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Marketforce - Access Restricted

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MarketForce - Report shop error with website?

Am I the only one getting this error as soon as I attempt to report a shop? Error An error occurred while saving your report information. We are working hard to alleviate these errors and have logged the occurrence. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a MarketForce Shopper! Please re-open your... Continue Reading

Market Force New Phone or Service Shops

Anyone done these? They've gotten to a fairly high fee in my neck o' the woods and I'm considering taking one. I'm a current customer of the client and have been thinking I need to get a new phone anyway (you should see my phone... it's pretty hilarious). As... Continue Reading

Can't upload photos to Market Force on iPhone.

In order to save time reporting my FF shop, I often begin my report on my iPhone, answer the first few questions and upload my photos. Then I finish up at home. For the last couple of weeks or so I have been unable upload my photos into... Continue Reading

Market Force delayed payments.

I just saw an update that direct deposits are delayed again. They were supposed to go out yesterday but maybe will go out today. This is the second time recently this had happened. MF has always been dependable. Should this be a cause for worry?... Continue Reading

Market Force gas station audits.. Worth it ?

See a few gas station audits on the board listed for $18 each. How long do these audits take to complete and input? If it's only like a 15 minute audit with mostly yes or no questions, and a few pictures then maybe. Otherwise I might pass on it.... Continue Reading

Gotta love MarketForce (no, really)

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Market Force Screw Up

I had a shop with them earlier today. When I went to report it it wasn't there. I emailed 2x. They put it back for me, but they listed it with YESTERDAY'S date. It was supposed to be reported within 8 hours and because they deleted it and had... Continue Reading

Market Force [client name deleted] Shops

My latest shop was rejected by "the client" because I asked for sweetener for my iced tea in the drive-thru portion of the shop. There was nothing new in my paperwork to indicate that this was not allowed. I have been doing these shops for months with sweetener added... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audits

I've only ever done the mystery gas shops for MF (though I've done gas station audits for other MSCs). But I noticed this month that the Mystery Shops were replaced with revealed audits at the same locations. They were originally posted at the same price as the Mystery... Continue Reading

submitting cell phone pics to Market Force

I filled out the survey for a Market Force shop for the first time on my smart phone. Everything went well until I tried to upload photos of my receipts. Apparently they are over the size limit. I've never had this happen when I used a scanner.... Continue Reading

Surprisedd by Market Force

None of us are all work and no play, and I admit in the past I used to do various projects for Market Force. Them and I had a falling out several years ago. Recently I was surprised by their boldness. Now I popped over to the US to order a... Continue Reading

Slow Market Force Reporting Form

Is it my system or is the Market Force reporting system very very slow when reporting a golden arches shop? It takes me longer to enter my report than it does to actually do the shop. Just wondering if anybody else is having this same problem... Continue Reading

Market Force- Make an offer

Instead of just choosing a date today, I was instructed to set a price which I would do the shop for and they would get back to me and let me know if I got it or not. What is this about? Am I in trouble? lol.... Continue Reading

Market Force site error - has it happened to you?

I was most of the way through a report on today's audit, when the site gave me an error message. Looks serious. Cannot log back in. Sent email to the help desk, as instructed. Anyone ever run into anything like this with them before? Will they extend time for today's... Continue Reading

What to do when bringing home bed bugs from a Market Force Theater check?

Is there anything I can use to spray on me? Deep Woods Off?... Continue Reading

Market Force EIN

Hi all. With tax extension due tomorrow... finally sitting down to complete what I started lol. I'm currently on a trip and left my 1099 at home. Can someone tell me the EIN for Market Force? Just need this information to complete my returns. Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Market Force movie theater open check

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Market Force says: if someone doesn't speak English well...keep asking them questions!

I may have to think twice before I work for Market Force again after this one...their forms already irritate me considerably (one page at a time? really?) and now I was told I had to do something really, really dumb in the future. I was doing a grocery shop for them... Continue Reading

Market Force new reporting time policy in effect Oct 1st!!!

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MarketForce Email-Don't shop large FF chain if already scheduled for Oct 1-2!

If you already have a shop scheduled with the largest client they have for a shop to be completed October 1-2, [B][U]CHECK YOUR E-MAIL[/B][/U]. In a very rare move, they are asking shoppers to reassign them for later in the month with no deduction in rating. They also stated that... Continue Reading


Anyone have a phone number for them? Their helpless desk doesn't seem to understand issue as the DD confirmation page keeps on saying the wrong type of account.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Quality Control

Hi, I have had several shops all for the same client in Marketforce quality control since 9/15. All of my other reports since them have been approved except for this client. I have done work for this client in the past with no issues. Has anyone had this... Continue Reading


This just in from the MF job board...FFs for $5.00. But then again there are folks out here that will snap these up which just shows that MF knows what they're (contraction alert) doing and that's (sorry but another contraction...subtract several points from my score but as long as I'm... Continue Reading


I'm (contraction here) deleting the content because it's (another one) on the "Mystery Shopping Company Discussion" thread.... Continue Reading

Question about Certified/Market Force Theatrical

Years ago, I used to shop for Certified Reports. Are they completely gone? I know that Market Force does the theater portion now, but the Certified I shopped for used to do merchandising jobs as well (not related to theaters, along with theater related). I remember going to a... Continue Reading

Question about Market Force sending shops a month early

Good evening I receive the daily e-mail about MF shops in my area. There is one in my area that I would like to do. However the dates that it can be done is the last week of October. I went ahead and I picked the day that I could do... Continue Reading

MarketForce Inquiry

Just thought people here might want to know. I recently received an inquiry from MarketForce about one of the FF shops I had completed in the past few weeks. The email stated that MF had received an inquiry from the client. I was caught off guard at the amount of information... Continue Reading

Tech question - Marketforce and IP address, deactivation

My new roomie has started mystery shopping with Market Force. We obviously share the same IP address but different computers. I have heard in this forum of members being deactivated by MF for having the same IP address with 2 shoppers. Anyone out there care to give... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay

Hi everyone!! It's been awhile since I posted. I had to take a few months off due to unforeseen family emergencies. Now that I'm getting back on the wagon, I noticed that the shops I previously completed for MF have dropped in pay. I was surprised to see the dollar... Continue Reading

When Market Force Gives a Time Frame

When they say between 11:45-3:45, does that mean you have to be in & out by 3:45 or you have to begin the shop by 3:45 at the latest? I contacted the help desk almost 9 hours ago & haven't heard back. It's not the FF shop. It's the Fast... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers

I actually received my full payment yesterday, September 11th. Is anyone missing their MF payment? "Message Posted on Shopper Portal 09/11/2015 Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers On Thursday, September 10th, we sent the payment files to our bank and received confirmation back they were received. This morning we were informed... Continue Reading

Marketforce (FF) out!

I am absolutely livid about a bad MForce experience with a [i](FF)[/i] shop. So be careful if you take any of these. The shop notes clearly state that shoppers are NOT TO ACCEPT a L size drink even if offered for free. At my recent shop the... Continue Reading

New to Market Force ~ Why Did My Report Go to QC?

I have only done a few jobs for them. The last one I did was marked "IN QC." It was released as "Approved" after two days. The only strange thing I noticed was a question where they asked if the SP recommended anything in addition to my... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Audit

I've been doing the gas shops for a couple months now and noticed that they just changed some of them to an audit. Has anyone done the new audits? They are revealed and the instructions say to plan up to an hour at the station. So far they are paying... Continue Reading

Market Force Theatrical

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but not new to mystery shopping. I have done many shops for MF. I receive e-mails for theater projects, however I can't seem to find any information about how much they pay for their projects to even know if it's worth... Continue Reading

MarketForce- When Are New Shops Posted?

Hello everyone. I am looking for a certain restaurant that sells wings ;-) I'm signed up with MF, but never seem to see any of these restaurants yet I read somewhere MF is the company that assigns these shops. Does anyone know if MF posts new assignments on a particular... Continue Reading

More Market Force tomfoolery

From their newsfeed: True or False: We invalidate your reports so that we can send them to the Client for payment but not have to pay you. Answer: ABSOLUTELY FALSE. We hear this from time to time and can only shake our heads because we could not have been in business for... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Turbo Charged

Last night, the MF system was moving slow like usual while I was working on the report. I complete the report, click on the submit button then hit refresh. In less than 30 SECONDS, my report had already gone through QC and was approved. I was tired... Continue Reading

Market Force removing shops I already signed up for?

This morning I checked up on the list of shops I had signed up for with MF in the past few days. They included [i](three restaurants and four hardware)[/i] shops. All of the [i](hardware)[/i] shops were gone! I checked my email to see if I had gotten an explanation for... Continue Reading

Resizing of Market Force pictures no longer required

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Market Force "fast casual"

Anyone else have to do a certification for this fast casual burger place?... I didn't have to do it before...... Continue Reading

Market Force Breakfast place?

There is a national "breakfast food" chain that I want to do a shop at because it says you can bring up to three people and include their food in your reimbursement. Has anyone done this? It says they reimburse up to $16, but is that per person or the... Continue Reading

What do you think of MarketForce's new policy regarding reporting?

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Marketforce reporting times

I just saw a message that MF will be changing the reporting times to make them shorter. Has anyone else seen this or know anything about it?... Continue Reading

Market Force Question

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Another Market Force Question

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Did Market Force dump me?

I've only completed four or five shops for Market Force. All were retail shops except for one audit. I have never applied for a FF shop. They were constantly sending me emails, most of which were FF shops and I deleted them. Now, I tried to... Continue Reading

MarketForce Lifespan

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The Slowness of Marketforce's Website

With Marketforce's new site, I've been doing less and less work for the company because of the time commitment for entering shops. For example, on the old site, I could power through a Golden Arches shop in 10 minutes. On the new site... 25-30 minutes. With every page taking... Continue Reading

Market force theater checks

Well, they finally approved me and there are jobs in my area. I have questions about that jobs tho and when I emailed them they said it will take 2 days to get back to Two theaters are owned by the same company and are 40 miles apart.... Continue Reading

Question about Market Force FF shops

There is an FF shop that I would like to do for MF however, when I do a search it says no shops avaiable. I check the web site every day and I have passed the test. There are many of theses places in my area. Do you think some... Continue Reading

Market Force Invalidation- how soon do they let you know?

Hi everyone! I am new to the mystery shopping world and appreciate this forum and the good information about how to be a better shopper. My question, I've read here that Market Force seems to be invalidating shops more often how than what some of you are... Continue Reading

Market Force New Invalidation-Happy Practice

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Marketforce Contact

Ok, now I need a contact at Marketforce. It's regarding a shop that needs edited. Does anyone have an individual contact with them? Or at least a general phone number? I can't even seem to locate that. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas Station Shops

Anyone ever done any of these? There are a bunch posted...but I am afraid to accept. I want to know what I am getting myself into and if they are worth it. There is no bonus.... Continue Reading

Market Force grocery audits

Anyone ever done them? They are paying about $30 total and say they should take about 75 minutes. I assume that means time in store with additional time for the report. If you can give me insight, please do--and thanks in advance. Robinv... Continue Reading

MarketForce Reporting Slow

Since MF changed their web site and reporting, I have noticed that it is taking me an unbelievably long time to enter reports. It's now going on 35 minutes, and I am still enter a burger report. I have tried both Google Chrome and IE - slow using both. ... Continue Reading

Market force

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Marketforce payment

Good morning. Has anyone been paid by Marketforce for jobs completed in June? I have only been shopping with them for a few months but have noticed they paid before the 10th for the last two months and this month I haven't been paid as of yet. I also noticed... Continue Reading

Question about Market Force

I've just completed my first full week of mystery shopping! I'm trying to do the easy in and out shops to get the hang of remembering all of the details I need to. I have a question about MF: I know several of you have talked about doing the same... Continue Reading

Marketforce deactivating shoppers?

Has anyone been deactivated by Marketforce? I got an email today stating that I had 3 or more errors in my submissions. I have been shopping for them for over 3 years. They didn't even let me know or give me a heads up.... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Market Force

Been a shopper for many years. Got an e mail to provide my phone number as they tried calling me and could not reach me. Just got a new cell and forgot to put it on the profile which was my fault I suppose. Responded to who wrote with my... Continue Reading

Is Market Force Losing Big Client

I ask because I just started working for them. When I googled the client a lot of negative information showed up on page 1 and 2 about Market Force losing this client. Market Force uses tools to keep page 1 google search results positive but most of the negative results... Continue Reading

Market Force thinks you're insane and dangerous

Some things you should do if you have an invalidated report: Stay calm. Review the email so you understand what we are saying your mistake was. ... It is important that you act professionally and in a businesslike manner so that we can both work together. We are working with you to get your... Continue Reading

Market Force possibly listens to shopper feedback and raises reimbursement from $11 to $12 on "Fast Casual" shop.

