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B Business Solutions - Car Shop

Anyone know how their current luxury car shops compare to others out there?... Continue Reading

B Business Solutions hotel certification

Does anyone know about how long B Business tends to take to grade a hotel certification test? I've been waiting a week to find out if I've passed and can self-assign a stay which is coming up fairly shortly. Thanks!... Continue Reading

B Business Solutions...

I signed up with this company since July 2014. Everytime I log in it says, "You are not eligible for any of the visits in the cities you chose." However, a friend of mine who has never performed a shop for them either is constantly being emailed many available shops.... Continue Reading

Reviews Requested for B Business Solutions

I have been assigned a hotel shop with this company, B Business Solutions aka Bizshoptalk, and I was hoping that I could receive some reviews and impressions of this company. The assignment includes an overnight stay, dinner for two, breakfast for two, valet parking, and spa services. It is asking... Continue Reading

b business solutions

Just received a check from b business solutions. They want me to place in my bank and then send them money through Western Union. Has anyone else received this offer? Have read lots of feed back on this as a scam. My first mystry venture. ... Continue Reading

Anyone shop for B Business Solutions?

Has anyone ever shopped for B Business Solutions? The website is under It looks legit. They recruited me through email. Thanks!... Continue Reading


Anyone work for them....thanks.... Continue Reading

B Business Solutions

I did a search and can't find anything about this company on this board. I did a "high end hotel shop" for them (overnight) after I saw it posted in the jobs section of this forum. I cannot say enough good things about this company. All of... Continue Reading

Star Scheduling/Bizshoptalk

We received an email this week from Star scheduling about a high end hotel shop for Bishoptalk. I've never heard of them. When you go to the website to register, it says the company is B Business Solutions. Has anyone heard of them or worked with... Continue Reading


I just did my first shop for them. I have to say they are AWESOME. I encountered issues with my shop refund and they just went for it and handled it. The folks there score very high with me.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of B Business Solutions Inc

In order of my own preference: Merc Surveys B Business Solutions Buckalew A Closer Look Coyle Five Diamond Regal YMMV (didn't include Bestmark because I'm excluded from the one in my area) (Source). July 18, 2017

If we are late on our shops, we can get penalized and given a negative rating. The shops that do pay on time is Intelli, RBG, and B Business solutions. (Source). July 15, 2017

I think BBS is B Business Solutions. (Source). June 08, 2017

B Business Solutions is one of my very favorite MSCs. (Source). April 10, 2017

What is your experience with http://bizshoptalk. (Source). April 10, 2017

Off the top of my head, additional ones I would recommend: Merc Surveys B Business Solution Buckalew (start here or ACL if you're new) A Closer Look 5 Diamond Data Quest There are others, but the ones above are companies that are not likely to cause you grief. (Source). August 27, 2016

Here is the list of all the companies that will post jobs with them when they are having difficulty getting them filled: www.bizshoptalk. (Source). January 29, 2016

So far I have come across the following: Coyle, HS Brands, and Trendsource.[/quote] I can recommend Regal HG and B Business Solutions. (Source). November 06, 2015

I suggest you may have been the subject of a scam that I haven't heard of before. You might access B Business Solutions from a source independent of that email. (Source). September 18, 2015

I want to make sure I'm not being scammed! I replied to a hotel shop offer from a scheduler with B Business Solutions, which I read is the norm, but what concerned me was that when I logged onto the site to verify my email and update my profile, someone else's information was already listed. (Source). September 18, 2015