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Pizza Shop

Does Intellishop have a new pizza client, with only 1 photo required now?... Continue Reading

Mutilated Pizza, again

Well, I just got an email for the mutilated pizza shop from one of the "Big Ten" MSC companies. They have not been the one doing them in this area. This one reimburses for one pizza up to $25, and no fee. Frankly, I don't usually work for food. Definately... Continue Reading

Pizza Shop bonus...Im so tired of Pizza

Is anyone else tired of pizza?? I have been doing so many lately (there seem to be only a few shoppers who do these in my area) Should I ask for a bigger bonus ??? I usually get $20.00 and they are easy...if I ask for more would that be... Continue Reading


I performed a highly bonused PJ's shop around 6:15 PM tonight. I have not worked for this MSC/client in years. The guidelines say that the deadline is 12 hours. Unfortunately I am not feeling well - fever and upset stomach - making it quite difficult to work... Continue Reading

Upside Down Pizza

I remember a discussion about this at some time in the past, but can't recall whether there is a solution that does not lead to the loss of a pie or at least everything on top of it. I suppose it is possible if you are at home to... Continue Reading

MSC Employee asks Papa John's Manager Why They Out Shoppers

This is interesting. A Papa John's manager conducted an ask-me-anything session on reddit six months ago. An MSC employee working for the MSC that had the Papa John's shops at the time, asked a question that's been asked here before. (bgriffin and Sybil2 didn't like the image posted on the forum,... Continue Reading

New MSC for Pizza (cutting) Shop offers Reimbursement only!!!

Just saw some recent postings on the slinger site. Looks like another MSC has the pizza account. No fee, reimbursement only.... Continue Reading

Pizza shop

The shop is call in, carryout. When I called the establishment, the employee instructed me to go online and order because they are offering a promotion for getting a free pizza. I referred back to the shop, it didn't say DO NOT order online, so I followed the instruction of... Continue Reading

ID'ed by Papa Johns

Totally baffled how Papa Johns ID'ed me but I received an email from the MSC saying I am banned from their assignments because I was ID'ed. I had completed two delivery shops in two separate cities. There was barely any narrative and it was just pics. I... Continue Reading

Papa John's - Identified as a Shopper

Sooooo, I applied to do a simple, 1 photo shop today at a Papa John's 1/2 mile away from my home. I have done carry-out and delivery there once a month or so for the past 5 months for this MSC. Today, the scheduler tells me they know... Continue Reading

Well it finally happened and I got rejected from a pizza Shop

Everyone has written about being rejected from a Papa Johns Pizza picture shop. I have done dozens of them and was never rejected but tonight they finally did it. Said the cut side was not up! What difference would that make. First they... Continue Reading

Sooo, those pizza pics

I've done 4 of these with no problems. Today though, I forgot to turn off the time stamp until I was almost done taking pics. It was a double assignment too. Am I screwed? Not that it would make a difference to them, but the reason I forgot was that... Continue Reading

Papa John's -- only 2 photos of pizza!

Been doing Papa John's for quite a few months. The kids likes to the pizza. Picked up an assignment for tonight. Just checked the instructions and only required to take 2 top view of pizza plus for receipts.....but just 2 pizza photos. WOW!... Continue Reading

Kids pizza place

I havenít posted for a while, but I am always stocking the forum! My Engine blew up so now I am limited to what shops I can take. And did you see the funeral shops are now down to $4.00? WHAT???? So I never take reimbursement only shops... Continue Reading

papa john's shops

have these infuriated anyone else? the photo requirements seem so nit picky to me.... Continue Reading

Papa John's Survey -- "FREE Pizza Opportunity for Papa Reward Members!"

