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Advanced Feedback Fitness - video and not

Advanced feedback has some fitness shops - both video and not. I'm thinking about adding one or more to a couple of routes, but as I have neither done these shops nor any work for Advanced Feedback, I'm not sure how much time to allot for both my time... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback - pay schedule?

Does anyone know when Advanced Feedback pays? I've checked the master list and don't see them listed there.... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback?

Found this company on Craigslist. Every company I work for (so far) has been recommended to me by the coworker who got me into mystery shopping and I'm nervous about stepping out on my own. Do you know anything about these folks?... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback, Inc. New Shops & Clients on Facebook

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback, Inc MSC- WHY SO UNSERIOUS???

So I've applied more than once to this company regarding shop opportunities and have even sent multiple inquiries to "contact said MSC" without a reply. I see that they have quite a few opportunities popping up both within my coverage area as well as regions that I frequently route shop... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback, Inc. - Mystery Shopping Company

Hello Shoppers! My name is Michella Dresselhuys, I am an account manager/scheduler at Advanced Feedback, Inc, founded in 1990. We are constantly growing and always in need of new shoppers around the US. Please register with us to be added to our shopper database. We will contact you via email when new... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback

I saw something on the Job Board from this MSC. Ran a search and came up with nothing like an opinion or feedback on the company. It looks like they are offering video shops in the NW, but I have not seen anything else. Experienced shoppers please report. ... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Advanced Feedback Inc

Advanced Feedback is better than excellent. (Source). February 27, 2019

I did eight shops for Advanced Feedback this past week. (Source). February 25, 2019

Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives [B]- Superior Customer solutions[/B] - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 25, 2019

Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives - Superior Customer solutions - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 24, 2019

I've seen Japanese food/sushi shops at SPG, SeeLevel and Advanced Feedback, but SPG and Advanced Feedback may be regional chains. (Source). February 01, 2019

Advanced Feedback on Gigspot offers a number of different vendors in the Austin, TX area. (Source). August 06, 2018

Marketforce had one car wash shop in my area and I saw one the other day that was being handled by Advanced Feedback. (Source). June 24, 2018

[/quote] Advanced Feedback charges you if they have to edit out pre or post shop footage. (Source). April 27, 2018

There are also many that will issue checks for a fee. Advanced Feedback, Sentry. (Source). March 03, 2018

I have not had any problems with Advanced Feedback, although those were the only shops I've done for them so far. (Source). January 11, 2018