After I did a shop at a location for this client that is located in a tourist mall food court, I saw that the cost of my burger, small fries and reg. drink was $2 over the $11 reimbursement. I was already in a foul mood as I drove around for... Continue Reading

Question about Market Force

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Difficulty with Market Force's web site

Since yesterday I have been having difficulty accessing jobs. When I click on "Select Shops," it just keeps loading. Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Marketforce - "Select Shops" not working

Since last night I am having a problem with the "Select Shops" link. It just says "loading" but nothing happens. It appears to be stuck. I can access the other links to get paperwork, etc. I have tried this on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. ... Continue Reading

market force survey chance to win 50 dollar gift card

I have received a couple of email from Market force the last one about where do you buy gas I click on and I get a danger error harmful website blocked. Anybody getting this blocked message????... Continue Reading

market force

Just joined market force. I am new to mystery shopping. Just saw posted that market force is changing. If this is true please give me other legit companies I might consider.... Continue Reading

Market Force deactivation.

Market Force might be the largest MSC but the people who run it are garbage. They are similar to the clown candidates running for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.... Continue Reading

Market Force Shopper Files a Complaint with BBB and its Resolution

The report below found at the website of the Better Business Bureau concerns a shopper's dispute with Market Force. The client referred to is the one that requires you to wait in your car for a check-back from the carhop. I think Market Force handled this situation very well, and... Continue Reading

Market Force and Negative Reports

I've searched, but can't find where I read that MF does not like negative reports and will find a reason to reject one and/or deactivate the offending shopper. I just had my first shop with them where the salesperson truly tanked. It was a cell phone cancellation shop where I had... Continue Reading

Brand New Market Force Shopper News Letter!

It's here! The Market Force Shopper News Letter! :)... Continue Reading

Why I like Market Force

They call me with easy shops and offer me good bonuses to do them, unlike other companies who want me to do them for base price, even though they are 40 miles away. I rarely take anything off the board yet I consistently get good shops from them. That is... Continue Reading

Market Force Bank shop question

Does anybody have any experience with these shops? Specifically, I am wondering how MF deals with a shop when the shopper is unable to make an appointment with the target. This isn't a closed location, so it doesn't seem that the closed location fee would apply. I don't see anything... Continue Reading

The dreaded Market Force axe...

Well, after 5 years of 30+ shops a month, I've received the well-known and highly feared AXE... Anyone know a MSC who has the kind of shop volume MF has? I'm already shopping for over a dozen other companies, but don't make much more than $200/mo with any of them...going to... Continue Reading

Marketforce Question

How do I see how much I will be compensated for a job, after the job has been accepted? I accepted some jobs last week, but can't remember for the life of me what the pay is. When i select the jobs in my list the compensation is not showed.... Continue Reading

Marketforce--a positive experience (sorta)

I found out first hand why we are told to read our CPI. I had no idea it was possible for the information listed on the website to be different from that indicated on the CPI. The other day, I had a shop rejected because I shopped "too early." ... Continue Reading

Am I misreading Marketforce website? ==> no, not enough coffee

Doop! Not enough coffee yet this morning. No issues here. Nothing to see here. Move along. Look into this little light and I will reflash your memory. It was swamp gas. Nothing more... Continue Reading

New Marketforce Law

"I understand I am not to combine shops. I will submit my report for one completed shop before conducting another." The above is a "cut and paste" from Marketforce Screening Questions. I just applied to do a Marketforce shop (and nope, not one of their $5.00 ones) and got the usual "screening... Continue Reading

Had enough of MarketForce

And before anyone jumps in with "Well you don't really work for them blahh blahh blahh" I'm fully aware of our status as peons and I'm venting. But Markforce is staright up staffed by liars who I'm pretyt sure get a kick out of screwing over the people who make... Continue Reading

Market Force website issues

Is anyone else having trouble with Market Force's website? In the middle of reporting a shop, I got an error message and now I can't even login.... Continue Reading

Market Force shop status

You can now see when your report has been approved. Did it always say that and I just never found it or is it a new thing they've added?? Just curious...... Continue Reading

Market Force referral rejections

Is this the right place to post this? Market Force encouraged me to refer shoppers to them. I referred twelve people, most of whom I've known for a long time. A few were family members (cousins). I even emailed Market Force and somebody nice thanked me for all of the referrals. Long... Continue Reading

Market Force E-Mail

Did anyone else get the following email from Market Force today? I got it for 2 of the Fast Food Shops I have scheduled with them in the next few days. I have always completed my shops as Scheduled and have never been the type to reschedule shops, so I... Continue Reading

Market Force Theatres

Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to mystery shopping (I've done shops for a few different companies over the last three or so weeks and been paid twice so far). I signed up on the purple portal of Market Force about two weeks ago, and it asked for a picture of... Continue Reading

They say it's your Birthday - thank you Marketforce

I've been out of town and needed to schedule some shops - sure I will take an extra bonus =)... Continue Reading

Market Force, How do I know if my job was accepted?

I did two jobs for Market Force, both on the 2nd of may. I completed my paperwork and turned in my receipts, but I don't know if it has been accepted yet? Is there any way to find out? or do I just need to wait till I get, or... Continue Reading

Market Force call center - are they quitting the MS business?

An employee at Market Force posted this at Glassdoor. Now that Market Force is getting into the call center business this might explain why they pay their employees so little--and I mean those people that call us all the time getting paid so little. Advice to Management Trust your employees to do... Continue Reading

Why doesn't Market Force have it own Wikipedia page?

They used to, then they got it deleted. Why do all the other big MSCs have a page, but not Market Force? Usually the company makes its own page. I don't think Market Force wants one. Bare, GFK and Maritz have them. So does every big company in the USA.... Continue Reading

Marketforce: calling for shops

So Marketforce can be relentless, and I'm sorry but I really find the over sea schedulers to be a little annoying. Before anyone replies-yes, I am polite to them. So they call when I am at work or when I need some quiet time, therefore I don't answer the phone. I... Continue Reading

Another Market Force client testing the waters elsewhere

I just saw that another long-time devoted client of Market Force is beginning to run a few test shops with Bare. This lends further credence to my hypothesis that MF is (or will be) running into problems arising from its organizational behavior. (Lisa -- thanks in advance for... Continue Reading

Deactivated by Market Force - My Experience

(I am not going to criticize Market Force. I had a good experience with them while it lasted. My post is meant to inform other MF shoppers about my experience.) I performed many shops for Market Force. Last month I performed 30+ fast food shops. During my 3 years at Market... Continue Reading

Unable to upload piks to marketforce

Is anyone else having this problem tonight? Everytime I try to upload it just gives me a blank screen. Why is their website so difficult now? I used to be able to do my reports so quickly and now there always seems to be a problem since... Continue Reading

Market Force losing a big client?

I see today that the casual dudes burger chain is testing the waters with another company in my area in the Pacific Northwest. This is not a huge surprise to me, though I was actually expecting their big gas station client to be the first to depart (and move... Continue Reading

Trouble logging in to Market Force website

I can't login. Is anyone else having trouble? It is 1:45 MT where I am.... Continue Reading

Market Force and Declining a Shop

Does anyone know if I decline a shop in a particular area, does that mean all the shops for that client will no longer show or just the one I decline? I've been meaning to ask this for a few weeks now. Thanks!... Continue Reading

MarketForce Payment

Has anyone been paid this month for March shops? It's not showing on the site for me. This is the first shops I have done for them this year. Thanks... Continue Reading

Deactivated by MARKET FORCE

Market Force deactivated me. When I asked them why, they said they couldn't give me a reason. How rude! My husband has an account too, but he wasn't deactivated. We can't figure it out. It just makes no sense. Now I am having to shop on my husband's account, since he doesn't... Continue Reading


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New Shop and Audit from MFI

Has anybody seen the guidelines and questionnaire yet? All I have seen are the screening questions. They look much the same as when they just called it an “Audit”. The biggest difference is reimbursement for gas. I suppose this is part of the “Shop” aspect for the new program. Are... Continue Reading

The Market Force website seems very slow

Is it just me or is it taking longer to report on the updated website compared to the old website? I've noticed that the pages were slow to load. It has taken me longer than usual. I use Chrome. When I logged into another site my connection speeds were very... Continue Reading

Marketforce Theater Questions

I've only done two shops now for this side of Marketforce and I'm having trouble. Both reports, when I hit submit, it took me to a login screen. I never got a confirmation screen, although it does appear the report went through. Does this happen to anyone else? My second report, I... Continue Reading

Marketforce CPI and receipt question

I went upload my receipt just now and it said it was already uploaded. I thought I must have lost my concentration and uploaded it. But when I looked at it, it is for someone else's shop at a different store. Then when I went to upload... Continue Reading

Augh.... Market Force new input program

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Marketforce rescheduling

I was wondering if anyone ever got warned or into trouble for frequent rescheduling? The ability to do it so easily is one of the things I really like about them but I find I'm doing it at least 25% of the time.... Continue Reading

Market Force photos problems

Does anyone else have problems uploading their photos to Market Force's new website ? Mine are rejected--can someone tell me what I need to do to upload them ? I use a desktop PC. I need help. Thanks for any help.... Continue Reading

Market Force and "Confirm" link

I received an email this morning as a reminder for a few shops I have. I see there's a 'confirm' link and it's a live link. It's right after the assignment number. I clicked it and signed into M.F. and confirmed the shop. A few weeks ago, the link brought me to a... Continue Reading

Market Force Maintenance (Sunday, February 22, 2015)

Message Posted on Shopper Portal February 20, 2015 Website Maintenance this weekend We will be performing maintenance on Sunday February 22, 2015 from 2:00 - 8:00am EST (11pm - 5am PST). Do not attempt to enter data during this maintenance window as your data could be lost. Thank you for your understanding.... Continue Reading

Market Force Fires Mystery Shopper

Market Force Fires Mystery Shopper Because of “Known Associates” Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor Reports surfaced recently of Market Force International terminating a mystery shopper because of “known associates.” The shopper had reportedly done extensive work with the company, and garnered a high rating by them. No other reason was cited for... Continue Reading

Market Force fired me for no reason

I read the posts about Market Force here, and want to add that Market Force fired me just before Christmas. What made it worse is that they sent me an email after my 100th shop telling me how valued I was, and thanking me. I made three mistakes--simple data entry... Continue Reading

my hot dog picture not liked by marketforce

on my first job for a company called marketforce i had to take a picture of my food. i ordered a chili hot dog. but when the carhop handed me the bag i put the bag upside down. this cause the chili on the hot dog to get all over... Continue Reading

Confused about Market Force

I am a pretty new shopper, I'm curious how market force works. All the other companies I am with show me or tell me when my reports get accepted, but it doesn't seem like market force does this. How do I know when or if my reports are accepted? If... Continue Reading

Marketforce and Chrome

Anybody else having trouble accessing MF using Chrome ? This has been a recurring problem for me which just started up again the last couple of days. I find I have to go to Firefox to be able to even log in. It used to be a constant issue -... Continue Reading

Marketforce Auto-Assign

Has anyone signed up for auto-assign shops with Marketforce? How does it work? Do you get more assignments that way?... Continue Reading

Market Force website change

I check the MarketForce site every morning for new shops, using the Chrome browser on my iPad. Chrome always logs me into the site automatically. This morning, I get a message saying that I'm not using Chrome and that Chrome is best for the MF site. I dismiss the message... Continue Reading

Market Force in my area got new shops..

So I log in, see there are a ton of new shops since this morning.. scroll through and see they are all 0 dollar shops with a 10 dollar reimbursement:/ I'm new, and I've picked up some lower paying shops for experience.. but 0 dollar with only fast food... Continue Reading

Market Force

I have been a Mystery Shopper for only several months. The good is I want to put in a good word for the Market Force Company. The bad is I went through serious illness during the holidays. I had to rescheduled my assignments on many occasions due... Continue Reading

Market Force, gotta love em!

Market Force, love em or leave em! ... Continue Reading

Market Force is Ranked #21 on Honomichl List -- Not #1

When I became a shopper I was under the impression that Market Force was the biggest MSC in the industry. Now I find out they aren't even in the top 20 of companies. They are ranked #21, according to a job posting for a Quality Control positon that Market Force... Continue Reading

Dear Market Force Scheduler,

If you call and I don't answer my phone it means I'm unavailable to pick up at that point. When you call five more times in the next three minutes it doesn't make me any more available. It just makes me angry. Thanks for your understanding.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Question

So, I have done a few shops with Marketforce, but I am not having new shops show up in the place where I can select jobs. There are several jobs available for me to choose from, but not the variety that there has been in the past. Are they only... Continue Reading

Marketforce Uugh

I just received notice from Marketforce that I almost 30 receipts behind, going back to November. I have fsithfully scanned every receipt into the system and never received an error message but I did notice in December that the receipt status page showed a few that had not been... Continue Reading

How Much $$$ if a Shopper Did Every Shop on the Market Force Job Board...

