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Ardent - are they out of business?

Checked their website on Safari, then on Chrome, and it's a dead link. Anybody know if they are kaput? I just got started with them late 2019, and they only had one client, but I only got to do 2 shops before Covid, and would be sad if... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

I hope I NEVER have a complaint! Because before me sits my very first assignment & check to fulfill the assignment. Hopefully it's all legitimate.... Continue Reading

ardent service inc survey program

has anyone dealt with ardent services? I'm new to all this mystery shopping. I researched them and they seem like a legit company, but when I look up the msc listing, they are not there?... Continue Reading

Ardent Payment “Reversal”

Here’s a new one for me. On July 22nd a DD was posted to my bank account for the correct amount for a shop done in June. Today, July 23rd, there is a “reversal” posted to my bank account in the same amount. I have just emailed my scheduler. I’m... Continue Reading

Ardent service Inc survey program

I receive a check from this company stating the wanted me to to complete some surveys it's seems like. A scam.... Continue Reading


I'm so happy they picked up 2 new clients in my area. It was always a pleasure to work with them! I was sad when they lost their biggest client, the fast food burrito place. Did anyone else pick up that client?... Continue Reading


I was just hired by ardent. I was wondering if there is anyone that have worked for them or curently working for them. Good and bad just want honesty. Thank you in advance.... Continue Reading

Ardent Payment

I have done two shops for them. I was wondering when I should expect my first payment. Thanks!... Continue Reading


After waiting for approximately 1 1/2 years, I finally got trained to do shops with Ardent. It was fun, and the food was so delicious! I just was allowed to sign in to their website where I selected 3 locations that I can shop. What is the next step? Do... Continue Reading

Ardent Services EIN number

Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has the EIN number for Ardent Services. I misplaced my 1099 and can't file. I reached out to Corey, but haven't heard back. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

Hello, I just started as a MS, I was contacted via email, filled out the application, didn't think I would be picked until I got an email saying my application was approved. As I'm reading through the threads, I don't see very many topics regarding this company. If you work for... Continue Reading


I'm signed up with the company, and did shops for the now not-shopped restaurant. However, a branch of one of their other clients just opened in my area and I would like to sign up for them. How do I do that (or do I wait for them... Continue Reading

Ardent Question

This is one of the MSCs that I signed up for awhile ago, but never got approved or my application is still sitting. Do they have enough shops to make it worth my while to follow up?... Continue Reading

Ardent Services Lost Payment

Hello, this s my first post here but have been MSing for a few years already. I've done shops for at least 38 companies and signed up for many more. My only 2 non-payment/lost payments happened this year. The first was with National Shopping Service (NSS) and I've been reading... Continue Reading

Ardent times?

I don't know why I can't seem to find this but what are the lunch hours to place my online order? I know it ends at 2pm but what about the start time? Thank you.... Continue Reading


I tried to sign up with them, but got the notice "this e-mail already exists". Well, OK, guess that means I'm already signed up. So I go to "log in", and I get a notice "the e-mail is wrong". What am I doing wrong, or have they gone out... Continue Reading

Michele from Ardent

Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Ardent, specifically to Michele M as she is great to work with. When my grandma passed away in Jan and I had to get out of town, Michele made sure my shop was taken care of that month... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

I applied to Ardent Services last summer. I have never heard from them about training or anything else. I tried to apply again, but the website won't let me. It says there is already an account with that email. I tried to use a different email with... Continue Reading

Registering for Ardent?

I know that I submitted an application as I have received several training invites for one of their clients. Apparently my registration remains pending as my account is not set up. Does this mean that until I participate in training or eventually accept an invite for another client of... Continue Reading

Ardent Services Lowering Fees

First it was $28, then it was $25, now it's $21. At this point, the amount of work involved minus the cost of the price of the food barely equates to minimum wage.... Continue Reading

Ardent issues; sad :(

Ardent was the first MSC I signed with, and I've been shopping for them for nearly 3 1/2 years. But I'm done. I've been unhappy with them for a long time, for many reasons. They used to be my favorite MSC, and they used to be pretty professional. But I... Continue Reading

