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Ann Michaels scoring

Just wanted to say thank you to the posters here. When I do a narrative, my habit is to make a very detailed,very long report. I recently shopped Ann Michaels and the narrative was even longer than what Im used too, because I read on here that Ann Michaels is... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels MSC

They have airport shops which I would gladly do for them. I have applied on their sassie site a few times with no response. I also emailed the scheduler directly. I continue to get emails about their airport shops each month. I got one today asking... Continue Reading

Kudos to the editors at Ann Michaels

They consistently write nice things for a good report. Not just a generic thank you (which is also nice), but superlatives and compliments on the writing. It certainly makes me want to put in additional time to draw out the very best narrative possible.... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels Editors

Everybody says the editors over at IntelliShop are difficult. I find them fair in comparison to the editors at Ann Michaels. I just cannot please them!! LOL My best work = 8... Continue Reading

Help please - Shopper Rating with Ann Michaels

I am relatively new to mystery shopping, however I have been doing it for about 2 months and I need some advice/assistance please. How is it possible that I have an average score rating with Ann Michaels & Associates, at 7 average rating , however, the only 3 shops... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels

You've got to be kidding?!!! Shoppers will need to fall into one of these categories: Scenario Have a Business checking account Min $80,000/year in sales/revenue Credit score should be better than average (no bankruptcies) Ideally, sell via Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy or have PayPal, or Quickbooks account as part of your business Ability to take out... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels

Has anyone done the purchase and return for appliance parts? Is the survey long? Not sure if I want to shell out 120$ or not.... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels & Associates - feel disappointed

Well, I just finished an assignment for this MSC and I need to vent a little. Caveat: I don't know who makes the survey and how much the client inputs into the process. Here's how it was sold to me: "The report for this shop consists mainly of multiple choice ratings and very... Continue Reading

Ann Michaels & Assoc

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

My first shop for Ann Michaels & Associates

I just completed my first shop for Ann Michaels. It was for a specialty sporting goods store. The instructions and guidelines were very clear. The shop was very enjoyable. In fact, I was actually sold on the product outlined in my scenario. The shop input... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Ann Michaels & Associates

Its a small list, please share any that you may have. 360 Intel Alta 360 ACP A Closer Look Amusement Advantage Anne Michaels ath Power BES Bare BMA Business Solutions Confero Consumer Insights CSE Customer 1st Customer Impact Custom Risk Solutions Customer Service Profiles Dyn. (Source). February 25, 2019

Ann Michaels and many others (Source). February 11, 2019

Easiest: SeeLevel, North Fork, Ann Michaels and ath. (Source). December 04, 2018

.they used to have cable shops that I enjoyed a bunch but they no longer shop them... At the moment my favorite companies are Bare Ann michaels Quams Kss Hs international Reality Check I like Intellishop alot too but opinions of them swing wildly from one person to the next. (Source). August 02, 2018

Just updating;shopped Ann Michaels and associates, late June, and got paid today, same with Seelevel (Source). July 17, 2018

When I do a narrative, my habit is to make a very detailed,very long report. I recently shopped Ann Michaels and the narrative was even longer than what Im used too, because I read on here that Ann Michaels is extremely picky. (Source). June 22, 2018

Ann Michaels used to (and maybe they still do, I haven't paid attention lately) (Source). June 20, 2018

Add HS Brands and Ann Michaels to the list. (Source). May 06, 2018

I think Iíve had some emails from Ann Michaels looking for schedulers. (Source). April 15, 2018

I've picked up airport shops from Ann Michaels, Confrero, ISS, ACL, Marketforce and Customer Service Experts. (Source). March 24, 2018