One great thing I learned from this board: Wait until shops are bonused toward the end of the month before assigning. In the case of Market Force, today (1/4/14) there are 122 shops advertised on my job board in Austin, TX. So I wondered: what if one shopper could do every... Continue Reading

Marketforce sees a plethora of new shoppers applying for work the ONLY reason I can see for the ridiculously low fees they have for the bank & headphone shops here in Western Canada (across Canada?) 8$ for an in store sales evaluation and discrete photos? Yikes. I stand side and let the hordes of new shoppers who don't know the... Continue Reading

Congratulations on completing your first shop! (Market Force)

I received a congratulatory email this morning from Market Force for completing my first shop. The only thing is, I have been working for them for 7-8 years. I did complete my first 2015 shop for them yesterday. Maybe everyone is getting a fresh start this year.... Continue Reading

Marketforce 100 shops email

MF sent me a congratulations email for 100 shops performed. Am I really close to the end? I hope not, I love the way they pay me.... Continue Reading

Market Force cancelled me

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Unlimited shops for marketforce

Did anyone see the post made today? I always suspected this was the internal policy because of what schedulers told me but i'm glad to see they are making it formal. Now I don't have to be scared that one of my highly bonused shops will be invalidated because I... Continue Reading

Marketforce dropped me

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Former Name of Market Force?

I did a lot of mystery shopping in 2003 - 2006, and I am slowly going through my extensive list of companies to reactivate myself as well as signing up for new companies. I kept a copy of the Excel file with my company list, thank goodness! Market Force is not... Continue Reading

MarketForce Diet Plan Stratagies?

Yes, I wont name the customers, but we all know that Marketforce will call you and ask you to eat fast food three times a day. I lost a notch on my belt buckle and have started to chew a few FF's really slow and get extra napkins and cover the... Continue Reading

Marketforce web site down?

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Market Force inconsistencies

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MarketForce call

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Can't open instructions for any MFI shops.

All of a sudden I can't download the instructions for any of my MFI shops. I use to click on the download in Work link and it would open Word and download them. Now it opens a new webpage but nothing ever downloads. The same thing happens... Continue Reading

Is Marketforce having financial problems?

Is that the reason payments are late. They claim payment is on the 11th but it will take 2 or 3days. ACH payments don't take 2or 3days.... Continue Reading

Market Force reports

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Is anyone else having trouble entering reports on Market Force's test site.

Every time I try to enter a report I have to enter it four or five times. It only saves some of my answers. I have emailed them about this several times and have not received an answer. I am close to stopping shopping for them.... Continue Reading

Market Force site is Down...

Is anyone having problems signing into Market Force? The site is down on my end. If you have had any problems, what is the time frame it has been down? Thanks.... Continue Reading

MarketForce Assigning shop date *RANGES*

I just accepted my first shop from MarketForce for a very large customer that gave me the option of 3-4 days to complete the shop. It still needed to be completed in the same hours window, but instead of nailing down an exact day when selecting the shop as I... Continue Reading

removed from Market Force

I have been shopping part time with Market Force for close to ten years now. Recently, I started taking on more assignments. I was very excited that with this month's pay, I would surpass $5000 for the year. I just received an email from... Continue Reading

Market Force Website November 3, 2014

Anyone else having trouble with the Market Force website tonight? I'm in the middle of submitting a report and the 'next' and 'previous' buttons lost functionality.... Continue Reading

Odd Market Force Error

I reported an entire food shop and at the end received this message: Exception Message: Exception caught on: EXEC /*CLDB5*/Mshop..xp2_CreateWaveRecord @AssignmentID=12483810, @UserName='Shopper *****' (removed shopper ID) and was told to contact the Help Desk, which I just did. My reason for the post is to ask others if they are... Continue Reading

Marketforce access restricted

I haven't done anything for marketforce for several months but I do check their job board ever so often. Today I received an e-mail from them saying they tried to call me but were unsuccessful and it was imperative that I have a current phone number on file. I did... Continue Reading

Did I get deactivated?? (Market Force)

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Market Force (providing banking information?)

I would like to know about the company Market Force. I was asked for my banking information before an assignment. I did not provided my banking information.... Continue Reading

Did market force drop a fast food shop

Some time ago I took the test and missed two questions and was told could not do the test again for 365 days. The jobs are not on my search for jobs. just wondering if they are still doing the jobs and i am blocked... Continue Reading

MarketForce site down?

Just tried to submit my report for a casual food shop and it seems as though their site is down. Anyone having similar issues? My internet connection seems to be fine with other sites. I sure don't want to go beyond my 12 hour window and not... Continue Reading

Market Force: October is breast awareness month

The shopper message on the Market Force site today is titled "Breast Awareness Month"... Continue Reading

Marketforce & Multiple Shoppers/Family

I currently do shops for Marketforce. My son is interested in also becoming a shopper. He is currently living in the same house as us. Can we have more than one Marketforce shopper in the home? I skimmed the FAQ at Marketforce and could not find my answer.... Continue Reading

Marketforce - This Shop is No Longer Available to You

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New Version of Market Force Shopper Website rolls out the 18th...

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MarketForce Rotation Schedule

I know from reading the boards here and the instruction sheets of many MSCs that there are often rotation schedules for many shops. I am in my second month of mystery shopping and during August had shopped two fast casual locations near to my home and work. I... Continue Reading

Marketforce and receipt submittal

I submitted a receipt 2 days ago and it is still showing up as submitted and not verified. I've done two other shops after that and they are already verified. Should I send a proactive email or just chill. It's only been 48 hours.... Continue Reading

Is anyone having problems with Market Force site?

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What gives, Market Force?

The California office called me yesterday at 7:11am. When I hit the "reject" button because my alarm wasn't due to go off until 9, they called me back at 7:19. I picked up INCREDIBLY skeeved off, as you can imagine, and told off the rep, still half-asleep. I call back... Continue Reading

marketforce website

Is anyone else having trouble getting the job board to load?... Continue Reading

Um...Strange job board..... (Market Force)

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Marketforce Email for Invalid Shop

I received an email today from Marketforce and am a bit confused. I uploaded the same type of photos I uploaded for the the same assignment on Friday, a photo of the facility and a photo of the sign. The only difference was that I was unable to... Continue Reading

Market Force is making the calls today

I must have gotten 8 calls from Market Force today... I was able to answer this morning, but not this afternoon... you think they would have hit me up for everything this morning! (also I really dislike the 925 area code schedulers!)... Continue Reading

Market Force site crawling for anyone else?

It's moving ok to enter but it's taking SOOOO long to "submit".....I have 4 more to go........ Continue Reading

Market Force's Policy-Fair or Not?

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Market Force Clarification - Why Good Shoppers are Deactivated

Asked this question of a former MF employee. I can't post what was told to me due to confidentiality, but the information I receieved was confirmed by this statement in the MF FAQ: 9. How many shops can I assign myself? ... we limit the overall number of shops someone can handle... Continue Reading

Knowing the store name for MarketForce shops

I am signed up with MarketForce but was wondering when they reveal the store name. Sometimes, entering the screeners can tell you the name of the shop, but other times it doesn't. I won't accept a shop unless I know what type of establishment it is. Is there another place... Continue Reading

MarketForce Movie Threatre CFA assignments

Hello, Has anyone done these assignments? What are they like? Do you watch the same movies 5 times in one day? What are the report like? How does the pay work? Can you bring someone? A lot of questions! (I am interested) Thanks!... Continue Reading

contact with Market Force

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Have you ever emailed a scheduler at marketforce to get an assignment's time changed?

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Marketforce nickel-and-diming me

So I just realized I've been shorted on a couple of my burger shops for these folks. Fee is usually $6, reimbursement $11. (yeah, I actually take them at these prices as I like the food and it's right near home.) I always spend at least the reimbursement. Actual reimbursement was... Continue Reading

Marketforce and QC Department

Well, I may be in trouble here... Two months ago I did the 2/3rds of the devil gas shop and I complied with all the regulations until a gas station attendent made a mistake on the receipt. I made sure I documented that with my submission, but I was... Continue Reading

Marketforce interview

I really enjoyed shopping with Marketforce and completed over 350 shops for them until I was terminated without notice. I was very disappointed and felt that being terminated without any explanation was very unfair and really a horrible way to treat shoppers who work hard in the field for... Continue Reading

Finally just changed my number on Marketforce.

and now I realize just how much they have actually been calling. Before I just had their number on mute on my phone, and every time they called it would just put their number to the top of the list, so if I happened to look at my phone, I... Continue Reading

Market Force Radar

This company makes up 40% of my shop income, so when I read that its best to "fly below the radar" with them I got concerned after some problems I had with shop reporting occurred. After reading alot about them here I'd like to know if anyone can offer any... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopper Magazine: Interview With Market Force CEO, Karl Maier

We just published an interview with Market Force CEO. He has some very interesting answers about 'deactivation', and well as getting re-instated. Discuss the article here. Warmly,... Continue Reading

Marketforce problems reporting

I was doing a report for Marketforce when I got some kind of glitch. It asked me, one of those multiple choice things, like "Extremely satisfied, satisfied, etc..." and then the next question was: Were the employees Very enthusiastic, enthusiastic, etc. I wanted to mark "Satisfied" and "Enthusiastic", but it wouldn't... Continue Reading

Market Force and FireFox browser

I can't log on to Market Force using FireFox browser, but can using Internet Explorer. Anyone else having this issue? I emailed the help desk, and they were really rude in their response. I won't ask them anything else.... Continue Reading

Market Force Shop board down to nothing?

When MarketForce had to go back to the old site after the fiasco with the release of the new site, the number of shops in my area dropped significantly. Now, the only jobs I see in my area are two Arch shops that are out of town. No shops... Continue Reading

MARKET FORCE (just for fun!)

I'm taking a poll. Yea or nay: Will Shop2LiveinFL's head explode when she sees another Market Force thread?... Continue Reading

What does receipt "verified" mean with Market Force?

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Market force problems.

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Market Force website issues (mod: we really only need ONE thread, guys :) )

Is Marketforce down? I can't get signed in on IE or Firefox. I know they said some changes were coming, but I keep getting an error that the URL may be changed.... Continue Reading

Market Force pizza shops?

Has anyone seen the pizza shops in the last couple weeks? The pizza shops that it seems most people despise. I recently started getting emails from yet another company for them......."Yummy pizza" in the email title.....with NO FEE...LOL.... Continue Reading

Market Force Website down?

I'm trying to log into the shopper portal and I keep getting an error that the website is not available. Is this happening for anyone else?... Continue Reading

Market Force

I just did my first 2 shops for MF. I did not get any feedback at all from them. Checking their website, I cannot find anywhere that would tell me the 2 shops are approved and how much payments are pending. Their website is really difficult to... Continue Reading

SOS MFI chicken lunch shop

My internet is on the fritz so all i have is my phone. But for some reason my 3G service wont download the shop guidelines. Can anyone help me out with what i have to order? I can figure the rest by viewing the shop report.... Continue Reading

How are those MFI “Retail” jobs?

They call them retail, but they are obviously Cell Phone Stores. Now I see that they are going up in fees. I dimly remember somebody on here wondering what they were getting into by taking one. That was a while back though. I believe there were lots of pages to... Continue Reading

MarketForce Contact Info?

Does anyone know a person that I can contact for MarketForce Theater/CFA that can talk to me about a concern I have? A manager or something would be excellent, or someone higher up in the company that can work with me. The "Help Desk" has not returned my calls in... Continue Reading

I would like to commend MarketForce

I got a call from the California office today and when the scheduler asked how I was doing I said "really busy, actually. You?" Her response was a first: "Good, thank you. Is this a good time to continue the call or should I call back later?" The negative rep of the... Continue Reading

Really Marketforce??

What is up with them lately? I have never had any problems until recently. They called, and asked if I could do a shop. It was approaching their deadline, so if was coming up fast and VERY time specific. I said that I would need to... Continue Reading

Market Force shops

Is anyone seeing the 'usual grocery shops' up for scheduling in the month of May? Or have I been blocked by MF?... Continue Reading

Market Force phone number

Does anyone know if there is a phone number available for this company for quality control issues?... Continue Reading

Market Force - Invalided Shop although I followed instructions (Now resolved!)

Hi, I completed a shop for Market Force this weekend. It was for a hardware store with a paint scenario. I received an email today saying the shop was invalid due to my purchase being unrelated to the scenario. The instructions said I didn't have to buy paint but the... Continue Reading

I just saw a commercial on TV mentioning Market Force

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I'm pretty sure Market Force is going to deactive me...

I did an arch shop yesterday. The location was dirty, the food took a long time to receive, and the fries were room temperature. Even worse, the sandwich was so salty I couldn't eat it. I rated the visit as "Poor." I'm just waiting for the deactivation. ... Continue Reading

MarketForce Dilemma - UPDATE: Issue Has Been Resolved

Ok, I've heard the MF horror stories. Here is my dilemma... I had two back-to-back grocery stores scheduled for today between 12:15 PM and 2:45 PM. You have to spend at least 45 minutes at the store and the shop needs to be completed by 2:45 PM, no later. I... Continue Reading

Market Force New Retail Client?

