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215 Discussions

Maritz joining with Allegiance....

So now will they use email and update their website???? There's always hope I guess. Continue Reading

Maritz Incentive amounts

Why does Maritz insist on incentivizing jobs based on distance from my house? It's asinine. Either you're willing to pay someone- ANYONE- X amount or you're not. *rant: off*... Continue Reading

Maritz and closed stations.

OK. I have been doing gas jobs for years now. Probably since 2007 with Maritz. I am not being paid for a job and as piddling as it is, it is irksome. I went to a gas station, that the website says opens at 6AM. ... Continue Reading

Are vertical photos okay for Maritz gas station shops?

I have a quick question and I'm sure someone here has the answer. When taking photos for Maritz gas station audits, is it okay to take vertical shots? I've been taking them all with a horizontal orientation because the guidlines specify 640x480 pixels. This doesn't make sense for capturing images... Continue Reading

Maritz and Allegiance Merging?

I wonder what this will mean for shoppers? I remember when CORI was bought out by SteriCycle. No good came of that.... Continue Reading

Maritz - Shout Out to Supervisors

Hello everyone - I am in a pickle here and do not know what to do or who to call at Maritz. I recently completed a route of gas stations and have been told by the scheduler on the team for this client that Maritz did not receive three reports.... Continue Reading

Maritz vs Ritter Gas Stations?

Hi, I am trying to find out how much different the gas station shops are for each msc? Which shops are easier in terms of time at location and report time? Which pay better? I would really appreciate your help and any other advice that you can provide. Thank You... Continue Reading

Maritz incentives

Maritz is no longer accepting requests for incentives from shoppers. Any incentives will be posted on the job board by Maritz and they are non-negotiable. You know - the jobs that are gold highlighted. I used to keep several days open at the end of the month and was able to... Continue Reading

Maritz Mystery Shopping Co & grocery shops

Hi Fellow shoppers, I was offered a grocery store shop. When I looked it up I almost fainted. The work that goes with this shop and the pay just don't add up. Since I'm new with them I hated to have to say no but when I reviewed the requirements... Continue Reading

Maritz Travel Bonus for Gas Station Audits

I passed the screening test after proving that I could email a 640x480 jpg. I was told that they audit the yellow station, the green/teal station, and the red, white and blue station. I was surprised that the shop fee is just $11. A reimbursed 2-gallon fuel purchase and a... Continue Reading

Maritz & Direct Deposit

Hi everyone, Hope everyone is having a good week ! After working for Maritz for over 6 years, it finally happened, one of my checks got lost (sort of), my last check took over 11 days to reach me (Texas) I called payroll, because I thought it was lost so they canceled... Continue Reading

Maritz Mystery Shopping Co web site

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Company problems

Anyone else have problems with Maritz and their software? I had to do a 2 part [deleted] bank shop. The first part consisted of calling and requesting materials be mailed out. You had to use your correct name and address, not allowed to be anonymous. Then you have to go... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Shops

I noticed a few local gas station shops/audits on my Maritz job board tonight. They're not the yellow gas station, but rather red, white, and blue that's two companies merged into one. Can anyone give me some insight into the difficulty of the questionnaire? I did a... Continue Reading

RSG/Maritz mobile phone report

I did one of their Pricing and Options study shops on Friday. The place was a madhouse because of the IPhone 6 launch, but I only had to wait about 10 minutes. When I finally got to sit down and enter the report about 10:30 that night, there was no... Continue Reading

Blue Bank Shops for Maritz vs. RSG

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz auto-assigning shops?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Search Not working??

This is for the Maritz "find new shops" list. I am a new shopper but have done a few shops the past two weeks with more this coming week. I have had no problem using the job search until after 3pm est today. I had just gotten 6 jobs earlier,... Continue Reading

Maritz is on fire... 4alarm fire at their building

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz -- how long to assign shops?

I have been shopping for roughly one year and just registered with Maritz. There were several shops available in my area, so I requested a few yesterday. When should I expect to hear whether they are assigned to me or not? I am hoping to include a... Continue Reading

Maritz- Why?

Maritz is such a legitimate company and pays on time, so I have no qualms about their professionalism... however, why do they pay so low with all the insane and hard-to-find steps? First you have to apply, then wait for a phone call (which I can never take because I... Continue Reading

Maritz assigned shops limit

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

RSG and Maritz Merge?

I just signed up for 5 shops through RSG but client said Maritz Research. I know we are not supossed to name clients and msp but the store being shopped is not called Maritz research so I was confused. Did they or are they merging? Anyone with info thank you.... Continue Reading

Maritz and Suntrust Partnership

I just received the following e-mail. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a mystery shopper. Basically, why pay a shopper when you can get customers to tell you about their experience for free? (I know why, just sayin') SunTrust values your opinions and continually... Continue Reading

Night Shop Routes Release by Maritz

Maritz sent me six emails this morning with pre-arranged routes for the [i] (client) [/i] NIGHT shops this quarter. They also dangled the carrot that shoppers who selected the routes would receive advance notice of the release of the corresponding DAY shops some two weeks later. Requirements remain the... Continue Reading

When the address is wrong... Maritz

Hi All You Experienced Maritz Shoppers How does it work at Maritz when the address of the shop is wrong in the file? Without getting into all the gory details, I did 45 shops for them last week for a particular client. Got them all done but one that I couldn't find.... Continue Reading

Maritz Site Timing Out Too Soon ??

Since I've already tried several times on different computers, I can only assume that the Maritz website of available shops is experiencing problems. What I am saying is that when one attempts to view the available shops by clicking on the 'Find New Shops' link, it times out before loading the... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas shops

Is it just me or have they stopped doing gas shops? I haven't seen their 2 regular gas clients on any other sites pop up. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Maritz Website

Anyone else having trouble submitting photos on Maritz website? Can't seem to get them to go through...... Continue Reading

New phantom incentives on Maritz DIYs.