Just received an email from Papa John's, inviting me (and millions of others signed up for coupon codes/news) an opportunity to get free pizza for providing valuable feedback. I clicked the link, and it directs to the main MSC's page, detailing instructions. No photos needed, no mutilation, just short feedback about... Continue Reading

Second-To-None wants to know why we don't like their pizza shops

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Dreaded Pizza Shops

I took the summer off and I'm ready to get back in the swing of things. I have a question about the infamous shops that seem to be offered by 4 or 5 companies right now. Anyone had problems with the shops being rejected from companies other than NSS?... Continue Reading

For Pizza!!

Hi everyone. I started mystery shopping about 4 years ago just to get free pizzas. Lately, I've been expanding my interest in the shopping world and have been doing at least one a week. I think there could be some serious benefits as far as taxes are... Continue Reading

Photo of the brownie, but not the pizza?

Hmmm. Really, no pizza photos? You have to email the photo of the brownie and the receipt to the scheduler, too. The email also says the shop must be in Cleveland and then lists my city at the bottom. Is this legit? Has anyone done this one?... Continue Reading

Pizza pictures

I bet this information is somewhere in the forum but I haven't been able to find it. Apologies in advance I've done sevreral pizza shops where I have to photograph the pizza from different angles with an ID card next to it. When I do the side view I... Continue Reading

Pizza bottoms

I apologize if someone has already started a thread on this, but I just had to get feedback. I did a shop last night at a new pizza place in town and part of the guidelines required me to take a picture of the entire pizza bottom. The hard part is... Continue Reading

are imax and shop snd papa johns easy shops

are they easy shops... Continue Reading

Rejected Shops: PAPA JOHNS

The only shop I have ever had rejected was for Papa Johns. I decided this week to take them on again- month end and quarter end bonus, a new MSC and I figured its been over a year and I would prove it to myself that I could do... Continue Reading

What Pizza Chain Is Your Fave?

I see all these posts regarding the Papa John's pizza shops ragging on the poor quality of the pizza. Amongst the national brands that offer delivery in my area Papa John's has the best quality, selection, value, taste and customer service. Mystery shopping aside, where do you go for pizza for... Continue Reading

Papa Johns have been through most of the MSC's!!

They are like bad pennies...I see now a new company is "offering" them......... Continue Reading

Has anyone tried this recipe for leftover pizza frittata?

Has anyone tried this recipe for leftover pizza frittata? I thought it might be a good idea for forum members to use up all that pizza after pictures are taken. http://www.food.com/recipe/leftover-pizza-frittata-using-leftover-pizza-433837... Continue Reading

Market Force pizza shops?

Has anyone seen the pizza shops in the last couple weeks? The pizza shops that it seems most people despise. I recently started getting emails from yet another company for them......."Yummy pizza" in the email title.....with NO FEE...LOL.... Continue Reading

Papa Johns Alert -- some locations not giving cash back

If you happen on to a carry out, not delivery shop of which there are some.... there is now a trend to not give cash back for any in store carry outs. So be prepared with proper cash. Strange policy but seems to be more and more common.... Continue Reading

Blaze Pizza Shops- Are you KIDDING?!?!?!?

The company who handles these shops has changed the requirements and the reimbursement. My husband likes their pizza and I am not a fan of pizza (I know, LOL), so I have been doing them every couple of months and taking him with me. The shops are VERY... Continue Reading

Yet another company attempts to recruit for the mangled pizza shop

The mangled/mutilated pizza shop is now with the 4th company that I am aware of, and this MSC offers no fee, just reimbursement! Good luck!... Continue Reading

Pizza, liquor store, and churches

Depending on your area, the common thread is: What is located on every corner.... Continue Reading

How to handle Papa Johns Specials

PJ has a special that fits the required order plus it totals less and includes a soda. It is stupid to not take the deal. I have found myself insisting on paying more for less and sounding like a dingdong. Anyone know if it's ok to take... Continue Reading

Bill's Pizza in IL

Has anyone ever done the Bill'sPizza Shop in IL? I have a dining room w/bar visit. Has anyone ever did the bar part alone (while waiting for a guest) and then moved on to the restaurant with a guest? Or do you have to go with a guest to the bar and then... Continue Reading

Papa John's discussions -- combined threads

I did a PJ shop yesterday and got notice today that it was rejected with no specific details on what was wrong. I am shocked. I have done about 10 of these shops with no problems in the last 2 months. I have not been able to... Continue Reading

Question about pizza shops on National Shopping Service.

