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Kathy at Clear Evaluations

I wanted to really hand it to this fine lady for all of the help and suggestions she has given me in order to improve my shopping technique! She is the cream of the crop and not to mention the seamstress for most shoppers to get their equipment, the... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations Video Shoppers Rejoice!

Clear Evaluations has grown so dramatically that they have hired one of the video industry's very favorite schedulers. She and Tina will split the country, with the new hire taking the East sector! I am just delighted. I will miss working with Tina and I just might... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations, anyone?

I searched before asking, to see if anyone had posted any feedback on this MSC, and did not see anything. Does anyone have any experience with this company, and if so, would you share? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

Anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)

Does anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)? I was thinking of joining one, two or all three of these companies but I have run in to problems seeking out what their payment policies are.... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations

I noticed Clear Evaluatons is using Kern Scheduling but do they go up on their fees because they are currently paying $10.00 a shop... Continue Reading

I highly recommend Clear Evaluations

Their staff is superb!!!!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Clear Evaluations Inc

Of course I was shopping for EPMS, now I shop for Elite, Shadow, and Clear Evaluations. (Source). January 30, 2016

Clear Evaluations is also like that. (Source). January 06, 2016

Craig – KSS Barb Harris – KSS Dante Beck - Integrity Consultants Ryan Stiffler – KSS Sonja DeMarco – KSS Kathy Hart - Clear Evaluations Daniel Price - Customer Impact Jackie Jacoby – KSS Erika Patten Miller - Amusement Advantage Alan Juarez - KSS Josh Francy – Mintel Thomas Gall – Mintel Dixie Gilmore- Shoppers Critique It should be noted that KSS schedulers have 6 of (Source). September 21, 2015

[b]Kathy Hart - Clear Evaluations[/b] “If you've done any work with her over the past couple of years, then no explanation is necessary” “Kathy is well-organized and always available to review guidelines and scenarios. (Source). September 14, 2015

Kathy Hart at Clear Evaluations gets my nomination. (Source). September 14, 2015

Kathy Hart of Clear Evaluations. (Source). September 11, 2015

LeBlanc, Melinda Brody, Impact Marketing, Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence, Clear Evaluations, Shadow Agency. (Source). August 30, 2015

Contact The Shadow Agency and Clear Evaluations. (Source). August 28, 2015

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They do a lot in the SW. I think that Clear Evaluations may also do a lot there. (Source). July 27, 2015