Got the email blast saying that they are bonusing some of the DIY locations, and a link to those bonused locations. There weren't any bonuses, just the $12+$1 listed. I thought maybe they just weren't showing up, so I clicked through the process of assigning a few of them to... Continue Reading

Maritz Apology

Let me start out by saying I like Maritz and do a lot of shops for them. However, I get frustrated with them because my shops available periodically disappears. I know there are shops available and have had them assigned by a scheduler and also get calls asking if I... Continue Reading

Maritz: Program Updates

Has anyone noticed that the E-mail for the gs shop has advised that shoppers must include a required picture of the counter if the attendant at the counter refuses to have their torso photo taken? I've searched through the July updates I saved before beginning the July shops and cannot... Continue Reading


If you feel you are getting a run around about a [i] (mystery) [/i] shop who can you contact [i] Mod note: ICA & forum violation of including the client's name with the MSC name. [/i]... Continue Reading

Maritz website

Have any of you been having trouble with the Maritz jobs available site, or is it just me? Several times in the last few weeks the jobs available on the listing disappears, usually just after I have self assigned some. After a few days they re-appear. None of the schedulers... Continue Reading

Maritz weekend support?

I just signed up for some shops at Maritz. It turns out that when I click on the links for the documentation, there is no documentation! And when I click on the link to view the evaluation form, I get an error message. Last time I sent them email and also... Continue Reading


I have done several shops for them. I am new and didn't get the shops invoiced in time. Can I still invoice them? If so how??... Continue Reading

Maritz not responding

Has anyone had an issue with Maritz not replying to emails or voicemails? I've been trying to get a hold of anyone there regarding nonpayment from a couple shops I did in March. I've sent 4 emails and left 1 voicemail over the last few weeks and have not gotten... Continue Reading

Maritz has me heated (rant)

Received an email today at 4:59pm from Maritz that states the following: ================================================== Hello! Maritz has several locations left for on our (client name) program and we want to make an offer you canít refuse! We are offering a one-time extreme incentive to get shops done by certain dates. On this program, shoppers... Continue Reading

Termination by MARITZ

I have been a shopper for 16 years. I have worked for MARITZ for the past nine..I have done every type shop they offer. I live in KY and a little over a year ago they asked me to make a route through WV. That route consisted... Continue Reading

Is the Maritz Web Site Down?

When I try to log on to submit my report, I am getting this error message... "Virtuoso An unknown error has occurred (Error code 500)." I have tried several times within the past hour and I keep getting the same message. Are they doing a maintenance that I am not aware of?... Continue Reading

Maritz Pay Schedule

I haven't worked with Maritz for very long and am trying to get a handle on their pay schedule. I really wish they had a section on their website where it showed pay history. Anyways, I performed several shops for them on April 12. I already received... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Failed the Maritz quiz for the new round of DIY. Really?

Has anyone taken the quiz for the 2Q DIY shops? I need to pick up a couple things from one of the stores tomorrow, so I figured, why not get paid for it, right? Besides, I was curious about the shop guidelines for the new scenarios (seriously, who writes these... Continue Reading

Yup Maritz again -- "pulled" shop?

I see a lot of questions about Maritz and although I tried to see a similar one I can't so here is mine. They called and I signed up for 3 bank shops on the last day of the month. Being new with Maritz and slow with all the required paperwork... Continue Reading

Maritz pic size for the DIY shops...

I have read and read and re-read and can't find it....anybody know?... Continue Reading

Maritz has lost their minds!

So, it's true, I have no love for Maritz, they drive me insane, but I couldn't turn down the $75 incentives to do a few DIYs. They called me yesterday and I missed the call, and before I had a chance to call them back, they called me back again... Continue Reading

How do you know if a shop for Maritz was accepted?

So, I did my first shop for them last week. I even remembered to submit my invoice :). How do I know if the shop was accepted? Do they give you a rating? Should I assume that no news is good news?... Continue Reading

Maritz - Not paid in two months

I am about to lose my mind. I have sent numerous emails and phone calls to maritz to see if I am missing something because I haven't been paid. I have received nothing in response. I's been two months. They have no problem calling with shop... Continue Reading

Highest bonus you have gotten from Maritz

for the DIY lumber store? There are some from april sitting and I may as well try again since I screwed up the one I did........ Continue Reading

Maritz Automatically Assigning Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Station Audit - Looking for some advice

I'm looking for some advice from the more seasoned gas station audit-takers out there. I'm only on my second one for Maritz and I've wound myself up in confusion! A lot of the toppers that I see on each fuel dispenser have generic signs showing the name of the gas... Continue Reading

Maritz assigned shops

Did I do something wrong? I just got assigned a multi-photo gas shop, 100 miles from my house. It states I requested this shop, when I did it last month. I don't think so... I can't even see how to cancel it, short of email. Has... Continue Reading

Maritz DIY Email Requests

Earlier today, I received an email request, asking me to call Team 4 and work out a deal to do some of the remaining shops. May I be so bold as to ask what the acceptable "going rate" is for those of you who've called? (heart)... Continue Reading

I might be done with Maritz w/o even trying!

I did a hardware shop....they didn't like the size of my receipt....twice I re-did and resent...yesterday I called to make sure all was fine as it was still "on hold"....was asked if I re-ded receipt...said yes, the woman says ok, i will take care of NO shop showing as... Continue Reading

Maritz Shop Decision

Hi! I'm a new shopper with Maritz (I've never done a shop for them before) and was wondering how long it took them to assign shops? I applied for one on Friday and have still not heard back. When I log into my account, I can see that the shop... Continue Reading

does maritz pay for closed locations?

