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"Dudes" burger shops gone?

I have completed many of the dudes burger shops for Market Force with hefty bonuses in the past. I didn't do much shopping over the summer as I was caring for my grandchildren (which is much more fun) and since I've been logging back into the MF site, there... Continue Reading

McDonald's "fries with that" combos

I don't know if this is a national campaign or just in our area, but McDonald's has had a summer promotion going where you can get a sandwich and small fries for $2.50. Among the choices is the filet-o-fish sandwich. Earlier this week, I was doing a McDonald's shop and... Continue Reading

Photo audits - fast food

I have never done a photo audit. I've seen a few listed before, but have always hesitated because they sound like you need to go back a few times to get them done. I just saw a simpler shop though that sounds like it's just taking the pictures... Continue Reading

A Certain Fast Food Certification Test

I have been mystery shopping sporadically over the years for fun. But, this is the first time I have posted to the forum. There is one particular MSC that offers Fast food shops that require the shopper to read a manual and pass a certification test. So, without naming names,... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shop Certification

Hi, I have been mystery shopping sporadically over the years for fun. But, this is the first time I have posted to the forum. There is one particular MSC that offers Fast food shops that require the shopper to read a manual and pass a certification test. So, without naming... Continue Reading

Fast food special order shop

The guidelines state to order a certain size drink and fries but nothing about sandwich. I thought three items must always be purchased. Is this a new type of shop or a poorly worded cpi... Continue Reading

Habit Burger

I just discovered Habit Burger. Does anyone know what company does their mystery shops?... Continue Reading

Panera Bread Fast Food Shop

Hi All, I am a fairly new shopper. I've been doing this for about 2 months now but have completed my 100th shop! Not bad for a rookie, huh... Well, I just need some advice on a Panera Bread Shop that I picked up. I attempted to perform it last... Continue Reading

For all you McDonald's shoppers...

It seems like a lot of you love performing the FF shops through various MSCs. And there seems to be very strict ordering requirements. Just to throw a monkey wrench into the situation, McDonald's has a secret menu. I don't eat FF and now I really know why. ... Continue Reading

Smash Burger??

Has any one done a Smash Burger Shop. It Pays $4, reimbursement up to $10. According to the e-mail it can be done between 12 PM and 8 PM. However according to the web site it says The Visit may not take place between 02:01 PM and 06:29 PM. So I... Continue Reading


Because we need another McD's thread!!... Continue Reading

McDonald's shop

I've done a bunch of these shops but this is the first time it did not come out right. I placed my order and specifically asked for medium drink and fries. The gal repeated my order. I paid for my order. When I received my order, it was a... Continue Reading

Arrrrgghhh. Another one: McDonalds shop quotes "food reimursment cost of $28" that you will NEVER be able to achieve. Deceptive.

Happens all the time. "Dinner up to $100!!!" (but what you are allowed to order will never pass $35.) And another one now- a McDonald's Happy Meal shop that quotes "up to $28" in food reimbursement- but two happy meals at McDonalds will be less than $10.00 Who... Continue Reading

Mcdonalds Shop Report Rejected

I dont know how to react. I arrived and immediately noticed a stray dog on the property. It was very hot outside and I felt sorry for the dog. When i got in the drive thru line the dog actually came up to the passenger window. I opened the door... Continue Reading

McDonald's Screening Questions

I just thought I'd check out what the questions were for this time around. Apparently I answered 1 question wrong & now they have disappeared from my list. What can I do? Or do I just have to wait until August?... Continue Reading


I'm out of town and just did a BurgerFi shop for the first time. I found the burgers to be better than Five Guys, and the fries were very similar (my kids liked Five Guys fries better). Reimbursement was $15 plus $8 pay. Prices were similar to... Continue Reading

Best companies besides MF for fast food shops?

So as I mentioned in another thread, I got the boot from MF and am now missing all the fast food shops I used to do at lunch. Can anyone point me in the right direction for other mystery shopping companies that have fast food shops? Rather than... Continue Reading

McDonalds- Mints & dining room coffee refills

They had someone cleaning the dining room during my entire visit. Then the store manager came around and offered to refill everyones coffee in the dining room and asked how the meal was and then left mints on the tables. I have never had this treatment before. I was not singled... Continue Reading

SMASHBURGER:How is the report???

How is the Smashburger report for both the dine in and take out shops please??? Months back somebody said it was quite long.. And what is required to purchase for the $14.00 total fee/ reimbursement please?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

McDonald's - “Ask, Ask, Tell,” & "Bun Toasting, Burger Searing"

McDonald's has a new program that I'm sure will add many extra questions to the already long survey: [QUOTE] “Ask, Ask, Tell,” is being rolled out at restaurants elsewhere around the country. It will be implemented nationwide later in the summer, according to a company spokeswoman. Order takers now must repeat the entire... Continue Reading

New Workers at McDonalds

This would be a interesting location to shop. Continue Reading

Mcdonalds report

on the report it says: if you ordered McNuggets choose the chicken or fish category. Are they afraid people with list it as 'other' food item because its not really chicken and they have to actually be told to consider it to be chicken?... Continue Reading

Fast food "delivery truck audits"

Are they worth it or are they the IKEA of the fast food world? It would be nice if you could do a few a day on a route but it's hard to tell if that's possible based on just the PPT they send out.... Continue Reading

Any idea for next round of Burger King?

I screwed up and clicked the wrong dang button so I'm blocked from doing any Burger Kings until the next round. Any idea how long that might be?... Continue Reading

MSC that specialize in fast food

Does anyone know of any good companies that specialize in fast food, and restaurants?... Continue Reading

Something "disgusting" in my burger...

