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Dunlap Enterprises, HDE and the payment chase

This company seems to use several different names. As far as I know, they only do a burger chain. I take these shops because they are fairly easy to report and have never had them rejected. I HAVE been paid for every shop that I have done. Last year, they paid... Continue Reading


I did 10 shops for HDE in November, December and January and have not been paid. All shops had out-of-pocket expenses to be reimbursed. I can't afford to not be paid for work that was submitted, accepted and graded. Any tips on getting them to pay me?... Continue Reading

Hilli Dunlap Enteprises (HDE) aka DL Dunlap Enterprises doesn't pay up

Completed two shop within a day for this company at the end of April. Got paid for one of the shops at the end of June. Still haven't been paid for the other shop and it's going on 90 days since the shop was submitted and accepted. Funny how this... Continue Reading


Does anyone have an opinion of HDE? I'm having a hard time getting them to pay me. They still owe me for January and February shops (as well as some later ones).... Continue Reading


I performed a couple of shops for this company in the beginning of April. I have not yet been paid, and I'm not happy about it!! Has anyone else had the same problem with this company? I have sent 3 emails inquiring as to when I should expect payment, haven't... Continue Reading

HDE HilliDunlap

Thinking about taking some jobs with them. Does anybody know if their payment issues have be resolved? Are they reliable now?... Continue Reading


I have a couple of burger shops done with this company in March and April that have not been paid. Two emails to the scheduler (summitscheduling) have been ignored and I see no way to contact HDE on the Sassie site. Anyone else have this type of experience... Continue Reading

Hilli-Dunlap Enterprises

Anyone do shops for them. I have yet to be paid for a couple I did back in January. Over last year, it seemed as if they got slower and slower to pay... and now nothing.... Continue Reading

What is your take on Hilli Dunlap?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Hilli Dunlap Enterprises

I have one unpaid HDE shop in December - but then I have a lot of other MSC shops unpaid from December. (Source). January 10, 2017

Just took NINE months for me to get paid (Paypal) on three shops with HDE Dunlap Enterprises. (Source). October 06, 2016

I'm officially old.[/quote] Haha...we are in the same boat. I think it was about 14 years ago that I stopped shopping for HDE because I literally had to show up at their office in LA and demand payment when a lot of my shops were more than 90 days out without a payment. (Source). September 22, 2016

Some of the companies include - Beyond Hello/SeelevelHX (never made good on the bonus, despite the emails) Cirrus (pay only) Dunlap/HDE (pay only) Goodwin (pay only) Monterey (pay only) NSS (DID make good on the bonus) NWP (pay and bonus) Sat Services (that took forever & a scheduler working with me to get the missing bonuses) Sentry (pay only - they (Source). September 21, 2016

But with reimbursement we are only talking about $11-12 per shop. I have to wonder if it is HDE not paying us or is it that the clients aren't paying HDE? (Source). September 20, 2016

Hilli Dunlap has been having severe payment issues since I started shopping in 2000. (Source). September 18, 2016

Really, you'd have to really screw me for a posting like that about anyone. I'd reserve comments like those for Hilli Dunlap and Franchise Compliance (out of business). (Source). May 13, 2016

$1/minute I rarely have to worry about payments. I get paid. I don't work for Hilli Dunlap LOL. (Source). May 12, 2016

I was one of HDE's lucky ones at the time, being that I had no payment issues. (Source). May 03, 2016

[/quote] If all shoppers were on forums, Hilli Dunlap would have closed up shop 10 years ago. (Source). April 24, 2016