I didn't ask them beforehand. It's a gas station audit. Completely out of business and no other company has moved in. I took the two pics required and am certainly hoping they pay the full amount.... Continue Reading

My first Maritz report

A gas station shop. Took 1 hour, 12 minutes to get the report submitted. 40 minutes of that was spent watching that consarned "connecting" thing-y go round and round and round every time I submitted a photo. If it hadn't been for that, I think I could have completed the report in about... Continue Reading

Headsup on Kern and Maritz

I want to tell you about a situation with a shop that Kern schedules for Maritz so if you have a similar problem you can arrive at a better outcome than I did. I had one of those shops for April 8 and I did the shop along with... Continue Reading

Maritz called, should I do the shops

Maritz called me today and offered me overdraft protection inquiry bank shops at $9.50 each. $9.50 seems kind of low; are these shops easy? Also, they said I could counter offer them an amount if I want to try these shops. What would be a reasonable offer? I have never worked... Continue Reading

Maritz Bank Shop Help...

I am signed up for the $9.50 bank shop. Am I suppose to print the evaluation form, fill it out manually then Scan and submit? I'm new and trying to figure this all out. And do I email the form to Maritz? This is all a bit confusing to me.... Continue Reading

Maritz -- where to find shop fee on website

Does Maritz allow you to see the shop fee after you have accepted a job? I negotiated on the phone and accepted several shops earlier today. When I log into the website and look at each job, I don't see the pay rate. All of these jobs... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment Late

Anyone had any problems receiving the 3/31 check from Maritz? I was told it was sent 3/31 but I haven't received it as of today.... Continue Reading

Maritz Site Down?

Has anyone had issues with the Maritz site today? Error messages and page cannot be displayed? Grrrrrrrrr.... Continue Reading

How does Maritz pay?

I think I saw it somewhere, but I cannot find it in their FAQ's. Does Maritz pay by check, paypal, or what, exactly? I found the part where they say you have to submit an invoice (and how to do it), and that they pay around the 15th and 30th....but not specifically... Continue Reading

Maritz and the new blue home improvement store

I got a call from Maritz yesterday asking me to do one of these shops for $13. I have never done one, even with the old company, where the fees would hit $24 on a consistent basis. For some reason I was scared of them. I asked... Continue Reading

Fewer Maritz Phone Calls Thankfully

In the past, Maritz would call multiple times per day several times per week. Lately, their calls have slowed dramatically. Not sure if this is a result of them being over-worked with all the new clients, or if they are taking a new approach. I much prefer how they now send... Continue Reading

Maritz Invoices

I did my first hardware shop with them today. I was surprised to see that it was exactly like the one with the old MSC. Anyways, when submitting the invoice, I entered the receipt amount instead of just $1.00. So, then I saw that the invoice total... Continue Reading

Need some help, please! Maritz contact?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Funny

SO, I overall like Maritz, and do a decent amount of work with them. (And a lot MORE now, as many people know I specialize in gas station shops.) That said, this error I got while submitting a report today made me go "Ah ha, that IS Maritz... Continue Reading

Tips for Shopping with Maritz

I am not familiar with them and was curious if they start adding bonuses at the end of the month? Are they easy to work with and are the reports long? I tried to see if another thread had brought this stuff up but couldn't find it... Continue Reading

Maritz Incentive Shops

Got an email which was nicely written this morning and it seems they have a separate board for the increased incentive shops. They were all gas shops and not of interest to me but it bothers me that they have two different boards and if you don't have the... Continue Reading

Thank you, Maritz

I've starting receiving helpful emails from Maritz listing new shops awarded. Thank you, Maritz.... Continue Reading

Maritz new client -- grocery store

I just received a email about a new grocery store client that Maritz has. They are taking over now as one of the big MSCs!!... Continue Reading


How do you know when a completed shop has been accepted and is ok for payment? I did six shops at the end of last week and they are all now listed under 'My Completed Shops' on their website. I'm used to getting some sort of shop grade... Continue Reading

Maritz May Be Catching Up in March (2014)

This is more of an update to the other "negative" Maritz threads that have been on the boards lately. But I thought it was worth starting a new "positive" thread. I performed and submitted my first round of March gas station shops which were all due by March 8th. ... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and regular audits

Hi. Need some advice on Maritz gas station mystery shops with reveal and the regular audit shops. Can someone tell me are these fairly simply and do they require measuring like the others I've seen posted? I see a bunch of them by my house but I'm afraid to sign up... Continue Reading

Maritz GS Quiz

Wow, is this thing a bear or is it just me??? The ridiculous amount of different pump styles is pretty baffling to me. I was pretty excited to get $31 each on these, but I'm actually thinking it's just not worth my time and will probably give them... Continue Reading

kss scheduling for maritz

oh the irony... Continue Reading

Maritz Maritz Maritz PAY ME STOP THE BS

Ok Maritz when will I get paid? Since I cannot see the jobs that are finished or not? You owe me a couple of 1000 dollars and its been a month or more. I see that you are making up errors like the station has 20 pumps and we do... Continue Reading


I have performed hundreds of shops and MANY banks. I decided to try Maritz, as they do banks in my area. I was disappointed to see they only pay $12.50 AND they want a lot of work. For $12.50 you are expected to call the bank and request... Continue Reading

No Maritz Shops?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Did Maritz Get In Over Their Head?

I have performed several of their new gas station client shops starting on February 1st. I submitted all of my reports, photos and invoices. As of February 21st, each shop is still showing on my active shop log but they do say "no action required." Since this... Continue Reading

Maritz evaluation form help needed!

