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imyst amazon shops

Imyst has shops that require the purchase of an item on Amazon. Amazon is not the client. The client is the manufacturer of the item you purchase.You receive reimbursement only, no fee. It's not clear to me if the reimbursement includes shipping. Ten days after you receive the item, you write... Continue Reading

Imyst - moving truck shops

Imyst is offering $60 shops to take pictures of the trucks very early in the morning. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has done these. I have done only a few shops for Imyst and was pleased with communication with them, pay and ease of reports and am... Continue Reading

Kudos to iMyst and their fast payments!

I am really impressed with iMyst. I just completed my first shop for them last week and it was very easy to work with them. They have great communication with their shoppers, clear guidelines, and they pay really fast! Within 5 days of my shop, I got an e-mail from... Continue Reading

Any current info/opinions on Imyst?

A few weeks ago, a job for this MSP popped up in my area. I'm now seeing several shops for them. The threads that mention them here are mostly outdated. Are they still considered a decent company to work with?... Continue Reading


Has anyone shopped for them lately? I just did a big truck audit for them and I am getting a queasy feeling about the outcome. They contacted me twice by phone looking for the input before it was due. All data was submitted on time. Immediately... Continue Reading


Has anyone done the truck moving company shops for them? It pays $50 but looks like a LOT of work (scan about 12 pages, 50+ pics of workers & trucks). Appreciate replies!... Continue Reading

IMyst -- Payment terms?

Does anyone know when IMyst pays. I don't see them in the list.... Continue Reading

iMyst national flooring shop - Is this shop designed to torture the salesman?

I signed up for this one, and made my appointment. Now that I'm reading the shop instructions, I'd swear the reason for this shop is to determine if it is possible to make the poor sales guy go postal and just loose it. They even warn that you may... Continue Reading

Wow, Imyst Paid Me a Bonus!

I am stunned! First of all, I just did an auto shop for Imyst on 8/7 and they've paid me already, just a week later. While I was still getting over [i]that[/i] nice surprise, I noticed they paid me more than the agreed upon fee. Okay, it was only a... Continue Reading


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Anyone heard of Imyst?

I got an invitation to apply. Has anyone worked for them?... Continue Reading


Came across this msp... thought I'd check for feedback before applying with them. Any one do work for them?... Continue Reading

imyst and automotive insights

Hello all, Can anyone tell me about these companies and how they are to work for. Any feedback would be much appreciated... Continue Reading

IMYST Inc info?

Hi, Anyone here do any work for IMYST Inc? They have tons of work listed in WI. but the details are rather vague...... Continue Reading

Extra Bonus on Imyst Shop

I signed up for a car sales shop this morning. I went online to see what model cars they have at the target location. I get a pop up on their website that says if I come in and test drive a car they will give me a... Continue Reading

Imyst--Opinions Pleeez !

Anyone work for these folks ? What is your experience,fast pay--slow pay. I was just offered a really good paying job,but before I accept it I thought I'd try and get some feedback from the forum Thanks in advance ...... Continue Reading


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has anyone heard of imyst. they average 15 tob 20$ a shop. this seemss a little low is that about average for most companies... Continue Reading


Did a search but didn't find anything, so... I did a job for this company this past month. They're very nice, receptive and paid very quickly. They don't have a lot (at least not in my area) but I will grab something from them whenever I can, even if... Continue Reading

One stop shop "IMYST"

Since I started and signed up with Imyst, I have received the same shop (10 months), for a carpet cleaner....this shop is their only shop that I know of. Anyone done work for them?... Continue Reading

imyst shop

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Imyst has shops that require the purchase of an item on Amazon. (Source). August 30, 2016

Movies - Try Service Sleuth, CRINY (MF's other portal), ACL, Confero. Carpet Cleaning - Try Imyst. (Source). August 24, 2016

Movies - Try Service Sleuth, CRINY (MF's other portal), ACL, Confero. Carpet Cleaning - Try Imyst. (Source). August 24, 2016

Imyst is offering $60 shops to take pictures of the trucks very early in the morning. (Source). June 24, 2016

I am really impressed with iMyst. (Source). June 09, 2016

I love Imyst! They have lots of shops in my area and are great to work with. (Source). May 16, 2016

I did a job for Imyst and a few Prophet companies now the same places that had constant work no longer have work. (Source). March 17, 2016

Also, About Face, Compliance Solution and Imyst have home service shops. (Source). December 19, 2015

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