Not trying to be mean because I do love their Quarter Pounders (a LOT) but the last two locations I did, one far away from the other, both had this marble, rock thing in the burger, like tiny b-b's. (maybe fat marbles, yuck!!) I am not sure I want to... Continue Reading

Which companies do fast food shops?

I haven't seen any fast food shops. Which companies do a lot of them?... Continue Reading

McDonald's marketing madness- Hamburglar returns.

McDonald's marketing is downright confusing. They are practically saying the existing burgers are sub par by offering edible burgers and charging more for them. Now they want to scare the children with this image: [img][/img] It makes me think that they have hired Don Draper from "Mad Men" to do the marketing. Continue Reading

McDonalds vs. Five Guys in the News ... They should ask shoppers

Who better to ask than mystery shoppers who have shopped both McDonald's and Five Guys. I like McDonald's for breakfast. I prefer Five Guys' burgers. If I could change anything about McDonald's it would be the taste of their fries and food. McDonald's in crisis: can it fight off the Five... Continue Reading

McD's new Sirloin Third Pound burger - Doubt it will be shopped at $5

McDonald’s Launching Line Of Bigger Burgers For A Limited Time [img][/img] [QUOTE] In the latest in a series of changes announced by McDonald’s as it tries to win its way back into the hearts and mouths of consumers, the chain is launching a line of larger burgers starting later this month, for a... Continue Reading

How many times a day/week do you get called to do a Mcdonalds shop?

Ok so I havent done a McDonalds shop in years but suddenly I started getting calls from China....about 2 times a day offering me McDonalds Shops...What is the most you have been offered and paid to do one?? My offer s up to 60. I told them I would consider it... Continue Reading

BurgerFi vs 5 Guys - Who is copying who?

I shopped for the first time and they are so close to 5 Guys that if I closed my eyes I could barely tell the difference between the fries or the burger. Both use the same cut fries and cook in 100% peanut oil. BurgerFi chooses to cook them... Continue Reading

Fast food shops returned, closed stores reducing payment

Ive done 8 fast food shops. 5 of the places were closed. My shops were excepted then Of course I didn't get the $1 reimbursement (rightfully) But after a few days I noticed my $5 was reduced to $3 because they were closed permanently. Has anyone else had this happen?... Continue Reading

Cop Claims McDonald’s Served Him Toxic Tea

"The tea tasted like toilet bowl cleaner." Most of us have had fast food that didn’t taste so great, but we don’t end up in the hospital because we unwittingly ingested a McDonald’s iced tea containing heavy-duty degreaser. That’s the allegation being made by a police officer in Indianapolis who says a... Continue Reading

McDonald's Receipt Question

These instructions are contradictory: ***NEW***IMPORTANT UPDATES! 1. We will no longer accept shops with small or large drinks or fries ordered. If asked, you need to specify a MEDIUM drink and fries to have a valid shop. If you are offered a large for no additional cost, it is OK to accept... Continue Reading

New CEO at McDonalds may drop mystery shop program

The new CEO at McDonalds comes to the job from running operations overseas. The new CEO has pushed McDonalds in the direction of customer surveys as a better way to conduct market research, especially if the customer uses a smartphone. As the transition occurs, look for McDonald's to drop the... Continue Reading

McDonald's employee completely trashes restaurant...

Imagine doing a MS and standing in line when this happens. I'd not want to write that report. [url=]Start Your Week With This Video Of Fired McDonald’s Employee Trashing Kitchen By Chris Morran February 9, 2015 trashedmcdonaldsAre you unhappy to be back at work after the weekend? Do you dream of running... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello Fast Food Audits

Insula Research previously conducted the fast food pricing audits. They were bought out by Mystery Researchers, who was quickly bought out by Beyond Hello. Sadly, Beyond Hello sent out an email with the new pricing audit shops, and they have dropped the commission to $8 each (down from $11 when Insula... Continue Reading

Driver Ticketed For Eating McDonald’s While Driving

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Tips for McDonald's shops for new shoppers

McDonald's shops once intimidated me, a few months ago when I was new to shopping. Now I laugh at myself, they seem so simple. But I had to learn how to do them, or miss out on the big bonuses ($80 now, in my case). I made many mistakes, but... Continue Reading

McDonalds - Drive thru or dining first?

I apologize if this has been asked-I did do a search on the forum. Does one need to do the drive-thru visit before the dining room visit? The reason I ask is I could have sworn the certification video stated to do the drive thru first, but I cannot find... Continue Reading

McDonald's bulk powdered coffee creamer - Yuck!

There is a McDonald's owner near me that found a way to make the coffee undrinkable. They ask how many creamers and sugars you want and then they have a sugar and powdered non dairy creamer dispenser attached to the wall. It is clear with round cylinders to hold the powdered... Continue Reading

Late night McDonalds shops

I see a few of these on the job board for $25 but the shop must be done between 11pm and 4am. Anyone have experience with these? I don't mind doing a late-night drive thru but I'm reluctant to sit inside the dining area at 11pm. If it's just a... Continue Reading

Stick with the burger!

I did a 5g shop (seriously I signed up for a bunch of these...regretting it!) and to change it up I opted for a hot dog today...OMG SO SALTY! I think I will be sticking with the burgers going forward. Has anyone else done the hot dog? Am I doing... Continue Reading

Elevation Burger

Anybody know if the same company does these shops? I haven't seem them listed for a while.... Continue Reading

BREAKFAST BEATDOWN… Hungry Women TEAR UP McDONALD’S After They Were Late for Breakfast Menu (Video)

The women tore up the place and beat a patron with a broomstick. (Warning on Language and Violence) Late for the McGriddles– Two Philly women were upset when they missed the breakfast cutoff at a local McDonalds. [IMG][/IMG] Having crawled out of bed just a bit too late, two women were... Continue Reading

SMASHBURGER The report is now shorter!!!!

