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Company Name Email Phone Number A Closer Look Chuck Paul (888) 446-5665 AboutFace Kathy Hall (678) 989-2290 x731 ACE Mystery Shopping Julie Simbro (866) 240-7324 Action Reaction Jackie Engholm (647) 778-6761 Affinity Brand Protection (Shoppers Confidential Inc.) 213-559-2443 x101 Affinity Brand Protection (Shoppers Confidential Inc.) 647-558-1562 x101 Agile Market Research SA de CV Adriana Roma (52) 55-5061-4924 Albatross Global Solutions Johnna Pedi (212) 247-5990 Alta360 Research Matt Dumas (419) 535-5757 Amusement Advantage, Inc. (Source). July 31, 2015