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Lanla Marketing Research

Is this the same company that has shops in Canada? I received an email today about casino shops in NJ. I think they are referred to just as Lanla in Canada, and not Lanla Marketing Research. I looked on the Vforums and someone else had asked the same... Continue Reading

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Also Retail Track and MysteryShoppingCanada and Lanla. (Source). February 28, 2015 Insight Market Research website: Insight Twenty20 Instant Reply Insula Research (see Beyond Hello) Intellaprice Intellishop Interactions Marketing website: International Service Check InTouch Insights Ipsos Mystery Shopping Jancyn Evaluation Shops JM Ridgeway Kern Scheduling Kinesis CEM Lanla Marketing Research Leblanc & Associates Legacy Group Market Research/LG Market Research website: www. (Source). December 08, 2014

It maybe won't be the same in a city. Are you signed up with?: In Touch - www.lanla. (Source). July 02, 2014

I also like the Canadian MSCs Lanla and Statopex because they have interesting clients, the reports are quick to fill out, and their shopper fees are more than what other MSCs pay, at least in my area. (Source). January 21, 2014

When I am asked for one on the application, I just entered XXX XXX XXX. CoRI, Trendsource, Lanla and many more all paid me without one. (Source). November 08, 2013

So I want to start this thread to help out. This is my list of mscs that I have shopped in southern ontario kernschedualing Lanla mystery shopping canada beyond hello performalogics premierservice I have not shopped for these companies but I see they have ontario shops on the job board msi national shopping service bare international Please feel free to add to the list :) (Source). September 24, 2013

They also do a lot in the area that I can actually do & are very regular about it :) I'm not a big fan of lanla. (Source). September 21, 2013

I am in Alberta. Are you signed up with: consumer connection spotcheckservices mysteryshoppingcanada Lanla CRG Mystery shopping performalogics in touch premier service onestopshopping shoppers confidential sqm Just because they don't show shops when you sign up doesn't mean they won't have them next month. (Source). September 07, 2013

My favourite companies are: In Touch Peformalogics Spotcheckservices CRG Consumer Connection Mystery Shopping Canada Shoppers Confidential Lanla SQM Service Metrics Premier Service Because they have work where I live in rural Alberta. (Source). August 22, 2013

Lanla is a good one. (Source). August 01, 2013