Just signed up for a new client (first time I've see it), famous aussie boot company. Anyone else see this or completed it? Nice reimbursement and form looks pretty simple. I know the clients sells high end boots and shoes but mine is at an outlet store, so... Continue Reading

Market Force lowers shop fees for another lunch shop client

Market Force just listed their chicken shops and they dropped the lunch fee by $1 to $4. The dinner shops are still $5. They're doing the same thing they did with the Quintet of Dudes shops where they cut the fee for the lunch shops, but left... Continue Reading

MarketForce shoppers in the South--what happened?

I was waiting for the new round of shops to come out so I could pick up a treat for myself at a certain client that exists only in some Southern states (TX, MS, LA for sure; may be others but if so I don't know about them). FF, chicken,... Continue Reading

What in the world did you do, MarketForce?

Wow, this is a first. I've been scheduled for a week to do a FF shop for them tomorrow. Built an entire route around this shop. I just got an e-mail rescheduling the shop for next Wednesday. No phone call from the scheduler, no notice, just an e-mail... Continue Reading

Marketforce Lowballing?

Anyone else getting lowball offers from Marketforce for a particular type of arch shops? The offers are always double this time of month, but I am still getting special offers for a whopping $9 to $10.... Continue Reading

Need someone to check my zip with Market Force

Recently I was advised via email by Market Force that I had been blocked from convenience stores but that the block had recently been removed. They said I might not be able to see any convenience stores at that time because it was possible they had all been shopped... Continue Reading

MarketForce Deactivating Accounts

I recently started shopping again and in Jan asked Marketforce to reactivate my account. They deactivated it again after 10 days. So on April 2nd I asked them to reactivate again. Every time I've checked they have only had [i][/i] and reveal gas audits, which... Continue Reading

Is MarketForce site down for anyone else ?

Keep getting an Paqe Unavailable error - not having trouble anywhere else.... Continue Reading

If you are out of Marketforce, can you get back in?

Is there a way to get back in?... Continue Reading

Marketforce down?

Well? It's MY turn now to ask. I've tried for 1/2 hr and page not found. I am using IE12 and Firefox. Both cannot connect. It should prove to be interesting when trying to report my shop online later. :O... Continue Reading

Requesting higher pay with Marketforce

So I just found out I can email marketforce and request higher pay. I recently did it for an audit. I had to email twice because my original number was apparently higher than they were allowed. It was a pricing audit and I think the highest number is pushing it... Continue Reading

Is Marketforce down?

I'm trying to get onto site for paperwork for audits but given the nature of my goofy technology and my goofy internet provider I don't know if it is me or not. I sure don't want to be having to do 6 audits on the same day but I... Continue Reading

Change in Marketforce reporting deadline?

Did a shop for MF today, and when I got on the computer I noticed it now says "results must be entered within 8 hours of completing the shop". Well, I got it in within 8 hours MY TIME, but they are two hours later than I am! Is this... Continue Reading

Phone Number for Marketforce

Anyone got a number for Marketforce's support line?... Continue Reading

Frustrated with MarketForce this morning. (vent)

I've been working for them for a long time with no major issues. Never had a shop not paid, and editors are pretty easy to deal with. My wife has been doing shops for them for about three months. She mostly did the tax audits and wireless shops. At the beginning... Continue Reading

Market Force list of shops

Hello all you more experienced Mystery Shoppers! Two weeks ago there were nearly 200 shops listed in my area on Market Force. They've eventually been taken up by folks and now they are down to about 8 shops. I'm assuming there is a pattern where jobs are released and... Continue Reading

MFI banking shops -- any feedback?

I'm debating picking up a Market Force banking shop but am wondering if these shops are a nightmare. The scenario says the shopper is to evaluate a licensed banking representative, and the banker is targeted. The shop notes say "significant preparation" is required, which could mean the shop is ridiculous... Continue Reading

Marketforce back to 4 shops per day

Recently, there had been a discussion about whether Marketforce had dropped the limit of 4 shops per day. I noticed that it's spelled out again today when you log in, right underneath the 'Important Messages' note. No more than four shops per day. (Obviously, there's nothing sinful about their making... Continue Reading

New Marketforce gas mystery shops - reimbursement amounts?

So MFI is running some new shops for their long-standing fuel client, the one that usually does the reveal audits with photos of everything. This new shop has is a straight-up mystery shop with two purchase requirements: two gallons of fuel and an inside purchase. The shop fee is $12,... Continue Reading

Market Force Report status?

Hi All - I'm new to Mystery Shopping for Market Force and submitted my first report on 2/28. How do I tell if it has been accepted or if it will need modifications? I have received no emails, but then email is unreliable so it would be great to check... Continue Reading

64 pages...what is Market Force thinking?

I signed up for a few cell phone audit shops for Market Force. I've done them before and they're pretty easy after you get the hang of uploading and labeling the photos. I did one tonight, no problems. Then I went to print the paperwork for tomorrow's... Continue Reading

Market Force Re-Scheduling My Assignment Without My Knowledge

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Market Force Reports

Did 2 shops for Market Force recently. It shows my receipts and CPI are verified, but how do I know they "accepted" my report?... Continue Reading

Giving Social Security # to Market Force?

I was looking to sign up at the website MarketForce, during the application it required a SS# should I give it or is this a scam?... Continue Reading

Market Force

Just started doing shops and signed up with Market Force. They had some fast food shops in my area so I clicked on them. That brought me to a short questionnaire of perhaps 10 questions -- You know you can't sit with anyone on this assignment; You don't... Continue Reading

MarketForce Hot Shops

Every so often these show up on the MF main page but they're still pretty low paying. Are these here because they desperately need people to complete them (and therefore will pay significantly more than they're showing) or are they just there for show?... Continue Reading

Market Force shop fee/ reimbursement

What is the difference between a shop fee and a reimbursement? Do I have to pay the shop fee?... Continue Reading

Marketforce server issues?

Just finished a report and when I submitted it, it said the servers had an issue (too busy or something). Hmmm. . . . Anyone else having this same issue?... Continue Reading

Market Force shops disappearing

I completed a shop last night at 10 p.m., which was the last possible minute the shop could be completed (5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.) It was a casual dining shop. I arrived at 9:05 and left at 10 p.m. on the dot. When I arrived home a little... Continue Reading

Market Force mentioned on a Grocery Store commercial!

I saw a [i][/i] commercial the other day and turned away just as they were saying something about customer approval and something about Market Force, then the Market Force logo was shown at the end! Have any of you seen this? Just what we need, right? ... Continue Reading

marketforce - can't log in to get paperwork

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Rejected shop from our friends at MarketForce

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Market Force Will Be Down For Maintenance...

Upcoming Website Maintenance Please be aware that there will be two maintenance sessions on the Shopper Website in the next few days. You may not be able to access the Shopper website and/or submit any reports, get your paperwork, and upload receipts during the down time. If you are on... Continue Reading

Is MarketForce down?

I was putting in reports, and halfway through, the screen went to "This page can't e displayed." Is it me or the system with Marketforce. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Question about Marketforce Purple

I'm very new to the theater side of things. I had a trailer-checking assignment on Friday that would have been my first. So I log in today, and see that I have no assignments. No e-mail, no nothing. I'd updated the assignment to say that I was waiting to download the... Continue Reading

MarketForce should buy my printer ink.

I finally said screw it and bought a laser printer. I was going through WAY too many color ink cartridges printing out the shops for the three burger joints, the pizza shop, and the grocery store. They use big blocks of highlighted color with white print in the middle, and... Continue Reading

Marketforce Audits

I keep seeing these audits come up for department stores through MF. They pay $25-$35 but also say that you'll be there 3+ hours. Has anyone done these? Do they really take that long? Worth it?... Continue Reading

What should I do when I forgot something on audit (Marketforce)

As I was filling out the paperwork tonight, I realized that I had forgotten to get the brand name/model of a cute little device with a cute little name. It's a Marketforce audit. So, I'm trying to decide what the best thing to do is. In the space provided, I wrote: "Did... Continue Reading


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Market Force

My 2 cousins were working for Market Force for a long time. They were being called by the company to do Premium shops all the time. I signed up recently and in less than 24 hours we were all 3 fired. After several attempts to clarify or possibly fix whatever... Continue Reading

Do Market Force callers not understand proper phone etiquette?

I have had four calls from MF in the last couple of days. Every single one of them started talking before I said hello. I know they are from a different country, but isn't that pretty much common sense to wait for somebody to answer before speaking?... Continue Reading

MF Client Flaunts Market Force Accolade on TV

Just saw a grocery chain TV commercial that ended with the tag, "Named by Market Force as the Low-Price Grocery Leader," complete with Market Force's logo next to the grocery chain's logo. I wonder if there should be a disclaimer like, "Named by Market Force as the Low-Price Grocery Leader (among... Continue Reading

Marketforce selects shops questiom

I do a lot of shops for Marketforce, and I am happy to do them. I just logged on and saw that there was no longer an option for "select shops". I am wondering if they changed things, or if I was "banned" (I did have to... Continue Reading

Market Force Reports

Last week, I performed my first shop for Market Force - an investment shop. I have not heard a peep about the report, whether it was good, bad or otherwise. Is this standard practice for Market Force? The meeting lasted 90 minutes and it took me hours... Continue Reading

MarketForce restrictions

Hi. I have a question about MarketForce. In the preliminary questions for a fast casual shop, they ask you if you've recently worked in Fast Food. Let's say that you've recently worked in food service at an amusement park that did all its own food stands. (No name brand chains... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever changed their direct deposit info with Marketforce?

I changed the checking account that my direct deposit goes to within the last month. I see that some others posted that they received their direct deposit this morning. I haven't --- in either my old account or the new one. On the Marketforce website, it still... Continue Reading

Market Force Payments

Hi there, I just checked my Market Force account to see when I am supposed to be paid for a couple shops from last month. It said that my direct deposit was set for yesterday, 11/12. When I checked my bank account there is no deposit from them. Does anyone know... Continue Reading

Marketforce 'zapped' me

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Market Force Question

I have completed a lot of shops for Market Force in the last month. Several are the highly bonused FF shops. I submit my receipts and they are verified. Also, I sign the CPI. Is there something else I am supposed to do to insure payment?... Continue Reading

MarketForce pay difference-opinions?

So I got about 10 calls today from a number I did not recognize and they were not leaving messages so I decided to call it back. Turns out it was MF offering me a shop that had been sitting on my board for awhile. The scheduler stated the pay... Continue Reading

Marketforce Bank Shops?

So last month, a bunch of red bank shops showed up on the boards. Has it always been there, and I just couldn't see it? Also, anyone done them? The fee is theoretically pretty good, but they're just sitting on the there, unclaimed.... Continue Reading

marketforce pizza shops

I just did my first one last night. Thought it was kind of a pain taking the required pics, but they turned out nicely and the pizza tasted great ;)..... so, of course, this morning I get the email from quality control. They are saying that my photos... Continue Reading

Help please. Market Force photo uploading?

I did an audit for Market Force today (side note: I think my toddler actually signed me up for it when I left it open on my iPad, which is awesome) and I can't get the photo area to load. It has said "loading assignment information" for the past ten... Continue Reading

Did Market Force pick up a new casual dining client?

I see a shop for a major chain I've never seen with MF before. There is only one and it is for today. It wasn't there late last night. I'd be so happy to be able to shop this restaurant. As I look further, it looks to me... Continue Reading

Marketforce XX certified shopper

So about 3 weeks after performing a casual dining shop, I get an email saying I am now eligible to become a certified shopper for the same chain. I just have to take the certification test. I haven't done it yet, but am wondering "what's the point?" I got... Continue Reading

Why is the MarketForce website no longer loadable in Chrome?

A few weeks ago, maybe a month; the Market Force website suddenly wouldn't load in Chrome for me. Tried & tried throughout the night, and it never came up. Next day I had a report to do for them. I suddenly thought to try them on another... Continue Reading

Marketforce Facebook message

I got an inbox message from Marketforce about the need to cancel my account because it was linked to another. What? Why would a company send such a message to my inbox? I reported the message to Facebook for harassment or spam--whichever? Has anyone else had the same experience with... Continue Reading

Market Force ... What's the appeal?

After hearing a lot about Market Force from everyone on the forum, I decided to sign up with them. I have to say, I am utterly disappointed. The fees are SO low! I don't usually come on here and complain about low-paying jobs because, well, no one is forcing me... Continue Reading

Market Force

Well it took 8 months but finally Market Force crossed the line with me and we are parting ways. I did a favor for a scheduler, took a shop I've done successfully 6 times, completed it exactly the same way I did before and had the shop rejected because... Continue Reading

Market Force can see what I'm looking at??

I was viewing the information for a local shop and a scheduler called me to ask me if I wanted it. He even said that he saw that I was viewing it and offered me a bonus to do it.... Continue Reading

Market Force Shops

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Marketforce Facebook page

Market Force Information Facebook page now lists multiple of the company's clients. The clients' brand logos appear very clear. How can Market Force force its shoppers to sign an ICA in which they agree not to share their clients' names and the promote their company online with full loud advertising... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce have less clients than before?

