She never... Continue Reading

A Closer Look- Non Existent Domain

I tried to log in to A Closer Look today and it said that it was a non-existent domain. Is anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Scheduler recruitment email from A Closer Look

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New Scheduler A Closer Look

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New Scheduler A Closer Look

Hi Everyone! I am a new scheduler for A Closer Look. If you are not signed up with A Closer Look and you are interested in exciting shops such as Hotels, Restaurants and much more. Sign up on our website Please use my name Jackie Biles as the "How you heard about A Closer... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Is there a new format? I have done so many shops with this company and know they can be long, repetitive, and tedious. I recently took a bit of hiatus (4 months). However, I just completed a high profile restaurant shop and noticed the questionnaire is significantly shorter. Is this... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - late report warning 1 hour after shop was performed

This came across to me as unnecessary, premature, and somewhat inappropriately worded. BTW, my report was 90% completed when the email was sent and submitted before I read the email. Shop was to be performed between 5 and 8 pm today, which it was. A little after 9 pm I received... Continue Reading

A Closer Look wants people to video shop a restaurant for only reimbursement and no pay

I had to double take when I saw this. ACL mystery shops a local chain of casual dining restaurants here in New York, and they rarely provide payment or even reimbursement that covers all of the required purchase options. This chain of restaurants has also had some pretty scummy mystery... Continue Reading

A closer Look

I just finished a shop for A Closer Look. It was a restaurant, reimbursement only. The questionnaire was a terror. Each area needed 3-8 sentences to back up what had already been answered by a yes or no. It took more than an hour to enter the results. ... Continue Reading

closer look

Are the shops disappearing for this company everywhere or only in my area? Any idea people?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look is taking resumes for scheduler/editors

Several forum members have expressed interest in scheduling and editing positions. Just wanted to post that A Closer Look shows on their Shopper Home Page that they are looking for schedulers and editors. Log in and read the descriptions of positions. The contact point for applying: ... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Shops must be pre-booked... I logged on a few times today and noticed that all of the ones showing up are already booked. Anyone else self-assigned a shop for May?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Rejected Shop

Has anyone recently had a shop rejected by A Closer Look? I have done shops for them in the past and never had anything less than a positive experience. However, I just did a pizza carry-out shop which I completed exactly as required (I thought), including the recorded phone call, photos... Continue Reading

A Closer Look Editors

I really like the company, but I cannot think of a single time I have submitted without having the editors return with questions and redos, even though I think I have answered every question ad nauseam. Do the editors do this to you as well?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Does A Closer Look pay a fee for their shops. I never see a fee listed just reimbursement but my checks are always more than I expected.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look Typical that the software fails to save work?

Preparing my report for a shop. Reviewing it, two sections are blank. Fortunately I wrote my narrative in Word. Is this typical? Did one restaurant shop last year and two phone shops. No problem until this time.... Continue Reading

An ode to A Closer Look....

My dear, A Closer Look.... I have shopped for thee a decade and three and always you delight me. when I make a error it's not a terror. the editor contacts me in the night to say I did something not right. Oh crap, I made an oversight. Always silence as I wait, will the client take the bait? Yes... Continue Reading

A Closer Look-November

Have they started listing their November shops or am I missing something?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Firefox setting guide to allow printing and saving of finished reports

I have done everything on ACL website with the latest version of Firefox web browser. There is only one thing that does not work with the default settings. I completed a shop today and corrected the setting and verified it now works 100%. After you submit a shop and you are... Continue Reading

Help! A Closer Look requirements

They want me to write about my most recent casual dining experience to submit my application. Here's the problem: I haven't really had time to go out for casual dining since March. I'm always at rehearsal. I literally *do not remember* the last time I had a meal out that... Continue Reading

A Closer Look- please control your schedulers better.

I know it's the end of the month, and schedulers are desperate to get shops done. I understand that. On Thursday, I got two emails offering large bonuses to do a pair of shops: one that was due by saturday and one that was due by sunday. I informed the... Continue Reading

A CLOSER LOOK: Italian restaurant shops only assigned to tenured shoppers??

Correct me please if I am incorrect--Weeks back it was said that this msc's popluar Italian restaurant chain shops are only assigned to tenured shoppers??? First time shoppers stand no chance of being assigned any of these??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

A closer look

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A Closer Look Hiring Schedulers and Editors

I am a recruiter for A Closer Look, and I am looking for great shoppers to become schedulers and editors. If you are interested, please email me! Here is the information about the jobs we have available: Editing: A Closer Look is currently seeking candidates for an at-home editing position. Candidates... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Is it just me or are there a lot fewer shops from them for January? They said the would start posting jobs last week but I don't see many.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look- Silent.

I am trying to contact my scheduler about a future assignment; tried also a couple more schedulers because the shop's coming up soon. No reply whatsoever. It's as if I'm talking to the grave. I have only shopped once before for this company and communication from their end was prompt.... Continue Reading

a closer look

Is a closer look what would be considered an "upscale" msc? For some reason I get the idea it is more champagne than beer . . .... Continue Reading

Hotel Shops for one A Closer Look Client Just Got Much Less Desirable for Me.