Looks like somebody from [i][/i] actually read the recent comments about the excessive Smashburger shops and now the shops have been shortened!!! "The Wheel that Squeaks get the Oil" definitely applies here and anybody who posted on this topic should thank themselves... Have not done one myself yet, how... Continue Reading

Five Guys vs Smashburger Shop

I did my first smashburger shop today after doing more than I care to count Five Guys shops. I figured I would give it a shot since I am trying out some different networks. I look at those two as direct competitors, and I would therefore think they would price... Continue Reading

Dear McDonald’s: If People Are Asking “What’s In Your Burger?” You’ve Already Lost [IMG][/IMG] Unless you’ve completely managed to avoid live TV in the last week, you’ve probably seen the McDonald’s ad with footage from its public “question box,” where regular consumers ask the fast food company embarrassing questions. McDonald’s intends to use these ads as a platform for bringing the truth to the... Continue Reading

Losing it at a McDonald's in Abilene Right Now

Ever get upset during a shop about something you've seen? Right now I am in Abilene at a McDonald's. The TV is turned up loud. It is tuned to FOX News. Shepard Smith is telling us about a man in Iraq or Syria that is stoning to death his own daughter.... Continue Reading

Cinnabon at Burger King

Someone is looking for photos of the POP for their Cinnabon treats and you have to order at least one of them. I wonder if you have to taste them and comment on their quality. I recall trying them a long time ago. I did not care much for the... Continue Reading

Did market force drop a fast food shop

Some time ago I took the test and missed two questions and was told could not do the test again for 365 days. The jobs are not on my search for jobs. just wondering if they are still doing the jobs and i am blocked... Continue Reading

Consumerist:Why Are Fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes Getting Slower?

Full report: Consumerist: DL;DR [IMG][/IMG] Whether you call them fast food joints or “quick service restaurants,” the underlying concept is the same: speed. So why, in an age when everything else is getting faster, are drive-thru wait times getting longer? This is according to QSR Magazine’s annual Drive-Thru Performance Study, which looks at speed,... Continue Reading


Hi, I can't access the guidelines as I already sumitted the job. Does one have to stay inside 15 total, or 15 after receiving the order?... Continue Reading

New Mcdonald's shops

Who is doing the new Mcd shops. (From a different MSC not their regular one) You have to buy 8 breakfast items for a 25 dollar reimbursement. and the shop must be completed before 9am. You get a big shop fee of 5 dollars!!! I know everyone is jumping to do these.... Continue Reading

Five Guys Alternatives to Burgers

The grilled cheese is amazing! I have never had it wasn't in the mood for a burger today. I may never eat a burger there again. Just a PSA for those of you who are tired of the burgers. =)... Continue Reading

McDonald's Shop Receipt

During a shop today, I paid the cashier in the DT lane. She asked if I wanted my receipt, and I said I did. Would you say that: a. I was given a receipt without asking? or b. I was given a receipt, but had to ask for it?... Continue Reading

One thing I don't like about McDonald's shops

I don't like the television being on. I am right now inside a McDonalds and Fox News is talking about beheadings and ISIS and on and on. Other McDonald's always have CNN on. I feel that I am being besieged by the drive-by media. I don't like the people who... Continue Reading

McDonald's Dress Code

I thought I read about this somewhere but cannot find it. In my area, unless you go into fast food shops in jeans, you look very much out of place. I have been wearing dockers and a nice shirt but am the only one dressed like that in the... Continue Reading

Lawsuit: Woman bit McDonald's worker's nametag in her spuds

All I could think of when I read this story is how I'd answer the survey questions. As there is no narrative for this question, This would be the only feedback option :) Looked greasy or limp: No Were not hot: Yes Were too crunchy: Yes Were not salted: Yes Had an off flavor: Yes STATEN... Continue Reading

Suugest More Fast Food Shop Companies, Please

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Mcdonald's sign comes crashing down

Mcdonald's sign comes crashing down on cars waiting in the drive-thru today.....good reason to go inside and not outside. If this happened while on a shop, would of been your issue to deal with. Wonder if they would of extended your shop deadline. [img][/img] WEATHERFORD, Okla. – Two McDonald’s customers in Weatherford were taken to the... Continue Reading

Shopping Wendy's and McDonald's this Thursday

Anyone else have shops on Thursday? That's the day of the big protest where some groups say they are going to participate in civil disobedience to trigger arrests. I'm not sure I want to be in the middle of that but then I say I should not be... Continue Reading

5 Guys Burger Shops

OK, I searched and didn't find any direct feedback to my question. Is this job worth it? Are there timings? Lots of observations? Is it difficult? Are you allowed to bring a guest? TY for your feedback.... Continue Reading

Fast Casual Burger Takeout Scenario

I did the fast casual burger joint tonight as a phone-in. My instructions stated that dine-in was not required, but if you chose to dine-in, you'd have to remain in the restaurant for 15 minutes. I chose not to, since it wasn't required. I was there six minutes. I just entered... Continue Reading

Are Fast Food Shops considered the same as Fast Casual?

I clearly see they are named differently but are they both considered FAST FOOD? You cannot perform two FAST FOOD shops in the same meal period but can you do a FAST FOOD and a FAST CASUAL in the same meal period? Thank you in advance for any... Continue Reading

Difference between Fast Food and Fast Casual?

Does anyone know what the difference is--or can you tell me the name of the restaurants for one of the big MSC? I am guessing the FF is McDonalds or similar but what is fast casual??... Continue Reading

McDonald's. did I mess up?

