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6 Discussions

New Image Marketing

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

New Image Marketing

Has anyone shopped with this company before? I saw one thread on this forum about them, but it seems that the person that posted was full of hot air. Anyone else care to chime in?... Continue Reading

New Image Marketing

Does anyone know there pay policy?... Continue Reading

New Image Marketing

Stay away from these idiots. I did a shop for them which a coffee purchase had to be made. This shop was in a *brand* gas station. Since this place has a Dunkin Donuts within it, the coffee receipt shows Dunkin Donuts. They were all confused when I sent them the... Continue Reading

new image marketing

anyone heard of them?... Continue Reading

New Image Marketing Prophet Login Page

Does anyone have a link to that page? I had the link saved on my old computer, but I'm on my laptop. I've googled, searched here, searched volition, searched MSPA, pretty much searched it all and I can only get to the main site page, but not the Prophet page.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of New Image Marketing

Definite points for creativity! I can tell you that gas stations in general are done by Maritz, Market Force, New Image Marketing, Cori and others I am sure, but I am not allowed to connect numbers with names. (Source). April 19, 2014

VERY EASY SHOP! Date of Shops: March 21 - 24 Locations Available: Canoga Park, CA 91303 If you are interested in completing these shops, please register here: http://applyNewImageMarketing. (Source). March 21, 2014

I can't recall the company name and had them listed as Kern shops because I thought Kern was a company. I think it was New Image Marketing with whom I still work. (Source). March 21, 2014

To register please go to the New shopper Registration link below, you might have to copy and paste or type the link in. Shopper Login http://shoppernewimagemarketing. (Source). December 30, 2013

(I kid you not). New Image Marketing, 2 weeks. (Source). September 25, 2013

I have had really good experiences with New Image Marketing. (Source). September 17, 2013

I think that's not good on their part. I figured someone would've contacted me by now. But, nothing. I'm disappointed. Hi Natalie! I've been shopping with New Image Marketing for years now, and I just finished a round of shops for them yesterday. (Source). September 11, 2013

I applied to be a shopper for New Image Marketing a few minutes ago. (Source). July 15, 2013

If you are not already a shopper with New Image you can register at: https://applynewimagemarketing. (Source). July 15, 2013

Reality Based A Closer Look (I do bar integrity for both of these) Sutter Marketing New Image Marketing Second to None (I do a lot of alc/tobacco compliance for these) (Source). July 09, 2013