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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Mystique are they still around?

A while ago I shopped for a company called Mystique. They also had a mystery shopping forum and list of companies with their urls. Are they still around?... Continue Reading


Anybody shop for them in the past? I did a phone shop on 1/21, their system says it was approved. I go to their site to see their pay schedule... and nothing loads, other than the front page. It's only $6, but it IS $6...... Continue Reading

Mystique - payment issues?

Has anyone shopped for Mystique? I did a shop back in July and have not been paid yet. This is the first shop I have done for them. Their website says that they make "super fast" payouts. I e-mailed them about my overdue payment, but have not had the courtesy... Continue Reading

Mystique Shoppers...Pay Issues???

Hi, Has anyone shopped for Mystique, and had issues with getting paid? I completed a shop mid March, and their FAQ's state most shops are paid within 45 days. It's been longer than this. I've sent several emails to check on the status, but I am getting no... Continue Reading

Mystique Shopper- Payment Issues?

Has anyone had any payment issues with Mystique Shopper, LLC? The main contact with this company listed on another forum that they are very prompt with payment yet has been acting on the contrary with regard to both communication and payment. Any other possible points of contact other than John?... Continue Reading

Mystique Shoppers won't pay/won't respond.

has anyone else done an assignment for Mystique Shoppers, LLC based out of Florida. Back on 8/3, I did an assignment for out of pocket expense, but still they owe me $13 for the shop. I received a 9/10 score, so I know the report was received and my... Continue Reading

Mystique Shopper Payments

Has any one received payment for March shops which should have been sent by 6/20?? They don't answer the phone or emails, but continue to post shops available. I have pressed the extension for client questions when calling also and it goes to voicemail too. In all my years of shopping,... Continue Reading

Mystique - no pay, no response

I did some shops in September. I haven't been paid, and it's well over two months now. I emailed John at Mystique, I used the contact form on their site, and I haven't gotten any response. I also noticed that there aren't any shops on their site in the whole... Continue Reading

"Mystique Shopper" SCAM!!!

I just got a doozy! Wanted to post in case anyone find their way here by searching for info. Of course, there IS a legitimate (but slooow paying) company called "Mystique", but this isn't it!!! Here's the email: --------------------------- Mystique Shopper LLC™ is presently accepting a "limited" number of Applications. Position Title:... Continue Reading


I did several shops for Mystique and it took forever to get paid. I thought I would give them a try again. I did one shop in the first week of August. Toward the end of the month, I got a email cancelling the shop. I emailed the... Continue Reading


Any one know the pay policy for Mystique. I have some early February shops due. I did call and leave a message. However, so for no return telephone call.... Continue Reading

Shopper Mystique

Any shoppers have difficulty receiving payment? "Claim to fame" is super fast paypal deposits which was true until February now nothing but "payments will be made next Wednesday" then when no payment is received "okay but payments will be made next Wednesday".... I am owed for 3 jobs... Continue Reading

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A while ago I shopped for a company called Mystique. (Source). September 29, 2014

My guess has always been they don't totally get the IC concept and somehow imagine each shopping company is drawing on their own unique shopper pool. (Source). May 22, 2014

.. sounds like they just gave up. I'm just glad my shop was a phone shop, and I'm not out anything. (Source). April 22, 2014

I have never received payment and their SASSIE account shows that I have not been paid. Their website WWW. MYSTIQUESHOPPER. (Source). April 22, 2014

mystiqueshopper. (Source). March 14, 2014

I have been trying to track someone at Mystique down for a while now. (Source). March 13, 2014

I have always been paid slow by Mystique but I did get paid. (Source). March 13, 2014

Look at this link: Looks like shoppers have been having problems getting paid since 2009. (Source). March 12, 2014

I certainly have found little 'mystique' in luxury goods and frankly not found much quality either. (Source). March 03, 2014