After doing a 5 Guys on the wrong day, I was so careful with my next shop, a McDonalds. I was pretty sure I did it perfectly. I read the completed report 4 or 5 times before I sent it. I did not receive any email stating my shop... Continue Reading

Mcdonald's giving customers timers; if dont get food in 1 min; free food

In a test program underway at McDonald's, customers are given timers at the drive-thru—and a promise that their order will be ready within 60 seconds or they get free food during a future purchase. Continue Reading

Is a McDonalds' shop worth it?

I've never done one, always been too afraid of the intimidating timings, etc., but they are starring to get interesting end of the month bonuses. Advice, please? thanks.... Continue Reading

Smashburger shop problems-MSC Not responding

Hello, I went to do a smashburger shop today. I arrived and the store was closed for "construction" despite the fact that it looked like it was more of a training day...still strange. I left and immediately called and left a vm for the scheduler asking for a call back.... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever done the Burger King Attack Zone Shop?

Hey, I wondered if anyone has done the Burger King Attack Zone Shop? I call it that because it's in the instructions to view the "Attack Zone." Is this a new kind of BK shop? I was hesitant because they used to have the one where you used an App (I... Continue Reading

My fav fast food place

Finally! Wendy's just came on board! I got an email but I lost my passcode so now I am twiddling me thumbs until I can find some around here.... Continue Reading

Whatabout Whataburger?

Did I read that they aren't being shopped anymore? I sure don't see them with the MS company that used to do them. I miss my burgers...has any other company picked them up? If so, I'll start looking.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Chicken shops

What company offers fast food Chicken shops?... Continue Reading

You know you have shopped too much fast food when ...

... my daughter told our friends that they were building a new McDonalds "so that Daddy could work there." (subsequent visit with friends to explain that I will not actually be flipping burgers) :)... Continue Reading

Fast Food Menu Pictures

Has anyone been successful at doing the fast food menu pictures? I tried doing this yesterday and was scolded by an employee! I don't know how to get the pictures clearly without anyone seeing you do it. Any pointers?... Continue Reading

All alone at McDonald's

I did the walk-in part first. One other customer in front of me, but he got his order to go. I had the dining room to myself for 20 minutes. At 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday. I know it's Memorial Day weekend, but I had never seen a McDonald's this empty. Ate... Continue Reading

McDonald's instructions

This is a ridiculous question, I know. But . . . I accepted a last-minute shop for excellent pay and now my word processing program won't open the damned instructions. I'm hoping someone here has done one this month. All I need to know is if the accepted menu items... Continue Reading

Be aware of fast food shops the 15th of May

Just a heads up. The some of the fast food workers ( and activists) are planning a strike for May 15th. It seems to be mostly bigger markets. They are asking for $15.00 an hour and a union. What a world. It wasn't much but an inconvenience when they did... Continue Reading

$75 Burger King Truck Audits

Has anyone done these? I can't figure out whether or not they're worth it.... Continue Reading

{Edited} McDonald's timings (Do not reveal MSC clients)

Can someone please explain to me in English The exact timing points with McDonald's XXXXXXX shop. Exactly when to start timing went to stop. Through the drive-through and walk. I have the form from XXXx but for some reason it just doesn't sink in. BS specific as you can please.... Continue Reading

Odd Guys Certification - NO MORE BURGERS FOR ME :(

So I flunked the Odd Guys certification test. I can't retake this test for 365 days. This means 365 days of no deliciously greasy burgers, fries, etc. Sure, my cholesterol will go down but so will my happiness. Le sigh.... Continue Reading

Rating the Burger Joints

I finally conducted my first Fatburger shop yesterday. I've never been there before. I cannot say I was impressed. But when I did the first few Five Guys, I thought they were terrible too. So, I'm doing another Fatburger in a couple of weeks to see... Continue Reading

How tough are McDonalds shops?

I am thinking of doing some McDonalds shops but given some of the comments I've seen they scare me. I do 1-5 shops per week at other restaurants, pizza, grocery store and that kind of thing. How hard are these to do? From what I read you... Continue Reading

McDonald's shop missing

I don't see any McD shops for Feb or Mar with the big MSC. Am I just anxious to eat unhealthy food or have things changed?... Continue Reading

fast food shop closed because of bad weather night before

Went to do this fast food shop it was some distance arrived and sign on door closed 6 pm because of weather The storm was Wednesday. I called the mystery shop company and she wanted me to go back another day Shouldn't I get paid for this trip... Continue Reading

Comparing two hamburger joints

One of the MSC's had over 600 shops in a 99 mile radius. They were shops that you visit two different fast food places and compare them. They were on there yesterday, now they are all gone. Any body know what happened?... Continue Reading

McDonald's Shop Question

I've been doing McD Shops for several years, but I had a situation come up today and I would like opinions about this, The Guidelines are very specific that you are to go alone. I went alone, I completed the drive-thru and entered in to do the walk-in. After... Continue Reading

McDonalds bonus alert!

The arches shops are bonued by 50 cents! Grab them before they're all gone! (Please note that this message contains sarcasm which may not be suitable for all viewers.)... Continue Reading

the odd guys burger store

I just got an email from the MS that shops this company. They asked me if as a new shopper I had ever worked or knew anyone that worked for this company. It said that they know the question on the survery was asked but integrity is important. I've never... Continue Reading

New burger shop requirements

I just got a call from a scheduler for one of those burger shops, you know - for the chain that is owned by a small odd-numbered group of gentlemen? It was for this weekend and I had some things going on, but since it was decently bonused,... Continue Reading

Post about McDonalds Shop

Wow I didn't know so many people in America were so judge mental to others. Yesterday, I posted where would I find McDonald shops? So many people were so negative towards this question. I apologize for posing it at all. I actually didn't know you could not tell others this... Continue Reading

McDonalds Shops

Who does the McDonalds shops which... Continue Reading

Where oh where are the basketball burgers and hedgehogs?

