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4 Discussions

Clear Evaluations, anyone?

I searched before asking, to see if anyone had posted any feedback on this MSC, and did not see anything. Does anyone have any experience with this company, and if so, would you share? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

Anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)

Does anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)? I was thinking of joining one, two or all three of these companies but I have run in to problems seeking out what their payment policies are.... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations

I noticed Clear Evaluatons is using Kern Scheduling but do they go up on their fees because they are currently paying $10.00 a shop... Continue Reading

I highly recommend Clear Evaluations

Their staff is superb!!!!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Clear Evaluations Inc

She was always a phone call or an email away, with very quick responses. All of the folks who schedule for IR and Clear Evaluations are super. (Source). April 05, 2014

Both Clear Evaluations and Measure Consumer Perspectives have loaner equipment. (Source). February 17, 2014

Here are a few companies that have video shops: Business Observations Clear Evaluations Gamefilm Consultants Impact Marketing Instant Replays Melinda Brody & Co. (Source). February 14, 2014

Instant Replays and Clear Evaluations. (Source). November 21, 2013

BUT, the best way to start is to sign up with MSCs that will loan you a PV-500 and provide training and back-up. These include EPMS, Clear Evaluations and Instant Replays. (Source). October 10, 2013

I love that Clear Evaluations will provide a schedule of when the target is actually working! On two targeted shops out of town I was able to reach one on the first call and another with only two (Source). October 01, 2013

I shouldn't have put Best Mark Best Mark audits (BMA mystery shopping is now part of the Troy Doylan group) Clear Evaluations I am mistaken about, and can't find my note about if they got back to me about work in Canada or not. (Source). September 21, 2013

Correction! Clear Evaluations not only exists, but is also a leading company in the video shopping field, although they also do a ton of traditional shops. (Source). September 21, 2013

At this time, these include EPMS (which has a separate video division), Clear Evaluations, Instant Replays and The Shadow Agency. (Source). September 11, 2013

But, my research could be mistaken for whatever reason, I still say, do your own research. BES Channel Watch Mystery Shopping Checkmark Inc Checkup Marketing Clear Evaluations Creative Image Associates Customer Feedback Direct Scheduling Services Extra Eyes Nationwide Inc. (Source). September 07, 2013