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29 Discussions

Technical Troubles with ICCDS?

It seems I'm having some technical trouble with the ICCDS site. I am able to log in with my password, but I can't apply for a shop. When I try to apply for a shop, it tells me the password is incorrect. I even used the "email me my password"... Continue Reading

I love ICCDS......

I submitted a report last night around 8:30 PM and an hour later I received notice that my report was reviewed and accepted! Their grocery store assignments are easier and pay more than Trendsource's. :)... Continue Reading


Anyone have any suggestions or tips for this company? I am a new mystery shopper(5 months). Greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks... Continue Reading

ICCDS payment schedule

Hi everyone, I know I read it when I signed with them, but now I can't find it and I don't remember. Does anyone know when they pay. I feel silly having to ask this., But when I looked at my sheets for each place I am with, theirs is... Continue Reading

ICCDS urgent email....anybody else get this?

Shopper, The Federal Government requires us to collect certain tax-related information from all individuals that we conduct business with during each calendar year. We must also issue a 1099 Form to each individual to whom we pay more than $600 during that year. Your SSN must be entered in your Sassie... Continue Reading

ICCDS Scheduling issue

I had two shops scheduled for today and unfortunately my oldest son decided to fall and hit his head. He has a bump the size of a softball and the doc says he needs to be watched closely. Hubby is out of town til tonight. I have emailed Claudia at... Continue Reading


How do you rate ICCDS?... Continue Reading


I have not seen any of the big box grocery stores for quite a while, except in outlying areas. Anyone?... Continue Reading


Hi everyone, Sorry, if this has been covered before ! I completed 4 shops for these folks in August and was just curious as to when they pay. I have heard they pay by check the last week of the following month. I just wanted a confirmation. Anyone know for... Continue Reading

ICCDS in Florida?

Hello ms'pers. I noticed ICCDS shops my daughter's favorite store. I saw some posted in California. Does ICCDS ever post jobs for stores located in Florida?... Continue Reading

ICCDS Transition to Sassie

Hi everyone! We are still in the process of transitioning our clients to Sassie. This month we have entered more clients in the Sassie system and will continue to do so next month as well. Be sure to log onto or sign up for ICC/DS in Sassie to see the... Continue Reading

A change in ICCDS

hare hare rabbit rabbit bunnybunny, Happy June first almost the second :-) Received this email today from ICCDS--->"ICCDS is transitioning to a new assignment system (Sassie) effective July 1st. In order to continue shopping with us beyond June 2012, you must sign up by clicking the link below. If you... Continue Reading


I did my first shop for them today and am having trouble with their receipt upload system. When I go to upload the receipt, it just says "Please wait. Your file is uploading.." This stays on the screen -- I've waited and waited but it won't upload.... Continue Reading

ICCDS where are the jobs?

I have worked for them forever and they are a mainstay. However,I see almost nothing anymore. In particular the big box grocery stores. OHContinue Reading

ICCDS has adopted receipt upload and online invoice!

I must have totally missed this update, as I have not shopped for ICCDS in a few weeks. I went to submit a shop today and was totally psyched to be able to upload my receipt and simply initial my invoice (a la MF). What an improvement! I know many don't... Continue Reading

ICCDS photo question

Hello all, I have been considering doing some of the shops that require a photo of the demo booth in a store, but I am wondering something. I only have a digital camera, not a phone camera or i-phone camera. How close to you have to be to the booth to... Continue Reading


They have few shops. They change reps all the time and do all they can not to pay. They do not even pay minimum wage for their shops.... Continue Reading

FEEDBACK PLEASE: ICCDS Medicare event shops ???

Any feedback please on the ICCDS Medicare shops??? Wondering how long in time these seminars are and how many questions and /or narrative is required. My concern is the seminar being boring and myself drifting off into boredom. Thanks Much and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all... Continue Reading

ICC Decision Services

Is anyone else having a problem with their reporting software? I shopped a healthcare seminar for them yesterday and the report was due within 12 hours. I tried to file it as soon as I got home, but I never made it past the first screen, because when... Continue Reading


I'm relatively new to MS and am enjoying it very much. Recently I signed up for a shop for ICCDS I've done a couple of shops with them already and no problems. This time when I went to send in my report the email was returned because the inbox was... Continue Reading

ICCDS and emails

Does anyone know how their job notification emails work? Do some shoppers get them before others? Twice today I happened to be checking my email right when one came in. I replied seriously seconds after the time it says it was sent. Both times I was told it was already filled.... Continue Reading

ICCDS Filters

I've finally gotten annoyed about this, particularly concerning ICCDS. I was told that the computer "gets smarter" as time goes on, that if you keep declining shops on the basis of it being too far away from home (one of the options provided), it will eventually stop those offers... Continue Reading


I think David Mo is gone, other people have been doing his scheduling and a bad job of it... Continue Reading

Screen Capture - WAS ICCDS problems

The thread began here, but has nothing to do with ICCDS anymore, so I created this thread. Steve, I just downloaded a free copy of a beta version of Snagit for the Mac today. I like that I can capture and edit in the same screen. For some things,... Continue Reading

ICCDS problems

Anyone have any problems with them... i have applied for probably at least 10 shops so far... they say they email back with approval... i have none assigned and now sassie is saying "ICCDS shop immediatly" and it was one of the ones that i had applied to do about... Continue Reading


Be aware that this company indicates that "You should receive payment within 30 days from the date we receive the completed paperwork." While this is just fine, the problem is that they are not acknowledging receipt of completed paperwork. With their jobs you are required to mail in an invoice... Continue Reading

ICCDS and I-9

I have recently started shopping and have enjoyed working with several companies. I just received an email from the 'receptionist' at ICCDS where I completed a job. He states that he needs an I-9 and a copy of my drivers license in order to process my payment. No other company has... Continue Reading


They pay through paypal, but can someone tell me their pay days.... Continue Reading

Has anyone mystery shopped for ICC Decision Services?

I signed up online at Has anyone mystery shopped for this company before?... Continue Reading

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It seems I'm having some technical trouble with the ICCDS site. (Source). August 12, 2014

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Trendsource and ICCDS have grocery shops, but they might not have them in your area. (Source). July 31, 2014

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I like the ones that Strategic Reflections has along with the ICCDS ones. (Source). July 30, 2014

Get a room, you two! I've booked all my favorites except the ones posted by ICCDS, and it's a nailbiter to see if I get them. (Source). July 28, 2014

ICCDS and Research Services. (Source). July 28, 2014

For me its ICCDS. (Source). July 28, 2014

If the original OP were your friend or family member would you answer the same way you do here? For the record I would recommend ICCDS to any newbie. (Source). July 28, 2014