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Late payment from Consumer Connection

I did 3 shops in March this year for them. I am supposed to be paid all 3 at the end of April but till today, I only got payment for 2. They are all the same casual dining shops for the same client. I emailed the scheduler about it.... Continue Reading

Consumer Connection payment - 4 months late!

I'm new to the Forum and accidentally posted this in Introductions instead of the company discussion. Newbie mistake :) Just trying to figure out if anyone else has experienced this or if it's just me: I signed up with Consumer Connection early this year and shopped for them in January... Continue Reading

consumer connection restaurant shop

this company pays for this type of shop, BUT they pay by hyper- wallet- and hyper wallet / consumer connection charges the shopper .75 , that is 75 cents to use hyper- wallet. There is nothing better than paying the mystery shopping company to do the shop and the shopper... Continue Reading

Hyperwallet - Consumer Connection

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Consumer Connection Revised Payment Policy

Consumer Connection has revised their payment policy - they are now paying within 8 weeks after the last day of the month in which an assignment was completed. Previously, it was by the end of the following month.... Continue Reading

Consumer Connection paying on time now?

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Consumer Connection

There is another thread on this company but it is very old. I did my first shop for them today, a food specialty store. Filled out the report, only to keep getting the message that 2 questions are not answered. All questions are answered. Every last one. ... Continue Reading

Consumer Connection owner publishes memoir

From the Globe and Mail Saturday October 23, I see that Catherine Ann, the founder of Consumer Connection, has published a memoir. "Beautiful Buttons: A Memoir of Survival and Triumph".... Continue Reading

WARNING: Do not shop for this company CONSUMER CONNECTIONS

Please be advised, I have done several shops for Consumer Connections in Canada. I have been trying to be paid for my work in may for the last month. They ket saying it was coming "Soon". That has been their response for a month now. In the last week or... Continue Reading

Consumer Connections

Don't shop for this company they are a rip off. they don't pay and they don't return calls or e-mails.... Continue Reading

Consumer Connection

Has anyone else had problems with this company? I did a job on March 14/09 and still haven't been paid. They keep telling me to be patient. I'm just wondering if they are doing this to others?... Continue Reading

Consumer Connection.

Has anyone had payment problems with Consumer Connection lately?... Continue Reading

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Here are some additional names: Amber Arch Brandt CHC Solutions Checker Patrol CIMA Consumer Connections Corporate Risk Solutions Customer Experience Experts DJC Dynamic Advantage Evaluation Systems Expert Solutions Five Diamond ICU Insight Market Research Mpact Mass Connections Mercantile Systems* MysteryShopPros NSite* Phantom Retail Outsource Secret Shopping Services Service Savvy Shared Insight Shadow Agency Skilcheck Stacey's Strategic Solutions Strategic Reflections* Verify International *I have done a shop for them (Source). December 10, 2014

I am registered with a number of them who have since gone out of business. Is Consumer Connections the Canadian company? (Source). December 08, 2014

com/ (payment issues 2013-2014?) Consumer Connection correct website: http://www. (Source). December 08, 2014 Caliber Interactions (see Interactions Marketing) Campus Consulting Capstone Research website: CastForce Certified Field Associates CHC Solutions website: Checker Patrol website: CIMA Insight website: Circle of Service Cirrus Marketing Clear Evaluations Inc Coast to Coast Scheduling Services Compliance Solutions Worldwide Confero Consumer Connections website: www. (Source). December 08, 2014

Just maybe not right now. Keep checking their job boards at different times. I am in Alberta. Most of my work is done for Market Force Consumer Connection Mystery Shopping Canada Performalogics SQM In Touch Service Metrics Premier Service Corporate Reasearch International. (Source). December 07, 2014

(no phone for prospective shoppers) Pay: Jobs 1st-15th paid 25th of following month… Jobs 16th-31st paid 10th of second month… PayPal or DD Sassie reporting platform [u]Consumer Connection ~ should be ‘Consumer Connection Inc. (Source). December 04, 2014

it even more fun! If you are in Winnipeg or know of anyone in Winnipeg interested in conducting any Restaurant audits, please do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you! Jan Khan - Consumer Connection Inc. (Source). September 19, 2014

Debbie Jurock - Consumer Connections Debbie is always very kind, appreciative, professional, excellently organized, and efficient. (Source). September 12, 2014

I'm serious about Consumer Connections being the worst MSC EVER! I had the supreme displeasure of speaking to their owner directly once. (Source). September 11, 2014

..still waiting on those payments, LOL. Fastest MSC: iSpy, sometimes DJC Best MSC... I'll pass Worst MSC: Consumer Connections Worst Editors: I'll pass Best Post: I haven't been here long enough to say. (Source). September 10, 2014