Forgive me if this has been discussed. I've been out for a week on vacay and haven't logged onto any job boards. So tonight I'm scheduling my trip next week, looked on the job board and no fast casual in that area. I thought it was odd... Continue Reading

McDonald's stole my gloves!

I did a McDonald's shop today, and left my gloves there. I called later and asked if they had found my gloves. The person who answered the phone said he'd check and asked if he could put me on hiold for a few minutes, so I said sure. He put me... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shops in California and Colorado

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

My fast food experience (Not a shop)

I pull up to the drive through and pay for my order. The cashier tell me the total and takes the order for the car behind me. When she is finished taking their order she says "Y'all can't go home and cook?" to no one in particular. I smile,... Continue Reading

Taco Bell audits

Dang it, I got the pictures of them all wrong. The way I read the guideline I understood you have to take the picture of the oreder area from the front of the store. Intead it is always from the side, not from the entrance in the front. Most of my... Continue Reading

Burger King and Checkers

Anyone know which companies have the Burger King or Checkers account? Whole Foods? Other chain restaurants? Thanks! I withdraw the question. Sorry fellow shoppers!... Continue Reading

McDonald new questions

There are 3 new questions in the McDonald report. 2 of them are ok, they want to know the register number, but the third one kinda puzzled me. Do you own a smartphone?... Continue Reading

Toybox Fast Food Shops

Did they leave their long-time client for another? I can no longer find them under the usual MSC.... Continue Reading

Sign at McDonalds

Seen behind the counter at McDonalds this afternoon: "We still haven't been shopped . . . so be nice!" Glad they need a reason!... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shop please help!!

Good morning all, I did a fast food shop this morning and ordinarily the shop requires that you dine in and drive thru, but this location was at a mall and there is no drive thru. The system won't let me move past the drive thru portion even though I keep... Continue Reading

Fast food menu options

Do the order options for the fast food shops ever change? Just curious. I've only been doing this since January, but I've done tons of McDonalds, Sonic, etc. shops and wondered if they ever add to the items we are allowed to order. They have some stuff... Continue Reading

Did anyone have any problems with the fast food strike?

I myself am working from home today, but has anyone had any problems or heard any reactions from the people striking outside of fast food restaurants?... Continue Reading

Taking pics inside a fast food restaurant-Tips needed!

On a recent shop I was required to take a pic of the condiment bar in a casual restaurant up close. This proved to be impossible. There was an employee cleaning it up, restocking, etc for the entire 35 minutes I was there. I had thought I would just carry... Continue Reading

"Red Pigtails Girl" Fast food - travel center. Ripoff?

I did a drive-thru and dine-in shop for this yesterday with a $12 reimbursement requiring two combo meals. I was livid to see that NONE of the combos of any size were under $6 after tax! There were even two that were 5.89 and 5.99 but this doesn't cover tax.... Continue Reading

Revealed Fast Food

I did an reveal evaluation at a fast food today and took the results in to discuss with a supervisor. The outcome of the evaluation was good. Well, the supervisor had high volume. She said, "Thanks girls, we just passed a mystery shop." Yikes, the whole restaurant looked at me.... Continue Reading

Rude Mcdonald's employee

I had a McDs shops this morning and encountered a very rude employee behind the counter. She wasn't rude to me directly but was extremely snide to other customers and was basically tossing food onto trays. An older gentlemen simply asked for his coffee and she snapped "I'll... Continue Reading

Is Taco Bell shopped?

I know MSC names can't be mentioned, but just wondering if "The Bell" is ever shopped? Boy, I'd love to shop the one near me. The WORST customer service on the planet, has to be.... Continue Reading

McDonald's Survey

I noticed a survey offer on the back of a McDonald's receipt the other day. It says if you complete the survey you have a chance of winning $1,000.00. Do you think they could be trying this out to replace their mystery shops? Please don't mention the... Continue Reading

ways to make the taco bell the best

I'm just an employee looking to help the taxi bell I am a cashier 4 the best? Anywhere I can get some advice,suggestion.s ideas ,help from,...Please n I'm dead serious.Please... Continue Reading

The Taco Bell PR Disaster - An opportunity for us all

Making its way across Facebook and late night comedy shows over the past 24 hours is the Public Relations melt down disaster for Taco Bell. A few of their employees posted gross photos of themselves licking Taco Shells and posting them on social media and its all gone viral. Click... Continue Reading

Why would a fast food restaurant no longer show up?

I used to do a lot of shops for THE fast food company; the one with the drive-thru and walk-in. Last August I had several shops set up and the MSC sent me an e-mail that all had been cancelled. After that, I know longer received the availability... Continue Reading

Insula fast food

Read the guidelines. Not getting it. How do you take a pic of the menuboard without being seen? How many prices do you need to get? Thanks.... Continue Reading

market force fast food shop

I brought my two kids with me (9 and 7) to do a "enjoy that classic taste" shop this morning because of circumstances out of my control. It is my first shop for market force and I thought that was one of the rules I read about but couldn't find... Continue Reading

McDonald's shop went way, way south

As I was driving up to this store, in a less than optimal part of town, I glanced at the drive-in line just in time to see a manager and a passenger in a car get in each other's face. So, carry on. I get in the long drive-in line. We're... Continue Reading

MSC for casual dining and fast food?

I know it depends on the area and we can't name specific restaurants and MSC, but are there any that are known for having casual dining and/or fast food shops? Thank you for any help!... Continue Reading

Timing goal on fast food shop?