Hi. I just did a bunch bank assignments. I thought I entered the correct APPROVED document (one of them) but I just got replied the one I upload is wrong. Do I submit a copy of the front of the brochure? I thought any of the... Continue Reading

Maritz Pay Schedule

I have looked on Maritz Website and searched on the forum - I am not able to find information on Maritz pay schedule. Can anyone tell me how and when they pay. Any information is appreciated!!!!... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

More Maritz

I know this company is talked about all the time on the forum, but I have not shopped with them yet and just have a quick question. Can you see the shop requirements before you accept the shop? I hate not being able to see what it is I actually... Continue Reading

Question about Maritz yellow gas shops

I'm in the middle of submitting some shops and I've got a question that I know will get answered here a heck of a lot faster than if I try to reach somebody at Maritz. If there's gas pumps on both sides of the building and the canopy is one unit... Continue Reading

Maritz Yellow Gas Shops

I'll be honest, I've never bothered to do the Maritz Yellow gas shops. You know the ones, their name is what one might find on the . Has anyone any advice for these? I have not been able to get a feel for what it entails to perform one of these... Continue Reading


Ummm I get it 10 bucks for 1) How long it took for their pump to come on 2) How many perimeter poles 3) Picture of Mens and Womens restroom 4) Picture of yourself in a orange vest that you had to buy not sure why... The traffic I guess at a... Continue Reading

How do you get paid by Maritz?

No, no worries, I haven't had a problem with them. I just noticed the 'submit invoice' link on the website, and wonder if I really need to use it. (All the other companies I've done work for, so far, just go ahead and pay you once they've approved your report!)... Continue Reading

Maritz Requested Shops

How long does it generally take Maritz to assign shops once they've been requested? I requested four hardware shops and they still haven't been assigned. I am not sure exactly how long it's been, but probably about two weeks. Is this normal? I'm wondering if they've... Continue Reading

Last laugh on Maritz!

Back at the beginning of January I had a bunch of the Maritz gas shops assigned to me that they had picked up from CoRI/Steri. When they were first assigned, I didn't realize that they were all night time shops, and started hitting closed stations. I called Maritz a couple... Continue Reading

Maritz approval time?

I've talked myself into working with this MSC on two clients recently moved from CRI. I applied 3 days ago and haven't heard a thing. Is this the norm? If so, it's gonna be hard for me to work with them because I like to get a rigid travel plan... Continue Reading


I tried to sign up for Maritz yesterday and only got through the first step. Does anyone know how to move onto the second step? Do they have to approve me and then email me back?... Continue Reading

How is Maritz about a closed location?

I have a small route and wanted to get started by doing the local shop, just so I could do a practice run before heading out to do a bunch in one day. I looked at the information given by Maritz and checked the websites and the times the location was... Continue Reading

Maritz Payments

Is everyone receiving checks like normal? Last month my check was dated the 11th and I received it on the 17th. I chaulked that up to the holidays. If they are back to normal, checks should have been cut at the latest on Monday. Normally, they... Continue Reading

Maritz - Bank Shop Photos

I have only been a shopper for about 3 weeks and really enjoy it but am curious if anyone has had difficulty getting their pictures approved in bank shops. I have had to resend 3 and 4 times on multiple posts and never get an explanation why.... Continue Reading

Maritz - Bonus Shops

Does Maritz ever bonus shops?... Continue Reading


I have been a mystery shopper since April 2013 and I love it. The other day I got an email saying they recieved a referral from someone for me. I don't know who would of reffered me so I'm a little concerned. I went to the site and when I... Continue Reading

Maritz Quick Website Check please!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Heads Up On Maritz Clarifications

In the past, I got emails at my email address when they needed clarification on a shop. Those emails have apparently stopped, and now the clarification request is on the website only. I didn't check in for two or three days and I missed the 24 hour window... Continue Reading


Drives me batty with phone calls which I rarely answer. I only stay active with them just in case they get some jobs that I htink are worth the time and travel. If they paid decently in the first place perhaps they wouldn't have to call and beg.... Continue Reading


Is this the single most frustrating MSP in the world?!?!?!... Continue Reading

trouble with Maritz Shopper Profile Page

Hi everyone Trying to complete the Maritz Research Inc. profile page, but having no luck. It keeps saying that I am inputting my age and postal code/zip code incorrectly, but I've tried different formats. No success. Any ideas on what they are looking for? Not sure what is going on. Thank you... Continue Reading

Has anyone known Maritz Mystery Shoppers to refuse communications and lower your rating without notice?


Maritz sign up

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz and deactivation ?

Hi everyone, Does anyone know if Maritz deactivates your account if you haven't worked for them in awhile? I did some work for them awhile back. I just checked their job board and got nothing, which seems strange as there is usually something available. Thanks in advance...... Continue Reading

Maritz procedure for scheduling shops?

I signed up for Maritz a few days ago. Got all the paperwork completed after being accepted as a shopper. This morning I received e-mail advising me of available shops in my area. Went to their website and looked through the list and picked a couple. Thought I was self... Continue Reading

Maritz Question

Hey there! I decided to apply for Maritz, but this is the first company I have applied to that has asked for a copy of my car insurance. Is this on the up and up? I just felt a little uncomfortable and don't understand why they need it... Any thoughts are appreciated!... Continue Reading

Anybody having trouble with reports to Maritz

Is anyone having a problem getting report through on the Maritz site?... Continue Reading

Changes at Maritz

It is a sad time for Maritz employees. Beginning next week, all employees hours have been cut to 25. This is in response to the Affordable Care Act. Greetings, socialism! Farewell, democracy (sorry... I had to). Additionally, one of their client accounts is up for bid. ... Continue Reading

Need Help...Maritz and the 640 x 480 megapixles delima

Maritz requires independent contractors to submit a test photo that is 640 x 480. The only adjustments on my camera are in megapixles and I just ran through everything from 3MP to 14MP and got back word "Each Megapixel size on your camera was too big. The first photo is... Continue Reading

Maritz..Grocery Shop With Reveal..Advice needed for newbie

Hello everyone! I recently signed up with Maritz and am thinking about doing a shop with them. I have done many unrevealed grocery shops with other companies and enjoy them immensely. I also have done revealed audits and enjoy doing these as well. I have never done any sort of... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment Amount?

