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Anonymous Insights

Is their website down?... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights do they pay?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights - NON-Payment for 2 months.

Hello! I am wondering if anyone else has experienced NON-Payment with the Anonymous Insights company? I have been getting paid around 1 month later every 2 weeks. I have not been paid since February. They keep switching their homepage web site. Any reply is appreciated! Rich... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights paypal issue

I received a payment from A.I. but paypal has it as a pending transaction since 2/15, and a fee was added onto the money owed me. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else experience this ? thank you... Continue Reading

anonymous insights

My wife just got a letter and a check from this company. I'm curious if this is legit. She doesn't remember signing up with them in the last year or so. The check looks real but wary me, I need to check things out. It was a substantial check too.... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights

Since I starting shopping two months ago, I've never seen a job posted on their site for anywhere in the US. Does anyone work for them, and if so, is that normal?... Continue Reading

MEDICAL SHOPS: Only done by Baird and Anonymous Insights??

Baird and Anonymous Insights are the only msc's currently doing medical shops?? Any other msc's please??? Perception Strategies did them, but is now gone??? Thank You... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights, Inc.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this MSC. It looks like they only have jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania at this time. I am in South Florida.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Anonymous Insights

This was the owners email a while back but not sure if it is still - lengelp@a-insights. (Source). January 03, 2020

Also, what MSC?[/quote] Yes, it's Sassie. MSC is Anonymous Insights. (Source). December 10, 2019

[/quote] Are you using diff. MSCs for them, shopetal? I use: Market Force Trend Source Confero Anonymous Insights*** Second to None There is a sixth company too, I believe, but I have yet to do their's. (Source). November 09, 2019

I think Anonymous Insights has some too. (Source). June 29, 2019

I could have sworn I was registered with Anonymous Insights, from way back in the day. (Source). September 03, 2018

Love working for them, especially when shops are bonused. After that, probably SPG, Anonymous Insights, MarketForce, and RBG. (Source). September 02, 2018

Customer Experience Experts is probably my favorite; the owner is fantastic! There a few more I really enjoy, but they don't have many shops in my area: ACE, Anonymous Insights, and SPG. (Source). August 01, 2018

Anonymous Insights does one. (Source). June 27, 2018

I contacted Anonymous Insights and they kept in touch for a few weeks until I received payment. (Source). June 07, 2018

[quote=richhess] Hello! I am wondering if anyone else has experienced NON-Payment with the Anonymous Insights company? (Source). June 07, 2018