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Customer Impact contact?

I'm trying to get in contact with Customer Impact about a shop I'd like to do. They've offered on the job board a reimbursement for an in-store purchase and for parking fees for that specific location, but I would not personally need the parking reimbursement because I walk from somewhere... Continue Reading

Emergency Weekend Number for Customer Impact

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Customer Impact over the weekend? I had an emergency tonight with a shop and the numbers say only M-F. [i]Mod note: Name of client removed so post conforms to Forum rules as well as your ICA... Continue Reading

Customer Impact contact?

I decided to route some different jobs on my way to Denver next weekend. Signed up for some CI jobs, but haven't heard anything in 2+ days. Is that usual for them?... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

I am new, so I am looking for opinions about CustomerImpact. Are they, a great company that does pay? I have seen many companies that they never pay the shoppers. Does anyone have an opinion about them?... Continue Reading

URGENT: For Customer Impact

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Customer Impact & calling in for each new assignment

This is a minor annoyance, but still an annoyance. I've been shopping for 6+ years and have done thousands of assignments. Customer Impact requires you to call them for each new (first time) assignment for a particular store/restaurant. I had an assignment for a home goods store... Continue Reading

Is Customer Impact a good company to work for?

I checked into mystery shopping because I'm a stay at home mom that would like to make a little extra money without being tied to a set schedule. I received an offer in the mail today from a company called Customer Impact and they sent a check for me to... Continue Reading

Customer Impact -- shops using your cell phone?

Has anyone tried doing the Customer Impact shops using an app you download from them? I see they have one in my area this coming weekend and I was thinking of taking it....any opinion either way? TIA!... Continue Reading

Customer Impact/Speed Mark

Good evening I am sign up with Customer Impact. It used to be Speed Mark. Several years ago I did a FF shop for them and I receive a 9 or 10 score on all of my shops. Now since they changed the name I don't see this shop listed any more.... Continue Reading

Grocery Shop with Customer Impact

Oh my I just finished my first and probably last grocery shop with Customer Impact!! I have seen this shop on the board never took it b/c it's not near me ( 12 miles away) but the scheduler called and offered an extra $10 to make it $20 fee... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Are they extremely fussy and particular about their shops or what? I have done 3 shops for them and they have driven me crazy over 2 of them. Has anyone else run into this?... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

I love working for Customer Impact. Of course I love mystery shopping in general. But, they have the most shopper friendly setup that I've encountered. I had to contact them today, and they were responsive almost immediately. I get nervous about being sure that I am... Continue Reading

Kudos to Customer Impact

I had a great experience with Customer Impact this week. I don't shop for them often, as they have only one client in my area and the shop has a 120-day rotation. Anyway, I signed up for this particular restaurant shop to be completed the week before last.... Continue Reading

Alabama Shoppers: Customer Impact has a last-minute shop in Auburn

Shop pays $12 and reimburses for two adults up to $60. Shop must be done before the end of November. See their website for details. Report is VERY detailed so I would strongly suggest asking for a bonus unless you enjoy writing a novella disguised as a mystery shop report.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact, LLC

Hello, Anyone a mystery shopper with Customer Impact???... Continue Reading

Customer Impact's Online Pillow Survey

Did anyone else get this e-mail? It was the quickest and easiest $5.00 I've made in a long time. They are limiting it to 20-30 responses per city and then that city is blocked. So act quickly if you are interested.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact gateway warning

Is anyone else seeing this? I have never encountered this warning before. [IMG][/IMG]... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Has anyone done an audit for them that you had to use a certain app on your phone for a sporting goods store? I just looked up the shop I did for them last week to see if it was rated yet since it was such a unique shop... Continue Reading

Dear Customer Impact (rant)

Edited because I took this matter private.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Has anyone done any theme parks for Customer Impact? How difficult are the reports?... Continue Reading

Customer Impact Shop - Please Disregard

Thanks for everyone's help!!! I'm just about to do a dine-in shop, where the guidelines state to order a max of 3 items. For example an appetizer, 2 entrees or 2 entrees and 1 dessert. I am assuming I can order beverages in addition to the 3 items. Am I assuming... Continue Reading

Customer Impact - how do they pay?

