Mystique Shopper- Payment Issues?

Has anyone had any payment issues with Mystique Shopper, LLC? The main contact with this company listed on another forum that they are very prompt with payment yet has been acting on the contrary with regard to both communication and payment. Any other possible points of contact other than John? The phone call method doesn't seem to work, along with email.

Anyone have an alternative?

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I've had to request payment multiple times. In the beginning, John resolved the issue immediately. Lately, he stopped responding to my requests. The only way to get a response was to reply to a shop email stating that I wouldn't take any more shops until I was paid for the previous ones. At that point, I received an email from John with an apology and the explanation that he thought he had paid me already, followed shortly by payment. Either he's very forgetful or keeps poor records. Either way, that doesn't fit with my business model.

Go ahead, ask me to violate an ICA. I won't do it, and the MSCs that read the board will know not to hire you, since you can't be trusted.
@Minnie You've actually given me a pretty good idea with that! Thank you for that. I only have one invoice outstanding and its with these folks. I'm glad that I haven't accepted any other work and having to owed a greater deal of money.

Given the reputations of other companies not paying shoppers, I am baffled as to why companies in 2012 still want to play the game of non-communication and non-pay to shoppers.
I have had payment issues on jobs I recently completed for Mystique. I've called twice and emailed twice. I have gotten no response. Jobs completed at the end of October have not been paid as of today. Not sure what this is about.
I have only had payment issues with one company, and that's Mystique. On one occasion, I waited 6 months for payment. In my experience with Mystique (for which I no longer do any work), the only solution is to repeatedly email John. He apologizes, he makes one or two out of four or five payments, then stops responding. Then further emails lead to further apologies and more payments. Eventually, you'll get your money. Or at least I eventually got mine. But in the end, I probably put as much effort and more time in the follow-up than I did in the shop visits and reports themselves. I am still owed some bonus money from shops I completed in March, but I have written that off... just as I have written off Mystique Shopper.

There are so many threads about their poor payment performance that I don't think our situations are isolated. This is just a theory, but it seemed like John would respond only when there were new jobs posted on Mystique's job board. Then for months, while there were no jobs posted, I wouldn't hear back from him. Then, suddenly he would respond just when new jobs were posted. Perhaps they either have a cash flow problem at Mystique. Or maybe so many shoppers have dropped them, he needs to redeem himself each time he has visits to schedule...
Did one job for them a few years ago, and that was that. Getting paid from Mystique was the biggest tug of war I've had with ANY company, and that includes slow payers like Service Impressions, Goodwin, etc.
One shop and that's all it took not to do anything for them. He had a million excuses as to why I didn't get payment including a "Car accident".
The good news is: (1) I've only done one shop for Mystique.
(2) I will do no more.

The bad news is: (1) I have yet to be paid for this one assignment completed in Oct., 2012
(2) I've had no response to emails requesting payment, even with the threat of contacting the BBB.
(3) I wish I had read these forum warnings before I ever signed up for any shop with Mystique.

Time to scratch Mystique from the list....any other advice on how to get paid by them???
I completed my first shop for Mystique in November, and got good feedback. However, I have not been paid. I've called once and emailed twice. I have gotten no response.
I had to chase them for 4 payments for almost a year but did get paid. I performed the shops because I had to park my car in Boston anyway, but they don't do them anymore.
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