The only shops available to me, for the next two years, in a 200 mile radius, are airport shops. There used to be at least a few.... Continue Reading

Market Force Screening Questions

Tonight, I accidentally answered one of the screening questions for Market Force incorrectly (the arrow keys changed my answer) and the shop got removed. How long will it take for that shop to be on my list again? Will it ever be on my list again?... Continue Reading

Market Force Question

Hi all, I'm relatively new to MS. I have only shopped for second-to-none and I have an upcoming shop for Market Force. After completing my shops at second-to-none I am able to fill out appropriate paperwork online and submit it. I don't see that option with MF. Am I missing that... Continue Reading

How about these Market Force Department Store Revealed Audits?

Two different stores owned by the same company. You know the places. Some audits require photos and some don’t. I’m considering doing them since the fee here is at a little over $30.00 each now. I just wanted to get your thoughts on how much time they actually take. One claims... Continue Reading

Does Market Force...

1) Only pay by direct deposit? For some reason, I thought PayPal was an option but I'm not sure. 2) Give you a score and/or feedback? If so, where do you find it? In case you can't tell, I just completed and submitted my first MF shop. After 2... Continue Reading

Market Force wireless retail shop

Hello! First of all thanks to all for the wonderful information you provide those of us that are just starting out. My question is about the jobs listed as "wireless retail" on Market Force's job board. The pay is $20.00 but the details about the job are very vague. Has anyone... Continue Reading

Another "new" question on Market Force Assignment..

There is a new question on one of MF's fast food sites, something about a "K" and the number after it, on the receipt. I have now forgotten what exactly it was, because it only popped up on the live report. Did anyone see that? PS: Thanks Market Force for payday today!:)... Continue Reading

What is wrong with Market Force website tonight?!

It's my b-day today. I got an email from MF saying that I could add $2 to any shop I self-assigned today, and completed in the next 21 days. There happened to be four already-bonused jobs in my area (or where I'm going in the next few days)...... Continue Reading

New Question thrown in for Market Force...

I had a famous fast food shop and in the report it "now" says, "Do you have a Smart Phone?" I wonder what that is going to be all about? Anyone else notice that?... Continue Reading

Marketforce New Grocery Client

As much negative publicity I see about Marketforce on here, I woke up today to a little treat: my favorite grocery store, which was previously shopped by ****** and subsequently *********, is showing up on their job board. Better yet, the fee is better at $8 + $10... Continue Reading

Marketforce website down?

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems accessing Marketforce's website? I need to input a shop report and keep getting error messages.... Continue Reading

Thank you to Market Force.

Market Force - I know that I 100% promised your scheduler last Monday that I would get the four FF shops done as scheduled, yet later that night I received the very sad news that there would be a family funeral later in the week, and as it turns out... Continue Reading

Oh Marketforce...

I will usually take a (reasonably) bonused shop. I will usually help out when I am not in shopping mode. I will usually kindly decline when I am out of town. What I won't do is tolerate being hung up on. How absolutely disrespectful! I received a call asking if... Continue Reading

Did anyone get paid today from Market Force?

I thought we were getting paid today, Direct Deposit? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Market Force Meal Periods

"Two fast food shops may NOT be done during the same meal period" These shops are all available the same day: Fast Food: any time except 8:00-9:30 AM, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM , 5:00-6:30PM Fast Food: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Fast Food: 11:15 AM - 1:45 PM Fast Casual: 11:15 AM - 3:45... Continue Reading

Market Force Server Errors

Anyone else getting server errors tonight? All I had left to do was to upload my receipt and submit my CPI, but I get an error every time I try to upload it, and now it won't even let me search the job board.... Continue Reading

How many jobs do you see.. "search" in Market Force.........

How many jobs do you see for 200 miles? I see 6... It's been 6 to 8 shops for three days now... I've either over-shopped everything or they are getting ready to unload the next round. What do you see when you search 200 miles?... Continue Reading

Market Force, etc., Retail reveal audits

Market Force has a reveal audit at {oops, ICA violation, let's just say major discount department store}. Have any of you done these or know any information about these types of audits? I attempted a pricing audit at a Walgreen's once. Awful experience! Really difficult as I could... Continue Reading

Market Force Log In Failing

Is anyone else having trouble logging in? After I put in my password and such, the following pops up; Provider error '80004005' Unspecified error /XP2/Resources/Session.asp, line 86... Continue Reading

what food shops are in Marketforce ?

Deleted by moderator due to multiple ICA violations.... Continue Reading

Has anyone else had problems with Marketforce?

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Market Force again

I couldn't believe it, it's Sunday morning at 8am and I am fast asleep and Market Force calls me to do a shop. I say no without even listening to her spiel. If I had been more awake I would have told her if they were going to... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Shops Disappeared

Yesterday there were over 300 shops coming up. Today - 6. Same zip code, same mileage. This whole search function mess is getting old.... Continue Reading

Marketforce new client

What do you think about their latest pizza aquisition. Do you think the pictures will be easier?... Continue Reading

Market Force

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MarketForce phone calls

Man these people are calling non-stop for the last month or two. Ya think they might have better luck with self-assigning if they paid a few bucks more?... Continue Reading

MarketForce WebFC Out of Order

Is anyone else having problems searching for shops. No matter what zip code, city or miles I put in, I get every single shop in three states.... Continue Reading

Market Force Web only assignments

I have only received 1 shop from MF this month. When I called to see what the problem was they informed me that I have a "Web only" restriction on my account. I emailed the helpdesk to find out why but they have not contacted me back yet.... Continue Reading

$3 bucks....$.3 bucks.....(Market Force).....

Closed Location Guidelines: If the shop requires only a phone call to determine the location is closed, the Shop Fee will be changed to $3. If the shop requires a site visit to determine the location is closed, the Shop Fee will be changed to ½ the original amount (or... Continue Reading

Will market force waive the "no two shops in the same meal period?"

Will market force let you do two drive-thru ff shops (not arches) in the same period if they're desperate enough? I see one bonused that's only a couple of miles from another one that I already have scheduled. Should I schedule it?... Continue Reading

Marketforce pics

I have a bunch of MF audits to report. The system keeps telling me that I have not linked all of my pictures...... ummmmmmmm yes, I have. Anyone else having issues?... Continue Reading

MFI Job Board

Anyone having trouble with it? Says loading and then nothing available even with a 200 mile radius given.... Continue Reading

Marketforce site troubles!!

Is anyone having trouble loading the job board? It says loading but then nothing happens.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Audit Shop

I got a call last week for a shop with Marketforce to do a gas station install of a jerky display. They mailed me a box UPS and gave me address and phone number. I went to the shop on there deadline and the gas station didnt exist... Continue Reading

Market Force - Anyone else having problems uploading receipts tonight?

I was able to input the survey, but it keeps closing the connection when I try to upload the receipt. I've never had an issue with it before.... Continue Reading

marketforce grocery shops?

Haven't seen them on the board this month...has anyone else? I hate their job search function, so I'm wondering if they're listed but i just can't find them.... Continue Reading

Feeling like I just broke up from a complex relationship (MarketForce)

Between Blue & Purple portal MarketForce was always the biggest slice of my MSC income Pizza Pie. It’s not that they were my favorite company to work for but they are like the big Wal-Mart and they tend to grab more accounts, at least in my neck or rural... Continue Reading

Market Force, how strict???

I just did a couple of jobs for MF and I forgot the associates name! I thought I wrote it down but I guess not! I'm so mad, how strict are they about the name thing? I remember what they looked like.... Continue Reading

MarketForce Financial Problems??

I just want to know if anyone else is having any issues. I have heard from some other people who do shops that they haven't been paid yet. I have also heard them say that MF has started rejecting shops for weird reasons. It seems like they... Continue Reading

marketforce - i HATE your job search

What is up with doing a job search with Marketforce? Jobs just seem to appear randomly for me. Jobs won't appear in their own zip code but then they will show up when I search with another zip code. I HATE it. How difficult is it... Continue Reading

market force fast food shop

I brought my two kids with me (9 and 7) to do a "enjoy that classic taste" shop this morning because of circumstances out of my control. It is my first shop for market force and I thought that was one of the rules I read about but couldn't find... Continue Reading

Market Force Contact

Anyone know a quick way to get a hold of Market Force? I called one of the numbers they called me from and it asked me to leave a message. Re: I only have an internet printed bill for a bill pay shop. :/... Continue Reading

Market Force Quality Control is killing my Goodwill

I really like doing business with MarketForce. I have been doing business with them ever since I started in May of last year. However, I have had two assignments for XYZ company. This is a fast food shop. Unfortunately the guidelines are very rigid. As rigid as they are, there... Continue Reading

I wonder how many times Market Force will let me reschedule this shop....

So the CPI says that I need to give a specific number that's on my CPI. Before my shop, I'm supposed to call the number and make sure that it rings to my phone. It doesn't. The shop was for last Monday, then last Thursday, now for today. I keep... Continue Reading

Marketforce uploading

Is anyone else having trouble getting their receipts to upload to MF today? I've tried from two different computers and my phone and keep getting an error and then get booted off the page. SO FRUSTRATING!... Continue Reading

Market force finding jobs

They changed the way you can find jobs now nothing comes up... Continue Reading

Market Force's new job board: Love it, hate it, or whatever?

What does everyone think of the new Market Force job board?... Continue Reading

Market Force Reschedule

Hello, Has anyone had to reschedule a job with market force? Is it a big penalty? I was having problems with their site when I scheduled it, it was horribly slow and didnt seem to be working. Anyway, I scheduled a job for the 19th and meant to... Continue Reading

SPAR - Those that recently signed up under them from Purple Portal MarketForce

I fully expected to see some more email from Spar now. Hadn't checked their board for about a week. Did receive a Nametag in the snail mail from them. nothing else included. Last night I decided to check their board and find 4 messages. (i really hate... Continue Reading

Market Force: Random Help Desk Rep.

Darn it. Got Simone from the Help Desk again. To me, she definitely represents MF, old style (e.g. talking down to shoppers). I was not a bit surprised to see her name on the bottom of the email after seeing the negative tone of the email. :( I replied.... Continue Reading

Market Force

I just registered with Market Force. What does unit based under the pay column mean? It said $7, unit based. It seems $7 per shop is not worth the time.... Continue Reading

Oh I just cancelled a Marketforce shop. Now what?

I have done probably 100 shops for MF and never had any issues or problems whatsoever. But I just cancelled a shop for the first time today. It was one I signed up for this morning and due to circumstances out of my control, I won't be able to do... Continue Reading


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WOW! Market Force was sold?

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MarketForce Sold

Dear SPAR Merchandiser: I am very pleased to announce that Spar Group, Inc. (“SPAR”) has acquired Market Force - Merchandising and Audit Divisions. Market Force provides Audit and Merchandising services to a diverse and extensive range of clients which will compliment SPAR’s existing customer base and services.... Continue Reading

does anyone know what is up with Fast Food Shops and Market Force

I am not seeing any of the usual Fast Food shops offered by Market Force. Usually at the beginning of the month there are lots of them because they are still paying only $7.50. Did they loose the contract with that large company? If so, how got the contract?... Continue Reading

Purple Portal Pay

Anyone get anything from them recently? I haven't got anything since February 6th and have a lot billed out to them. Email answers are non existent and when I asked a scheduler she did not have the information/schedule.... Continue Reading

Market Force "changed fee!" ~ and it went down!

I'd been keeping an eye on one of the gas station assignments that had gone up to $20, seeing if it would ever fit in a route, or go high enough to make it worth the drive. Then tonight, they have the red font "changed fee!" thing over in... Continue Reading

Market Force - no more link to new shops?

I logged on to MF this morning and I no longer have a link to view new shops. I checked their FAQs and they had a list of 3 reasons why this might happen, but I don't think any of them apply to me. My email & phone... Continue Reading

Market Force Pictures

I love Market Force and their shops are always something I want to do. However, I have had a couple of shops when they wanted me to take a picture of the food before I got home with it. In other words, I am supposed to stop and take... Continue Reading

Marketforce screener for new client

This afternoon I answered the screener for a new client and it said I was not eligible. The screener was 4 easy questions and I don't think I hit the wrong radio button. Anyone else experience this? It is the competitor to the arches and married... Continue Reading

Market Force is giving me a month to do shops! *faints*

Last night Market Force listed a bunch of shops for March, at a place where I usually have to choose one day from a list of days. This time there were 4 locations that had single-day options, but also an option that says "March 1-31". Thinking it was a typo,... Continue Reading

Purple Portal

What is the Purple Portal? I'm new, please excuse my ignorance . . .... Continue Reading

marketforce 12 hour rule

Does anyone know how strict marketforce is with their 12 hour rule for report submission? I performed a fast food shop this morning and submitted this evening, but it was about 15 minutes beyond 12 hours. The report went through with no problems and I was able... Continue Reading

Twilight Zone time... Market Force

January 22 I did three shops for Market Force -- a hardware store, a tax return shop that is still on hold due to IRS issues, and a Gas station. Today I got paid for the hardware store, and for another shop I did on January 25 (and a few prior... Continue Reading

Really market force?

