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Is There A NEW Insula??? Still shows up in Prophet!

Hi all, I was going through the list of Prophet companies I am signed up with, and saw that I still had Insula in my list. I know they are now part of SeeLevelHX, yet when I tried to sign in on the old Prophet sight, I was able to get... Continue Reading

Did Insula go out of business? how do I go about getting paid?

I did several price audits in August for Insula, they have always been one of the fastest paying companies. When I went to check up and find out why I haven't received my payment. I find their site has been shutdown. I found one thing online that... Continue Reading

Insula Research Acquired by Mystery Researchers

Has anyone else received an email about Insula Research being acquired by Mystery Researchers? I received one today, and it linked to this release by Mystery Researchers: I don't see any information in the Insula website about this. This would be disappointing, as Insula has always been great to work... Continue Reading


are their jobs hard ? wondering about their audit shops... Continue Reading

Insula - bun substitute question

I have done several menu board shops with the bun substitute question. Very few employees know whether the new buns are allowed to be substituted. When they do say "yes," I have not found one who knows whether there is an upcharge or not. It's such a pointless exercise in... Continue Reading

Got caught w/Insula shops

Ok so I just did a fast food audit with Insula. I ordered my required purchase and began taking the pictures. The cashier said, "oh you want to take my picture?" through the speaker... I didn't know they could see me. How embarrassing... Has anyone else had this experience?... Continue Reading

Insula Menuboard Price Audits

Is anyone else doing these? I cannot get the silly form to submit. It doesn't like my 1.99 Strawberry Lemonade and it doesn't like it blank either. *********************************************************************************************** Insula support is a class act! They responded and fixed the problem within 2 hours. The scheduler even tried to duplicate my issues... Continue Reading

Insula fast food

Read the guidelines. Not getting it. How do you take a pic of the menuboard without being seen? How many prices do you need to get? Thanks.... Continue Reading


Did anyone else have trouble entering a shop on Insula over the weekend? My shop was canceled because I could not enter it (website down). I have emailed the scheduler, but of course, have heard nothing. I tried Friday and Saturday with no luck. Last night, the website was up,... Continue Reading


Is anyone having trouble logging in? I'm trying to enter my assignments but cannot open my shopper page. :-s I also can't contact anyone at the company.... Continue Reading

insula research

I picked the shop you have to do a audit for three items two sections . Has anyone done one of these wondering about the pictures... Continue Reading

Insula-Menu Collection shops

Hey everyone, I just looked at these menu collection shops in my area. You have to take 3 photos of the drive-thru menu board and then they want you to list the price of every item on the menu, they state between 78-89 items. This seems like a lot of work for... Continue Reading

Insula Research

Do you know if the company in caption is doing any FFPR and QSR shops this month? I do not yet see them on my job board.... Continue Reading

Insula Research WTF????!!!!!!

Never had this one happen before. Last year (well 2010) I didn't do much for Insula. I was paid $650 by them. However they reported that I was paid $65,000. I got a letter from the IRS today. It seems I owe them $29,000.... Continue Reading

Insula calls me on the phone, assigns me a fast food shop without my permission, and then tells me that I'm late, threatening to remove me from the database for lack of timely completion; and I've never even worked with them yet.

I suddenly receive a phone call from Insula Research which interrupts my busy day. The shop recruiter doesn't even speak understandable english, nor can he adequately understand me. Approximately one-half of every sentence is incommunicable both ways. He then assigns me a fast food shop that needs... Continue Reading

Insula Research

how will this affect me in the future? recently, i had filled out a personal profile for insula research. just yesterday, i had received a call from a nice person who asked me to do some cell phone shops in my area that had to be done in two days,... Continue Reading

Insula Price Audits

Is anyone else doing the Insula price audits? They are supposed to be starting today, but my homepage does not show my list.... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Payment from Insula?

I did my first shops with Insula Research last month. I found something on their main site that said they send out payments on the 15th of the month following the shop. Who here has shopped with them and how quickly do you usually receive your payment? Thanks... Continue Reading

Insula Payments

Last month was the first month I shopped for Insula. Actually it was the first month I shopped for any Prophet companies. I read that Insula pays the 15th (today) of every month following the month you completed the shop. I am not the most familar with Prophet sites. Does anyone... Continue Reading

Insula Research - Price Audits

I did some work for Insula last week that was highly bonused & well worth it. The audits involved several different fast food restaurants and included required photos. All was well...until one of my reports came back saying that I attached the incorrect pictures to the report. ... Continue Reading

Insula Research

I did a project for them a while back and was paid on time according to their contract with a check dated the 15th of June. I set aside the check and forgot to deposit it, and only deposited it last week. I received the check sent back... Continue Reading

Insula Research-Anybody works or know anyone who works for them?

Do anyone know about this company.Has anyone worked for this company.I need to know because I have signed up to do a whole bunch of audit shops for them.Please let me know.Thank you... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Insula Research

[quote=jake103] I did an audit for SeeLevelX/Insula Research on October 17th, 2016. (Source). November 03, 2016

I did an audit for SeeLevelX/Insula Research on October 17th, 2016. (Source). October 31, 2016

Hi all, I was going through the list of Prophet companies I am signed up with, and saw that I still had Insula in my list. (Source). October 27, 2016

I put the box out the next time I had a party. Many of my friends live on limited incomes and don't work for companies where they get insulated coffee mugs, pens, pads of paper with logos and so on and they were thrilled. (Source). September 20, 2016

..Beyond Hello I was with for over 10 years. Never had any problems getting paid with Mystery Researchers or Insula Research, either, though I was only with each of them for about 5 years before the merger. (Source). September 17, 2016

Apparently the hotel walls have really good sound insulation, so, hey, if you ever want to pay a woman to beat you like a Korean playing League of Legends, I can recommend a place. (Source). July 18, 2016

It is possible to pack a lunch in an insulated cooler bag. (Source). July 02, 2016

Sometimes an MSC sends out an announcement of changes. The one I recall was the merger of Mystery Reseachers, Beyond Hello, and Insula Research into what is now SeeLevel HX. (Source). June 15, 2016

I had one of the insulated bags you buy from the grocery store, pulled it out of my trunk and I put two frozen bottles of water inside the bag and wondered how they would do. (Source). June 14, 2016

Gatorade (on special) for the kids in sports, water, milk, juice, eggs. I take insulated cooler bag with me. (Source). April 09, 2016