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15 Discussions

Daymon Interactions [Interactions Marketing: Insights]

Has anyone ever worked for Their website also uses the name Daymon. Their website seems very thorough and they appear to have job opportunities available outside of mystery shopping. However, I haven't read anything about them in the mystery shopping world and want to make sure they are legit.... Continue Reading

Insights Interactions (Caliber) grocery shops

Does anyone have information about what is going on with the grocery shops? I was sent a message that the client requested that they use a completely new group of shoppers. Needless to say, I was shocked as I have been a very loyal shopper for this company, and have... Continue Reading

Caliber "Conflict of Interest" Agreement

This agreement seems to say that if you mystery shop for another company you are not eligible to work for them. How would you interpret? Please read the last sentence. You agree to immediately disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest that may preclude you from conducting... Continue Reading

Interactions Insight....former Caliber...

Does anybody know their pay schedule? I can't seem to get to a place to look that up.... Continue Reading


looks like perhaps they have lost a "client" or two or they are just slow in posting...... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions

Is anyone having problems logging in?... Continue Reading


Anyone have any dealings with this company?... Continue Reading

My First Shop with Caliber Interactions

I just did my first shop with Caliber. The instructions were clear and the survey was very easy to fill out. I hope payment comes as promised. I'm getting paid $12 for something I love to do...sampling at grocery type store.... Continue Reading

Is Caliber a scam?

I've now signed up for two different versions of this site and they NEVER have shops! I mean they don't show any on a country wide search even.... Continue Reading


anyone else having trouble logging in to caliber?... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions Bonus not paid

Has anyone been told they were going to get a bonus from Caliber and then not get it? I was promised a $10 bonus for a last minute emergency shop. They have not paid it, nor have they had the decency to respond to my emails about it.... Continue Reading

Caliber Interactions

Has anyone worked for Caliber Interactions? I got an email from a scheduler for Summit Scheduling, but it's for this company. Thanks.... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard anything about Caliber? It is not listed on Volition. Does anyone shop for them?... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of Caliber?

I got an e-mail today from a Sassie scheduler promoting a job with this company. The shop involves going to a grocery store ever few days and listening for the cashier's magic words that will trigger a gift certificate into her hands. The part I'm not real keen... Continue Reading


Has anyone done any shops with Daymon?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Caliber Mystery Shopping

The only company I ever had even close to an issue with was Daymon, or Interactions, or whatever the hell they're calling themselves now. (Source). March 25, 2014

Pet shops = free cat food for a few months 9. Amusement park shops 10. Reveal shops of any caliber As you can see, most of my favorite shops involve a lot of out of pocket costs and typically long reports, but I'm usually ok with them! :) (Source). March 18, 2014

Yes, I would, in spite of the fact that the restroom is horror film caliber vile; the cashier in the store has dilated eyes, speaks in grunts, and hasn't bathed in days; the hot dogs on the rollers have shriveled to the diameter of green beans, have the (Source). February 09, 2014

[...] They don't use Sassie. Is this a different Caliber than the one I'm signed up with? (Source). January 14, 2014

The only shots I take are 80 proof! You are certainly a high caliber shopper. (Source). December 25, 2013

I truly hope the MSC does right by this high caliber veteran shopper. (Source). December 18, 2013

I only know a couple of other companies that offer similar caliber of hotels. (Source). December 02, 2013

Be careful - Daymon has several branches - mystery shopping (Caliber), events (Interactions Marketing), sampling (CDS). (Source). November 30, 2013 Their website also uses the name Daymon. (Source). November 30, 2013

If you can help, please register with our client Interactions Marketing (formerly CALIBER) at www. (Source). November 06, 2013