When I look at the list of the pizza shops for NSS, the titles all say delivery. Marketforce does these also, and at some point, when the shop has been listed there for awhile, they change it to delivery/carryout. Does NSS do the same thing? I don't live in a... Continue Reading

Sandwiched Pizza

OK I just accepted a pizza shop that usually requires a bunch of photos, which has been annoying but usually it bonus' pretty well since people freak about the amount of required photos. I just accepted it today (nice bonus) and was reading through the instructions....well they got rid of... Continue Reading

Papa John's strange report question

I was filling out a PJ report and answered "NO" to the question about whether or not promos were mentioned at the beginning of the call. I received an error which stated that, "At this location the answer to Q3 MUST be YES". Never had this happen before as I... Continue Reading

Hate to admit it....but the "pizzazz" seems to be gone for me...

I've been shopping for quite a while and have soooooooo enjoyed a lot of it. The challenge of seeing how many I could do, how much I could make...etc....but.....shrinking fees, irritable schedulers and just plain mean reviewers have taken a lot of that away. The "older/nicer" people seem... Continue Reading

Papa John's rotation

I've been missing my PJ since they are no longer with a certain company. I am seeing them with 2 different companies currently. Not doing them for no fee and rarely see them with the company that starts with the same fee as the company that no longer has them.... Continue Reading

How to take pictures of Dominos pizza

Anyone notice on the Domino's pizza boxes they now print right on there how to take the pictures of their pizza? It reads: "You were about to instagram this, weren't you? Here's how to capture the best picture:" 1) Lift Lid and hold your device approx 1 box above the pizza 2) Use soft, natural... Continue Reading

Pizza shop from Trendsource

Are the pizza shops no longer shopped by Trendsource. They are not my favorite pizza but they make a great lunch when in a hurry. I have not seen them on their shop site.... Continue Reading

Papa Johns pay submission

For Papa Johns shops with one of the large companies, I am finding difficuly in choosing which pizza to order. The shop allows for reimbursement of 1 large pizza up to $18.00. I almost always order a special that allows for two pizzas for $19, Large pizza, breadsticks and chicken... Continue Reading

Mangeled pizza

Has anyone seen the Mangled pizza shop from the company that pays a shopper fee as well as the cost of the pizza. I not seen it and my pizza inventory is running low.... Continue Reading

Boston Pizza

Is anyone accepting these assignments that are now only offering half of the required purchase amount? It used to pay the full amount of the meal and even then I was out the tip.... Continue Reading

Pizza Oven Audits

There is one along one of my regular routes. Pay is $35. Is it worth it? What the heck do you do in the place for an hour?... Continue Reading

Domino's Pizza

Ever since Papa John's got away from the MSC that sometimes paid me $30 to buy the pizza, I have avoided the PJ shops. They're too much trouble for $5. Instead, I've been buying Domino's gift cards at Kroger and getting fuel points. The pizza is okay (usually) and... Continue Reading

Happy's Pizza

Does anyone know if this pizza chain is shopped? (mainly in Michigan/Ohio/Indiana but they are expanding into other territories including the Houston area)... Continue Reading

Neighbor Saw Me Photographing Pizza

So now my neighbor really thinks I'm nuts. She sees me taking zillions of pictures of the chain pizza, "posed" every which way. Just for fun, I decided to ham it up, and started talking to the pizza as if it were a runway model. "That's it baby, love... Continue Reading

Notorious pizza shop photo requirements have changed?

