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Does anyone have any info or comments about Reflections MS? I got an email directly from them regarding "fun Sports Bar shops" at a well-known national chain. I was about to fill out the shopper application but it was not on a secure https site.... Continue Reading

Reflections MS

I just performed my first shop with this company and am really frustrated after entering the report. After finished the report, I am then prompted to upload my receipt. I do so and when I hit next, the file disappears and doesn't upload. I try again and... Continue Reading

Has anybody seen any activity with this company in 2011? I did a few things for them in 2010 and before but have seen nothing in 2011 at all.... Continue Reading

Reflectionsms ?

I found this one on Shadow Shopper. I was a little spooked because in it's user agreement it said you could be called to testify in court, if your report was used to terminate someone. I have never seen that before. I liked this one because it... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Reflections MS

It is basically like Shopmetrics, Sassie, Prophet, etc. Examples of some using this iSecretShop platform are ReflectionsMS, Jancyn (using both Prophet and iSecretShop with different shops on each), InTouch (using iSecretshop in addition to their regular interface), MeasureCP (using iSecretShop in addition to Shopmetrics), etc. (Source). July 14, 2014

Reflections MS (now part of iSecretShop platform): PayPal within 30 days of the completed assignment (Source). July 14, 2014

Reflections MS is one of the MSCs that uses iSecret Shopper. (Source). March 24, 2014

MSI and Reflections MS pay within 2 weeks. (Source). January 12, 2014

ReflectionsMS has chinese restaurant shops for a contest that need done. (Source). November 11, 2013

ReflectionsMS has Mexican Restaurant shops available in IN and MI. (Source). November 07, 2013

ReflectionsMS has Mexican Restaurant shops available in IN and MI. (Source). October 08, 2013

I am more troubled by the plethora of mom & pop one client wonders. How much time do I waste each week logging into companies like Amber Arch, Reflections MS, Anonomous Insights, etc. (Source). October 08, 2013

50 reimbursement ReflectionsMS has Mexican Restaurant Dine-in and Carryout shops available now in your area for weekend lunches in October. (Source). October 02, 2013

For ReflectionsMS, I have a casual dining restaurant shop in Parker, CO that I need done on Monday! Can you help me out with this? (Source). September 22, 2013