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101 Discussions

Trendsource business inspection

Has anybody done one of these? I get offers for them a lot and they do seem intriguing. According to the instructions, I need to set up an appointment and go to a business. Instructions seem very vague. Am I doing a... Continue Reading

Trendsource emails are out of control!!

I have received over 20 emails a day for the last three weeks from this company for audits. I haven't shopped for them in over a year and have gotten extremely tired of deleting all the junk. I finally went in and changed my email address. Enough is enough,... Continue Reading

MSI Services - shop fees

When looking at jobs for MSI Services, it shows a pay range, such as $4 - $10. Is there a way to determine what the actual shop fee is for particular job before applying for it? I may be willing to do it for $10, but probably not... Continue Reading

Payments Missing/Late (Intellishop, Trendsource, Compass)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

trendsource pay.....

wow it is pathetic.......I used to shop a lot for them.....wish the old days were here again!... Continue Reading

TrendSource Healthcare Phone Shops

I signed on to do some of these and just received my assigned calls. When I log into the project there is a message as follows: "Date Posted Message 9/12/2013 PROJECT MATERIALS New project materials will be available shortly." I have submitted a question to TS regarding these materials. Has anyone ever done... Continue Reading

Trend source

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Trendsource payment issues

Has anyone had payment issues with them? I hate to post this here but I already messaged Trendsource. Just curious. I really like working for them but I now have two unpaid shops with bonus! :(... Continue Reading

Trendsource Reporting

I'm trying to report a few shops and everything will go through except every question that has to have a written answer (name, item, etc). Anyone else have this problem? Also, anyone have a phone number for them? I have a pay issue and I email and they request... Continue Reading

Trendsource reimbursement and taxes

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Trendsource lumps your reimbursements with shopper fees at the end of the tax year. Is that correct? If so, how do you handle it on your taxes? Thanks!... Continue Reading

TrendSource Not answering emails or phone calls

I have had a great relationship with TrendSource until Monday now all of a sudden they won't answer my emails or phone calls. I can't self assign and when I request a shop I never near back. Anyone else having problems with them?... Continue Reading

contact for trendsource msi

Does anyone have a phone number for a scheduler at TrendSource or an personal email?... Continue Reading

Trendsource and the grocery shops

I used to LOVE the grocery shops at Trendsource and was truly disappointed when the grocery chain dropped them a few years ago. They only paid $14 total, but I shopped the stores and didn't find the shops too difficult at all. Out of fondness, I picked them up when... Continue Reading

Shop Approval by Trendsource

Does anyone know how long it takes for Trendsource to approve a shop request? I requested a shop early this morning and have yet to be approved. The due date is tomorrow, July 10.... Continue Reading

Trendsource Interview on Mystery Shopper Magazine

We just published an interview on Mystery Shopper Magazine with Jim Caltrider, the CEO of Trendsource. Check it out: Continue Reading

Trendsource Grocery Shops

I just completed one of the new grocery shops, well at least new for me. The pay and reimbursement is the same as it used to be but the report is different and there are up to 9 interactions counting the cashier and bagger. Plus you need to... Continue Reading

Does Trendsource/MSI Services approve projects over the weekend?

I requested a project just now, and it's due today between certain hours. Their offices are closed, so I can't call them about this. Do they check email for cases like this one? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Trendsource photos

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TrendSource Door Knob Pics

Yesterday TS came out with the type of picture they want to reflect a locking door knob for their on site reports. While I understand they want the side of the door knob where the key is inserted. I think other people must have problems with this picture like... Continue Reading


Hi all, Monday night the 17th and I sat down to put a couple of reports on. I should have known something was up when it wouldn't let me input a date but I kept on typing....and now it won't submit or save or anything...ACKKKKKKK I have tried a couple of... Continue Reading

Need some assistance please -- with Trendsource site

I have shopped for years, but am doing my first TrendSource shop today. Their site (shopper part) is down and of course the offices are closed. I have an office product shop today and need the guidelines. I looked at them a bit the other day when I was awarded... Continue Reading

Trendsource EIN?