I applied for a Grocery Shop on their website. Eventually they called (at work, when I didn't have a lot of time or privacy to talk) and asked if I was interested in doing it. I agreed to do it, but we didn't discuss payment. And now I don't see... Continue Reading


Anyone else notice when you log into the Maritz site today it says Capella Mystery Shopping in the upper left corner?... Continue Reading

Maritz, What day is this?

I have three shops with a date range of 6/1/2013-6/7/2013. I only shop on the weekends. These are banks. These Banks are not open on Sundays, so I have to do these banks today, 6/1/2013. I go to the site and I can not get into... Continue Reading


I just JUST noticed the header on their webpage on the left in blue. It says Capella Mystery Shopping. The URL is Maritz..the same as before. Am I losing it?... Continue Reading

Maritz new client...any news?

A few weeks ago Maritz sent me a survey. They said they were talking to a new client and trying to get a new contract, it was about credit cards. They wanted to see how many people would qualify and if they had the reight shoppers for it. Without mentioning the... Continue Reading

Why does the Maritz site crash my Safari browser?

Any techies out there? I know some browsers are more ideal for different MSC's. However, recently when I've attempted to even open the www.maritzmysteryshopping dot com page, my Safari browser just crashes. Any thoughts?... Continue Reading

Maritz Route Bonus

Has anyone gotten their bonus for taking on a large gas station route project for Maritz in the first quarter of the year? I have been paid for all my shops at the regular rate, but the bonus has not come through yet for completing the route.... Continue Reading

Maritz Scheduling

I requested some gas station shops from Maritz on Friday morning 7am'ish). I still haven't heard back from them. Is this normal? This is the first time I would be shopping for them too.... Continue Reading

Maritz Job information

Good morning everyone, can someone please tell me where the information on the jobs are posted for the available shops with Maritz? I know that I'm probably looking right at it but for some reason I can't see how to find out what a particular job entails.... Continue Reading

Maritz Blue Bank Shop

Have they posted their blue bank shops for May? Last week, I received multiple calls from them BEGGING me to do fast food shops that were down the street from the banks I was assigned. I said no, as I don't eat fast food. I believe she got irritated with... Continue Reading

Maritz shop listing complete for area???

When does Maritz get the listing for yellow shops complete on their site? I am having a hard time getting any routes together worth the trip and they do not have all the yellows listed yet. I started with them towards the end of last quarter and was wondering if... Continue Reading

Anyone Seen The New "Yellow" Shops from Maritz

They are mostly night shops that cannot be started until 8pm or dark, whichever is later. Most gas stations, unless they're on the Interstates or at key intersections close at 10-11 pm. That leaves you a shopping window of 2-3 hours, at best. And I'd say that 80% of the shops... Continue Reading


I am trying to fill in one of the blue shop surveys. I have done it about 5 times now. Everytime I click submit, it sends you to the review page then many of the answers show skipped question. I did not skip them and I have... Continue Reading

questions about Maritz

I have only been working with them for a month or so now and I am unclear about how their system works. How does the whole "invoicing" thing work for Maritz? Do you have to submit an invoice in order to be paid? What do you do if... Continue Reading

Winter Storm in Ohio (I mean Missouri)? (Maritz)

Just wondering if a winter storm is hitting Ohio (I mean Missouri) today. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at Maritz all morning regarding problems with a shop report. I keep getting a recording that all associates are busy but none of the extensions... Continue Reading

Maritz Getting Tough On Auditors...

I received a general message today stating that apparently some auditors are not doing a thorough job and are missing or deliberately overlooking obvious infractions. I have been working for Maritz for the past five years and I estimate that I have probably done around 4000 audits and/or mystery shops for... Continue Reading

Maritz Bundled GS Shops

Am not sure how specific I can get with this post, please edit or delete if necessary. I'm trying to complete reports for the bundled shops at Maritz for which Feb. 1 was the first date of opportunity. Q14 asks about pumps being out of order, and requires a... Continue Reading


Hi, can anyone tell me how they feel about Maritz. I appreciate the feedback. Also, they ask for specific pixels to be used. Is that standard. Thanks... Continue Reading


Can anyone give me a report on this company......good or bad... Continue Reading

is Maritz NUTS??

Ok - Maritz posted their latest Green gas shops. They are ONLY grouping them together in "clusters" with a lump sum fee. The fees are VERY good (more per shop than before), however, the cluster in my area is 150 SHOPS!!! you have 7 weeks to complete them, but... Continue Reading

maritz pay and invoices

ok, so I finally did my first shop for maritz. i did the shop on dec 19th and submitted the report the same day. today i started wondering how they pay. i went to their website and see something about submitting an invoice. do i need... Continue Reading

Maritz Petrol Shop

Good evening all. I have managed to screw myself royally this coming Saturday. I have 4 petrol shops for Maritz. I was on the road when the scheduler called and it was "urgent that she get these lined up today". I agreed to do them for the regular rate, but I... Continue Reading

Seriously Maritz?

