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Global compliance

I was signing up for this company when I notice it requires a background check. Fine, no problems, I have done it before. When I go to the site they want me to use I see the price. $70 for a background check!!!! LOL I leave those jobs to you... Continue Reading

Global Compliance...GREAT COMPANY!!

In case anyone has the fortune to work with them or wants to work with them.... They are great!!! Highly recommended.... Continue Reading

Global Compliance website

Hi all, I wonder if anyone else is having problems logging on to the GCS website yeseterday into today? I keep getting an error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page." I called GCS and it looks as though the problem is on my end, although my... Continue Reading

Global Compliance--Communication breakdown ...

For those who don't know,this is the company that owns Service Intelligence.Has anyone worked for them ? I have been assigned a few jobs,but I have found their communication to be absolutely horrible,it sometimes takes a couple of days to respond to a email.I would think they could do better.I"ve... Continue Reading

global compliance

This company has really gone down the tubes. The Coordinators there are nasty, condesending and generally difficult to get straight answers from. They treat their contractors with a lack of respect and yet those Coordinators make so many mistakes in their instructions (or should I say lack there of).... Continue Reading

global compliance

Any one have experience with this company? Schedulers seem very rude.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Global Compliance Research

I believe they re also known as Global Compliance Services. (Source). June 09, 2014

as the next day) (paypal) EPMS the 22nd (Direct Deposit) Feedback Plus 30-60 days from the date of the shop (Paypal) Gapbusters 27th of the following month (direct deposit) Gfk 10 days from acceptance (Paypal) Global Compliance (from the 15th to the 31st) The 1st (Direct Deposit) Global Compliance (From the 1st to the 14th) The 15th (Direct Deposit) Goodwill the 15th (Check) Goodwin & Associates by the 10th two months after (Paypal) Harland Clarke Within three weeks (Check) Helion 20th of the (Source). June 09, 2014

They rebranded themselves. http://www.globalcompliance. (Source). December 11, 2013

That's still better than Global Compliance, which offers $8/hour for a BV. (Source). December 20, 2012

These are the shops where you go and verify that the business is for real (correct address, etc) and take photos of the exterior and interior. Global Compliance (Source). August 12, 2012

Global Compliance was the off shoot but Pinkerton Compliance stayed in business too. (Source). January 21, 2012

Pinkerton Compliance is now Global Compliance. (Source). January 21, 2012

Global Compliance just sold Service Intelligence to In-Touch Insight Systems and I heard many of the staff in NC were finished working for Service Intelligence last week. (Source). August 22, 2011

Another company I refuse to shop for is Global Compliance; the ones who bought Service Intelligence (SI). (Source). August 11, 2011

2) With more experience you will learn which companies are willing to negotiate. For example, easily half of the jobs that I do for Global Compliance Services are for a fee higher than what is posted, and often they raise the fee themselves with no asking by the fieldworker. (Source). July 17, 2011