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Paltry information in Albatross/CXG postings?

I'm registered with them, but they don't really have shops in my area and I've never done one for them. But I got an email last night for a shop in a mall that I'm already planning to travel to tomorrow. This was a "respond to email with a date"... Continue Reading

Albatross CX

I have no recollection of having signed up with this MSC, but it is certainly possible. I do know I have never completed any work through those folks. Today, I received a solicitation from the company for a charity. IF it is authentic, it is my opinion that to use... Continue Reading


Hey shoppers! When you do a shop for Albatross, how long does it take to get approved? It's been six days and I'm still waiting. I've been shopping for years but I always feel relief when I see my reimbursement and fee is approved and there aren't any issues or questions... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions

I just signed up for this company that claims they do 'high end shops' - though the pay is not high end. Has anyone worked for them before? Their online platform is very weak.... Continue Reading


If you're not already signed up, you might want to. I've been signed up with them for about 100 years but never did any work for them. There was never anything in my area. Now there is, so maybe that is the case for some of you guys, too.... Continue Reading

Albatross CX is still active and hiring evaluators!

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Albatross Shopmetrics

A question for more experienced Shopmetrics users. Attempting to locate Albatross shops outside of my home geographic area results in a frustrating experience each time. As I move the map, the new shop opportunities do not populate. Searching the shop listings is sometimes not worth the time as there can be... Continue Reading

Albatross CX job application responses

Anybody else having issues with applying for jobs? I have not yet had any assigned but they sit there in the available list not taken, not assigned, and expired. Then I find declined jobs in my declined tab, that I did not apply for, and are not even in my... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions

I've been doing shops for this compnay since April and have not been paid from them. Approx $300 AUD was meant to go into my account last Friday and I am yet to receive it, though they have been telling me in very broken communication that it was already put... Continue Reading

VAT numbers Albatross CX and Coyle Hospitality

My activity as a mystery shopper is subject to VAT, so I need the address and sales tax number of the paying office for invoicing. Does anyone know the data for the European offices of Albatross CX and Coyle Hospitality?... Continue Reading

Albatross - No payment for years - any help?

I have not been paid for any of my nine shops that I've done for Albatross. These shops date back to 2015. I realized it was because I did not have a PayPal email address listed until just recently, when I realized the payment email box was empty. I have... Continue Reading

Albatross Global

Does anyone have a phone number or an email for this company, I need to contact them and have looked all over the website and can not find one. I tried the email address that is there to contact them and they either come back as undeliverable or that they do not... Continue Reading

Albatross CX- Luxury Brand Mystery Shopping Sign-Up!

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Albatross and Parking

So I accepted a last minute shop from Albatross because it was in the same area of another shop I had for Market Force. To my dismay this area charges $10 per hour for parking! Only if you have a store validate your ticket after a purchase does the ticket... Continue Reading

feedback please: Albatross CX

I signed up for this MSC and so far no reply from an email I sent. Just send them an additional msg. thru FB. Hoping they get back to be otherwise I will deactivate. Any feedback is appreciated.... Continue Reading

Albatross CX

Anyone doing shops for them in NY State? How is the experience? Schedulers communication is lacking? Payment delays? Assignment validation time frame? Any input appreciated.... Continue Reading

Albatross - Seem not to find availability

Hi, I have read the previous posts on Albatross and I am still not finding the answer. I finished the Albatross test, I am located in the US. I get e-mails referencing jobs that are close to me but once I go to the portal they are not... Continue Reading

Albatross tests...

They have many jobs I want to do but since I haven't worked for them in awhile, I now need to take a test for every job. There is no help to prepare that I can find. Who else has taken these tests and passed first time. Their system... Continue Reading

Albatross shops

I recently signed up for this company. It looks like they do a lot of upscale retail shops. I would like to do a shop for them, but I would like more information before I do. For instance, one of the shops said it's a purchase and keep. However it... Continue Reading


I went to college. I'm not dumb. But I have a really, really hard time logging into Albatross, which I just recently signed up for. I'm alone in my failures or have other people struggled with their website?... Continue Reading

Albatross did not pay

STILL MISSING PAYMENT - They do not even have a phone number where a shopper could call and ask for the status of payment. I questioned them via email about a missing payment, and they wrote back and asked why I did not submit a report. That was the end... Continue Reading

Albatross and Kailea Humphreys

Late Monday night I received an email from Kailea that they needed a shop completed the next day and there was a bonus. I had never done a shop for Albatross before. I answered the email and was surprised to get a reply right away that the shop was assigned.... Continue Reading

Payment from Albatross?

I completed a shop with Albatross a couple of weeks ago. This was my first one with them. I received a payment for the reimbursement portion of my shop. Under payment history, it still shows the shop as under review. Their payment schedule says they pay about... Continue Reading

Marianna from Albatross

I would just like to give a shout out to Marianna from Albatross. I just did my first shop for them on Friday and got paid TODAY. Not only that, but she was very responsive to my questions. I can't wait to do more shops for Albatross!... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions - we'd love to work with you!

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Albatross - What does the job entail?