Ardent shop approval notification

I did my first Ardent shop in July. I expected to get some feedback but never did. I did check the pay authorization in the payroll link several times. About mid-July I found my training and pay approved for my first shop. I completed two shops the first week... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

I have searched through the topics on this company. I have not found anything that answers my question. I have tried to sign up with them, to no avail. Is it possible there are demographics they want, and I don't fit? Just wish I could get an answer one way... Continue Reading

Ardent training

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ardent - Administrative Issue

I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction. I am interested in following up with Ardent regarding the training that they are offering at a popular store in my area. I seem to vaguely remember applying with them long ago in a place far away.... Continue Reading

Ardent June Payment

I just saw on the facebook group that the June Payments will be sent on 6/21 (Tuesday), for those of you who don't facebook and are interested.... Continue Reading

Ardent taking longer to review reports?

I'm not sure if they've had to reduce their staff since all of the issues their major client was having, but I've had a few reports over the last couple of months take a bit longer to be reviewed than in the past. But, right now I have a report... Continue Reading

ARDENT Training Sessions

I signed up with this MSC awhile back and have received several emails inviting me to reply in order to confirm a spot at one of their Mexican food restaurant mystery shopping training seminars. I replied to confirm for an upcoming training, but I have not heard back from the... Continue Reading

Ardent Services Application

Can I give them my EIN in place of my SSN on the application form? Also, their application form has a section that requests: "Please provide a paragraph of a dining experience of yours." Do they really mean just 1 paragraph, so 5 sentences? I usually write at least 4... Continue Reading

Ardent Training

Good morning, Has anyone been provided of updated dates for training for Ardent? I got accepted last month but I was not able to attend the dates they had provided at that time. Do they email them out periodically?... Continue Reading

Ardent Application Accepted

No training in my area. Will they offer more? Or is this my only shot?... Continue Reading

My application wasn't accepted by Ardent

[quote=Amberluv2000] I love shopping for Ardent.[/quote] I'd love to get a chance to shop, but my application wasn't accepted.... Continue Reading

Ardent far so good!

Today I went and did training with one of the clients for Ardent Services (and no not the established client, another client that's fairly new to them). The guy who we trained with did a fantastic job and I look forward to doing shops with these folks! Lunch was great... Continue Reading

Judy Miller at Ardent Is the Best!

Judy's been my scheduler for almost three years, and she's wonderful! Extremely responsive to e-mails and questions, flexible, and understanding when "life happens" and you have a problem doing a shop. Some months, Judy is the only reason I can manage getting through a report without saying, "Never again." I'd probably... Continue Reading

I Heart Ardent

Ardent is flexible with your shop dates and their feedback is always constructive. The editors begin feedback reports with statements like, "Thanks for submitting such an awesome report!" They treat shoppers more like employees than contractors. I have never felt so valued by any MSC... Continue Reading

Ardent MIA

Hi all, Are there any current Ardent shoppers out there? I used to be very active with them (including posting in their shoppers-only FB group), until recently I noticed I wasn't getting emails from them anymore. I went to the site and emailed them, with no response. I also seem to... Continue Reading

How long until Ardent approves?

I applied for Ardent 11 days ago. I have not heard anything from them. Is this normal?... Continue Reading

How does Ardent pay? Do they pay every month?

I recently did my first burrito shop for them. Do they pay via Paypal, or Direct Deposit?... Continue Reading

Beginning from at least 8/25/2015, Ardent Services Email Server is down

Hi all! Turns out that while Ardent Services have been receiving emails, they're having issues right now SENDING them out. So if you sent something to them recently, but no reply, don't worry! They have received your email. Their suggestion is to call (or text) them directly. I know one of... Continue Reading

Ardent Website Problems?

I'm supposed to do a burrito shop, but I just logged on and now it's disappeared? I made sure I logged onto their new site. Has anyone else experienced this?... Continue Reading

Ardent - Direct Deposit for only $3 today?