I got this email today: "Our photo shop Requirements have been changed! These shops are now easier than ever to complete!" advertising a shop available for self assignment for the pizza shop shopped by 3 companies (to the best of my knowledge). Have thy really changed or is this just a scheduling... Continue Reading

Eat Free Pizza in Orlando

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

pizza shop pick up

if you have a pizza shop that you pick up not delivery do you have to give a tip... Continue Reading

marketforce pizza shops

I just did my first one last night. Thought it was kind of a pain taking the required pics, but they turned out nicely and the pizza tasted great ;)..... so, of course, this morning I get the email from quality control. They are saying that my photos... Continue Reading

Domino's Pizza

I started seeing shops for Domino's from the MSC that handles another pizza chain. I think there are pictures involved. I had never seen shops for Domino's before. Can someone tell me if these are new or maybe just new to my area? I haven't taken... Continue Reading

Heavenly Pizza!

I just finished up a pizza shop where you have to put in the name of the person managed your pizza from the box label. The person who took my order over the phone was named Christina, but when it printed on the label it dropped the last 3... Continue Reading

Pizza delivery shop question

So I'm doing that pizza delivery shop where you have to take 6 photos and turn some slices upside down. Ok there may be more than one like that, this is my first. So first of all, worst of the 20 or so shops I've done so far... Continue Reading

MSI and the "new" pizza pic requirements...

anybody done one? Is it really easier or all just a "farce"...??... Continue Reading

Pizza Shop At Durham Bulls Games

I keep seeing these, and am curious as to whether anyone doing them is on the forum. I don't have any reason to take these shops unless they are nicely bonused, and would much rather leave them to folks who want the pizza and ball ticket, but I'm frequently in... Continue Reading

How long until "no news is good news" for Papa John's shop?

Just wondering about how long it takes to hear back if your photos aren't accepted and when I can quit holding my breath. lol It's been six days.......... Continue Reading

Papa John's

I might be crazy for trying it but...........any tips for a Papa John's shop?... Continue Reading

Why people don't take good pizza photos

Take a look at this photo for the infamous pizza shops...do you see anything wrong with it? [IMG]http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2130/kskq.jpg[/IMG] Unless it's my imagination I think I discovered why people get their photos rejected... This is the example photos they use on what is considered acceptable... Meanwhile if you took this picture and submitted it, it would be rejected...... Continue Reading

Pizza photo shops worth it?

Thinking of applying for one or more of these and I've never done one. I have read some not-so-great things about them, though. Any thoughts? Is it that hard to get the photos accepted?... Continue Reading

Are you sure you still want to do those pizza shops?

A pizza delivery man in Russia was caught on surveillance video eating the toppings off a customer's pizza! The clip shows the guy unzipping the bag used to keep the pizzas warm, opening the box and digging right in. http://bit.ly/119ZGzM Now you know why there are sometimes those funny looking spots on... Continue Reading

My pizza delivery guy kept the change

I did a pizza delivery shop tonight. Driver arrives with the pizza, tells me it's $11.24. I hand him a $20 and he gives me $8 back. I kind of look at him curiously and ask if he just gave himself a tip. He said no. So, (like a dope)... Continue Reading

The infamous pizza shop

An MSC called me early this week - begging me to take a shop which required photos of the pizza - six total - two from the top, two side and two with two slices turned over. I got the photos and submitted. In a matter of two... Continue Reading

Papa Johns

I'm doing my first one soon, any hints about picture taking?... Continue Reading

pizza hut store begs for perfect score...

Article on consumerist this morning showing how one pizza hut is begging for a perfect score. Not quite the same as mystery shopping, but it still does affect them the same http://consumerist.com/2013/04/23/pizza-hut-tapes-note-to-box-begging-for-perfect-survey-scores/... Continue Reading

Pizza shops can kiss my grits :)

During 2012, I did 19 pizza shops where you have to take multiple photographs of the pizza as part of the report. Out of 19 times, I never got a message that any of the photos were incorrect. I actually aggravated my kids to death because I would not let... Continue Reading

Missing the Mushroom Pizza shops

Okay is anyone still doing pizza shops at the Big Yellow Mushroom? Trying to give a big hint without naming the client just in case someone knows where they went. I was doing these regularly and have not seen them for months. So sad because I loved... Continue Reading

papa john's

I haven't done one of these in 2 years because of the mutilated pizza awful picture requirements. They keep telling me the pics are changed and easier now, is that true? thanks, Carol... Continue Reading

I sat down for some pizza tonight.....

