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Kendra Kane - Amusement Advantage

There are times this particular shop has so many interactive and locational narratives that I question my sanity, but always there via email, text, and phone, is Kendra. I'm sure I infuriate her at times (I'm meticulous and a perfectionist; not always a good thing!), and yet she's always been... Continue Reading

First shop with Amusement Advantage

I am one of those people who get a bit (or a lot, according to my partner) nervous about the unexpected. I am going to complete my first shop with Amusement Advantage this week at an aquarium. I have read as much information as I could find about this company... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage Scoring Confusion

I just completed my second shop for Amusement Advantage. My first one I totally bombed. I got home and realized that I forgot a few MAJOR steps and didn't even begin to fill out the report until I talked with the scheduler. Neither of us were certain that it would... Continue Reading


HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Company. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. THEY REFUSE TO PAY YOU. Once you sign up for a shop, they non- stop call, text, and e-mail you. You can't have another job or other obligations because you need to be able to answer asap or they will remove you from... Continue Reading

Are the Amusement Park Jobs with "One Ticket" the "Most Sought After MS Jobs"? Yes or No?

Do you perform the Amusement Park Shops on your own or take someone with you? If you worked for PGE or any other company with a Union the tickets are very reasonable. Some of the Theme Parks are raising prices to keep attendance down to levels where your... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage Phone calls

Has anyone done a phone call for Amusement Advantage? I cannot see if I can listen to the phone call. I did ask, but they said something about after I submitted it I could. I thought, I would try to see if anyone had done a call.... Continue Reading

AmusementDisadvantage (AmusementAdvantage) Is Terrible

I recently did a shop for amusement advantage, they stated on their site that the report will take 2 to 3 hours and the actual shop about 2 hours. Hahaha, that is NOT true the shop took 6 hours to complete and the report to 5 hours to finish. I'm... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage shop request

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amusement advantage

I am doing a shop for amusement advantage for the first time. Any advice from seasoned shoppers. I am an experienced shopper but there seems to be so much more to remember with this company, It's probably just because I haven't done one with them before and... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage 'Fun' shops, are they worth it?

@vlade5394 discusses the pros/cons of a recent assignment he completed. Looking at it one way, he lost $59. Looking at it another, he earned $24 an hour. Was it worth it? What do you think? Continue Reading

Amusements Advantage?

I just saw this company name for the first time. They shop at least one place I really like to go. The fees in the postings look very good. Anyone know anything about them?... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

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Amusement Advantage deactivation

I've been registered with Amusement Advantage for quite some time. I found out they only have one shop in my area (which I don't meet the requirements for). this morning I got an email saying that because I hadn't contacted them they were deactivating my profile. Is it worth... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

In all my years as a shopper, not once have I ever seen an assignment on AA's website. Not even if I search every state. Granted I've never been on their website right at the release date they have listed. Do they really go that fast, or what? :)... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage? Is it really an advantage??

I am always intrigued by this MS advertisements but I am wary of the part where it says the report takes 2 hours to complete. Is this really the case? Has anyone done them before? Is it worth it, be honest. TIA :-)... Continue Reading

nice login message from Amusement Advantage

I got this around 2 weeks ago: You previously asked for your record to be removed, your email address was invalid, came back as undeliverable or we were notified by your email provider that you idicated an email from our domain was spam. You may not re-register. Please contact to... Continue Reading

AMUSEMENT ADVANTAGE: Shops at movie theaters??

Was wondering if they do any movie theater shops please.. Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

I have a shop scheduled with them next month and I was wondering what the reports were like. Any info would be great!!... Continue Reading

Travel shops? hotels? cruises? amusement parks?

I've one some hotel shops and really enjoy them (once you figure out what the company wants!). I am wondering if any one has done cruise shops or amusement parks (like Disney World). What kind of detail do they want? Do they reimburse a set amount? ... Continue Reading

has anyone ever shopped from (left up for your amusement)

Hey guy, My partner and I wanted to get a little kinky recently after being initiated by the nototious book 50 shades of grey. One thing lead to another and we wanted to try something out. After a fair of research of divers websites, we spotted this one restraint which we fancied a... Continue Reading

Amusement Park Shops

I did my first one this past weekend...well...I can't say I would do it again under the same conditions. Compensation was 5 tickets, you use one for the shop then you are responsible for paying for all the other stuff. We had been eager to go to the amusement park... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

No wonder they have a hard time scheduling a shop. Right now they are scheduling for May. They have a shop open and it says you must select a day before the 20th and it has to be a weekend. No problem. I selected the weekend... Continue Reading

Amusement Park shop

So I have an annual pass to a local amusement park and just completed 4 reveal shops there. They told me I could keep the free pass they sent me since I didn't need to use it. The shop should've been one of the easiest shops ever, however, it was... Continue Reading

Recruiting for amusement shops!

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Amusement Advantage Reports

They have a few shops listed that are places that we visit several times a year. I would love to do the shop to be reimbursed for the expenses but the guidelines state the reports are 3-4 hours long. Any one do shops for them and do they... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage?

