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SNAPAudits CastRetail CastForce C.A.S.T

These are all one ion the same under different names! It started as C.A.S.T. Creative Agency Services Team, Inc It had some reputation issues on the ground. It morphed into CastForce. I began working for them in late 2013 under this entity as an IC. After a a few months I was in Love.... Continue Reading


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Castforce vs Cast Retail.

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CAST/Castforce Merging?

Does anyone have any information regarding a Castforce and CAST merging on the first of the year? I had a call earlier this week from CAST where I was told after the merger, they are switching to hourly employees instead of IC's.... Continue Reading

Castforce CVS Reset

For gift cards how long does these take? Can 2 stores be done in a day?... Continue Reading

Need help with Castforce...Please!

So I signed up with this company a few months ago and suddenly they assigned me shops paying $11. Luckily they were out of my local area so I asked for bonuses and received them. I was scheduled six for this week and have conducted four so far.... Continue Reading

Did Castforce lose the gift cards in drug stores?

Used to be that every month we would be doing something with the gift cards in CVS. Have not seen anything in two months. Did they lose that account?... Continue Reading

Anyone work for CastForce

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Castforce roll call

Just interested in others that work for Castforce. Reply with answers to some general info so we all can see how we stack up with others. 1-How long have you worked for Castforce? 2-How many hours per week? 3-Current Contractor Score (found at the top line of your Dashboard) 4-How much are you currently... Continue Reading

Castforce Website Down

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Anyone have experience with Castforce? I am scheduled to do 6 audits (all within a 15 mile radius and appear straightforward). Did I bite off more than I can chew??... Continue Reading

Castforce Ripoff

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Castforce Scoring Question

Can anyone clarify the scoring process for Castforce contractors? What is a good score? I have completed 5 projects and have a score of 210. I don't know if that is good or bad.... Continue Reading


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Castforce contractor

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Help: Labeling Pictures for Castforce

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What do you think about Castforce?

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Cast Force CVS Project Question....

Since I am new to merchandising, how do I know which cards correspond to the numbers on the planogram? The planogram numbers match the scan tags but I don't know how to relate those numbers to the gift cards. I don't even know how to tell which cards... Continue Reading


Has anyone had problems trying to submit information to Castforce? Yesterday I did 3 jobs for Castforce and had the most horrible experience trying to enter the information and submit the invoice. I worked for hours. I would get to the end and submit and it would take me back... Continue Reading

Castforce changes pay

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Frustrated with Castforce

A few weeks ago, I picked 15 shops for a chain of convience stores around me. The email stated it was a simple gift card refill following the POG. After receiving the packages on the 1st day they were do, I went out do start my shops. Since this is... Continue Reading


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Hello, I been awarded two audit merchandising projects for a grocery store. Before I plunge forward, like to get feedback on the company, projects expecations, etc... good and the bad... Thank you! Jewels Houston, TX How are the prepaid cards projects? take longer 1 hour? even though it says 60 minutes. I reading prior... Continue Reading


If you decide to work for castforce, do not count on a check for 2-3 months AND do not rely on responses to emails. If you work for this company you MUST be willig to send emails daily to get a response and not waiting for a check. ... Continue Reading

castforce contractor

couldnt find anything in the searching google... negative or positive... be interested in what you guys think... completed 4 jobs so far... 2 big box stores, 1 pharmacy... much better pay than the purple people eater... very easy too... a bit time consuming but not hard... havent got paid yet...... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of CastForce

I had issues with my phone and the app when they did the Castforce/Cast Retail switch but have been thinking about signing back up with them. (Source). August 24, 2016

I find it suspicious that Tammy works there, they pay once a month the week of the 15, as Castforce did and I read on another forum that someone did a job for them and it was Cast paperwork. (Source). July 31, 2016

A.S.T. Creative Agency Services Team, Inc It had some reputation issues on the ground. It morphed into CastForce. (Source). July 16, 2016

When I google their name, I see a lawsuit for Labor, Bishop-Ivory v Castforce- Florida- weldonrothman, and another lawsuit for Labor, Rodriquez v Castforce in Georgia - delongcaldwellbridgers and who knows how many more? (Source). June 16, 2016

WRONG!! Got a phone call on my CELL PHONE (how'd they get THAT since I've never applied for SNAP work! Must have STOLEN IT from the Castforce list, since I've never worked for CAST!) Anyhow, I told the gal who called (not Tammy) that I had already emailed them to take me off their list because I had no intention of (Source). June 14, 2016

What has become of the merchandising company named CastForce? (Source). June 03, 2016

.SMH[/quote] I thought that name sounded familiar. I wonder if she is trying to take over Castforces old accounts now that Cast has completely imploded? (Source). June 01, 2016

IE shoppers are extremely guarded when posting about them... Archondev, marketforce, maritz, castforce, and stericycle cover the USA. (Source). May 23, 2016

Do a Glassdoor review search too, they are well below 2 stars. I was with castforce for 3 years and when the changed to just Cast, it went downhill quick. (Source). May 20, 2016

...never worked for them, only for CASTFORCE a little bit, back before they closed shop). (Source). May 17, 2016