Has anyone worked for this company? Got a email to do a home mortgage shop to be done over the phone or by email for $150.00. Sounded very simple. But is it one of those (Sounds to good to be true but probly isnt!)

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I saw that one and wondered as well. I haven't worked for them for several years since they got into the electronics store debacle and this pays more than those, so I'm puzzled. When it indicates that your credit score will not be harmed it makes me wonder if they are creating a persona for you. There have been some mortgage shop situations shoppers have done that were not outrageous and paid well. I just don't know if this is one of them.
I dont see how your credit could not be harmed if they have to pull your credit history up. What are they going to do, get intouch with the credit bureau's and tell them they made a mistake! I think NOT. I dont fell very cozy with this one.
There have been shops in the past that created a persona for the shopper to 'be' with its own identifiers. I don't know how they do it.
Charlene, I haven't worked for GfK in a while. A few years ago, I worked for them enough to generate 1099s. They were a solid company, good communication, and paid timely. I would not hesitate to work with them again if they had shops in my area that appealed to me.
marijaldm Wrote:
> Anytime you have a credit inquiry your credit
> rating is affected.

Not always. There are "hard" pulls and "soft" pulls. But you are right about instances like these -- they're hard pulls.
I have just finished two walk-in type Bank shops and they seem fine. Higher pay than usual but the scheduler was friendly and helped with a situation. Excellent communication from them.

I just applied also for the $150 so I will let everyone know how it turns out. They mention that the credit check is a *soft* pull and will not affect your credit. I have applied for real mortgages in the past and have not suffered in the credit rating so we will see.
Yes, please let us know how it went. Hate for you to a guinie pig for us. (oh, dont think I spelled that right, oh well this isn't a report(:. Good luck lbarlbar!
Charlene Wrote:
> Yes, please let us know how it went. Hate for you
> to a guinie pig for us. (oh, dont think I spelled
> that right, oh well this isn't a report(:. Good
> luck lbarlbar!

Sorry I have no info as they marked my application *invalid*. Probably due to my age and the fact that I am not employed. (66 y.o.) Would have enjoyed this because it is the type of work I did for a major bank before I retired.
Oh, thats o.k. I know how it feels to be turned down. I am only 52 y.o. and can't even do a well known retail shop because I am 2 years older than what they want, but buy clothes there every now and then. I'm a small person who can still shop in the junior section. Actually, thats all I can shop for 5'6/120pds. I can understand about the age issue of course because alot of companies are looking for the age they need as I mentioned in my situation, but I don't understand the Retired issue. So sorry they could not explain why you were turned down. Something new will come your way!
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