"Hello [Client] Hotels Shoppers, Please note the following change for your Hotels Overnight Stay events. Beginning July 1, 2013, [Client] Hotel Overnight Stay shops will no longer be reimbursed by check from A Closer Look. Your charges will be reversed to your credit cards within 10 days of approval of your... Continue Reading

Question about A Closer Look

This isn't a rant and really isn't even a problem, I just have a question about A Closer Look. I just received an email that they had accepted my lodging shop and sent it off to the client. They also attached a file with some general tips and... Continue Reading

Has anyone seen (or been assigned) any of A Closer Look's higher-end hotel shops for June?

It does not appear that there are any this month. Thanks.... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Does anyone else on here do shops for A Closer Look? I have been a shopper for them for 3 or more years now. I like some of the places they do, but their editors are so hard to please. Today, I turned in a shop for a... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

I did my first shop for them yesterday. Everything went fine until I tried to submit the report. I could not sumbit the report until I replied No to "Did you get a receipt?" I contacted the scheduler and she said thanks for letting us know. I got another email... Continue Reading

A Closer Look shop release schedule

This is my first month as a shopper for ACL. Today was the first day of releases and there were 25 shops in my area that I am allowed to choose from. They are all lunch shops. Tonight there are 10 left. I would like to do a dinner shop.... Continue Reading

Secret Shopper and A Closer Look payments

Has anyone received their checks from either one of these companies? They were mailed on November 20th. I haven't received them and wasn't thinking about it until I received some checks today that were postmarked on the 28th. I'm more concerned with Secret Shopper, who will reissue you a check only... Continue Reading

A Closer Look Payment right on time

I just received my September payment from A Closer Look (ACL). Their guidelines state checks mailed by 10/24 and I got my check on 10/26. Sorry for all the positive posts about MSC's but I feel it's right to give credit where credit is due. Great company... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Anyone else having difficulty getting reimbursement??

I am concerned because for the second month in a row my reimbursement check form A Closer Look is late. It says on the site that it was mailed on 8/22 ...but as of today I have not received it. Last month it took almost 30 days after the... Continue Reading

Q for those who work with A Closer Look

Disclaimer: Relative newbie here. :) I was accepted as a shopper for A Closer Look (ACL) a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the ACL shopper log-in page has read, "We will start posting September shops on Tuesday, August 16th at 12 noon." ... and so... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Nicest folks in the World. I have only done restaurant shops. Do they shop any other kind of stores?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Hi, I am doing a fairly big shop for them next week. I have only done one for this company before and I remember a lot of e-mails requesting additional information and a general "picky" type attitude. I am a little worried about encountering that again. Your thoughts, please?... Continue Reading

A Closer Look - Utah Shoppers

Some Rocket Scientist in their payroll department sent me your check today. Shopper initials are R.L.C. I will put it in the mail to you in the morning...:p... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

This is my first job for them and am trying to enter report, but can't get past the first page...have finished uploading and nothing happens. What next... I wrote to them but want to finish this tonite. HELP!!... Continue Reading

Movie Shops: A Closer Look, anybody done one yet???

Has naybody done one of A Closer Look's movie theater shops??? If so, how is the pay and work required please??? Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Opinions on A Closer Look?

Just finished my first assignment for them. Thought I had written everything possible. I tried to write my little heart out. Came back to me, for additional narrative. For example: "How did he thank you?" What else can you say? "He said thank you and smiled." Okay, but then I'm asked... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Has anybody done a Hotel shop for A Closer Look? Looks interesting, they reimburse for a night plus dinner and breakfast in the hotel restaurant. However, that is a lot of money to spend if they are a company that looks for an excuse not to pay. ... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

Has anyone done shops for A Closer Look? How do they pay? Thanks Brenda... Continue Reading

A Closer Look

I was recently rejected by A Closer Look. Does anyone have any experience with this company positive or negative? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of A Closer Look

Thats why I always recommend A Closer Look - unlike alot of other shopping companies, you get to actually talk to real people for many different issues and get immediate responses. (Source). May 18, 2017

[quote=NinS] A Closer Look specifically asks for photos of "anything awry" and whenever I report a dirty bathroom I include the pic. (Source). May 11, 2017

[quote=NinS] A Closer Look specifically asks for photos of "anything awry" and whenever I report a dirty bathroom I include the pic. (Source). May 09, 2017

Two of the companies that are the worst are Bare International SeeLevel and A Closer Look. (Source). May 09, 2017

A Closer Look specifically asks for photos of "anything awry" and whenever I report a dirty bathroom I include the pic. (Source). May 09, 2017

A Closer Look has one toy client that I am aware of. (Source). May 08, 2017

A Closer Look sometimes has these with no video. (Source). May 04, 2017

A Closer Look:) (Source). May 03, 2017

by this MSC, Since they are really nice folks and the shops pay better for the amount of time spent than other MSCs for similar work (for example, A Closer Look casual dining shops), I'm seeing a lot of annoyance with the MSC from shoppers who were dumped. (Source). April 30, 2017

The shops are very straight forward and the reports are relatively easy. Their casual dining shops are similar to A Closer Look dining shops except the reimbursement is a bit more generous and they have $5 shopper pay instead of zero, and the reports are far less difficult with a lot less narrative. (Source). April 29, 2017