I recently signed up with Albatross. When I go to their website to look for jobs I only see vague titles describing jobs and the pay rate.... but no details about what the job entails. Also, I try to filter jobs out to be in my surrounding area... Continue Reading

Albatross-Survey Under Review

Has anyone worked for Albatross? I recently did one job for them and right now in my account it says "survey under review". I sent a message to them, but am wondering if anyone else has any experience with them and what that message might mean. With... Continue Reading

Oh Where, Oh Where are my Albatross Guidelines?

I have not worked for this MSC for awhile but now I have been assigned a high-end shop purchase and keep shop. I can not find the actual guidelines anywhere. I can see a blank survey form and a required certification test but no guidelines. I took... Continue Reading

Albatross question

Is there a way to see what is involved with their shops? I see one around me but it does not give me any information about what the shop entails. I clicked all of the links that I could.... Continue Reading

Albatross spam?

Just FYI, I applied and was accepted for Albatross Global Solutions and two days later, I am receiving nothing but constant spam in my e-mail. Phony e-mail addresses and all. It had to have come from Albatross because I haven't applied or given my e-mail address to anyone... Continue Reading

Albatross Brand Brief?

I've signed up for two shops with these guys and I have completed the required certifications, but I have not yet received the "Brand Brief." Their shop shop instructions state, "Your local coordinator, after approving your visit request, will send you the questionnaire, certification and briefing material." I received the certification,... Continue Reading

Albatross! Holy cow!

11 days. Yup, you read that right. It took 11 days from my Albatross Global Solutions shop to get paid via PayPal. Wow. Incredible! Thank you!! Let's do it again!... Continue Reading

Albatross Luxury Shops

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SCAM? Your Profile - Albatross Mystery Shopper

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Albatross Global Solutions

In searching Jobslinger, I came across Albatross Global Solutions. They say they shop luxury in US, CA, and MX. Anyone heard of them or worked with them? They are not listed in the official list here.... Continue Reading


Hi there... Anyone shopping for this MSC??? Why would you need to provide a passport to shop for them? I filled out an application until I saw I would need to upload a copy of my passport, then I aborted the cause. Comments please.... Continue Reading


On the Mystery Shopping Job Board, there's a recent post by a company called Albatrossonline. I don't see them in the links at the bottom of the page. They claim MSPA membership. I was just wondering if anyone has ever shopped for them and how are they to work with?... Continue Reading

Albatross wants too much personal information !!

I saw some jobs come across my JobDinger today for Albatross. I have never worked with them. I started completing the registration process, and I was flabbergasted at the questions: "Company Name 'Required' " Uhhh, mystery shoppers are independent contractors, not companies. This company is on now my list of companies... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions

Ok, I know there is a representative from Albatross Global Solutions posting in the forum now and then but I would like to get shopper feedback. When I did a company search on the forum, the only posts I found were posted by the company representative. I just received a... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions

Has anyone done any of the luxury watch shops for this company. I'm a little concerned and before making a commitment to participate, I would like to hear from anyone that has worked with them. The scenario is to buy a watch priced near $13,000. Send them the... Continue Reading

What's up with Albatross Online??

Anyone here signed up with this company? I had never heard of them before but found a posting on the MSPA site for jobs. I went to sign up but I really dislike their sign-up form and eventually exited without completing it. They not only ask you... Continue Reading

Albatross Global Solutions

I note that a kalend has joined the forum from Albatross and is soliciting shoppers. I did a quick check and indeed there is an Albatross Global Solutions out of Shanghai, China that is mentioned in a couple of resources I check and they are members of the MSPA.... Continue Reading

Albatross, anyone????

Seems like a scam to me. *******Begin Email Coversation******* Sorry for the confusion, the email was sent out as a mass email to all US residents. The company is Albatross Global Solutions ( and we are a market research firm, and this particular project is a mystery shopping project for a luxury... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Albatross Global Solutions

.. Nevertheless, i found there were no such topics about jobs & companies in Asia. Actually, I'm living in South Korea now and there are several global companies, including IPSOS and Albatross(CXG now? (Source). June 03, 2022

Locations: Victoria BC V8Z 6E3 Ottawa ON K1N 9J7 Edmonton AB T5T 4J2 Ottawa ON K2B 8C1 Surrey BC V3R 7C1 Halifax NS B3L 4N9 Kitchener ON N2C 1X1 Dartmouth NS B3A 4N3 Québec QC G1V 2L1 Winnipeg MB R2M 5E5 Winnipeg MB R3P 2N3 Gatineau QC J8T-6G3 Orleans ON K4A 5E6 If you are interested, please send me an email at You can also sign up here: https://www.albatrossonline. (Source). January 26, 2022

Albatross has a new name as of late last year: CXG. (Source). January 09, 2022

International Service Check wont let me search outside the USA. Albatross moved and I guess lost my login info. (Source). January 08, 2022

Albatross lots of MSCs active in the UK (if you happen to be going that way), Facebook is a great place to find them (Source). January 07, 2022

Albatross/CXE has phone shops for luxury brands. (Source). December 31, 2021

Albatross has shoe shops as well. (Source). November 10, 2021

albatrossonline. (Source). October 29, 2021

albatrossonline. (Source). October 29, 2021

I have done these in the past for CSE, Intellishop, Marketforce, Ann Michaels, Ipsos, Albatross and See Level but I know there must be more. (Source). October 28, 2021