You're calling me on Christmas Eve? I'm not speechless very often, but this is one time.... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station

So three of my normal announced audits just got rebranded. They went from a brand audited quarterly by MF, to a brand audited by Maritz. I enjoyed doing these for MF, as the reports were very straightforward and easy. Does anyone know how hard or easy Maritz shops are? The... Continue Reading


I am having problems logging on. I was on earlier today. I tried Chrome, IE and Firefox. Anyone else having a problem too?... Continue Reading

I am so stinkin' frustrated with Maritz right now! Obvious rant :)

I did a bunch of gas station audits last week and 3 (the only 3 edited at this point) have been put on hold. The first because ID pic was blurry and dark. I just checked my pics against what I submitted, no it wasn't. Not one bit of it... Continue Reading


Am I the only one who finds their pay ridiculously low??? I have never performed a shop for them, but have heard good things from many on this board. The only reason I haven't done a shop is that I can't justify the work for the pay. ... Continue Reading

Maritz requesting

Anyone know how long it takes to hear back when you request a shop from them? They have a bunch I'm interested in and I requested a few of them a week ago. All it says on the status page is "Not Scheduled" and most of the shop dates have... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment Method

Do they send out checks? I could not find the information on their website. Thanks in advance for your help! This is an awesome website with amazing people who love to help others! I would be lost without yall.... Continue Reading

Maritz - New Bank Shops

Please don't mention the client, since I have mentioned the MSC. I see Maritz has a bunch of $20 bank shops with a different bank (not the normal one I see). Does anyone know anything about these shops? And what they involve?... Continue Reading

Maritz bank shops

Just found these: $20 shops. Open an account and cancel w/in 48 hrs. All deposits reimebursed. Wondering if you can do more than one in a week b/c I would think it would show up on their database if you had just opened one at another branch.... Continue Reading

Maritz Dilemma

Bare with me while I give you guys all the details... I am a regular shopper for Maritz performing bank shops on a monthly basis. A new branch opened in the town where I live back in March 2012 so I jumped on it. I must have forgotten to... Continue Reading

Maritz Invoices (and other Matitz stuff)

I did my first 2 assignments for them over the weekend. I got a call today saying that I needed to invoice. (Shoot, I forgot) I go in to invoice, and I see that you have to upload the receipts (AGAIN). The receipts are not with me... Continue Reading

Thumb up for Maritz

I have worked with this company for few months. Unfortunately I will have to skip the next two months (hopefully only that) because I have to have a tumor removed from my brain. Maritz is the only company that actually called me home in three different occasions to ask me how... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Maritz Research won't forgive me

I was a brand new shopper (about 5 years ago) and I was contracted to do a hardware store. The scheduler rang me and said "if you see lawn tractors and mowers outside the store, just keep on driving." I got to the location and there were lawn tractors... Continue Reading

Maritz Rip Off

I did a Bank shop for Maritz and will never do another one. It was a two part shop for $12.50. (1)I called the bank and had them send me some information about getting an account. (2)I visited the branch and got information about opening an account. I was to... Continue Reading

Has anyone shopped for Maritz?

What do you guys think of Maritz?... Continue Reading

Maritz not getting pics

Is anybody else having trouble with Maritz not getting pics?... Continue Reading

What is with Maritz

EDITED: ICA Violation...... Continue Reading

Dear Maritz... requiring my friends' and family's email address for a shop form is not cool.

It's the last section of a certain questionnaire. I entered "I value my friends' and family's privacy" instead of an email addy. Are they having trouble finding shoppers? That particular shop used to have a higher fee plus three gallons of gas and half the questionnaire length. Maybe that has something... Continue Reading

Maritz photo not received

Is anybody else having issues with Maritz? I have been having trouble with them not receiving my photos lately.... Continue Reading

Maritz is a pain in the ass ;)

Not meaning to be rude, they do seem to sound friendly in the multitude of voice mails they keep leaving for me but am I the only one who finds they are getting way too many calls from this company? I just signed up recently and they keep calling... Continue Reading


Well, Maritz has been a pain in the butt for while with me. I am just venting here. Previously,they have called the home phone no less than ten times a day to the point where all at home were asking me to do something about it. ... Continue Reading

Something missing from Maritz?

I usually get monthly (or bi-monthly now) shops from Maritz, but they seem to be missing this month. Anyone else notice this?... Continue Reading

UPDATE: Maritz is now paying me twice to shop the same location on a second visit attempt - the first attempt was closed due to a power outage

:D :D :D :D UPDATE: i recently was asked by maritz to accept this same shop again for a bonus, which i accepted. i was then afterward contacted about the previous visit at the same location where there was a power outage, and notified that i would also be paid... Continue Reading

does maritz pay strictly one check per month? or is it several?

i seem to recall that i get paid monthly by maritz. however, my last payment was only for $50 which covered only 4 shops on the invoice. there are about 30 shops missing. do they split up several checks per month? or is it only one... Continue Reading

First Call for Shops in 5 Years from Maritz

So I've kept my profile with Maritz active with updates every now and then over the last 5 years and have never completed a shop for them. They are sporadic when it comes to shops within my region. Today, I receive a voicemail from a rep, mentioning that she noticed that... Continue Reading

Any Canadians able to sign up with Maritz?

