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Corporate Risk Solutions / Custom Risk Solutions / Assest Protection Associates - worthless schedulers

I have had all kinds of problems getting responses from schedulers for this company. First of all when you request a shop they never seem to actually schedule it... its funny you see the same shop sitting on their board for weeks. They get to the point where they have... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions / Custom Risk Solutions

I did an outdoor-enthusiast shop for them that pays $28. I completed this shop two weeks ago, on 04/07/15. This was my first shop for them. Every day I check the shop log and it doesn't show a score or anything. Is this normal for them?... Continue Reading

Refuses to remove a shop Asset Protection Associates

I have sent email to repeatedly. I did not apply for the pharmacy shop. I have only shopped once for them in 4 years. He insist that I applied. I asked him to remove from my log the assignment. I do not want the... Continue Reading

Asset Protection Asso./Corporate Risk Solutions

On October 21st I received an email that shops would be available from Asset/Corporate Risk Solutions. I filled out the information that I might be interested in future shops and gave them my information. It stated in the email that this did not mean you got the shop/... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions?

I recently applied for 2 shops for this msc. For days my application status said "pending." On the due date I finally deleted my applications (I applied for 2 locations). Originally the due date was November 16th. I notice that these shops are still on the... Continue Reading

Asset Protection Associates?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions - any feedback?

Do you shop for this company? What do you think? They're new to me.... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions

I feel like this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find it in the search function. This company is offering a lot of shops near me which pay well but they also require a larger reimbursable item. Are they good for it? What... Continue Reading

Asset Protection Associates (Corporate Risk Solutions) paid so fast I haven't seen in years!

I did a shop late in December for Asset Protection Associates (Corporate Risk Solutions) and was amazed at the super fast pp payment. Very impressive. I have seen a payment that fast since the early '90's.... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions

I did a help audit for this company back in September, but I cannot get a response on payment. Has anyone else had this problem? I keep trying but no one will respond through email and I cannot find a phone number to call the company directly.... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions

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Corporate Risk Solutions

Anyone done work with this company? They have a $75 shop listed where you make a CASH purchase of a $100+ item, "lose" in the mall and then your partner returns it to the store saying they found it in the mall. I am a bit apprehensive as... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions

Has anyone done a shop for this company. Have to dish out between 50.00/100.00 but will get it back. The shop pays 50.00 and states they will pay you in 3 to 4 days paypal, after the shop is complete. Sounds like a very easy job, but in no mood... Continue Reading

corporate risk solutions

Anybody done any work for this company?... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions


Corporate Risk Solution

This is sad to say, but everytime I apply for a job at Corporate Risk Solution my job is first pending. Then later it is just not there any longer in my apps. I never receive an email that it is closed either. I know it is stemming... Continue Reading

Corporate Risk Solutions

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Most Recent mentions of Asset Protection Associates

Looking at the official list of MSCs below, I cannot find a Custom Risk Solutions, Corporate Risk Solutions, SOS Solutions or finally, Allied Universal. (Source). February 01, 2021

Corporate Risk Solutions, like other companies, decided to rack in some mystery shopping money and formed a division for that purpose. (Source). January 30, 2021

Corporate Risk Solutions, like other companies, decided to rack in some mystery shopping money and formed a division for that purpose. (Source). January 28, 2021

I miss the fondue dinners, the billboard shops and the always varied and well paid shops of Corporate Risk Solutions. (Source). July 31, 2020

Several years ago, I completed a job for a company I think was named Corporate Risk Solutions, I merely used the letters CRS in my log; I have not heard of those folks in some time. (Source). December 04, 2018

ACE is listed as Associate Consumer Evaluations/ACE Mystery Shopping. Custom Risk Solutions was Corporate Risk Solutions and may have also used the name Asset Protection Associates. (Source). November 18, 2017

I have done some even quirkier stuff for Corporate Risk Solutions that could have landed me in jail if I were caught without a Letter of Authorization with valid phone numbers. (Source). August 28, 2016

I still have 1/4 cup of coffee left: A Customers Point of View(4 Discussions) Advanced Feedback Inc(5 Discussions) Advantage Sales and Marketing(2 Discussions) All Star Customer Service Inc(1 Discussions) AMA Enterprises(2 Discussions) Amber Arch(3 Discussions) Apartment Shoppe(2 Discussions) Asset Protection Associates(16 Discussions) At Random Communications(0 Discussions) B Business Solutions Inc(8 Discussions) Bild & Co(9 Discussions) BLD Scheduling(4 Discussions) Buckalew Hospitality(3 Discussions) Business Observastions(6 Discussions) Business Research Group(3 Discussions) C3 Client Satisfaction(0 Discussions) Caliber Interactions(19 Discussions) Campus Consulting(2 Discussions) Capstone Research(0 Discussions) CastForce(10 Discussions) CHC Solutions(6 Discussions) Checker (Source). July 31, 2015

The shop was a PITA, so I really want to make sure I get paid LOL Also, it appears they changed their name from Corporate Risk Solutions to Custom Risk Solutions? (Source). April 21, 2015

Here are some additional names: Amber Arch Brandt CHC Solutions Checker Patrol CIMA Consumer Connections Corporate Risk Solutions Customer Experience Experts DJC Dynamic Advantage Evaluation Systems Expert Solutions Five Diamond ICU Insight Market Research Mpact Mass Connections Mercantile Systems* MysteryShopPros NSite* Phantom Retail Outsource Secret Shopping Services Service Savvy Shared Insight Shadow Agency Skilcheck Stacey's Strategic Solutions Strategic Reflections* Verify International *I have done a shop for them (Source). December 10, 2014