Today I got an inquiry from Market Force for a job I did at the beginning of December and have already been paid for. They want me to resubmit times, describe what I was wearing that day, and what car I drove, etc. I can't remember what I... Continue Reading

Question on Market Force

I signed up for Market Force and have my first fast food restaurant to do. I have a couple of questions. 1) When I'm done, I fill out a form to show I did it? Correct? 2) I don't have a scanner, will I need one? Can... Continue Reading

What the heck has been wrong with the Market Force website lately?!

After logging in, it takes *FOREVER* to load the initial page. Every link I click on, to look for current jobs, to get my paperwork, to report current jobs, to accept a job... each one takes *FOREVER* to load. I'm talking up to and once over five minutes.... Continue Reading

Rejected by Marketforce

I was rejected as a shopper for Marketforce. No reason given other than I don't meet their needs for my area. Another shopper told me to sign up and there are plenty of shops. I'm a senior. Do you know if there is an age restriction?... Continue Reading

MarketForce cancelled all my "enjoy that classic taste" shops

Last night I chose around 7 of them. It took time to decide which ones I could do and on which dates. I got an email cancelling them all today and "if you need further ASSISTANCE to contact them". I don't think I was "assisted" at all in the... Continue Reading

Market Force server

I've been trying to submit a report to Market Force (blue) for an hour today. I just keep getting a "server error" page. Is this just me?... Continue Reading

phone calls from MarketForce

I am sick of phone calls and voice messages from MarketForce, some of which are very hard to understand. They are never useful as I only wish to self-assign a few shops per month and do not want to drive 25 miles one way to eat a mediocre burger. Can... Continue Reading

Marketforce Web Only Access

Does anyone else have a problem with Marketforce all of a sudden saying that they are web restricted?... Continue Reading

Market force website

I had never signed up with MF but saw a slew of local jobs so I thought, "why not?" HOWEVER, whenever I use their "apply address, I get a "whoa" from McAfee, telling me the site is risky. I want to be sure I am not being... Continue Reading

Marketforce, web site down??

Anyone else having trouble getting to MF website?? I just keep getting a message that it cannot be opened. I have 3 report to file and want to go to bed! Help - anyone???... Continue Reading

Marketforce Fast Food shops

When I log into Jobslinger I see mystery shops for local fast food shops in my area. Sometimes I wouldn't mind doing one when out and about. I log into my account and there are none listed, I go to outside my area and put in another neearby city and still... Continue Reading

Market Force bonus

I got one of those special offers to do a fast food shop this weekend for Market Force. And they were even going to pay me a 50 cent bonus! But I told them I'm holding out for a 75 cent bonus. They said they'd get back to me. Do you think... Continue Reading

Marketforce/ Walmart Merchandising Projects (?)

Happy New Year! Anyone done merchandsing projects at Walmarts for MarketForce? Easy, worth the time and money? I receive numerous projects near my local Walmart store and wonder if its worth my time. ie Balloon inventory once week for an example? Thank you! Jewels Houston, TX Silver Certified... Continue Reading

MARKETFORCE: Receipt upload problem corrected.

Am happy to report that receipts are now uploading promptly without any delays which was occuring for many weeks now and contrary to early postings, the apparent problem was on the msc end, not the shoppers, as several others also reported uploading problems. Very happy to continue shopping with this... Continue Reading

Market Force/ Certified merchandising

....... Continue Reading

Market Force now paying $200 a shop!

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Market Force Purple - Assembling/Demo Toy

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Purple Portal

Anyone get paid from them today? I've got stuff from early November still owed as well as a bunch of surveys I did that I already paid the partner out of my own pocket for. :-)... Continue Reading

Market Force (Purple portal) question

OK, yesterday I got an email to do an ad check at a local theater today from Market Force, Purple Portal. I clicked on it, agreed to it, and was assigned it. Yesterday evening a scheduler called to see if I wanted to do it. I said yes. She said great, she'd... Continue Reading

Market Force Website

I have been a shopper for years with Market Force and the website has always had a link on the site where I would check to see if there were any Potential Shops in my area, but as of Wednesday the link disappeared. I sent message to the help desk... Continue Reading


I am new to mystery shopping and when I first signed up there were lots of jobs available with decent pay. I have watched the job board dwindle since then to where now there are only a few jobs listed and they are at airports and military bases where... Continue Reading

Market Force Assignment Verifications

Has anybody noticed a delay in their submitted reports getting verified in the past few days? I'm used to MF verifiying my reports quickly, usually in a few hours. However, I've got several reports that are still in limbo status after being submitted a couple of days ago. Just wondering if... Continue Reading

Market Force not recording who they assign shops to?

I recently signed up with Market Force. So far, knock on wood, I've had good luck with them...until today. I received a call on my way home from doing shops this morning. Market Force asked if I'd be interested in doing a cell phone audit at a big box store, and... Continue Reading

Giving thanks to Market Force

Two years ago this month, I joined a significant group of shoppers as I was, devoid of the slightest warning, fired by this MSC. I understood that action was their right and took not a sliver of offense toward the company. To my complete surprise, a matter of which I... Continue Reading

MFI and harsh warning

I was about to self-assign one of MFI's Chinese fast food shop when I saw this: "I understand the importance of accurate submission of photos with my report. If there are any problems with photos submitted for this shop, I understand that my shopper account may be deactivated." I've never had problems... Continue Reading

How do you get a Marketforce scheduler off the phone??

So, here's my dilemma. I've received a couple calls from MF lately and I've been absolutely unable to get them off the phone without just hanging up on them! What happens is that I decline the glorious $5 shop they're offering me, and they say "Well, let me look at... Continue Reading

Marketforce Login

Is anyone else having problems logging into Marketforce today? I have a lunch shop in just a bit & was trying to login to review the instructions (I do them often, so it's just a minor review). I've been trying for 25 minutes or so to login & I can't get... Continue Reading

Shopper Poll About MarketForce

This posting has been omitted.... Continue Reading

Market Force: Trailer Shop - This might not be good.

Sooo I think I may have signed up for something I shouldn't have. (I am new to MS) I had nothing on my agenda tomorrow and I found out about Trailer Shops with Market Force. As I am reading through everything...I am not too happy. Is it correct that I... Continue Reading

Quite unhappy with MFI (Market Force) today

I emailed Help Desk with offers for four tough-to-fill shops today. (The listings said to contact MFI with offers.) I was very clear about what kinds of bonuses and deadlines I would accept. They were, IMO, very fair offers. Soon after I sent that email, Help Desk assigned... Continue Reading

Market Force

Anybody work for them? I did until this week. I shopped at [burger joint] for them many times. Pays around $10. If the location is close all the better. Shop wants you to purchase one entree, a side and a drink. You can order... Continue Reading

MarketForce pay question

I've never had a problem with them. But today I was reviewing the paperwork for a shop to be done tomorrow and it says $15 food reimbursement, no shopper pay. I could well be wrong, but I thought when I signed up it said $13 food reimbursement and... Continue Reading

Market Force's Auto-Assign Shops

While applying to Market Force, there is a section on auto-assign shops. (See quote below.) If I am reading it correctly, auto-assign is different than self-assign, right? Does this mean that MF automatically assigns shops to you without contacting you first to see if you are available? I... Continue Reading

Market Force application - 50 characters or less?

I'm filling out the Market Force application. Page 2 asks: Why do you feel you are a valuable shopper to Market Force Information? Limit your response to 50 characters or less. I can barely write 7 words in 50 characters. Is this an error and perhaps they meant 50... Continue Reading

Market Force Accused Me of Fraud?

Wow... I have done over 500 assignments for Market Force on the Merchandising/Audit/Theatre side. After 200 succesful audits they called me for extra jobs with a bonused fee. Today I come home and find all my upcoming audits missing from my board. I called and they told... Continue Reading

MarketForce CFA

I recently completed two assignments for CFA but my assignment history shows zero shops completed. I know they recently changed their website format but how are they keeping track of the shops they owe me for? This worries me a little..... Continue Reading


I accepted at job for a certain rate, then when they paid , it was for a different rate.. then they wanted an email confirmation. but it showed up in my assignments page. also they have just reduced their rate by half for a specific job that i have... Continue Reading

Market Force Blue Portal

I got a phone call asking me to do several shops. They are not too far, but not in my town, so we agree on different fees for three different towns. Every other time I have done this, the CPI has reflected the amount we agreed on. ... Continue Reading

The NEW Purple Portal. Love it or Hate it?

That is the question! Do I need my eyes check or should the COLOR fonts and scheme need to be BOLDER and bigger?????... Continue Reading

Market force web site again having problems

As of this afternoon, cannot upload receipts. Also taking sooooo long to move from on survey page to the next, and/or triggering a generic "page not found" error message. Grrrrr.... Continue Reading

Market force cancelled me

Marketforce cancelled my contract because a friend of mine worked at xxx 4 years ago. I don't even know how they knew we are friends. It is crazy that I cannot do shops based on what my friends used to do.... Continue Reading

Purple Portal Insanity

I swear these people are just insane. They called me this morning before 9 am about a project I am scheduled to do to tell me again about it. However the paperwork wont even be available until FRIDAY. I said then why are you calling me TUESDAY to tell... Continue Reading

Is Market Force's Computer Broke-Anyone else experiencing problems?

In early August Market Force announced they were having issues processing reports and receipts but they claim they fixed those problem and continuing problems all month are the shopper's responsibility to submit additional work or receipts that allegedly were not uploaded in a timely manner. The questions I am asking other... Continue Reading

Question about Market Force end the month bonuses.

Normally at the end of the month, I get various mass emails from MF (the purple side), offering nice bonuses. A few days ago, I received an email from them for a merchandising job NOT a mystery shopping assignment. Yet their website does not show the bonus amount, it is... Continue Reading

Market Force Gas station gift card shops

Has anyone done these? I saw them on the job board and it says they take up to 60 minutes, but all the details they give you is that you have to buy a gift card. I would be hard pressed to stay at a gas station for an hour,... Continue Reading

What happened to Market Force website?

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Important: Market Force Information

The bottom line is use your personal e-mail to correspond so that you will have proof. I have learned the hard way and lost my $25 shop. I recently did a shop for MF. There was a error in timing. I responded to the Market Force Help Desk indicating the correction. I... Continue Reading

Marketforce late this month???

Did anyone receive there payment for the month of July?... Continue Reading

Beware of Monterey Mystery Shopping, BestMark and Marketforce

Stay away from these companies. They are frauds. They require a lengthy shop, then bullshit you that the form "needs more information" but they refuse to tell you what is missing. That was Monterey. Bestmark unilaterally withholds payment after the work was done and the form was sent. They are frauds.... Continue Reading

Purple Portal

Is anyone else able to log in? I am getting A network-related or instance-specific error and it won't let me log in. If not does anyone have an e-mail address that I can send to? When my laptop crashed, I lost a lot of the contact info that I... Continue Reading

I flaked on MarketForce. Do you think they will forgive me?

I flaked for the first time in my 5 year mystery shopping career. I had a merchandising to do on the weekend which was paying really well. It was set up for Sunday. I read their instructions, and even posted on here, and I could not figure... Continue Reading

Market Force Blue: Uploading problems???

Are they still having problems with receipt uploading??? Had to fax recently instead. Thanks... Continue Reading

Market Force (Purple portal) Open Check question

OK, this one has me stumped. And since this was the first (and only, so far) open check I've done, I have no idea of how to proceed. I did this open check a month ago, and got this email yesterday. "Your open check report was received, however; the small chart on... Continue Reading

more grocery shops with MFI!~

I love doing grocery shops!! I logged into MFI last night and got 2 more shops for a local grocery chain .... I need to shop the store that is having the shop done and also a competitor ... so both shops have the same info. The fee is... Continue Reading

Jen's Mis-Adventures in Purple Portal: The Fail

So! Yesterday, I noticed a lot of audit-type shops that Market Force Purple Portal had listed for a local healthcare company. Basically, they wanted a shopper to go into various doctor's office waiting rooms, take snapshots of a closed circuit television set-up, report on the set-up's usability, functionality, and overall... Continue Reading

Marketforce login

Today I logged in several times. I'm doing a route of shops tomorrow and was looking for some lunch. Anyways, the system just keeps searching for shops without ever bringing me to the job board. Anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

The Purple Portal

I do a number of shops for the Blue Portal and never have had any issues. BUT!!! I signed up for the Purple Portal. OK. Took a permanent shop, filling balloons at Walmart. Pay sucks, but it's very close to my home and I'm there about once a week anyway.... Continue Reading

Market force.............does this happen a lot? Update!!

So, I got a call last month asking me to do a shop that normally pays 7.00. They said they would pay 15.00 if I had to put the stuff out, 12.00 if the stuff had been put out by the client. (I just had to take pics)... Continue Reading

Marketforce Photo Audit

You cannot have worked in a department store - and it's $25 and can take up to 3 hours. Anyone done this? Thoughts? Does it really take 3 hours?... Continue Reading

Scared of Market Force

After all I have read about them, I am scared to sign up. I defenitely don't want those annoying phone calls. Is it worth it?... Continue Reading

MarketForce Purple pay schedule?