Anyone here worked or is working for them? I have a shop coming up this weekend for them and it'll be my first for them. Am a little concerned at the number of photos they require. I have a camera on my phone, but the flash is automatic and I... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

Does anyone else have trouble getting AA to assign you shops? I apply every month and have never been assigned a single shop. I know that these kinds of shops (e.g. aquariums) typically are very involved and lengthy, and maybe they don't want to assign them to someone who... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage Job Postings

Ok their website says they release shops on the Friday closest to the 20th. I don't do this on a monthly basis, but when I am looking for shops from them I often check back around that time. I haven't seen assignments from them since 2010, yet they often post... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage....

was a shopper for a few years....only getting a job here and there...but now appears I have to re-apply and not sure if it's worth it....anybody have a lot of positive experience with them?... Continue Reading

How is it working for Amusement Advantage/ zoo shops?

I saw an assignment for a zoo reimbursing $115, however it states that I should expect to spend 5-6 hours at the zoo, the report is 14-16 pages and the report should take 3-4 hours to complete. Furthermore, the evaluation covers all the of following areas and employees: ... Continue Reading

Spies In Disguise - Amusement Park "deposit"?

I am looking at taking one of their amusement park shops but I was leery of the "deposit" I have to put down for the tickets? It seems like a red flag to me - has anyone done one like this with them?... Continue Reading

amusement advantage

These are the most inconsiderate and rude people to work with and I hope no one shops for them. They called me relentlessly to make sure I confirmed my shop. Some people do work full-time. So I am truly disgusted with them and I will never work for them again. Just... Continue Reading

Anyone work for Amusement Advantage?

I was just wondering if you have received payment. I was told I would get paid today but still have not received it. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Question about mall/amusement shop

I have a shop two days from now, at a mall ride. I am required to take my child with me. My instructions require me to purchase the ticket, walk away from the attraction to photograph the ticket, then come back and ride it. How do I do this "walk... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

Hey everyone, Anyone ever work for this company,some of their parks look like fun,but the reports seem to be very long. Any feedback from a forum member. Thanks...... Continue Reading

amusement shops

I performed an amusement park shop recently. Although I enjoy these shops and like the company who offers them, I am having a problem. I wrote detailed narratives regarding all of my interractions and required obsevations. These totaled 40 plus narratives. Many(most of) the interractions were literally between 30 seconds... Continue Reading

Amusement Adventures reports

I haven't done a shop for this company yet and before I do, I was hoping to get some insight into their 10-12 page reports. Is it narrative, multiple choice, or a combination or both? Is this assignment worth the free admission? I'm wondering if this shop... Continue Reading

Amusement Parks

I just got an offer to do a shop at an amusement park. It is right by my house so it is ideal. But I was curious, has anyone done these before? I've never shopped for them and the reports sound really complicated. All in all you need to get... Continue Reading

amusement advantage

I realize that this is going to sound REALLY stupid, but how do you log out of the Amusement Advantage site??? I never see a "log out" button. Advice please! Thanks!... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

Do any of you shop for them? I've done a couple of them and they are so tedious about the reports. Then to top it all off they graded me like in the 70's and 80's. I have not problem with constructive feedback but can you make... Continue Reading

Amusement Park Shop

I have my first amusement park shop later this week. What are some good tips for taking notes and keeping track of people and interactions over the entire day there? I will be bringing a video camera with extra tapes and a back up battery. I doubt I will get... Continue Reading

Amusement Advantage

Has anyone had any problems with this company? I did a shop and the website claims it was paid, however, the money hasn't shown up in my PayPal account. Sent them an e-mail about it and got an answer that they'll look into it at the end of... Continue Reading

Amusement Park

I am doing my first amusement park shop. Anyone know links to discounted tickets?... Continue Reading

A question re Amusement Advantage

Do more shops appear as available on Amusement Advantage the more shops you complete, or are you able to see all the shops (but not apply) even if you are a newbie. Thanks... Continue Reading

When does amusement advantage usually post new jobs?

When does amusement advantage usually post new jobs? Thanks... Continue Reading

Recently Relocated - MS companies in FL rest and amusement

Hi Everyone....I have been at it (MS'ing that is) for 2 years. I moved from Texas and was kept busy with restaurants, theatre, and amusement centers. Since, I have moved my old companies don't have much in my area of Tampa. I love doing 4 and 5 star fine dining... Continue Reading

amusement park disney

does anyone know mystery shopping company who does amusment park florida... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Amusement Advantage

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Wind Tunnel / Indoor Skydiving location in Toronto, ON available now! This shop pays a total of $86 including $5 Early Return Bonus. (Source). December 13, 2016

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Wind Tunnel / Indoor Skydiving location in Montreal, QC available now! This shop pays a total of $83 including $5 Early Return Bonus. (Source). December 13, 2016

Same situation with National Amusements theaters. (Source). December 07, 2016

.. and after re-reading it realized I should clarify... haha)[/quote] I don't know, I thought it was kind of funny that you got to "reveal" yourself at an "amusement" park![/quote] Revealing yourself in an amusement park could lead to sex offender registry, LOL. (Source). November 12, 2016

.. and after re-reading it realized I should clarify... haha)[/quote] I don't know, I thought it was kind of funny that you got to "reveal" yourself at an "amusement" park! (Source). November 10, 2016

Completed an unrevealed amusement park, 2 gas staion shops, 2 grocery audits. (Source). November 08, 2016

I have even taken him to amusement parks. (Source). November 08, 2016

I don't guess you'd get to stay long in the amusement park if you truly revealed yourself hahaha. (Source). November 05, 2016

I shopped concessions at an amusement park this summer and got to reveal myself as a secret shopper and award prizes for passing. (Source). November 05, 2016

Kudos to Amusement Advantage scheduler for a sense of humor her email has changed to "FunShops@AmusementAdvantage. (Source). November 03, 2016