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ACPView Shops

I began taking assignments since 2017. The first year was wonderful working with Kim as the scheduler because she was professional and handled business but now its a new story. Thy have deleted jobs that were assigned and done. Not paid me for some of my routes. My best advise... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View wants ID emailed to them?

I got an email from A Customer's Point of View saying that as of March they would have to have our driver's license on file or they could not offer us shops anymore. When I emailed the person who sent the email and asked how to get them my... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View

This company has some shops that require you submit your availability and the locations you want in advance. The first time I did this, the scheduling went as planned. I did find that the scheduler would change requirements as we went along and the guidelines had a couple of contradictory... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View -- Defunct?

After reading the latest from Jacob in the Mystery Shopper Magazine about this company, I went to the website to apply. Seems I must have applied some time in the past because they already have my email address. When I tried to recover my password, I just kept getting a... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View

I applied for this company and submitted a well written writing sample. I have a decent amount of mystery shopping experience and I have never had a shop rejected. Yet, they rejected me. They said, "Thank you again for submitting an application with A Customer's Point of View. We've reviewed... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View (ACPVIEW)

Has anyone heard of this company? I haven't found anything about them on the Forum. If no one knows about them, any idea how I can go about checking them out. Any information would he greatly appreciated. Thanks!... Continue Reading

A Customers Point Of View

Does anyone have any experience with this company? I did a search and found only one brief mention of it.... Continue Reading

A Customer's Point of View

Has anyone sucessfully applied or shopped for this company? For over a year I have applied several times and it always tell me I am already on file, yet when I try to login I get: Login not found, please try again. There is no 'lost password' option. Should I... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of A Customers Point of View

Acpview has a new client in Delaware! shopper pay is $20. (Source). January 15, 2020

Register to shop at www.acpview. (Source). January 15, 2020

Acpview has mystery rides in Oceanside, CA. (Source). January 15, 2020

It's time to get back to the $$$ Acpview has mystery rider assignments in Modesto, CA Shopper pay: $25 per ride. (Source). January 15, 2020

The 10 foot rule is a good area most places can improve on. I may not want every associate nodding at me, or engaging me, but from a companies point of view, they may want to know if the level of engagement was too much or too little for your personal tastes. (Source). December 24, 2019

Acpview has transit shops available in Modesto, CA area. (Source). December 11, 2019

The pay is $15 per ride. Please email dwilson@acpview. (Source). December 11, 2019

Log in to the job board or register at www.acpview. (Source). December 09, 2019

The pay is 20 for a 15-minute ride. Bundles are available with pay up to 250.00 Seniors and Individuals with disabilities are Welcome. Register today www.acpview. (Source). December 09, 2019

Acpview has transit shops available in the Delaware area. (Source). December 09, 2019