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Clear Evaluations Video Shoppers Rejoice!

Clear Evaluations has grown so dramatically that they have hired one of the video industry's very favorite schedulers. She and Tina will split the country, with the new hire taking the East sector! I am just delighted. I will miss working with Tina and I just might... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations, anyone?

I searched before asking, to see if anyone had posted any feedback on this MSC, and did not see anything. Does anyone have any experience with this company, and if so, would you share? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

Anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)

Does anyone know the payment policies for Clear Evaluations, International Service Checker, and Core (Formally ISpy)? I was thinking of joining one, two or all three of these companies but I have run in to problems seeking out what their payment policies are.... Continue Reading

Clear Evaluations

I noticed Clear Evaluatons is using Kern Scheduling but do they go up on their fees because they are currently paying $10.00 a shop... Continue Reading

I highly recommend Clear Evaluations

Their staff is superb!!!!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Clear Evaluations Inc

Clear Evaluations loaned me equipment when I first started. (Source). March 15, 2015

Someone who has the opportunity to work with ACE or Clear Evaluations with any regularity might not have those issues. (Source). February 23, 2015

cubbie, The folks at Clear Evaluations bought one, tried it out and have decided not to use or recommend them, from what I have heard. (Source). February 19, 2015

Try contacting Measure Consumer Perspectives and Clear Evaluations. (Source). February 13, 2015

LOL at Lisa! OMG! Clear Evaluations is a company that I consider an elite MSC. (Source). January 26, 2015

Clear Evaluations uses PayQuicker as an option. (Source). January 25, 2015

Clear Evaluations is a perfect example of an excellent company that is not a member of the MSPA. (Source). January 25, 2015

It looks like she isn't working anywhere right now. I hope she finds a better place to work. Kathy is working at Clear Evaluations. (Source). January 10, 2015

I bought mine used but if you go to some of the video shopping companies like Clear Evaluations or Melinda Brody and ask them where to buy the gear they can set you straight. (Source). December 19, 2014

com/ Business Research Group C3 Client Satisfaction website: Caliber Interactions (see Interactions Marketing) Campus Consulting Capstone Research website: CastForce Certified Field Associates CHC Solutions website: Checker Patrol website: CIMA Insight website: Circle of Service Cirrus Marketing Clear Evaluations Inc Coast to Coast Scheduling Services Compliance Solutions Worldwide Confero Consumer Connections website: www. (Source). December 08, 2014