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Revealed Gas Station Audits--In-Touch (Service Intelligence)

Has anyone done the audits for this company. I just signed up with them and wondering what the reports are like and how long they take. It says there are no photos required.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence still in business?

Good day everyone, I was trying to sign up with Service intelligence. I was able to located the website but when I clicked on the "want to be a shopper link", a warning box popped up saying , Safari couldn't verify the license". After cross referencing the website... Continue Reading

Service intelligence bonus

I regularly shop for Service Intelligence and never have seen a shop bonused. I watch the board for some further out of the way shops and they never get filled and no bonus is ever advertised. Is this common for them or just the trend in my neck of the... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence Website

Is anyone having trouble again with SI's website? I can log in but when I click on "submit job", I get the response that the webpage cannot be displayed. Any help is appreciated! I have e-mailed my scheduler - no response yet, but it's still early. Thanks!... Continue Reading

InTouch (formerly Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange)

Is anyone having issues entering reports into the Intouch site (formerly Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange)? I'm doing my favorite coffee/convenience shops, but entering the reports into the new Intouch site isn't working and the French/Canadian help desk isn't responding.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange receipt submissions

Is anyone else having trouble with Service Intell/Experience Exchange? The new receipt form upload feature is not effective, I was asked to email all receipt in August and in July, for their primary grocery shops, and I did. Now, I got an email asking that I resubmit all of the... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence and In-Touch merge

Just a heads up - if one of your shops is missing, check their other site. It took a few emails back and forth with the scheduler to realize they had moved my Service Intelligence jobs over to the In-Touch site.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Is anyone else having problems logging in??... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence - Site Problems - WWYD?

Hey gang, I know the other thread is out there, and yes, I'm starting a new one. :P Since last weekend, the Service Intelligence site at: has not been working, well, it SORT OF has been working, but not really. I can log in, view my shops, but... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence Site is Down!

I have tried for three hours and two different browsers. The grocery shops are due by midnight...Has anyone managed to pull up the site?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Hello Eveyone! I'm new to this forum and happy to be here. Is anyone signed up shops with Service Intelligence for the week of July 1st- July 7th? I have several shops planned but the site has been unavailable for days - what's going on?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

I did a shop for them today, but now can't input the form! I've emailed my scheduler (KSS) and the company itself. I've tried several browsers, but when I click "Proceed to Evaluation Form", it just brings me back to home page. Anyone have a solution for this? It's due... Continue Reading

Phone number for Service Intelligence in Atlanta

At one time I had a phone number for Service Intelligence in Atlanta to resolve shopper issues. I've since lost the number. Does anyone know this phone number?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence partnered with In-Touch Insight Systems

Hello Shoppers, Service Intelligence partnered with In-Touch Insight Systems to offer more opportunities to shoppers. We have assignments in both the United States and Canada. Please register on our sites to explore the exciting assignments. Thank you,... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Hello Everyone, I performed my first shop with Service Intelligence in November. I was expecting payment at the end of December, but haven't received my direct deposit as of yet. I emailed the company yesterday but haven't received a response yet. Is this normal for it to be... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Has anyone had a problem sending a message to SI? I have to cancel a shop - sent them a message through their message center and it bounces back as an internal java script error. And there's no other way to get in touch with this MSC.... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence delayed payment

I did a lot of shops last month for Service Intelligence. I understand they just merged with another company. However, I still need my overdue payment. I was sent an email saying they would not be made on September 30 as promised. They will not respond to email requests for... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence contact information?

I am trying to reach them, but can't see any contact info (email would be best) to do so. I'm searching at Can anyone lend me a hand please? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Confused about Service Intelligence

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two: I originally signed up with the first company, thinking that was Service Intelligence. I kept seeing jobs on Jobslinger for Service Intelligence, but these did not come up in the list of shops available to me when I logged into the "experienceexchange"... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence exams

I am trying to pass the roast beef sandwich exam and have not been successful> If I email for help will they tell me which ones I am getting wrong? I hope so as the exam is 30 questions. Where do we get the info on the uniforms?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange lack of communication

Does anybody have any difficulty in communicating with this company Service Intelligence/Experience Exchange. They will let me know when I have a shop and when its due daily. But if I have an issue it's difficult to reach them and get an answer. Anybody agree, disagree or... Continue Reading

Is this normal for Service Intelligence? Anyone else having contact problems?

I have had to use their website message center in the past and always got a response. Last week I accidentally clicked on the wrong date range for a shop and immediately sent a message saying I couldn't complete it during that range and had intended to accept during... Continue Reading

Ahhh, Service Intelligence

I haven't completed a shop for SI in months, but decided to do their FF today. Seriously wishing I had not now. I've been trying for over 20 minutes to submit my report. YES, the location had a drive-thru. Don't tell me it does not, I saw it today. I... Continue Reading

service Intelligence

Hey everyone, I wanted to let everyone know to be sure and record your job # if you do any work for Service Intl,I did a job for them back in August which meant I was due to be paid at the end of Sept,but when I didn't get paid and... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

What a convoluted and difficult website. I'm frankly afraid to deal with them. I passed one of the certifications and finally got signed up for a shop but even getting the proper paperwork was a pain. I looked at their submission requirements and of course in addition to their online... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence - Experience Exchange

Does anyone know about this company? I've done some work for them in the last couple of years. They're good, they pay on time and mostly the reports are not difficult to do. The only problem is the available shops seem to have become very few and far between. Do... Continue Reading

A question about Service Intelligence's reimbursement policy.

I have a mystery shop with Service Intelligence. They have a reimbursement up to "X" amount, and they want me to buy either Item "A" and/or Item "B". Do you know if I buy two of Items "B", and the total is still less then the reimbursement amount, will they reimburse for... Continue Reading

What is going on with Service Intelligence?

I used to have no problems with this company about 3 years ago when I did numerous shops for them. They would always return Emails timely with any issues or questions I had with certain shops. Now, they have done a 180. I send them messages asking... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence and taxes

I know that service intelligence says that the company does not issues 1099s and you need to print your own invoices. My question is what amount do they report to the IRS? Do they report the amount of your shop fees or the amount of your shop fees and reimbursements?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence E-Mail Issue

Does anyone else have a hard time opening emails from Service Intelligence? I have a yahoo mail account and for some reason I can never get them to open on my computer. I occasionally use a public computer when I'm gone for a few hours to check my mail and they... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Do they require direct bank deposit? Has anyone done any mystery shops for them?... Continue Reading

Service Intelligence

Has anyone worked for Service Intelligence. I just signed up and their initial welcome email is a mile long and now I am worried their jobs will be all complicated and not worth the time, effort or money?... Continue Reading

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