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Monterey Mystery Shopping-- O where art thou

So I used to do a ton of work for them and have realized I have not done any work since October of last year. I did a check and don't see any shops in my area so I checked outside my area in several states including big ones and... Continue Reading

Wait! What?! Monterey and SeeLevel?!!!

Am I seeing this right?! Did SeeLevel just eat another company?! What is the scoop on this? I love Monterey. They can not get dissolved...... Continue Reading


I received this e-mail today: Important News! Starting this month, SeeLevel HX will be working with mystery shoppers like you to complete many of Monterey Mystery Shopping’s automotive and motorcycle shops. What does this mean for you? In order to continue to have access to all of Monterey Mystery Shopping’s automotive... Continue Reading

Why does SeeLevel schedule for Monterey?

I've completed shops in the past for Monterey. Now it seems I have to go through SeeLevel to book their shops? SeeLevel has posted a few shops in my area. I apply for them and the shops just sit there, expire and repost. I received an email from Monterey asking if I... Continue Reading

Monterey Mystery Shopping

Hello all. I've noticed lately that the Monterey Mystery Shopping job board has been bone dry...and it's a shame, because I really liked working with these guys. They're one of the only MSPs I've found that always answer the phone, offer to extend due dates for you, etc. Does anyone know... Continue Reading

Can anyone help with this Monterey report?

Under the section that says "Followup", the directions are clear: answer these questions NO and submit your report. So I answer the questions all with "No", hit submit, and they come up as the equivalents of "Ooops" -- red boxes around them, demanding the first and last name of... Continue Reading

Monterey Car Shop advice

This will be my first car shop this Friday, I signed up with this MSC recently and this morning got a call from the scheduler. I told him that I have seen the shops but was a little bit hesitant on doing a car shop since I have not... Continue Reading

Login problems for Monterey and Sentry

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Horrible Experience with Monterey

I have done multiple high end car shops for this company. Last October, I did a $30 motorcycle shop and a $30 car shop for them in Northern Ca. By February of 2015, I had yet to be paid. I contacted Shannon who said, "You did not do those assignments... Continue Reading

Monterey Mystery Shopping - This is not OK Continue Reading

monterey mystery shopping (Deactivation?)

they deactivate since they said that tried to contact me since they had to edit my shops. I had no emails or phone calls from them asking for any information. I would have made any corrections that they would have wanted to made. Then some manager named... Continue Reading

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Anyone have experience doing this shop? This is my first shop with this MSC. I'm hoping it's not as complicated and tiring as the IKEA shop was (like is it closer to doing a grocery store, multi-department shop?). I signed up for it to do something fun... Continue Reading

Monterey problems

Anyone else having trouble reaching Monterey today (July 9)? I can't log into their web site with my regular username and password. Their system of sending the same if you're forgotten yours isn't working, and they haven't answered a recent phone call and email. I can understand if one or... Continue Reading

I Recommend Monterey Mystery Shopping

When I perform shops for Monterey the instructions are clear, the forms are coherent, the pay is reasonable AND they always pay on time. I get an email telling me what date funds will be in my PayPal account and what shops are being paid for. Wish all... Continue Reading

What's Up With Monterey?

Anybody know what's up with this company? I did a number of car shops with them last year, all sorts of brands (edited for ICA violation.) and found them very easy to work with. Lately, however, like the past two or three months, all I see on their job boards are a... Continue Reading

Monterey Mystery---NEWBIES

I have attempted to finish my application twice but the page won't seem to continue after the 'verify' page. My browser is working fine, I don't have any issues with any other pages. Anyone else have this issue or know what to do next?... Continue Reading

Monterey car dealer shop payments

Hello All, Can anyone tell me what the pay cycle is for this company's car dealership shops? Some types of shops pay on different cycles. Can anyone help? Thanx... Continue Reading

Beware of Monterey Mystery Shopping, BestMark and Marketforce

Stay away from these companies. They are frauds. They require a lengthy shop, then bullshit you that the form "needs more information" but they refuse to tell you what is missing. That was Monterey. Bestmark unilaterally withholds payment after the work was done and the form was sent. They are frauds.... Continue Reading

Monterey any comments?

I got an email with a local shop but I feel their sign up forms requite TOO MUCH personal info. Has anybody shopped for them, do they pay?... Continue Reading

Coast to Coast & Monterey

Does anyone know if these two companies are the same? I applied at Monterey and received a confirmation from Coast to Coast. Thanks bunches,... Continue Reading

Beware of Monterey Mystery Shopping

Be very wary about accepting mystery shopping assignments from this company. They will not fully reimburse shoppers for required out-of-pocket expenses. I have done well over 100 shops for various companies and this is the first time the company failed to reimburse for legitimate, documented expenses. Even... Continue Reading

monterey ms

found out about them through coast to coast/listing on jobslinger ... and i have one good site that i found through them... but want to be sure... blessing tom... Continue Reading

Seeking Feedback on Monterey Mystery Shopping

Anyone worked for them?... Continue Reading

RE:Monterey Mystery Shopping Co.

Hi, Anyone have any dealings with this company.Feedbacxk would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Monterey Mystery Shopping

I've shopped for SeeLevel HX, IntelliShop and hoping for an assignment from Monterey. (Source). August 09, 2017

Yes, they are unhealthy, but they are so good, lol. I love cheese, faves are gouda , cheddar, Monterey jack, and yes, Velveeta (chili con queso anybody). (Source). June 27, 2017

Susan I believe you are mistaken as I did shops for monterey when SeeLevel was going as SeeLevel. (Source). April 18, 2017

Monterey is an excellent company and they pay on time. (Source). February 23, 2017

At chart house, High-end restaurant in Monterey. (Source). December 07, 2016

There is another recent thread about this. See Level and Monterey are not merging. (Source). October 23, 2016

! Did SeeLevel just eat another company?! What is the scoop on this? I love Monterey. (Source). October 23, 2016

· Have not been to this location for any reason in 365 days (12 months). Thanks, The Scheduling Team Monterey Mystery Shopping What a shame. (Source). October 18, 2016

There is no expenditure with Monterey. (Source). October 17, 2016

since seelevelhx must have to pay monterey (or they somehow share the contract fee? (Source). October 16, 2016