I tried to and it is telling my my Social Insurance number is invalid. Maybe because it is a Canadian Social Insurance number and not a US Social Security number. I sent them a message. I tried without dashes, then with dashes.... Continue Reading

Maritz 2010 changes

As I recall it was in 2010 that Maritz decided to strongly suggest that shoppers obtain a FEIN and business name, different from our SSN. And those that did so would receive some sort of preferred shopper status. I chose to ignore this and now notice that the only shops that... Continue Reading

Maritz Issues

Does anyone else out there have an issue everytime you go to do a report for Maritz? It seems like the website or form always has an issue. It times out, I answer questions and the answers are deleted when I hit submit, there are questions on the online report... Continue Reading

Maritz gas station shops

I received this from Maritz today: "Maritz Research is now introducing the 2012 version of a popular mystery shop/audit gas station program that requires you to purchase 2 gallons of gas and get reimbursed for it!" They later mention compensation as "INSTANT GIFT CARDS: (these gift cards (one per location) will be... Continue Reading


Just wanted to put my two-cents out there about dealing with some nasty, incompetent people with Maritz. 1) I think this is the second time I've spoken to this women, and aside from the fact I can't help but think she probably lipstick on her teeth, she's nasty. No name given,... Continue Reading

Maritz - Gas - No pics

There have been other topics on this, but not one with pics. Couple of questions? Since it says no pics, should I expect the report to be an insane PITA? Another question: It states "Project Description:$12.00 SHOP! Includes GASOLINE, inside purchase AND shopper pay! NO PHOTOS!" and then... Continue Reading

EPMS and Maritz but fair PITA but fair.

I read a lot on the forum about EPMS. I agree their reports are insane. I won't take a shop unless it is bonused because I know the reports are a PITA. However, I also read a lot about their lack of professionalism. I am dealing with them... Continue Reading

Request Help ASAP on resize for Maritz!

Hello, I just completed my first 2 bank shops for Maritz. They were actually fun, and I could have spent a lot longer speaking to the bankers. However, my concerns: 1. I scanned ALL of the pamphlets, rate sheets, booklets & biz cards (put my ID number on them... Continue Reading

Maritz Research is a pain in the ass!

Ugh, I cannot believe there will be two five minute bank shops that I will not be paid for, b/c maritz doesnt accept PDF files but yet on their website, their help documents are available in pdf format, and then the ridiculous size of the photos. All for $8.50. It's... Continue Reading

Maritz November

Have they posted their 15 minute blue bank shops? The one where you need an account and have to interact with a teller. I'm usually able to start requesting the shops the week before the following month starts and don't see them up.... Continue Reading

Maritz does it again.

The yellow sign shops came on the board some time in August, to start in September. I signed up for a couple to go with routes and they did not auto-assign. Weird. Two weeks ago (Early October) I got a call asking me if I would do this shop I... Continue Reading

maritz erased my four incomplete reports prior to the 12-hour deadline, because they couldn't first wait for me to scan and convert my images.

i had visited four banks for maritz today and key-entered 90% of the answers for the reports for each one, but not as yet uploading my scanned images. i had meticulously saved my key-entered answers on all four reports several times with confirmations that they had been saved, but... Continue Reading

Question about Maritz

After you have done your eligibility questions for the first time on a specific client, there doesn't seem to be a way to just "view the shop instructions" without requesting the shop. Is there? I clicked on the "get jobs" button because that is what I did the... Continue Reading


Just a quick question about a gas station audit. I had not done any for about 2 years, so no longer have the manuals as they all said they were valid for only that year. I have recently done 2 other types of stations and got a manual... Continue Reading

Maritz - nothing available or just me

I've signed up for a handful of companies and Maritz seemed to be the only one that never displays an available job. Just out of curiosity I advance searched for jobs in major metro areas (Miami, LA, Dallas, NY) and none came up. I'm beginning to think I'm... Continue Reading

Maritz- STAY AWAY!!

This company is a scam. They advertise easy [bank] shops. What a joke. They expect you to spend hours uploading photo's as many as 48 photo's for $8.00 a shop. Are you kidding me. They will use you report and then refuse to pay. ... Continue Reading

Maritz's new shops

Does anyone have any idea what needs to be done for the new shop for a large company that makes printers and ink? They are being done at Office supply stores and a few others that sell printers. You have to wait for a package to be delivered... Continue Reading


Anyone else notice how Maritz has changed ,I have worked for them for over 3 years and they used to be one of my favorite companies,but they seem to have lost a lot of employees and I have noticed they don't have as many jobs as they used to have.They... Continue Reading

Martiz Gas Station Shops

There are a lot of gas station shops in my area from Maritz. They pay $11 and I was wondering if they were worth it. Has anyone done them? What's "really" involved?... Continue Reading

Maritz 5-Minute Bank Shops

Well, I got called today and asked to do a couple of the 5-minute bank shops. I told the guy that I have only done one and I will not do them again. I explained to him that they are twice as much work as the 10-minute shops and pay... Continue Reading

Maritz bank shops

This is my first post on this forum. I am new to this ;)I have been doing the 5 minute bank shops, but notice they also offer the 10 minute shops. Can someone please tell me how the 10 minute differ? Are you still calling the branches?... Continue Reading

maritz gas shop

hey i see there are some of there gas shops in my area... they mention a ton of photos... how hard are they to complete?... Continue Reading

Maritz payments

I was wondering when they pay. I got accepted for a shop the end of May/first week of June. I heard they were slow in payment so I was wondering approximately when they pay.... Continue Reading


Are they not doing their 5-minute shops in May? I have not seen them posted.... Continue Reading

Maritz Gas Shops

Days ago, I got an email saying that these were ready for self assign. HAs anyone seen them?... Continue Reading


I was signing on to Maritz as a mystery shopper. They want your Photo ID. What is the reason for this? Is this worthwhile? What kinds of shops does Maritz do? Anything in the Massachusetts area? What are you experiences with them? Liz... Continue Reading

maritz gas station shops

these ones pay $11 plus $4 gas reimb and $1 store reimb. Are they worth it? They called me yesterday wanting me to take a block of them but I was laid up in bed with the flu so I didn't answer the phone. I see... Continue Reading

What The Heck Maritz?

