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Castforce contractor

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Help: Labeling Pictures for Castforce

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What do you think about Castforce?

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Cast Force CVS Project Question....

Since I am new to merchandising, how do I know which cards correspond to the numbers on the planogram? The planogram numbers match the scan tags but I don't know how to relate those numbers to the gift cards. I don't even know how to tell which cards... Continue Reading


Has anyone had problems trying to submit information to Castforce? Yesterday I did 3 jobs for Castforce and had the most horrible experience trying to enter the information and submit the invoice. I worked for hours. I would get to the end and submit and it would take me back... Continue Reading

Castforce changes pay

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Frustrated with Castforce

A few weeks ago, I picked 15 shops for a chain of convience stores around me. The email stated it was a simple gift card refill following the POG. After receiving the packages on the 1st day they were do, I went out do start my shops. Since this is... Continue Reading


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Hello, I been awarded two audit merchandising projects for a grocery store. Before I plunge forward, like to get feedback on the company, projects expecations, etc... good and the bad... Thank you! Jewels Houston, TX How are the prepaid cards projects? take longer 1 hour? even though it says 60 minutes. I reading prior... Continue Reading


If you decide to work for castforce, do not count on a check for 2-3 months AND do not rely on responses to emails. If you work for this company you MUST be willig to send emails daily to get a response and not waiting for a check. ... Continue Reading

castforce contractor

couldnt find anything in the searching google... negative or positive... be interested in what you guys think... completed 4 jobs so far... 2 big box stores, 1 pharmacy... much better pay than the purple people eater... very easy too... a bit time consuming but not hard... havent got paid yet...... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of CastForce

I am having a terrible time with castforce. (Source). April 19, 2014

Castforce seems to be dependent on who your manager is. (Source). April 07, 2014

.. havent got paid yet for the project but never had pay problems with them :D each scheduler is different within a given company ... especially one as big as castforce. (Source). April 04, 2014

I have had good service from Castforce. (Source). April 04, 2014

I too have not had pay issues with Castforce. (Source). March 23, 2014

Just did 4 assignments for Castforce today. (Source). March 18, 2014

I would stay away from Castforce because there staff is poor period and lie about being paid. (Source). March 18, 2014

Hi , I work with castforce but they don't have much work for the whole moth. (Source). March 17, 2014

I now have a problem with Castforce! I do not like the robo calls reminding me of projects not complete with only two days after the project started! I work a full time job of four ten hour days, which leaves (Source). March 04, 2014

I have done one job for Castforce. (Source). February 25, 2014