It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me that Trendsource seems to REQUIRE an EIN in order to shop for them. Am I missing something?? I'm one guy, not an employer or employee. Why would I want an EIN??... Continue Reading

Pizza shop from Trendsource

Are the pizza shops no longer shopped by Trendsource. They are not my favorite pizza but they make a great lunch when in a hurry. I have not seen them on their shop site.... Continue Reading

Trendsource had no food shops listed

Trendsource had no food shops listed in my area. Not just no fast food but no pictures ones either. I wonder if they are just redoing guidelines for the new year or if they lost them. I hope they didn't lose them as a client as they... Continue Reading

Trendsource Braved Black Friday...Employees sniff out customer service...

Trendsource sent out 3 employees to mystery shop on Black Friday! "We braved the cold and the crowds to bring you some insights into what’s going on in your favorite stores on Black Friday!" Did you guys get this letter? They had 3 pretty good experiences on Black Friday!... Continue Reading

Trendsource payday on the 20th November?

Anyone paid for that one? I have one project for them that should've been paid but hasn't. They are usually lightening fast!... Continue Reading

Does anyone else dislike Trendsource?

I've done a few grocery shops for them and they ask too much and the reports are complicated. The instructions for the pizza shops are also complicated. Is it just me?... Continue Reading

Windows 8.0 to 8.1 Upgrade and Trendsource

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Trend Source can't process cancellations?

I saw a listing for an "XXXX Drive Thru" located a few miles from me. (The pay wasn't great, but I drive past that restaurant 2-3 times a week anyway). Once I "confirmed acceptance" I was allowed to view the full details of the job. I see that this job is... Continue Reading

Trendsource -- Should I Make the Leap?

I am not registered with TS but know they have LOTS of shops in my area. I know I need to get an ein to register with them. I have read and re-read about the EIN brouhaha here, searched the web & my state's DOR sites, etc. and am tired... Continue Reading

Trendsource HEINOUS Grocery Shops

What in the WORLD was I thinking? There are some new TS grocery shops and I took 11 this weekend!!! I was thinking, "reimbursed groceries=Christmas $$." OMG, did anyone else take any of these? Just curious. (These are new to my area, but they may have been around a while.) Count... Continue Reading

TrendSource problems?

Has anyone else had problems requesting shops the last couple days? I can't get the site to come up on my computer using several different browsers or with the mobile application. Also no emails regarding new shops.... Continue Reading


Does anyone else have issues with this company? First off, they send tons of email for shops (mostly inspections) that are in the middle of nowhere, yet don't seem interested in paying PAD to cover the gas costs. I apply frequently to their emails that almost beg someone to do... Continue Reading

Question about Trendsource grocery store shop

I saw an assignment for a grocery store shop offered by Trendsource in which you purchase at least 3 items, one of which has to be placed under the cart. The limited guidelines did not state what to do if you are not asked about the item. Do... Continue Reading

Trendsource Question

I accepted an assignment which just requires pictures. The problem is, the location is INSIDE a facility that requires you to pay $60 to get into. They gave me no letter to give them, and for the fee, it makes no sense to go in paid. I emailed them when... Continue Reading

TrendSource Changing Schedulers?

It seems like every time I build up a rapport with the scheduler for my favorite Trendsource client, the scheduler changes with no notice or explanation. Anyone else? Is this normal - for them or in general? Does this bother anyone else?... Continue Reading

TrendSource - Certificate Error

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

So do we HAVE to have an EIN for Trendsource?

Is it a requirement or simply encouraged? I used to do their grocery stores years ago until they started requiring the EIN. I thought I had read somewhere on the forum that it's not required. I signed up for a shop for this Thursday. If I... Continue Reading

EIN & W9-Trendsource

Hello. I've been a mystery shopper for 10+ years, but here in the last 2 years or so, I've only done but a few shops. I've just recently started to get back into it again. I was so shocked that when I went to the site for Trendsource, that they... Continue Reading


Hello, I know this has come up before, but curious for current input. Has anyone completed the paid background check for MSI? Once you have that, is it difficult to get jobs or do they tend to have a lot consistently making it worth while?... Continue Reading

trend source

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

TrendSource and Background Check Fee

I was reviewing this company and to apply for a certified on-site inspector job, you need a background check and you must watch their 'professionalism' videos. The background check fee is about 8.00. Is this legit? I have not seen other companies charge this, and if they do, won't... Continue Reading

Trendsource lack of advance info=not for me

Yesterday I received an email from Trendsource about what they called a "revealed audit" but the info provided was pretty sketchy. From the info provided I knew the was pay $7 and I knew I was take a picture or multiple pictures of a certain display (name of display was... Continue Reading here...Trendsource pay question

