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Alta 360 Research

One of the best of the best MSCs. Pay has always been like clockwork. Special kudos To Jessica D... Continue Reading

Alta360 $8.00 Self-Storage Shops - Am I Missing Something?

I almost died laughing seeing these in my job board. I rarely login to Alta (once every four months?). I just saw some $8.00 self-storage shops and clicked on the "guide." Can't see the survey - just a two pager with broad description of the shop. ... Continue Reading

Alta360 Disbursement for July

Normally, the disbursement document is prepared on the first of the month, i.e., July shops invoiced on August 1 and paid on August 30. It's August 12 and my July shops still have not been invoiced. Anyone else? If there are others, i won't worry about it.... Continue Reading

Alta 360 helpdesk email.

Can anyone tell me the Alta 360 helpdesk email. I did 2 shops which are now in "hold fee" status. I did these two shops exactly how they wanted it (I have done a couple more of these shops without issues) and have yet to get an explanation on the... Continue Reading

Trouble logging into Alta360

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shout Out to Susie with Alta360

I've only recently started completing shops for Alta360. Susie has been so helpful with scheduling. She's awesome!... Continue Reading

GigSpot/Alta 360 HELP ASAP

Hi I have a friend who is a new shopper. She signed up for a job through GigSpot with Alta 360. She has done the shop and now cannot enter the report because when she clicks on the arrow in GigSpot it sends her to the Alta 360 login page.... Continue Reading

Alta 360 Research

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Using GigSpot/Alta360

Good morning!! I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with GigSpot when doing work for Alta360? It seems Alta 360 is the only company that it denies you access to the regular site and doesn't upload all images I've included in the report. I also... Continue Reading

Alta 360

I just want to let all mystery shoppers out there know that Alta 360 does not like to pay as per their agreement for work done for their company. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.... Continue Reading

This has to do with Alta360 research Mystery shopping jobs for [Mod removed client name] and filling out the form afterwards

Post removed.... Continue Reading

Which browser works for Alta360 website?

I'm trying to submit reports, and Firefox doesn't work -- it keeps saying "A page is slowing down Firefox. What would you like to do?" If I say "cancel it", then Alta is GONE. If I say "wait", then the page goes totally dead. I've asked Alta, with... Continue Reading

Alta360 time to approve shop

I completed my first shop for Alta360 a week ago and it still says pending editing. Does anybody know if this is normal for that company?... Continue Reading


My car broke down last week. I e-mailed all the schedulers/MSCs that I had shops scheduled for this week. I got replies ranging from "WHEN can you complete the shops?" to "We're at deadline, and have removed the shops from your shop log". Annie Farley at Alta,... Continue Reading

Alta360 sketchy shops?

All the shops from this company look really sketchy. One is a storage company shop where you are required to actually sign up and pay, but then they claim your purchases will be immediately reversed. Another is you have to buy $100+ in products from a drugstore, destroy... Continue Reading

GigSpot Tech issues with Alta 360?

Is anyone having problems with Gigspot? I have a shop I need to start a report on, but I cannot get in. I can get into Gigspot, but once I click on my shops and then the shop I need to report, I am taken to the log... Continue Reading

Alta 360

Does anyone have any experience with this company? I signed up and was given a shop which I completed today. It is due tomorrow but I am a bit uneasy about submitting it. The shop required purchasing over one hundred dollars worth of a specific product. ... Continue Reading

Why No Purchase Reimbursement for Gas Station Food Audits for Alta 360?

I noticed that you MUST make a purchase for the food audits at gas stations but they do not reimburse you for it. Why is that?... Continue Reading


This company seems to have taken over the ACE parking shops (On the West Coast, at least) and a couple of interesting twists are now placed in the assignments: photo of entry to parking garage or kiosk is required, the stay required is now up to 2 hours (problematic at... Continue Reading

Continuous changes with Alta360 shops

Any words of wisdom here? Does anyone else here perform these shops?... Continue Reading

Alta360 question

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Alta 360

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Alta 360 slow to approve shops

Anyone else notice that they're extremely slow lately? I applied on Friday for three jobs and now it's Sunday (the day I was going to do one of them) and still nothing. This is the slowest they've ever been.... Continue Reading

Alta 360 scheduled shop date versus due date question

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Alta 360

Hi! I am relatively new to mystery shopping, I started in May 2016 however just tonight did my first shop with Alta 360. I know I can't mention the restaurant name here but am wondering if anyone missed one of their questions for a shop and if so how... Continue Reading

Alta360 - Legitimate?