Just wondering if anyone knows what timing MSCs or clients are looking for on the "golden arches" walk-in. My last one took TWO minutes from the time I walked up to the counter until I had the food in my hand. On the report, I was asked "what... Continue Reading

Jake's Wayback Burgers

Anybody know if this is shopped? I know we can't mention the MSC if it is but just knowing it's out there will help. They're usually a stop for me when I'm doing my routes and if I can shop them too that'd help.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shops

I never had one, but I am thinking about picking some up. Are they easy? What times do you need to record? Is it best to do these shops with a digital watch, cell phone, or dvr? Thanks, Vicky C... Continue Reading

Burger King?

I got cold called by a major MSC (who left a VM) asking if I'd do a BK shop in my area tonight or tomorrow. This was strange for two reasons: 1. I didn't even know BK was shopped. I searched for the exact phrase here and found... Continue Reading

"bird" burger shop

This is my first post here so forgive me if this violates t.o.s. I recently say a dinner shop for the burger restaurant with a bird in its name for reimbursement only. I was wondering how difficult this shop is and how long the report was. I... Continue Reading


Completed a smashburger shop and there is soooo much work for being reimbursed only $10 and being paid $6. I find the chain restaurants that give $35-$40 reimbursement even easier than this!... Continue Reading

does anyone know what is up with Fast Food Shops and Market Force

I am not seeing any of the usual Fast Food shops offered by Market Force. Usually at the beginning of the month there are lots of them because they are still paying only $7.50. Did they loose the contract with that large company? If so, how got the contract?... Continue Reading

Every freaking McDonald's in the World offer

I got an email from Samantha earlier today, offering a FF shop. Haven't had their French Fries in a while (which I love) so I said yes. Less than 10 minutes I got a call from you know who. More FF shops. I was feeling generous, so I said I'd take... Continue Reading

fast food clown shops

I see they offered a 4 dollar bonus and then there is a sentence that says "limit 2". I'm just wandering who got in and started being greedy. LOL... Continue Reading

Fast Food Mystery Shops? (In Canada)

Hi there! I just recently decided to look into doing some mystery shops after my friend told me about some. I know he does a lot of mystery shops at car dealerships looking at new vehicles and he said they pay pretty well. I was just wondering if there are any fast food... Continue Reading

Lesson Learned on fast food shops

Hi all. I just started doing this about two weeks ago. So far I have earned almost $300 in shop fees, bonuses and reimbursements. I accepted a bunch of fast food shops the first couple of days I started. Rookie mistake. I scheduled like 8 different fast food shops. Today... Continue Reading

Marketforce Fast Food shops

When I log into Jobslinger I see mystery shops for local fast food shops in my area. Sometimes I wouldn't mind doing one when out and about. I log into my account and there are none listed, I go to outside my area and put in another neearby city and still... Continue Reading

Who shops McDonalds now?

Ok, so I know I will get a ton of haters talking about confidentially agreements but.... I use to do a lot of McDonalds for the company that use to do it. I would like to do them again, if you are the scheduler for this company please private message... Continue Reading

Gapbuster - Fast Food Burger Certification Test

Hi everyone. I have tried every conceivable combination of answers for these tests and have failed every time. I think some of the questions are ambiguous to say the least. I was wondering what if I am missing something? Has anyone else had problems with them? Thanks Rogo... Continue Reading

Is Taco Bell shopped anymore?

Just curious... Continue Reading

5 Guys Burgers and Fries shops

[... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shops

Can anyone tell what companies shop the big fast food chains? no client names are necessary. ... Continue Reading


:)... Continue Reading

Three minute burger.....

I received my grilled burger in under 3 minutes;however, I did not recieve a greeting, napkin, straw, receipt,thank you, or the small hot fudge sundae I ordered. My special request was cheese. I was told that the burger came with cheese.... Continue Reading

I would actually love a Fast Food shop today...

I'm going to be out and about for my day job, and would love to find a ff shop. Craving junk food for some reason! Guess I've been eating too healthily lately.... Too bad it's rarely possible to snag a specific shop on the fly. I actually am not expecting... Continue Reading

Fast Food Drive thru & Dine In

Hi, Just starting out here and considering some shops for a Fast food place that requires both a Drive thru shop and Dine In shop in the same meal time. I can't see the specifics without accepting it first. The question is how can I order from the drive thru... Continue Reading

How do you stay a mystery on this fast food shop?

Has any one done the new Jack in the Box shops? You are required to go in first and then the drive-thru to order just tacos. It is usually the same person taking orders at both places and more than once has the person said something like, "Oh, I just... Continue Reading

Fast food menu pictures

Thought this would be a easy one did about 6 . Do they understand that you are at a drive threw with cars in front and behind and cameras ? And its raining and the menu board is wet so... I am supposed to tell them on the speaker that... Continue Reading

Market Force and fast food

MF has fast food shops available for $5 and $5+ for food. Recently they allowed more than one shop in the same meal period. Now, they have changed it to one shop per meal period. So, I leave my home, travel to the closest town for $5. I don't think so! There are not... Continue Reading

Fast food shop within a convenience store

Hey, I recently did a fast food shop attached to a convenience store and my report was invalid because it said I did not check the bathroom. Problem was, in this location, the bathroom was clearly in the convenience store and not in the fast food section. I looked for the bathroom... Continue Reading

fast food price checks I did a fast food price check once (fast and easy!) and they freaked out when they saw me taking a picture. Looks like it happened to someone else. I wonder what the big problem is.... Continue Reading

Has anyone done a fast food shop ...

and when you arrive at the location you notice that it has been orange stickered by the Department of Health? It happened to me today =). I also looked through the window and there was nothing there except the counters and walls.... Continue Reading

mcdonald's walk-in portion

i have been wondering about how long you have to stay in the restaurant for the walk-in portion. i know the directions say a minimum of 15 minutes. i have always stayed 15 minutes AFTER receiving my order. but then i started wondering if the timing should... Continue Reading

I would like to be a Mystery Shopper for McDonalds

I have been a Mystery Shopper for the Hardee's stores until they stopped that! I know how to go in the store and order then I pay attention to the store for cleaness, friendly, quickly serving and how nice they may be. I enjoy meeting people and seeing how clean the... Continue Reading

Sonic Burger Shops

EDITED: ICA Violation...... Continue Reading

So, your fries were lukewarm and limp at the McDonald's...