I have not worked for them in over a year. And I have recently completed a few shops for them about 2 weeks ago.But I have checked all over the site and do not see their pay schedule. I even checked the CFA agreement and it does not state... Continue Reading

Is Marketforce about to fire me? (resolved)

I just went to the blue portal to request shops and I see that I'm no longer able to do so. I still have four shops to complete this month but I can't sign up for any more. I've never had this happen before and I'm concerned because... Continue Reading

MarketForce - got paid!!

Hi all, Geuss what. I feel like a complete idiot. I could have sworn I had set up for them to PayPal me the money, but I logged in, and indeed it does look like I got paid for this assignment. Next time, on forums in general, (... Continue Reading

Marketforce...You Are Just Too D*$% Funny!!!

So I get this email from Purple: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "300,000+ Market Force Mystery Shoppers are getting paid to shop and eat for free Reactivate your account to join them! It takes just minutes. Dear SHAWN, We are reaching out to you because you have the appropriate skill set to be an independent contractor... Continue Reading

Market Force and Recertification?

Well I went to see if there was anything interesting on the job board of MF, and it told me that my certification had expired. I had to take some quiz, which is okay, no big deal, but I also have to have another background check, for $7 plus some... Continue Reading


I just don't get this company. I do one or two Arch shops per month either because I am in the mood or for a decent bonus. Sometimes when I look for said jobs I find only a few that are quite far from home. When I expand to a 200... Continue Reading

MarketForce unbanned me

I had a McD in the spring where the wait in line was 6 minutes, not that it bothered me. I received an email from them asking if I might have been distracted by "my personal digital assistant" and asking me what I was wearing that day. I... Continue Reading

Marketforce Airport Shops

They ALL always show as post-security. It has been a while since I have been to the airport, but I seem to remember some businesses are located before the security checkpoint. Does MarketForce just list all airport shops as post-security whether or not they are? I'd be... Continue Reading

Market Force and fast food

MF has fast food shops available for $5 and $5+ for food. Recently they allowed more than one shop in the same meal period. Now, they have changed it to one shop per meal period. So, I leave my home, travel to the closest town for $5. I don't think so! There are not... Continue Reading

A national tire & auto service company (A client of Market Force)

Is anyone dong image compliance audits for a client of Market Force? The client is a well known national tire and auto service company. I'm just curious how the pay is and how you like doing these audits. Thanks for any responses.... Continue Reading

Marketforce & those annoying calls from the Philapeans

I work for over 30 mystery shopping companies; rarely do I get calls from any of them. 95% of the time I just work via e-mail. Not so with Purple Portal MF! I get sometimes as many as six phone calls a day in broken English from the Philippines. It... Continue Reading

Market Force and Profits

I've been around this line of work for 9 years. I am wondering if ANYONE has every gotten Marker Force to talk profits for us as contractors? Last year I took several projects they had, and ran the numbers, and saw it was less than min wage after expenses. Just to... Continue Reading

Market Force New Feature...Viewing Receipts...

I checked my "receipt status" and they now have "View your Receipt" if you click to the right on your shop you can see all your receipts..:)... Continue Reading


Hello everyone, I am a Marketforce shopper and I was very dissapointed that they tried to deceive their shoppers in that way. I really thought they were a reputable company. it seems to me that lately they are becoming more and more picky about they way you fill out... Continue Reading

post from this forum Market Force

How do you figure that if someone steals money from you, and gets caught, and the community comes down on them, that " we have to thank them for that: "Market Force listened to the community. They did the right thing." Are you crazy? They would... Continue Reading

Market Force

was on both the purple portal and the blue portal for Market force.The blue portal I can honestly say paid me for all my work but dropped me for no reason because of the purple portal. The purple portal of Market force is the biggest (edited for name calling) there... Continue Reading

Market Force Audits - anyone do them ?

Anybody do the MF Tire audits for $10 ? Wondering how many photos involved and extent of questionairre ? Have done a different audit for them which turned out to be a nightmare, They really ought to be like other companies that allow you to see the survey right up front BEFORE you... Continue Reading

Market Force shop expense woes

I just printed out the new revised shop instructions for a $10 gas station shop - 32 pages of color! I have done many of these shops in the past, but am looking at my costs for my shops and printing gets pretty expensive. I tried to remove all of... Continue Reading

Seriously MarketForce?

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Does MarketForce now offer direct deposit to Canadians?

When I signed up, about a year ago, I had trouble getting it to work so got the direct deposit to my US bank account. I want to get rid of that account now. I went back to Market Force and it looks like you can get direct... Continue Reading

Weird Marketforce question...

I signed up with Marketforce a few months ago. I noticed that I didn't have any shops available for their biggest clients, but I did find one client that I enjoyed working with. Recently I referred a friend to Marketforce, and what do you know, she has shops available for those... Continue Reading

Market Force Purple was Awful

I just had a breif but awful experience with Market Force Purple. I'm relatively new to all of this, but that was just a horrendous experience with them. I'm posting to warn anyone else considering dealing with them that it might not be worth the time and hassle. Essentially I... Continue Reading

MarketForce very silly!

I have done a lot of gas station audits for MF. At the end of last month there were three in very remote, unpopulated areas that were not done. The fee went from $18 to $30 to "Make offer." These three places are about an hour from... Continue Reading

Market Force -- is this real?

A reliable MS told me great things about Market Force. I went to the MSPA Member Companies page, found the link to Market Force Information and got a broken link. It doesn’t work. I found the Market Force (MF) page webpage through Google. The MF page warns of scams using variations... Continue Reading

Do you have to print the CPI for Marketforce to get paid?

That just sounds like a waste of ink to me. I will do it If I have too . . . but is it necessary?... Continue Reading

Error In first shop w/ marketforce, + weirdness, unsure if I'll be paid. Help please?

Hello, I did my very first shop with marketforce on Sunday, June 10th. I made an error, in that I went to the register before the ten minute time-frame was up (had to be in the store from between ten and 15 minutes). While at the register, I recognized my... Continue Reading

Payment from Market Force

Has anyone received payment for May shops? My $ is always in my account on the 10th, but so far nothing.... Continue Reading

Market Force

Well it looks like there is a 925 area code now they are calling to beg you from. I say beg because I got a call today telling me "how great I am" (I know but still) and that a job was so close to my house that they... Continue Reading

I can't log in to Market Force..

From 7 a.m. Eastern time until 8 a.m., I have not been able to log says "ERROR 503" Is anyone else having this problem.... I have a shop today...... Continue Reading

come on market force

they have been really irritating me lately. auto assigning me shops even though my profile is set to NOT auto assign. then yesterday i got a call and accepted a bonused shop for saturday. so i go and schedule a few other shops around the same area.... Continue Reading

Market Force Still Has Me Scratching My Head...

Up until yesterday, I had been a MF shopper for 10 months. There were certain clients that I shopped regularly, one being a grocery store with 5 locations in my vicinity. I would estimate that I have performed no less than 50 of these grocery store shops; some... Continue Reading

Market Force Phone Number

Anyone have a phone number for reaching someone at Market Force? I was called last night at 7:30 and accepted a bonused shop for today. But as of this morning at 7:45, I still haven't been assigned the shop. Not sure what is going on there and... Continue Reading


Hi I have worked in merchandising and mystery shopping for about 4 years and I have usually not had problems. The only company that has refused to pay has been marketforceshopper. They will find a small item that is open to intrepretation on an shop and say it is... Continue Reading

Certified Field Associates/Market Force Purple

What the ____ is going on with CFA's schedulers?!?!? You can't reach them by phone through Market Force, because they no longer ANSWER the phone. Now, they apparently don't return voicemails, either. I have left voicemails for the last two days requesting a scheduler to call me back, with absolutely... Continue Reading

Market Force Paperwork

Does anyone know if I can retrieve the paperwork for a MarketForce shop after I have submitted the shop? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Market Force Bull$hit

I am royally ticked.... First my girlfriend gets one of these Philipines calls from market Force, offering her an assignment 35 miles away to do a 12 hour reset and inventory on cards at a store. We ask how much they are willing to pay... The outstanding reply.... $8 for... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Auto Assign???

Ok, so today was the first time I have been "auto-assigned" a shop by MarketForce. I got an email saying that they went ahead and "took the liberty" of assigning me the shop rather than having me waste my time looking for it on the website. Really??? ... Continue Reading

MFI schedulers?

Does MFI still have a 4-shop per day limit? There is a cluster of about a dozen of shops in route that would take me about two hours from home. These used to be shopped by four different companies but MFI currently has them all. I have a collection of... Continue Reading

Market Force Payment

Did anyone else not receive their Market Force direct deposit? It usually comes like clock work, but not this month. I called the bank yesterday, because I read about some people having it in their bank accout the 9th or 10th. It is not there again this morning.... Continue Reading

Marketforce Direct Deposit Detail

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MarketForce FF Shops for May

I don't see them listed yet for my area. Anyone have them posted for your area?... Continue Reading

Marketforce Birthday Bonus

Much to my surprise, I got an e-mail around my birthday offering a $2 bonus for any shops I signed up for on my birthday with Marketforce. They had to be completed during a certain time frame. I think it was 21 days. I chose a couple of... Continue Reading

Grrr!!! A Market Force rant!

What a week it has been with MF, and their so called "help desk". I was so stressed out this past week, that I needed to vent on the fourm. The issue started out late last month on one of my shops. The client was the vitamin shop that MF... Continue Reading

FF Shop for Marketforce

In need of a quick answer for a ff shop with marketforce. My assignment says that I can either go for breakfast or lunch. It also says that it is a special order assignment. I wanted to go for breakfast, but can I do this for a... Continue Reading

Market Force

I just wanted to mention the name to see if I get things thrown at me or if anyone has great things to say.... Continue Reading

Market Force Payment

Has anyone been paid by MF this month?... Continue Reading

Market Force: I could spit nails

So, last weekend was the opening for Hunger Games and, apparently, in my drug addled haze, I decided for some reason to do the trailer shops. Everyone knows that trailer shops on opening days for big movies is a big mistake, anyway, right? FIVE THEATRES. I had... Continue Reading

Where are the Market Force Shops?

MF was one of my best in SE Penna. They were good for about $1200/yr plus purchase over the past 5 years. Now I'm lucky if I hit $200 this year. In this area, gone are the FF shops, the donut shops, the cell phone shops... Continue Reading

Does Marketforce still shop the old TUAU jobs?

I really liked TUAU but after Marketforce bought them out it became difficult to find those jobs. I have not seen the fast casual greek place for months now, I rarely see the beauty products store and have not seen it for over three months. These were almost... Continue Reading

Shopping for Market Force

...... Continue Reading

Anyone do vitamin store audit for Market Force? What to expect?

I've seen Market Force offer an audit assignment for a popular vitamin store for $15. I'm a little leary of signing up for it. The description states that the questionnaire is shorter. Has anyone done these before? Should I stay clear?... Continue Reading

Really Market Force??

I just got a call from Market Force to shop their FF places. It is 9:45 PM. I appreciate it, but that is just rude to call this late. Do not call before 8 AM not after 9 PM those are the rules for telemarketers, should be the rules for... Continue Reading

market force

Have done mystery shops for years. Did about 4 in one week for Market Force and didn't get paid. They claim I did not send fax or reciept but machine says they recieved it. BE CAREFUL... Continue Reading

Purple Portal

So I keep getting these calls on my phone from "AWW" which is an outsourced MFI Purple Portal call center in Virginia. Sorry to say that I can barely understand these people and they take great offense when I turn them down on an assignment. They called today... Continue Reading

Market Force Direct Deposit

Does anyone know when Market Force pays by direct deposit? The Web Site says that they send checks no later than the 22nd of the month, but there isn't any mention of when the direct deposit goes in.... Continue Reading

Does Market Force think we're stupid?

I got a call from Market Force today wanting me to do a shop at a check-cashing business. I had never taken one because the pay is $12 and the description says you might have to be there for an hour. Plus, I don't need their services, so all I'd... Continue Reading

Market Force - furious!

I just received a call telling me that I had to retake a photo on a job (3 locations that I did two weeks ago). I took an exterior photo rather than an interior. I explained that I was an hour away and that I was going to that town... Continue Reading

Question regarding Market Force

Does anyone know if they are still doing Bread company shops I have not seen any of my schedule for several months... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble uploading MFI receipts?

Last night and this morning I have not been successful uploading receipts. I get a "Problem loading page" message. The report seems to go through and I can upload my CPI. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Warning: Market Force Purple Portal (Certified)

It happened again...they did not pay me for a job. Again I sent them an email and again they said they will process. This has happened several times. And then they paid me $8 for the crappy balloon-blowing job when the scheduler promised me $25. Make sure you... Continue Reading

Marketforce question on negotiated set of nearly-due assignments

Not a complaint, but a question about weird scheduler behavior for one of my favorite self-assign companies: Marketforce sent an email out offering a $3 bonus if you could do several or more shops in the next few days. For more shops, they said, you can negotiate a rate. ... Continue Reading

Did anyone have Market Force cancellations?