My friend and I went to a pizza place (not a shop) and I realized, as soon as I sat down, that I would not have to: Get the names of the Servers... Check the restroom.. Check how long the pizza would take.. We enjoyed our dinner and later, as I pulled into the... Continue Reading

My shop disappeared after I completed the quiz and bought the pizza!

This is really weird. I was assigned a pizza shop for this weekend. I finished the quiz I have to do before every shop and read all the guidelines. I passed the quiz, ordered my pizza, took the photos and went to upload. The shop was... Continue Reading


Hey did a shop for a few pizza places already anyone know what companies or company has papa johnsfor a client.Please help... Continue Reading

pizza shops

Can/will someone list companies who do pizza shops....I don't remember if this is against the 'law' or not. I have done plenty for one company but, would like to try some others. If you cannot answer, just do not post. I'm not interested in the evils of my question being pointed out.... Continue Reading


Wanted to try and do a mystery shop for papa johns pizza but dont know what company or companies support papa johns. Im in the Maryland area if that changes anything. PLEASE HELP... Continue Reading

Beautiful pizza photo!

So I picked up another pizza delivery shop. I shop the same chain for two companies and chose the one I like least but has delivery in my area. My phone has a great camera and I took the photos outside in perfect natural light. I got... Continue Reading

Who does some of the big chain pizza shops.

I have been looking for some food shops in New Mexico and all I can seem to find is fast food burger joints. If anyone could try to point me in the direction of some companies that might do pizza shops it would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Trendsource Pizza Sho

Hi Everyone: I have a pizza shop with Trendsoure. Whats the secrete to success with this one.. thanks :)... Continue Reading

Pizza Shop Denied

I completed a pizza shop for National Shopping Services and they refused to pay me for it. I received a phone call from one of their representatives asking me to complete the shop the day before Thanksgiving. I took the shop and performed it the weekend after Thanksgiving.... Continue Reading

Pizza Delivery?

Does anyone have suggestions for alternate pizza delivery sites to have a pizza delivered to? I have a couple shops close by but I am out of their delivery zone.... Continue Reading


Any one know what company the are with? There were lost by the place witha few cent bonuses...... Continue Reading

Pizza Shops

I have found that you can just throw them in the freezer after the pics. Put on a pizza pan at 300 degrees and it seems great.... Continue Reading

CA. PIZZA KITCHEN: Moved to a new msc???

Just got an email for a shop at California Pizza Kitchen in one location only in southern CT. Did they switch their msc?? Or could it just be a regional or franchise shopping arrangement??? I remember seeing some scant shops for them way back only in CA for the msc... Continue Reading

Pizza mystery shop

Does anyone know who shops a pizza restaurant called Mazzi?s. I put in the question mark for one letter to protect identity. I love the restaurant and would love to shop it. :)... Continue Reading

pizza Pizza PIZZA !!!!!!!

Hey Scheduler - The way to get me to take that Papa Johns shop is NOT to inundate me with 15 or 20 emails a day. You want me to do a pizza shop? Get yourself a client that has decent pizza. Thank you.... Continue Reading

Attack of the Pizza Shops

Has anyone else received tons of emails today to do pizza shops? They are for a pizza shop I used to do for another MSP, but I have yet to do one for the MSP they are with now. I received nine all from the same scheduler earlier in the... Continue Reading

Measure Consumer/New Pizza Shops

I just received an email that Measure Consumer Perspectives would be doing pizza shops beginning 05/25/2010. I checked out the information and it does not indicate if the pizza will have to be "mangled" or not. I was wondering if anyone else knew the new shop requirements? Kinda funny... Continue Reading

McDonald's & Five-Guys & Papa John's - Oh My

Good morning to all you new and older shoppers out there in Mystery Shopper land. I have been doing this for about 2 months and find it quite interesting, challenging and filling (food wise). Are there any places to go for other fast food or casual food besides the three I already... Continue Reading

Anyone know if CoRI lost the mangled pizza?