I am looking at signing up for Alta360, and just want to double check that it is a good company. I looked back at previous threads, but they all seem older, so any info you have would be great! They are the only one that requires a driver's license upload,... Continue Reading

Another LOW this time from Alta360 Research

This is my first post. I've only lurked here for about a year so please be nice. I just received an email for a drone shop. You will receive an increased pay of $8. You will have to ask 6 questions and I'm not sure... Continue Reading

Susie Ogle... Alta 360

Susie is by far my favorite scheduler. I have made a lot of money doing her easy shops and they have so many of them. :)... Continue Reading

Is Alta 360's website down?

Is https://www.alta360research/ down? I get an https security error followed by a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Alta 360 Research

The managers and schedulers at Alta 360 stand out for their high level of professionalism and collaboration with shoppers. Some of the specific individuals that I appreciate are Susan Ogle, Rebecca Ritter and Mary Stevens.... Continue Reading

Alta360 and the disappearing shop***RESOLVED***

I had my first shop with Alta360 scheduled for today. I had logged on early this morning to read through the instructions. Well, I just logged into the website to read through the instructions one last time before leaving the office and heading to the shop. However,... Continue Reading

Alta360 Research

I did not see this company on the Official List. Has anyone heard of them?... Continue Reading

Does anyone know what is the relationship between Alta360 Research, Inc. and ACE Mystery Shopping?

Hi. Does anyone know what is the relationship between Alta360 Research, Inc. and ACE Mystery Shopping? One of the birthday emails I received was from Alta360 Research, Inc. It was identical to the birthday email that I received from ACE Mystery Shopping. Both cards were exactly the same.. Both cards had the same sentiment. I can... Continue Reading

Alta 360 Gas Station Shops

Can these be completed using the MobiAudit app?... Continue Reading

Alta 360

Maybe I am going crazy, but I completed my first shop for this company and I cannot, for the life of me, find where it shows as a completed shop now. Where should I be looking?... Continue Reading

ALTA360RESEARCH: Your feedback please

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates is now Alta360 Research

I just logged on to the Ritter Associates website and the page redirected to one explaining that they have now changed their name top Alta360 Research. After 15 seconds, it further redirects to: the good news is that my old username and password worked fine, and other than a... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Alta 360 Research

Forum rules and your Independent Contractor agreements forbid naming both the MSC and the client in the same message or even in the same thread. [quote=andrew_reynolds] Alta360 Research does x, y, z, and xx Stores[/quote] (Source). February 28, 2020

TS, CI, MF, and Maritz which are my main companies and pay via direct deposit. (and Alta360). (Source). February 25, 2020

I had the same problem with an Alta 360 shop. (Source). February 17, 2020

Shoppers are seeing "360 Intel" and they think that is the same as Alta360. (Source). February 09, 2020

[quote=Rousseau] [quote=shopperbob] As they now use the iSecretShop platform, I occasionally see their jobs, but the fees are too low to even approach my requirement.[/quote] Alta360 uses Shopmetrics, not iSS. (Source). February 08, 2020

[/quote] Alta360 uses Shopmetrics, not iSS. (Source). February 08, 2020

(With one $50 shop I can add a few 30-35 dollar shops and even some Alta360 gas stations and make sure the route makes enough money). (Source). February 05, 2020

Alta360 has some of these right now. (Source). January 28, 2020

Not sure what's going on but Alta 360 seems to have a good deal of diff gas station shops (Source). January 07, 2020

At the end of the month, I have some nice checks coming from Customer Impact and Alta360. (Source). January 06, 2020