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4 Discussions

Clear Evaluations, anyone?

I searched before asking, to see if anyone had posted any feedback on this MSC, and did not see anything. Does anyone have any experience with this company, and if so, would you share? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

Anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)

Does anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)? I was thinking of joining one, two or all three of these companies but I have run in to problems seeking out what their payment policies are.... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations

I noticed Clear Evaluatons is using Kern Scheduling but do they go up on their fees because they are currently paying $10.00 a shop... Continue Reading

I highly recommend Clear Evaluations

Their staff is superb!!!!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Clear Evaluations Inc

For some reason I get Jeanne from Melinda Brody mixed up with Leslie from Clear Evaluations. (Source). September 30, 2014

Maybe something to work on with your new device idea? Leslie from Clear Evaluations responded to your post, and gave you some valuable insight from a company's perspective. (Source). September 08, 2014

A client will decline a shop over the shopper's performance just as easily as for bad camera angles. Learning the equipment is the easy part. Leslie Jeter Clear Evaluations (Source). September 01, 2014

My 2nd favorite company is Clear Evaluations because they pay well. (Source). July 30, 2014

To break it down for you, $60 divided by 2hours = $30. If you are interested in video shopping, go to jobslinger and look for Clear Evaluations, which currently has a typical new home shop for $60 that they claim takes 1 to 1. (Source). July 20, 2014

Clear Evaluations - my profile is set to PayPal GAPBusters - 27th of following month Direct Deposit Helion - 20th of following month PayPal International Service Check - 6 weeks PayPal InTouch Insight - 4 weeks (usually faster) Direct (Source). June 10, 2014

Clear Evaluations pays quickly by Pay Quicker, and about 2 weeks later if you want a check, as I recall. (Source). June 10, 2014

the following month (Paypal) BMA - up to 45 days from shop approval (Paypal) Circle of Service 23rd of the following month (Paypal) Cirrus Marketing - up to 3 1/2 months later (reported by other shoppers) Clear Evaluations Last day of the following month (Payquicker, Paypal or 2 weeks later for check) Confero (Shops performed from the 1st to 14th) The 25th following month (Paypal) Confero (Shops performed from the 15th to 31st) The 10th of the second (Source). June 09, 2014

They are not necessarily my Top 10 however I have items alphabetically and they are as such: A Closer Look About Face Ace Mystery Shopping Amusement Advantage Bare Associates BestMark Circle of Service Clear Evaluations Coast to Coast Scheduling Services Compliance Solutions Shoppers Confero CRG ProShopper Customer Impact Coyle DSG Associates Expert Solutions Goodwin and Assicoates And I have more however am tired of listing. (Source). May 02, 2014

She was always a phone call or an email away, with very quick responses. All of the folks who schedule for IR and Clear Evaluations are super. (Source). April 05, 2014