Hi! Long time listener, first time caller. I've only been doing MSing for a little over a month and had one teeny question (so far)... Trendsource sent me an email saying I would be paid for my pizza shops as of yesterday, but apparently I wasn't signed up for... Continue Reading

Trendsource *!#*@#

Wow! I've posted here for quite a while & I hope most of you know that I'm not usually a negative person. A scheduler at Trendsource has shown herself to be completely incompetent and, dare I say it, ignorant. I would prefer to remain vague because I'd rather keep... Continue Reading

MSI Trendsource called today

So, I got a call today from Trendsource. The caller explains that they don't have my DD info so that's why I haven't been paid for my shops in March. I explained that I had trouble getting paid because I signed up during the EIN transition and decided to not get... Continue Reading

Trendsource Paid in 24 hours...

I submitted my final report to Trendsource yesterday, the 18th. The money was in my account today:) I love Trendsource!... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for this company??? They want $7.50 for a background check, and insist that you have a EIN. Has anyone worked for them and are they on the up & up???? I haven't run into this before.... Continue Reading

Trendsource dinged my pay :(

I did a shop for Trendsource that required oodles of very specific photos (you know the pizza ones) and I just realized they docked me $1 because they said it was submitted late. I did the pizza delivery shop at around 7 in the evening, started on the form... Continue Reading

Trendsource PN

Has anyone noticed a real difference in the jobs they get based on being "admitted" to their Premier Network?... Continue Reading

MSI Trendsource - picky 12am requirement

Trendsource has a strict 12 hours or midnight of same day whichever is EALIER requirement for shop report submissions. If you submit your shops late, you get penalized with deductions on your shop fees. I have no problem with penalty system since its clearly listed on the guidelines. Nor... Continue Reading


Does anyone notice how much narrative Trendsource makes you fill out for a $10 job? At least Bestmark pays just as much and their narratives are a lot less. I've done 3 jobs for Trendsource (audit, retail, etc) and all three have left me unpleasantly surprised at the... Continue Reading

TrendSource EIN

Help! I did one job for TrendSource and thought my social security was the EIN. Apparently not. I am scheduled for two jobs this week, but there is no way I am applying for this number. Am I out of luck?... Continue Reading

Shady request from Trendsource

First off, I send my resume to an ad for a front desk job and received and email back from Trendsource about secret shopping. I thought that was a little weird but then reasoned that maybe they were looking for someone with a certain skill set and used that ad... Continue Reading

Trendsource Customer Intercept shops

Just saying none of these are being picked up here, for a good reason. You have to have $200 cash in your pocket to give out to people who do the survey, then print out surveys, etc. But also, I would like to do some of their audits... Continue Reading

Trendsource Customer Intercept shops

They advertise this as $20/hr/ You need to do a meat/seafood customer intercept, meaning you ask people to fill out a survey and pay them $2. You have to have $200 cash on you to do this. 3-6 hr shifts and you must turn in 75 customer surveys. ... Continue Reading

MSI Services Inc

I did a search and didn't see them, so I apologize if this is a duplicate post. Anyone have any feedback on these guys? I applied for a shop on 5/25 and it hasn't been approved or declined yet. Just wondering if this is another Helion type deal where you never... Continue Reading

TrendSource Payment May 5

I did my last two shops for TS/MSI at the end of April. I was assured by Trendsouce that I would be paid on May 5th. I did not file an EIN with them. I haven't been paid as of today! Their website says that if the 5th falls on a... Continue Reading

Trendsource responds: here is why an EIN is necessary and will be with all msc's soon

As I suspected, it has to do with the gov't and coming state and federal regulations and them going the length to make sure they can't classify IC's and employees. Here is what they say(The part of Congress trying repeal section 530 of a law in effect since 1978 is... Continue Reading

Trendsource ein enforcement

Ok the EIN deadline has now come and gone. still get the same job offers. Anyone hear anything.... Continue Reading

Trendsource April shops paid May 5

I am most likely not going to get an EIN for Trendsource. If I complete a pizza shop the last week of April (to be paid May 5th) will I need a EIN since the payment is in May or will I be fine since the shop was performed in... Continue Reading

trendsource rejection

How do you know if shop was rejected by this company? Do they send you an e-mail?... Continue Reading

Trend Source reschedule

I need to reschedule all of my shops for this weekend (4), due to a family member that passed away. Are they generally good about these type of situations? It was a lot of money for me :-/ I hate thinking about money and shops right now, but I need to... Continue Reading


THey don't answer e-mails--they don't pay they say I have not sent in documentation to work in the US--I am a naturalized citizen-----don't bother with them.... Continue Reading

TRENDSOURCE: Let's stick together and boycott their shop bids!!!