I just had some tax audits cancelled today. (They told me the client did not want them done) Anyone else have tax audits cancelled by Market Force? I really enjoyed those....... Continue Reading

Market Force Problems/Deactivated???

Hi, I have been shopping for years... In November I got a notification thanking me for completing my 500th shop with MarketForce. Then about a week later they abruptly deactivated me with a copy and paste notice. I tried writing through their "Helpless Desk" and each response... Continue Reading

Cannot log on to MarketForce

Is anyone else having difficulty loggin on to MarketForce?... Continue Reading

Market Force/Certified login blocked

Is anyone else having a problem logging in to MF and/or CFA? I've been trying since 8 pm last night to login to Certified's site with no luck. I can get to MF's home page; but when I try to click through to either blue or purple portal, I get the... Continue Reading

Purple Portal Payment

Don't they usually pay by the 5th? There is nothing pending even showing on my account.... Continue Reading

Can you be rehired from Market Force Blue?

Do to a family emergency, I did not fax in three reports. They deactivated my account. I understood why and did not try to fight it. That was over 6 months ago. I would like to start doing their shops again. Is this possible? (They... Continue Reading

MarketForce Portals login problems with Chrome

Anyone else having problems accessing both MarketForce portals with Google Chrome? Both portals used to work on my laptop and desktop just fine. Then just the purple portal didn't work on my laptop. Then both portals on the laptop. Now both portals on my laptop and... Continue Reading

Purple Portal

Is anyone having trouble getting into the purple portal for MFI? I've been trying since last night and it won't go through at all on my PC.... Continue Reading

Market Force

I did a shop for them the other day and when it came to my timings, my watch was still set to daylight savings time (can't for the life of me figure out how to change it). So I put the correct time on the dine in part but forgot... Continue Reading

Marketforce...can't access the site

Anyone else having problems accessing the site yesterday or today? I sent an email to the help desk. Have two reports to submit, one for yesterday, and one for this morning.... Continue Reading

Market force Blue fired me, because my Husband pissed them off

My husband had some disagreements with Market Force blue because of some shops that they refused to pay him for( he had some legitimate points but it's really beside the point) they fired me! lol They stated the "association" between me and another shopper was a cause for concern and... Continue Reading

Market Force Phone number?

Hi, I am having my first real problem with Market Force and I have shopped with them over ten years. I am sure I am annoying them enough today that they will likely drop me but I am looking for suggestions. Yesterday morning I was called by a scheduler and asked... Continue Reading


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Thanks for the offer, Market Force, but...

I'm glad I passed. I received some "Shop Offer(s) From Samantha!" this morning, offering fat bonuses of 50 cents and $1 on several FF shops. I might have bitten if the locations were around the corner, but they weren't. So, I just checked the job board, and... Continue Reading

Market Force Schedulers-BEFORE 8 am AGAIN

I took the luxury of sleeping past 8 this morning (or at least was planning to, ugh) and my cell phone rang with an unfamiliar local cell number just past 7:30. I buried my face in my pillow and then the landline started ringing too. Same number. I get up,... Continue Reading

Market Force Ham shops

Can anyone clarify the instructions for the Market Force ham shops? I Just checked my CPI and it states a phone call and shop visit - which I expected from the description. What surprised me was the visit dates. They requested the visit on 11-21 or 11-22. If this is... Continue Reading

Market Force - Wrong Time on Receipt?

G' early morning! I did a FF shop for MF yesterday. I made the phone call at 4:32, and the pick up at 4:47PM. The receipt has 3:47 Pickup - an hour earlier. (I don't know why, we don't have daylight savings out here in AZ) I sent an email to... Continue Reading

Market Force...again

A few weeks ago (had almost forgot about it until today when I heard from 'Samantha'), I received two shop confirmation emails. Ironically, I had family in town and was nowhere near a computer all day, so I was curious, especially when I saw they were scheduled for the next... Continue Reading

Market Force

I've been with them for a few months, and done over 100 shops. Today I get an email saying I've been deactivated because I sent in the wrong picture for one of my fast food places yesterday. I had the correct pic on my phone, and sent it to them.... Continue Reading


Did anybody else see that MFI says payment was done on the 8 of this month? Never seen it before the 10th, BUT, check the bank, and guess what....No payment.... Anybody else have this?... Continue Reading

Market Force login problems?

Is anyone else having problems logging into Market Force today or is it just me? I have a report to submit from last night but cannot log in. I thought perhaps they were performing maintenance but it has been all day now so I am wondering if it... Continue Reading

Market Force gas shop mistake

Did anyone sign up for the Market Force audits at $30? Only to receive an e-mail days later telling you that it was a mistake, and that they should be $10? But of course, they understand that the fee may not work for you, so they are offering $2 extra... Continue Reading

Positive Experiences with Marketforce (Blue)

I just started doing Marketforce shops last month. I was pleased to get my first check on time and as promised. I did shops from 9/9 - 9/19 and got my check on 10/24. Also, I messed up and selected the wrong date on a shop. I emailed... Continue Reading

May have just hit the wall with MFI

An interesting thing happened within the last 24 hours. I was perusing my MF job board and found a FF shop that fit my schedule. There were several others in the same city for different dates, as well as others in some other cities. When I clicked... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay Update

Message Posted on Shopper Portal October 17, 2011 UPDATE: September Shopper Pay 2:25 PM ET We have just received confirmation that our originating bank has processed our direct deposit file and the deposits are being sent this afternoon. The majority of our shoppers will receive their direct deposit pay tomorrow... Continue Reading

MarketForce-Where is my pay for the month?

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MFI Payment?

Did anyone get paid yet for Oct.?... Continue Reading

Anyone else missing their purple portal payment this month?

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DO NOT sign up with MarketForce- another person kicked off..

Do you want to be fustrated and confused? This company has the worst customer service and support out of any company I have ever worked with. I am new to this forum but a long time Shopper. They called me up to do a shop over and over. I told... Continue Reading

MFI Fast Casual vs. Fast Food

MFI has a restriction in bold red on each shop stating that two Fast Food shops may not be done on the same day for the same meal period (e.g. you can't do a McDowell's at the beginning of the lunch period then go to the next McDowell's a couple... Continue Reading

Question on a question on MFI reports

"Did you have any expenses for parking, toll, faxes sent to you by Market Force Information or admissions?" Is this question asking if I had any expenses, or is it asking if I had any expenses that were pre-set from the CPI... Continue Reading

Marketforce did something with MY SOCIAL SECURTIY NUMBER... WARNING

Hi, I have been a shopper for 15 years and just started Marketforce. They did something with my SS number and credit. I also got a letter from the IRS telling me they are in request to AUDIT ME for the last 7 years. I completed a few shops with... Continue Reading

MF Purple Portal? Opinions?

Hi! I have been doing shops for the Blue portal since I started MS a few months ago, they seem to be low paying as I knew they would be, but the reports are super quick and easy and there are always several shops near me that take just a short... Continue Reading

Market Force acquires Retail Eyes...

Retail Eyes Acquired by Market Force Information Mon 19 September 2011 Retail Eyes, the UK’s leading customer experience improvement agency, has been acquired by Market Force Information (Market Force), the world’s leading customer intelligence solutions company. The acquisition is an exciting development for Retail Eyes, and will enable the company to... Continue Reading

When is Market Force (Certified) ever going to learn???

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I blew one today-MFI

Took a handful of bonused shops on Friday for this weekend, next week and the following. Figured I knew exactly where one FF was for today. Since we no longer have to print the CPI, I didn't. I drove straight over there after church, filled out the forms in the... Continue Reading

Why do people shop for MarketForce?

This is a sincere question. I just saw couple of their postings and felt that even Nike might be paying more to their Chinese workers than what they are offering. Here are couple of examples: 1.Estimated in-store time: 30 Minutes Merchandiser pay rate: $5.00 Flat Rate Download your paperwork Update your status on the... Continue Reading

Marketforce pulled a fast one

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Marketforce: hurricane adjustment!

I had a shop for the blue portal scheduled for this sunday. Just got an email saying they want to halt all shops for that client until after the hurricane and instructing shoppers about rescheduling. Credit where credit is due: this is the first time I have seen... Continue Reading

Trouble logging in to Marketforce

Anyone having trouble logging in to Marketforce, blue portal? I have tried for 2 days and can't log in. It says the link is broken. Even if I go to there official page I can't log in. The purple portal seems to be fine. A mystery to me.... Continue Reading

Market Force Termination

I have been a good Market Force shopper for over ten years. The other day I logged into their portal and the job link was missing. When I contacted them, I got an email that just said we have chosen to terminate your ICA. The only follow up... Continue Reading

Market Force question?

I was told by my Sister-in-Law that she calls a scheduler daily at MF and that he hands her bonus assignments. She lives only 40 miles away and begged me for information about this company to do some local assignments a few months ago (BIG MISTAKE) but now she... Continue Reading

Marketforce Receipt Submission

It just won't let me do it this afternoon. I sent an email and got a message saying they have a heavy volume. I hate to fax long distance = extra $.... Continue Reading

Tell Us About Us/Market Force

Maybe I'm the last one to realize, but Market Force acquired TUAU?... Continue Reading

Market Force Purple Portal Audits??

The walmart balloon shops are only $6. Has anyone ever done them and are they lengthy? Including reports?... Continue Reading

Marketforce And Tell Us About Us

I have noticed a ff shop I do for Tell Us About Us has appeared on marketforce job board. It is the only shop they have around here.... Continue Reading

Market Force

I'm trying to register for this site. They keep asking for Jobs 3 & 4. I've only ever had 2 jobs. I can't seem to find a contact to let them know.... Continue Reading

Market Force - no [fast food] shops anymore?

Since I've been reading others' accounts of a recent fast food restaurant's shops, it can't be that MF lost the contract with them, which I was wondering. I'd done probably 20 assignments...all accepted just fine...and then POOF...none has been available on my list of assignments available for a month... Continue Reading

Market Force Pricing Audits becoming extinct

Has anyone heard that Michigan will soon no longer have the pricing audits? That several states including Michigan will be stopping this practice.... Continue Reading

Market Force 100 items audit

Anyone ever do any of these audits? How are they? Are there a lot of problems?... Continue Reading

Marketforce Mastercare Audits

DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOP! It pays $14 and has 20 pages of detailed instructions and requires 23-40 digital camera photos. You are unable to view the instructions and guidelines until after you accept the shop(A practice that should be eliminated). I talked to someone who did... Continue Reading

Market Force - Electronic CPI submissions

Just got an email from Market Force. We will be able to file CPI's electronically now without printing a copy signing and scanning first to upload it. Now I will be able to take pictures of receipts and file reports on the fly including the receipts and CPI.... Continue Reading

Market Force permanently signing me up for assignments without asking me?

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this happen. A couple of weeks ago MF called me up, asking me to do a job at Walmart blowing up balloons. They gave me a bonus, so I said yes, I would do it that particular day. I completed the job... Continue Reading

Market Force and cancellations

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wierd marketforce problem

a friend of mine registered with marketforce last week. lives in toronto/ontario/canada. when he looks for shops NOTHING appears in Canada - even when search radius is 200 miles. He does find stuff in USA when he searches there. Anyone ever have something like this. he has emailed helpdesk numerous times... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Market Force

I don't know the company your referring to, but I did notice that MarketForce updated the website to allow you to delete a receipt and re-upload it. (Source). November 24, 2015

[quote=KateH] I do not know the MSC that is doing these shops but about 4 years ago I did 2 shops in 2 different major carriers for Marketforce and they paid me $140 each, as well as any charges. (Source). November 23, 2015

I do not know the MSC that is doing these shops but about 4 years ago I did 2 shops in 2 different major carriers for Marketforce and they paid me $140 each, as well as any charges. (Source). November 23, 2015

I guess most companies filled all their quotas for this month already because there is zilch in my area! Even with Market Force and they always seem to have a couple of danglers. (Source). November 22, 2015

I have tried several times to sign into my Marketforce account and keep getting a message that the access is restricted. (Source). November 22, 2015

I've done many shops for market force. (Source). November 20, 2015

What I am hoping to find out is how long it takes before a shop is accepted or declined. Marketforce has always been within a couple business days, once I did a shop Sunday morning that was approved Sunday afternoon. (Source). November 20, 2015

I guess I must be a little bit spoiled doing shops for Best Mark and Marketforce, who have approved all my shops within a couple of days. (Source). November 20, 2015

I realize it's a public forum, but why do people have to be so nasty? Just the other day, I was updating my Marketforce profile pages and saw that "accept auto shops" was checked. (Source). November 19, 2015

Error An error occurred while saving your report information. We are working hard to alleviate these errors and have logged the occurrence. We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a MarketForce Shopper! Please re-open your report from the Report Current Shops page and try your operation again. (Source). November 19, 2015