Has anyone done any of the "5 Minute" (ends up being 50) bank shops now that you have to call first and request they mail you information? I did some last week. Completed the report then saved until later to wait the 10 days to see if I received the... Continue Reading


Without mentioning any client names, I just signed up for several cell phone shops, paying $13 which I did not anticipate being so much work for that little amount of money. Has any one done this project before.... Continue Reading

Maritz 2011 assignments

Just wondering if Maritz site is offering anyone 2011 assignments to anyone yet. Mine has none, but I also have not undated my info with the EIN crap.... Continue Reading

New Maritz project

It appears that Maritz has a new client, at least new to my area, namely a cell phone provider. The email is: Dear Maritz Mystery Shopper: Maritz Research has just released NEW Fixture Audits to be conducted at specific telecommunications stores. These are announced visits and not mystery shops. This shop involves... Continue Reading


Did anyone get an e-mail from Maritz saying we had to have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) to shop with them after Jan 1, 2011? Also, proof of car Insurance, a photo ID and a business name.... Continue Reading

Maritz gas shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


has anyone had any trouble with this? I did a few shops but they need it scanned in a specific way. I tried it several time and just told them foget it. The shop each paid $7 (x2) Not worth it.... Continue Reading

Maritz and the security code

Does anyone know if there is a way to get around the security code needed before you can enter shop results with Maritz? I am either out of ink or my printer is malfunctioning because I can not print so I can not get to the code.... Continue Reading

Maritz employees---info needed about Payroll !

Hey there everyone, Any of you Maritz employees,could you tell me how Maritz figures their payroll.Seems like I was told by their payroll dept that the way they figure payroll is jobs completely by the 15th of the month are paid on the 1st and jobs completed by the last day... Continue Reading

I often feel like the only one who has issues with Maritz

It seems to be one of the favored companies, and for the most part I do love doing jobs for them, but twice now I've encountered problems. Last week, I did a gas station audit for them. Wednesday I receive an email saying I answered someting wrong, a pump was not... Continue Reading


Hello, I am a new shopper and I applied last night for 2 jobs with the best pay I have seen yet with Maritz. They were added to my requested shops section. I checked this morning and they were still there. When I checked back this afternoon, they... Continue Reading

Fire at Maritz HQ?

I read on another forum that they had a fire at HQ today, and that their website was down for a while. Does anyone know anything about that?... Continue Reading

Maritz, Research Mystery Shopping

Welcome to Maritz Mystery Shopping! Check out Maritz Research at to register with us to become a mystery shopper (no charge to you). You will need to fill out the appropriate forms as instructed. Call 1-800-782-4299 ext. 58490 and ask for a Chase assigner for all the project... Continue Reading

Maritz Website !

Anyone else work for Maritz, they are a great company,but their website sure leaves a lot to be desired.Anyone else notice how many times through the day their website is offline. I think they need a real webmaster or who knows what the problem is.I used to build and maintain websites... Continue Reading

Any Maritz Shoppers online ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Does anyone know Maritz pay dates?

Looked on Maritz site did not see it anywhere.... Continue Reading

Maritz ncr form

Can someone tell me what the abbreviation SVB# stands for??? It is to the bottom right of the ncr forms.... Continue Reading

Maritz- Mailing your evaluations

When you mail your evaluations back to Maritz, do you send them regular mail or priority, or other? Just curious, since mailing can get to be expensive.... Continue Reading


Anyone receive a mailing stating Maritize would be doing an upcoming project with AT&T?????... Continue Reading

Maritz 70 page guide

What do you think of the 70 page guide for Maritz gas shops?????... Continue Reading

Any experience with Maritz?

????... Continue Reading


Over the past year and a half, I have done over 120 various gas photo shops for Maritz. At best, the pay was mostly just marginal (between 9.00 & 15.00 and sometimes gas reimbursement). Since they just finished implementing their new reporting system, I think I have done my last... Continue Reading


Has anyone tried to use the new site at Martiz? I put in a shop okay, but cannot self-assign.... Continue Reading

Maritz scheduling?

Anyone have issues with the Maritz scheduling method? I checked a couple of checkboxes on their site for 2 shops I wanted to do. I would say 90% of the companies for which I currently shop handle all their scheduling on-line and via e-mail. For some reason, Maritz appears to... Continue Reading

Martiz Research-Fast Food shops

Does anyone know if Martiz still has the **** [fast food] shops? I haven't seen any since the first of the year.... Continue Reading

Maritz Research

Has anyone tried logging on to this site this morning? I tried and it said that service was unavailable. I hope to site is just down for the day. I have 4 shops with them next week. I would be just my luck that they are... Continue Reading

Maritz StopnCheck

Has anyone had a problem giving Maritz or StopnCheck your social security number?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Maritz

My worst collateral damage from driving is that after an accident I couldn't make my shops the next day and a scheduling company cancelled ALL my Maritz phone shops that I had set up for the next several days. (Source). November 25, 2014

If it is a Maritz audit I just take one photo even if multiple pumps have issues, because there is only "room" to upload one on the form. (Source). November 25, 2014

I've asked them about it several times and at this point they simply ignore me. And if RSG is asking you to perform [i](Source). November 22, 2014

I'm confused about how to answer some of the questions about store associate uniform and 7-11 branded pump toppers. My trusty manual doesn't mention co-branding. Maritz isn't open til 10 am on Saturday and I'll be on my way to my f. (Source). November 22, 2014

Next advice check report then submit and at the end it will allow you to upload all pictures on 1 page. Same for all Maritz shops. (Source). November 22, 2014

@Karen IL: "I met with Maritz people in person a couple of years back to complete a special project. (Source). November 21, 2014

I know that Maritz is EVERY WHERE. (Source). November 21, 2014

You know what, you were right, I am thinking of Maritz. (Source). November 21, 2014

It looks like the new company is using the Allegiance platform (though Maritz's site still works. (Source). November 21, 2014

I met with Maritz people in person a couple of years back to complete a special project. (Source). November 20, 2014