How do you rate your satisfaction? For me, it's an automatic "unacceptable" if the fries or sandwich is inedible, or if the soda is improperly mixed. I can handle a lukewarm sandwich, but if the fries aren't hot and crisp, they're vile. I can't drink a soda... Continue Reading

McDonald's Shop for April

Are you guys still seeing McDonald's Shop for the month of April? I haven't seen any on my "Shop Request" area. I wonder if I did something wrong ;/... Continue Reading

Taco Bell

Does anyone know what company does Taco Bell?... Continue Reading

Are 5 Guys Burgers and Fries Franchises?

There are several in my general area (50 mile radius). These are all always on the site to shop. However the one right in my neighborhood, that I did a few times a year or so ago, has not ever been back. This makes me wonder if they are franchises... Continue Reading


Just received a notice today that Remaining mcdonalds shops will be bonused. This whole time I thought another company did them. Question: Are they not doing mcdonalds shops on the east coast? I've never seen one posted.... Continue Reading

What fast food location (or MSC provider) has the most abundant shop locations and frequency of shops?

I'm sharing & looking for the most insanely abundant fast food or quick food shops that you have so many of, you don't know what to do with. Many of you should know this one: $7, burgers, Almost every single location in the U.S., 2-8 lunches and 2-8 dinner shops, and 1-2... Continue Reading

Where did the McDonald shops go?

McD's was a dependable job for me for years. I haven't found a shop for them in months. Any clues ro where they went, or did they just quit the MS scene?... Continue Reading

Insula calls me on the phone, assigns me a fast food shop without my permission, and then tells me that I'm late, threatening to remove me from the database for lack of timely completion; and I've never even worked with them yet.

I suddenly receive a phone call from Insula Research which interrupts my busy day. The shop recruiter doesn't even speak understandable english, nor can he adequately understand me. Approximately one-half of every sentence is incommunicable both ways. He then assigns me a fast food shop that needs... Continue Reading

FIVE GUYS BURGERS: Shop feedback please

I already shop for their msc, but wondered if this shop is worth it or not. Friend of mine have raved about how good the food is otherwise I was leary a first about eating there. Many Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.... Continue Reading

Fast food shop question...

The fun fast food shop that requires a drive thru and sit down also states that it reimburses $20 for purchases. So I can buy a couple extra items and they'll cover it? Probably a stupid question but hey, that's why I'm here :o)... Continue Reading

5 Guys Burgers and Fries shops

I am going on a small road trip to visit a friend that messed up her knee and ankle in a motorcycle accident. She is close to a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Has anyone done this shop by the company that does the golden arches and also has mc... Continue Reading

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Does anyone know if they're still shopped? They used to be offered monthly but I don't know if they changed companies or they just stopped using shoppers.... Continue Reading


Does anybody know what company does mystery shops for Smashburgers in Illinois?... Continue Reading

MFI Fast Casual vs. Fast Food

MFI has a restriction in bold red on each shop stating that two Fast Food shops may not be done on the same day for the same meal period (e.g. you can't do a McDowell's at the beginning of the lunch period then go to the next McDowell's a couple... Continue Reading

ARE THEY SHOPPED?: BGR The Burger Joint and The Noodle House

Anybody ever shopped at either BGR The Burger Joint or another chain known as The Noodle House??? Many Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shops?????

Hi Folks, I am in my first month of mystery shopping. I have a time getting everything right on Fast Food Shops. I have done cell phone shops, bank, theater, retail shops, compliance shops, fine dining shops and have no problem. Does anyone have any helpful pointers in... Continue Reading

McDonald's: do you have to do the drive-thru first?

I've always done the drive-thru first, and then the dining room. Are we REQUIRED to do drive-thru first? It would appear less obvious to do the dining room first. I'm doing one tonight so I'd like to know. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Why call a hamburger a hamburger

when there is no ham in them?... Continue Reading

Market Force - no [fast food] shops anymore?

Since I've been reading others' accounts of a recent fast food restaurant's shops, it can't be that MF lost the contract with them, which I was wondering. I'd done probably 20 assignments...all accepted just fine...and then POOF...none has been available on my list of assignments available for a month... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shop Question

I was reading over a Fast Food shop that I was considering, and it is confusing because it says it is "dine in only", but I'm to take photos of the food before eating it with a camera and not a camera phone. Ok, that is fine but if... Continue Reading

Taco Bell REVEALED Audit

Has anyone ever done these. I have two to do this weekend for a company I have not yet worked for and they will not send me my info until 24hrs before? I like to read and prepare ahead of time so I am comfortable but this company works differently.... Continue Reading

Geez, Burger King really should consider a more complete shopping program.