Let's say no and not accept any shops requiring bidding. This escpecially applies to their WHOLEsome green logo supermarket chain, who's shops generally get snapped up quickly. Shoppers need to send out a hard message that we won't bid against each other for shops... Happy Weekend to all.... Continue Reading

EIN for Trendsource

Is Trendsource now requiring an EIN? When I logged in just now I had a message at the top saying they still need an EIN from me. This is the first I've heard it mentioned by them and can't find anything on the site about it being required.... Continue Reading

Trendsource Pizza Sho

Hi Everyone: I have a pizza shop with Trendsoure. Whats the secrete to success with this one.. thanks :)... Continue Reading

Trendsource website problems

Anyone else having trouble getting onto their site? I need to make a couple of calls to make appointments for some inspections I picked up last night. I'm afraid the system will kick them out of my assignments if I'm not able to make a phone call attempt.... Continue Reading

Trend Source Reports

I noticed I won't meet the 12 am deadline for my reporting. Are they very picky about that? I forgot how extra long and detailed these 3 reports I have to do are :(... Continue Reading

trendsource chicken audits

worth it? or no... says 25 questions but "only 20-30 min"... Continue Reading


Did a shop for them on 11/5, paid on 11/7. Gotta love it.... Continue Reading

Trend Source fee for a shop.

I finally found a shop in my area I have wanted to do. Has to do with an insurance-type program for which Federal compliance is very important. I saw the pay ($30 or $35) and thought, why not. Then I looked at the detail. 90 minutes at the... Continue Reading

I 'fired' Trendsource

I know Trendsource is a favorite of many, but I just deactivated them. When I signed up I gave them everything they wanted. Then give us your SSN, then give us the copy of your DL#, then you can't accept before you read this crap, after you read... Continue Reading

"OOPs we have encountered a problem" on Trendsource

Is anyone else getting that error message when they enter a report? I've been trying since last night to enter the same report and keep getting that message.... Continue Reading


Anyone do any of the audit shops for Trendsource? They seem to want you to make several phone calls during the course of the audit and take pictures too.... Continue Reading


I read some of the posts and agree that they are pushing too far. I have been involved in Mystery Shopping for over twenty years and resent their suddenly changing their rules.... Continue Reading


Is this a reputable company? I hadn't applied to them, but just got an email saying they were interested in using me for grocery store shops in my area. I am new to the game, so I'm just wondering what you all can tell me about this company.... Continue Reading


Is this the right website for them: They said they would only contact me if they have a need for a fieldworker in my area. The email I got said that they would contact me on an as needed basis. I know people have said they perform background checks at Trendsource. Filling out... Continue Reading

TrendSource finally forced the issue of the background check

Not doing it. BV/On Sites were a nice gravy train while they lasted, but there is not a credit reporting/background check company on Earth that I trust, least of all Experian. No mystery shopping company needs that level of detail about me, sorry-much less my $8.... Continue Reading

PREFERED SHOPPER STATUS: Who else has it aside from Trendsource??

Trendsource( has a Preferred Shopper status enabling you to self schedule most ( but not all) shops in addition to other benefits. You can qualify after completing 5 shops, switching to direct deposit and passing a quiz. Do any other ms companies have such a program??? And is Trendsource's really that... Continue Reading

integrity consultants or trend source

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

I totally *heart* TrendSource

You talk about reliable payment like clockwork. They pay on the 5th and 20th, the following Monday if date is on weekend. Shopped a big box on Sunday, 3/6 around 3 pm CT. They were issuing payments on Monday-checked my MS bank account and was shocked to see it paid.... Continue Reading

Trendsource background check...

I see we have to complete 3 sections to shop, and pay $7.83 to get a background check. Has anyone done this, I'm very hesitate, after working so long, to now require this tells me they have had problems with shoppers, and we now pay the price. I am... Continue Reading

Enquiring about Trendsource

Hi there Does any of you have experience, good or bad with Trendsource? I just got a ton of shop offers in my inbox from them and thought I d better check them out before I commit. Thanks for your input.... Continue Reading

Trendsource I'm not initially impressed

I signed up at at some point but hadn't heard anything from them. The other day I received an e-mail saying they had a sandwich shop in my area and went on to explain the details. The hours in which the shop must be done, what must be ordered and... Continue Reading

Trendsource....I miss them

I miss working for these guys. Extraordinary firm with superb people. I really miss them!!!... Continue Reading

Who is MSI Services Inc?

