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Does anyone have an opinion of HDE? I'm having a hard time getting them to pay me. They still owe me for January and February shops (as well as some later ones).... Continue Reading


I performed a couple of shops for this company in the beginning of April. I have not yet been paid, and I'm not happy about it!! Has anyone else had the same problem with this company? I have sent 3 emails inquiring as to when I should expect payment, haven't... Continue Reading

HDE HilliDunlap

Thinking about taking some jobs with them. Does anybody know if their payment issues have be resolved? Are they reliable now?... Continue Reading


I have a couple of burger shops done with this company in March and April that have not been paid. Two emails to the scheduler (summitscheduling) have been ignored and I see no way to contact HDE on the Sassie site. Anyone else have this type of experience... Continue Reading

Hilli-Dunlap Enterprises

Anyone do shops for them. I have yet to be paid for a couple I did back in January. Over last year, it seemed as if they got slower and slower to pay... and now nothing.... Continue Reading

What is your take on Hilli Dunlap?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Hilli Dunlap Enterprises

com/ (payment issues 2013-2014?) Consumer Connection correct website: (Payment Issues 2009-2014?) HDE (Hilli Dunlap Enterprises) (Payment Issues 2011-2014? (Source). December 08, 2014

jovanyhdez Wrote: - I am a man and have been mystery shopping for over a year. (Source). November 17, 2014

85201 Tierra Del Sol 1711 S Extension Road Mesa AZ 85210 Verona Park 1666 S Extension Mesa AZ 85210 Waterstone 1651 South Dobson Road Mesa AZ 85202 Acclaim 2506 West Dunlap Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021 Accolade 220 West Bell Road Phoenix AZ 85023 Aspire Pinnacle Peak 24250 North 23rd Avenue Phoenix AZ 85085 Bella Solano 5656 North 17th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015 Mozaic at (Source). November 14, 2014

BBird0701 Wrote: - HDE tops my list. (Source). November 04, 2014

Do shops in suburbia in the middle of the day, and gas shops late at night to fill the gas tank before returning the rental. jovanyhdez Wrote: - Hi, I have been asking myself this question as well. (Source). October 25, 2014

No need to pay me. Thanks for letting me know." They paid me anyway. Full shop fee. HDE is Hilli-Dunlap. (Source). September 23, 2014

I am signed up with ICCDS but I don't think I've completed any shops for them yet. I'm not familiar with HDE unless that's an acronym than I haven't deciphered yet. (Source). September 23, 2014

HDE tops my list. (Source). September 23, 2014

Pretty much everyone else responds within 24 hours, except maybe on weekends and I don't shop weekends. I think there was once with HDE but I was trying to get a bonus; I hadn't actually requested the job yet. (Source). September 10, 2014

Daryl Demos- Hilli-Dunlap Enterprises (HDE) He always responds quickly to emails. (Source). September 06, 2014