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Customer Impact

Guess what? I just got an email and they are now doing direct deposit. I went to my profile and added the information needed. Yay! :)... Continue Reading

Customer Impact-- Really poor communication

I am not sure how this MSC stays in business, they have the worst communication. I contacted their scheduler(Joni) on 10-15, and have yet to hear back from her or anyone else at this MSC. I am done. I am not working for these guys anymore, they only have a... Continue Reading

Customer Impact & Scheduling

Hey eveyone, Just wondering if anyone else has a problem getting shops scheduled from this MSC. I have a shopper rating of 9 and even with this rating, I request a shop and they never seem to get back to me. I don't remember having this problem in the past, plus I continue getting... Continue Reading

Survey Customer Impact

I'm looking at an email I just received from mgreen at customerimpactinfo dot com wanting me to take a survey. Anyone else receive this? I don't like clicking links in emails.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact Wants SS#

I'm new to mystery shopping and I understand why a company would want your social. I just feel like it's weird to start off with that. I am signed up for them but it says I cannot do a shop/be paid until they have that info.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact Legitimate?

I am signed up with this company and have been offered a GREAT shop, but it will require a fairly heavy output and reimbursement so I want to make sure they are on the up and up before I accept. Anybody shop with them?... Continue Reading

Contacting Customer Impact

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Customer Impact

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Customer Impact

Hi mystery shoppers: I had a bad experience with this company. I did the best I could. The shop instructions said bar shop, but the email said no bar shop. I could not reach anyone, and they stiffed me. Reported to BBB but they will not reimburse me for... Continue Reading

Customer Impact - Self Assign?

Is anyone able to self assign for Customer Impact? Right now, I can only request shops and only get about 33% of what I ask for even though I have done six shops for them and earned 10/10 shopper ratings on all of them.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact phone number not in service :(

I have to do a shop for Customer Impact this week and am supposed to call them beforehand as per the instructions. Problem is: I've tried both 800-677-2260 and 1-800-677-2260 and I keep getting the same "This number cannot be completed as dialed". I'm wondering if this is... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Hey everyone: Any suggestions on how to get a shop for Customer Impact. I have tried a lot.. Any idea's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

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Customer Impact

Has anyone else noticed a slowdown in their pay schedule? Last month I shopped a high-end steak house (over $200 for my wife and myself for drinks & dinner) and am still waiting for reimbursement. When I shopped this same restaurant about a year and a half ago, I was... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Does anyone have feedback on Customer Impact? Good or bad, it is appreciated. Thanks... Continue Reading

Customer Impact

Does anyone know how long it takes for Customer Impact to actually assign a job after I select it. I signed up for one over 24 hours ago and have heard nothing. Is this normal?... Continue Reading

Anyone shop Customer Impact?

Haven't seen a review of this company before. Wondering if it is a good company to shop for? Thanks... Continue Reading

customer impact

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I did quite a few upscale hotels for Regal and LRA that require extensive details, and Customer Impact fine dining shops as well, so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. (Source). December 05, 2016

I did quite a few upscale hotels for Regal and LRA that require extensive details, and Customer Impact fine dining shops as well, so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. (Source). December 05, 2016

Is customer impact legit? (Source). December 02, 2016

Is customer impact legit? (Source). December 02, 2016

Hi bcm2016 My name is Daniel Price and I'm a Project Manager with Customer Impact. (Source). November 28, 2016

I'm trying to get in contact with Customer Impact about a shop I'd like to do. (Source). November 23, 2016

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What you need to do is the math to see if the cost of a data plan will be offset by msc's requiring Geoverify. Customer Impact is one of them. (Source). November 08, 2016

If not, please email me at as soon as you can this morning. I'll help make sure we get your situation resolved. Thanks! Daniel Price Project Manager Customer Impact, LLC. (Source). November 07, 2016