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NWLPC Payments?

I just looked up payment terms for NWLPC. They say that they pay on the 20th of the month following the shop date. I just looked and I have shops from December, January and February that I have not been paid for. Has anyone else had this issue? ... Continue Reading

Email from Doug at NWLPC

From an email newsletter from Doug @ NWLPC (copied as written, although it kills me not to edit :P ): "FORUMS Yes shoppers, MSPs, do read the forums. The forums do serve a positive purpose but they are also a place where shoppers vent, or give bad advice. ... Continue Reading


Did anyone get paid today?... Continue Reading

NWLPC pay schedule

Anyone know when they pay? I thought I remembered something that said the 20th via paypal, but I couldn't find that to confirm. Thanks!... Continue Reading

How and when does NWLPC usually pay?

I have a feeling I'll be seeing the petulant Doug Rector in small claims court.... Continue Reading

NWLPC website down?

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants. Every site link I have gets no response. Anyone else? ( as of 9/15/13 9:04am ) <-- the shopper in me does this now.. lol... Continue Reading

Anyone have experience with Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC) ?

Just tried to do a shop for this company (the first one.) There was confusion on THEIR part about the specifics of the shop, which they admitted. They then proceed to go back and forth with me on emails, telling me I should have called them from the... Continue Reading

NWLPC (Northwest Loss Prevention)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

NWLP (Northwest Loss Prevention)

I performed an apartment shop the other day. The following day, I received an email that my shop was rejected. I was in tears because I spent hours writing up the report when I got home. The apartment shop was non-targeted, and I was supposed to... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


I have shopped for this company for years and have always gotten good results until now. I did a shop for them and apparently, they didn't receive it. This was the first time I did not write down the confirmation number after I submitted the shop. Anyway, I received one... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC)

Has anyone else not been paid or had bad experience dealing with NWLPC, or got terminated by NWLPC for no valid reasons? Please speak up now. You may be eligible for Class Action reimbursements and compensation.... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

Hi everyone, Just a FYI to everyone, if you do a job for these guys for a oriental type restaurant with the initials GK be aware the form for this is incredibly detailed and very long for a whopping $10.I would not do this job again for twice the price.... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

Hi everyone, Has anyone worked for these folks ? I was just curious as to how fast they pay. Thanks... Continue Reading


Hi Everyone, I've spent a little time lurking around on the forum before ever posting! I've only been at mystery shopping full time since January of this year, and still getting the hang of it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience with NWLPC? I recently completed a shop... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss Prevention

Shoppers, be aware...This is the stated payment policy of this firm. The owner posted it in another thread. dcrector Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Sometimes it takes a client time to review the > shop and payments can be delayed, depending on the > company, until the client okays the shop. I can't > speak for other... Continue Reading

Northwest Loss prevention

Didn't see them on search.... Has anyone worked for them? They have a very high paying job with huge reimbursement, so I am cautious. Lots of money on the line, let me know if it's worth it!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants

I have worked with NWLPC, and Doug is reasonable and down-to-earth, and I respect his opinion. (Source). June 09, 2015

NWLPC pays on the 20th of the month following the shop via PayPal (Source). April 29, 2015

Email accounting@nwlpc. (Source). March 21, 2015

Are these the first shops you have done for NWLPC? (Source). March 20, 2015

I just looked up payment terms for NWLPC. (Source). March 20, 2015

websites: and Mystery Shopping Canada website: MysteryShopPros website: website: National Shopping Service National Shopping Service Network / NSSN New Image Marketing North Fork Research (formerly ICCDS) Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants Norton Norris - www. (Source). December 08, 2014

Nimble Support Services Take it off the list! It seems deceased since 2011. The link goes to another company. Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants Valid. (Source). December 06, 2014

Doug Rector, President of Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants, has always been my go-to person. (Source). December 06, 2014

If interested in any below please register at http://www.nwlpc. (Source). November 06, 2014

~Available Locations~ California DINNER Costa Mesa-92626 Hollywood-90028 Long Beach-90802 Oceanside-92056 Mission Valley, San Diego-92108 Gas Lamp, San Diego-92101 LUNCH Long Beach-90802 Costa Mesa-92626 Moreno Valley/Riverside-92507 Gaslamp, San Diego-92101 Oceanside-92056 Washington Dinner Tacoma-(Mall BLVD) 98409 OREGON DINNER Portland-(Jantzen Beach) 97217 If interested in any below please register at http://www.nwlpc. (Source). November 06, 2014