I know that the emails I get from Cori always point out that the shop month for that pizza place starts with the last Sunday of the previous month so the pizza shops for April can start being shopped this Sunday. But they are not on the board yet. It... Continue Reading

Avoid NSS Pizza Photo Shops

This has to be the rudest company I have dealt with! A month after I send in my shop they tell me it isnt being accepted b/c of one of the photos. This is the same photo angle that has been accepted many times in the past and matches exactly... Continue Reading

Has anyone had a recent pizza shop rejected unfairly lately ?

Miffed and bewildered why a pizza shop was rejected. After doing many of shops during the past years a shop was rejected because "the picture was not correct." I say "BULL". Just wondering what percentage of shoppers jobs were rejected during this "pizza company cantract war."... Continue Reading


Has anyone else done a Pizza for National shopping service? If so have you gotten paid yet?... Continue Reading

Non Photo Pizza Shops????

Aside from Famous Famiglia which I already shopped, has anybody done any pizza shops, delivery and in stores,not requiring digital photos??? Thank You, and watch those calories!!!... Continue Reading

PIZZA HUT and SBARROS: Are they shopped??/

I have only seen Sbarros shopped as a part of a thruway rest stop-eatery assignment, but never seen it shopped in any malls. Famous Famiglia is shopped... Pizza Hut--Correct that it is only competitor shopped???? Thanks and watch those calories in these places!!!... Continue Reading

I need Pizza Hut mystery shopping company

Dear friends I live in Saudi Arabia. and I need mystery shopping companies who work in saudi arabia for Pizza Hut Mystery shopping Kindly e-mail me if any one have information Thanks e-mail :- fouad32_2000@yahoo.com Fouad ahmed... Continue Reading

Anyone done a Papa John;s Pizza shop for Corp?

I see these shops all the time, but I have read on maybe this forum or another that they are extremely picky when it comes to the photos. that they will NOT pay you at all if you get the angle wrong, etc. How hard is it to do these... Continue Reading

Discussions of Pizza Store Mystery Shopping

Lunch you order a pizza, a sandwich, an appetizer and drinks. (Source). March 31, 2015

.. The mall I went to do a shop at, the Sabarro's had been boarded up... I used to like Sabarros but once had a shop in the mall and the pizza did not taste good. (Source). March 30, 2015

Frozen pizza. (Source). March 29, 2015

I thought it was Roadside Pizza. (Source). March 28, 2015

I just send all of them (in an email) usually...never hear a peep out of them again :P I still take too many pictures of the pizza shop but I remember them asking for more pics back when you had to take multiple crust flips, side shots, top shots but recently they don't ask me for more. (Source). March 27, 2015

Any report done with this company may be seen as perfect or less-than-perfect depending on the editor. I did two pizza shop reports for them for the same location on the same date that had two separate report forms to fill out (one for a regular 1-2 topping pizza shop and one for the cheese (Source). March 27, 2015

A restricted work site which did not permit deliveries (you can't even get to the parking lots without a site pass). My house is equidistant from three pizza places, and no one deliveries to it (from the chain under discussion). (Source). March 27, 2015

They reset the order number daily. Despite all of the negative comments about the pizza (I will eat it, I am not a fan), there are clearly hundreds of people at each of the three locations who order pizza each day. (Source). March 27, 2015

Coyle does a number of more upscale kinds of dinner/bar shops. A Closer Look has pizza and a handful of other restaurant shops in the area. (Source). March 27, 2015

The pizza from this client should not even be called food. (Source). March 27, 2015