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23 Discussions

Satisfaction Services - OMG - their check bounced!!!!

Deposited a check from Satisfaction Services last week....and their check bounced! Not only did I not get reimbursed for something I probably wouldn't have bought if I had to pay for it, my bank charged me $5. Has this happened with anyone else and this company? Are they going... Continue Reading

Anyone else get this from Satisfaction Services???

All, Thank you for your time in working with Satisfaction Services of Houston and/or Satisfaction Services of Metro DC. Through no fault of our own, we have become the victims of a bank fraud, and we will need to take action to ensure the protection of our accounts. ... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services Inc?

Do any of you shop for The reason I ask is because they have this option where you can pay $9.95 to "upgrade" to preferred status on shops. I have never had to pay for anything like this so was just curious if any of you had... Continue Reading

Shop Log for Satisfaction Services?

Anybody know where I can see all my past shops with this company? I can't find a job history on the site. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services Changed the Shop Fee on Me!

I have been shopping a popular grocery store for SatServ for about a year, always with $30 reimbursement and $10 fee. This month, my check only showed $35 for both reimbursement + pay. When I called, I was told the shop fee was dropped to $5 and it was in... Continue Reading

Any work for Satisfaction Services?

I just completed a shop for them on Monday, raced home to complete it before midnight, submitted it and now I'm getting an email saying they never received my report and it's being deleted. They also charge for their "rated" shopping service stating that shoppers who pay -- I think... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services Rated Member - worth it?

I have noticed on the Satisfaction Services website that you can pay an annual rate of $9.99 to be a "rated" member and possibly get more shop opportunites. I have it ingrained in my head to never pay for mystery shopping. Has anyone done this? If so, is... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

I have signed up with this company after hearing good reviews on here. Funny thing.. I can't figure out how to access the job board. After I sign in it gives me an open introduction about needing military base shoppers, yada-yada, and then it says to "update profile".... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

So I signed up and got the registration email. Clicked the link and Thank You for Joining! Your account has been confirmed. Thank you for joining the Satisfactions Services evaluator team. But that was this morning and I haven't been sent a login name. Anyone know if the... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

I received an email wanting me to sign up with this company. I need some feedback if anyone has any. Thanks... Continue Reading

Opinions on the new Satisfaction Services program?

Have you all seen the new Rated Evaluator program for Satisfaction Services? I'm not sure how I feel about it. The fee isn't much - only $9.99 a year, but I've never had a company ask for a fee before. The details say that assignments will be... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services, Inc.

Please remove.... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

Does anyone have any experience with this company? I just signed up but I don't see anything on the board at all about them other than some scheduling companies scheduling jobs for them.... Continue Reading

grrr- satisfaction services...

Satisfaction Services still owes me for a shop in June. I contacted them several weeks ago about 're-issuing' payment they claim to have mailed.... I got mail from all of the other mystery shopping companies just fine. grrr Still have not received anything after several emails.... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

I thought they would have fallen through back when I got that email asking me to pay to get shops. I don't like there process now. Feedback please.... Continue Reading

satisfaction services

Has any one worked for this company? If so, how were you treated? Was the pay done in a timely manner? Would like some feed back. I just accepted a shop for them, and never having worked (or remember) I am courious. The guide lines seem straight forward. It is a bar... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

Has anyone done work for this company? Are you a "Rated Evaluator" and did you pay the $9.99?... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services Getting Paid

Has anyone had problems getting paid from this company? They are three months behind paying me.... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services Inc. Rated Evaluator

Is anyone working for this company? What is the deal with their Rated vs Non-Rated evaluator. The site says you have to pay $10 a year to be Rated. Sounds a little strange to me that a legitimate company would charge you. Can someone let me... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services, Inc.

I just did my first shop for Satisfaction Services, and saw on their website they are offering something called "Rated Evaluator Program", which is a bunch of bull. They are asking US to PAY THEM $9.99 a year to bascially be on their preferred list. They claim it's... Continue Reading

Shop for Satisfaction Services

Mystery Shoppers needed .....across the US, Europe and Mexico WE NEED NEW DEPENDABLE PEOPLE for MYSTERY SHOPPING casual restaurant and bar visit. We have a all NEW clients!!! See our TODAY SHOW SEGMENT on mystery shoppers / customer service. You must be reliable, observant and able to follow instructions. Satisfaction... Continue Reading

Satisfaction Services

Does anyone know anything about Satisfaction Services. Have you done any shops for them?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Satisfaction Services

techman01 I did something similar to that with satisfaction services a few months back and they deactivated me. (Source). September 21, 2014

You may be thinking od Satisfaction Services. (Source). September 14, 2014

Deposited a check from Satisfaction Services last week. (Source). September 10, 2014 BLD Scheduling on behalf of Satisfaction Services www. (Source). September 08, 2014

The OP asked who does art supply stores and laser eye surgery consultations. No clients were mentioned. ICU and Satisfaction Services are both MSCs. (Source). September 06, 2014

Take the free trial, use it and let it lapse. I don't see the client listed anywhere. Do you? there was mention of Satisfaction Services and also ICU (Source). September 06, 2014

One quick question though: Satisfaction Services costs money to join? (Source). September 06, 2014

I found one of them, the one that was probably more desirable to you. It's Satisfaction Services. (Source). September 05, 2014

00 plus pays $15.00 o 2 adults, no children Thank you, Elise BLD Scheduling on behalf of Satisfaction Services www. (Source). September 04, 2014

00 plus pays $5.00 o 2 adults, no children Late night shop o MUST arrive 15 minutes before closing time o Reimburses up to $60.00 plus pays $15.00 o 2 adults, no children Thank you, Elise BLD Scheduling on behalf of Satisfaction Services www. (Source). August 29, 2014