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Private eyes

I just got an email about doing a upscale job and I am some what afraid. I have only done one job like that and it was not an expensive one. Does anyone know anything about this company. What I am trying to get at are their reports extremely hard.... Continue Reading

Private Eyes

I only did two shops with them. Both were credit union shops. The first one went great, awesome. The second one was the following day and went horrible. The teller failed miserably. I was instructed to not force the discussion. It was to the point where I was literally standing... Continue Reading

Private Eyes

Received a long e-mail this AM from this company, listing links to mystery shopping companies who have shops available in my state. I didn't sign up with "Private Eyes". I THINK (LOL!) I signed in using SASSIE and also Prophet this weekend with some new MSC's...could that be where they picked up... Continue Reading

Private Eyes Scheduling

I just received a weird email from Private Eyes. The subject says they need shoppers ASAP. The body is just the schedulers signature (twice) which includes a link to Shadow Shopper. Did anybody (everybody?) else get this? I can't figure out if it is a mistake or spam.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group/Private Eyes Scheduling

Anyone that has done a mystery shopping job for Freeman Group knows they are not getting paid. Some of these jobs are expensive motel shops. Private Eyes Scheduling is recruiting shoppers to complete jobs for Freeman Group, knowing FULL WELL the shopper will not be paid. SHAME... Continue Reading

Is this e-mail okay? Private Eyes

I received this e-mail today - is it legit? Hello, Shopper. Private Eyes is looking for shoppers for the following and we really need your help! There will be more posted shortly, so please sign up even if you cannot help with this one shop! *Please email me if you are interested in completing... Continue Reading

Final Invitation to Join the Private Eyes Database

Did anyone else receive this email? Are they a legit company? This was the link to register. I am always reluctant to respond and apply to a MSC where I did not go on their site after checking this forum for feedback first. Learned my lesson with Restaurant Evaluators.... Continue Reading

Private Eyes online = is this a good mystery shopping co?

Private Eyes online = is this a good mystery shopping co?... Continue Reading

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Please see below for available locations. Burnaby BC Winnipeg MB Fredericton NB Moncton NB Halifax NS Halifax NS Sault St Marie ON Charlottetown PE Jonquiere QC Quebec QC Sherbrooke QC Trois Rivieres QC Regina SK Saskatoon SK ? ?Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!? Thank you! Private Eyes Online www. (Source). October 17, 2017

A Closer Look ACE Mystery Shopping All Star Amusement Advantage B Business Solutions BLD Scheduling Business Observations Cirrus Marketing Coast to Coast Scheduling Customer Experience Experts Customer Perspectives Grace Hill ICU Associates Informa Research Services IPSOS iSecretshop Jancyn Market Viewpoint MCG Measure CP NIM Research Nsite Inc NWLCP Primo Solutions, LLC Private Eyes Online RBG Reality Check Red Brick Scheduling Sales Quality Group Satisfaction Services Sentry Marketing (Dave promised he would send me his list soon). (Source). September 19, 2017

I was lucky - I was warned by other shoppers and never took their shops. Freeman Company's final push was to hire an independent scheduling company, Private Eyes. (Source). April 04, 2017

Prior to moving to the City I live in now, I only worked for 3 companies and two private eyes. (Source). May 11, 2016

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Not to be confused with Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc. d.b.a. Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management at Pinnacle Financial Strategies Valid Premier Service Inc Valid. Private Eyes Online Valid. (Source). December 07, 2014

I can confirm Private Eyes is a scheduling company. (Source). November 20, 2014

Who do I contact? I saw on the assignment a Sally at Private Eyes. (Source). November 18, 2014