Did anyone else get a $3 payment? My last two months reports to the normal client are in released status. Something seems off with the accounting. I'll have to call tomorrow. Amount: $3.00 Type: ARDENT SERVICES, EPAY Date: 05/21/2015... Continue Reading

Ardent Inconsistencies

I am getting frustrated with this company regarding their burrito shops. I've done 8 of these reports so far. The editors are very inconsistent. One tells me not to mention hair color in giving crew member descriptions. I check the Ardent paperwork and sample report and... Continue Reading

Has anyone got their Ardent assignments for May?

Ardent usually gives me my monthly assignments like clockwork on the first of the month, but I'm surprised to say that I haven't got mine yet for May. I know they recently moved to new software and it's not like they're obligated to get them to me immediately, just wondering... Continue Reading

Stuck in limbo with Ardent

Ardent is posting everywhere looking for shoppers. I applied a month ago. Their FAQ is a dead end. My email address is on file and their instructions are to contact my scheduler if I lost my username and password. My application was never confirmed. Hopefully they do more here in... Continue Reading

My First Ardent Job

I was selected to attend that awesome Mexican food place training with lunch included. I'm excited! Those of you who have worked for them, is this a good avenue for me to pursue? I'm new at this. This is my second mom nth shopping. I started with iPhone apps and... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

Do you know about that company? Wish to know... Continue Reading


Have they not assigned their jobs for April yet?... Continue Reading

Does Ardent have other clients?

Does Ardent Services have other clients besides the fresh southwestern chain? The only discussions I've seen have been about that one large restaurant chain. I'm new to AS and am wondering if there might be other opportunities I'm eligible for.... Continue Reading

Ardent 1099 Frustration

I love working for Ardent. They pay the following month. Although their reports are long, they're pretty easy to do, and the pay is relatively high. However, they always send 1099s which include the costs of the meals we are required to buy. We can only write off 50% of... Continue Reading

DC Ardent training hello!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is the Ardent training really 2.5 hours?

If it is I hope that they have some really good information.... Continue Reading

Ardent - shopper acceptance?

How long does it take to be "chosen" to shop by Ardent? I submitted my application several weeks ago and have heard nothing back from them. TIA... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever shopped for Ardent Services?

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Correction to Ardent Comment

I did a search and could not find where I recently made a comment concerning receipt of an Ardent payment for April shops. I stated that mine was overdue, but I was confident that I would get it. AHEM, according to my bank, that automatic deposit, correct to the... Continue Reading


Have they not assigned the February shops yet?... Continue Reading


Hey, Does anyone know Ardent's pay schedule? I can't find it on the web? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

Is anyone having trouble getting into the Ardent website?... Continue Reading

How did you get started with Ardent services?

I would like to get setup with this company, as their client is quiet obvious and delicious. I emailed one of the schedulers a few years back and they said they did not have any available locations in my area, but she would keep me in mind. Never heard from... Continue Reading

Ardent application

Has anyone been accepted that has RECENTLY applied to this company? An email was sent out looking for shoppers in my area and they have shops that I really want to do. I applied two weeks ago but haven't heard anything. I'm wondering if anyone else recalls if... Continue Reading

A kudos to Ardent Services

I was really bummed out last night when after inputting my entire 2 1/2 hour report the site was so slow it would not save it for me and ultimately timed out. No one answered the phone at midnight and "help" was not working. This morning I spoke directly with the... Continue Reading

Ardent Services

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Ardent services !

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I haven't been here in ages...okay, years! Except for an occasional pickup elsewhere, I pretty much stopped shopping for all but two companies, Ardent being one of them. (Source). October 15, 2020

Those of you who have seen the owners of Ardent have other jobs, you may be correct but they, like everyone else need to pay the rent and get food on the table so even if they have taken another job that does not (Source). October 07, 2020

Many of us have worked for Ardent for a number of years, attended the in person training, and developed relationships with the Ardent scheduler’s and owners. (Source). September 27, 2020

Ardent ceased operations in August though, which is why the website no longer exists. (Source). September 27, 2020

I'd be happy to shop for any MSC that hires her.[/quote] I may have her non-Ardent email address in my archives as I think she emailed me from it once. (Source). September 25, 2020