Anyone know who they are? I have obviously done MS for them, but I dont have them listed as MSI. I got a direct deposit from them, but cant figure out who they are.... Continue Reading

New Home page for Trendsource.

Anyone like the new page. There is a survey on the site, just wandering what everyone thinks.... Continue Reading

TRENDSOURCE FEEDBACK: Business Verification Shops??

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Question about TrendSource

I have heard positive things about TrendSource but how do you get assignments. I have signed up as a Field Agent but I do not see a Job Board. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks, Lisa... Continue Reading

Trendsource becoming aggressive in flagging issues

Is it just me or is Trendsource becoming a lot more of a hassle to deal with in terms of what they flag as issues as of late? There are things I have put into my reports that I feel have been crystal clear, yet they seem to... Continue Reading

Trendsource aka MSI

I have been signed up with MSI for years and finally have gotten some very rewarding shops. I applied for direct deposit and am now on self assign status which is SO much better than before. It doesn't take more than a couple seconds to apply for DD. They have... Continue Reading


Has this happened to anyone. I been working with Trendsource for almost 2 years on their grocery store. They informed me that I was revealed as a mystery shopper at one of the locations. Due to this, they had to remove all mystery shops from me and... Continue Reading

I think Trendsource lost a client

they've had for years. It was actually my very first shop. They haven't put May's shops for this client on the board yet so I'm wondering if they lost them. Or the client is sort of having troubles so maybe they just gave up shopping.... Continue Reading

Trend Source

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

TrendSource website down?

Is anyone else having problems accessing their site? I haven't been on for a few days. Was there a scheduled maintainence announcement recently? I get a broken link error every time I try it.... Continue Reading


Is it my imagination or do these people have some of the nitpickiest QC editors in the world. I am reading their "Issues" that they sent me, and I have to go back and tell them things like: "The answer to this question is already in my narrative three different time, explianed... Continue Reading

Printer Audits for Trendsource

I accepted one of the printer audits, against my better judgment. I don't trust Trendsource very much. They remind me of Market Force in many ways, so I am a little leery of them. Has anyone ever done one? I took a look at the form... Continue Reading

Business Verifications for Trendsource

Has anyone done them? They sound so simple, but as usual Trendsource has 50 pages of information and 10 notations on receipts, etc. and I'm wondering if it's worth the $17.00. I am someone who won't touch a shop for less than $10, and even those I'm very... Continue Reading

Trend Source?

Can anyone tell me if all of the hoops Trend Source is making me jump through is worth it? I am taking quizzes, sending photo ID, and more. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Bad experience with Trend Source...beware

I got contacted by this firm to make Business evaluations and reveal myself at the end of the shop. This was ok. I took my car, had it checked and everything looked smooth. They had assigned a $35 for the shop. My problem was with the paperwork. They asked... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of TrendSource

I stopped doing these for Trendsource a long time ago when I found the other MSCs that do the same audits for the same clients with the same reports for nearly twice the pay, AND they reimburse for parking, which (Source). November 19, 2014

Trendsource is also fussy that you make the initial call and follow up calls within certain periods -even if the hours don't make sense. (Source). November 19, 2014

I note that on the form to TrendSource. (Source). November 19, 2014

Trendsource has always paid a minimal fee if the company declined the visit. (Source). November 19, 2014

TrendSource and Marketforce. (Source). November 18, 2014

Is there some place in Trendsource where you can restrict the mileage for the jobs sent? (Source). November 18, 2014

... but have you ever (rare) have one refused by the company (not Trendsource). (Source). November 18, 2014

I noted that and the project again was put on hold until the correct address was posted. The ones that I do, TrendSource insists that an appointment must be made. (Source). November 18, 2014

All defeats the purpose but it does happen, rarely. Trend source will NOT go to bat and help. (Source). November 18, 2014

I avoided answering my phone all day. But then in a moment of weakness I let Nancy from Trendsource talk me into a dreaded grocery shop. (Source). November 17, 2014