In the three hours I have been sitting here: a manager (with a family of three children sitting in the dining room) yelled "Well F**k him, he can go f**k himself" a customer is at the register right now and the girl who is supposed to be taking the order is sitting... Continue Reading

fast food

Does any one know what company has the Burger King account?... Continue Reading


I used to shop McDonalds but have forgotten which company it is. Does any one know?... Continue Reading

burger king

Please give me a hint at who does Burger King. WOW51... Continue Reading

Fast Food Question added for Dec

I was submitting my fast food shop and this was at the end. What are the top 3 things listed below that would make conducting a ____________ mysteryshop more appealing to you? There was a list of all the reasons that I do not shop without the bonus. Too funny.... Continue Reading

Posting in Fast Food restaurant

Tonight I did the famous arch shop. I waited in the drive thru for 10 minutes and then had to go inside. When I went inside, I saw it printed on the wall, "If you work on the shift that is mystery shopped and fails you will be... Continue Reading

Fast Food Stories

I did one yesterday and was in the drive through line 12 minutes for 4 cars! My chicken was cold and french fries piping hot???? What's up with that? It's usually the other way around if they aren't both hot. Then I went inside and figured out... Continue Reading

fast food screening questions

I realize there is more than one company that has fast food with golden arches. I do more shops for the one and they have screening questions before taking a shop. If you pass the screening questions you can accept a shop. Do you all see a screening question asking... Continue Reading

Timing with a audio recorder (McDonalds)

I do quite a few shops for McDonalds and I tried a technique today on another FF shop that seemed to work. Since McD is so time crucial I thought I would run it by here. When I get to the line/counter I slip my hand part way into my... Continue Reading

Questions with the fast food shop.

At the end of the questionaire, they ask did you conduct "Fast food name" for MSC during XXXX or XXXX years. I thought we weren't supposed ot reveal who we shop for. Makes me say hmmm.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shops and Restaurant shop

Can someone tell me other than McDonalds and Five Guys, since I can not work for the company that does them for reasons they will not say despite doing about 300 shops for them in the past, can anyone confirm if places like Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, and the Olive... Continue Reading

McDonald's & Five-Guys & Papa John's - Oh My

Good morning to all you new and older shoppers out there in Mystery Shopper land. I have been doing this for about 2 months and find it quite interesting, challenging and filling (food wise). Are there any places to go for other fast food or casual food besides the three I already... Continue Reading

Fast Food Shoppers Please Read....

Happened to be up @ 3a.m. Decided to click on one of my favorites to review my gas shops for the day. Found a new round of fast food shops had hit - Snagged 5. I enjoy these as a lunch break between other shops. Did the Review Client Requirements section short... Continue Reading

Looking for someone who has done fast foods for GAP.

I just submitted the results of my first shop for Gapbuster. It was a 2 part fast food. I uploaded one receipt, but then could not find anywhere to upload the second receipt. I have done tons of these shops for another MSP that loads the receipts separately, but this... Continue Reading

Fast food shop question

Hi Gang, I am brand new to all of this and have a lot of quetions. Here is my first one. I have a fast food shop tomorrow where I need to shop both the drive-thru and then go inside and shop the dine-in also. I need to shop both at the... Continue Reading

Certain royal fast food chain

I have never found out what company holds this client, but if I did, the closest one to my house would definately get a thumbs down. For ages I have wanted to know who the hell manages this client, so I could report them. I cannot explain how poorly run... Continue Reading

Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King

Does anyone know which MSC do these restaurants? I am sick of going to McDonalds all the time.... Continue Reading

Timing of fast food shops

Does anyone have a trick out there for keeping track of the timing of fast food shops? The shops require so much documented timing but I find it difficult. I obviously cannot have a stopwatch nor can I write anything down without looking obvious. Anyone have any tricks of the... Continue Reading

Hamburger shops

Does anyone know the new MSP for FIVE GUYS? They don't use their former MSP anymore.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Price Audits?

I'm referring to ones that want you to take a picture of the menu board at the drive-thru. Any hints on how to be discreet when the camera is on you, and how to get a good picture? Depending on the angle of the sun, mine seem to be washed... Continue Reading

Restaurant Shops (not fast food)

What company has regular restaurant shops? The companies I am signed up with seem to only have fast food restaurant shops.... Continue Reading

Martiz Research-Fast Food shops

Does anyone know if Martiz still has the **** [fast food] shops? I haven't seen any since the first of the year.... Continue Reading

Fast Food Menu Board Price Audits 20,000 Shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Discussions of Fast Food

that has worked the kitchen of many very upscale places and this is where some of the back of the house does things that are extreme code violations that even fast food does not do. (Source). August 31, 2015

Hence, I do not perform any FF shops.[/quote] My comments on non-compliance that can lead to food poisoning can relate to any and all restaurants.... Not just fast food. (Source). August 31, 2015

But this is a fast food and drive thru of a fast food at that, so I think Austinmom is on target that asking for anything not advertised as part of the item is a 'no no' though if (Source). August 31, 2015

One thing that's learned is that the client absolutely wants you to get items "as-is," when ordering. This is different from the other MSC fast food clients, as they allow you to accept upsells such as larger sizes and "add-on's" such as lemon wedges. (Source). August 31, 2015

The burger shop I think I got identified at, for MarketForce, seems to be adept at spotting people from what I've read here. (Source). August 30, 2015

You normally won't find anyone dressing up to go look for cars, apartments or new homes. We also have general retail and fast food so shorts are not out of the question. (Source). August 30, 2015

I'm not sure if I've ever been figured out, though I suspect I was at a simple burger shop. (Source). August 30, 2015

Two train shops, a hotel, a high end breakfast, a movie studio tour, coffee and a burger, and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. (Source). August 30, 2015

It is now the opposite answer that it has been for years because the question is worded differently. I almost goofed a fast food report yesterday because the final question, which has always been a yes is now a definite NO. (Source). August 29, 2015

I have completed many of the dudes burger shops for Market Force with hefty bonuses in the past. (Source). August 29, 2015