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Ath Power Consulting and

Has anyone dealt with payments from Ath Power? First time working with them and they sent payment through Iíve been trying to deposit the cheque since a July 15th. Finally today I decided to do the print cheque option because apparently they couldnít detect a chequing or savings account... Continue Reading

Ath Power Consulting payments for February?

Has anyone gotten paid by Ath Power for February? This was my first time shopping with them for a few years. In the past, I usually would have been paid by this point in the month.... Continue Reading

Ath Power payments

My shopper log says payment was just issued. I can't find anything on their site. How exactly does this work again? Something with Help!... Continue Reading

Ath Power payments?

Anyone know if Ath is doing a holiday pay schedule? I just did 2 shops and sure would love it if I could get paid before Christmas. I haven't shopped for them for a few years until just recently.... Continue Reading

Any good experiences with ath Power Consulting?

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Ath power signup not working

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Expired checks- ATH refuses to reissue

I found two expired checks the other day. I contacted ACL and they sent a replacement right away. The other company, ATH is telling me that the check is too old and they are refusing to reissue the payment. I checked their payment policy and it doesn't address this issue.... Continue Reading

Ath Power

These people are causing me to tear my hair out! They will only accept PDFs and not jpgs and all photos need to be only one document. No problem, I can do that. BUT, personal information has to be edited out first! I don't have the editing part of Adobe.... Continue Reading

ath power shopper rating has dissapeared

Hi, I am an active shopper in good standing with this MSC (as long as I know) yet I am unable to accept shops even the 'self assign' ones because my shopper score has disappeared from the dashboard. I get the error message that I need a shopper ring... Continue Reading

ath Power Consulting is Open for Business!

I can't say enough good things about this firm. The schedulers and editors are all very friendly and helpful. If you miss something on your report, they give you a gentle nudge or fill it in for you (if possible). Currently, they have a nationwide program where... Continue Reading

Payments not received from Ath

I am having a problem with Ath. They sent me an email saying my payment was ready for payment through Checkbook. I entered my routing and account number. My bank never received the payment. Checkbook sent me an email saying there was an error and to please enter the correct... Continue Reading

SASSIE, Athena, and Presto down today at 9pm ET

Hi, all. We've been notificed that today, March 7th,at 9:00PM ET all SASSIE, Athena and Presto systems will be taken offline for routine maintenance for up to 30 minutes. I hope you have a great Saturday! It's nice and sunny here in Michigan. :)... Continue Reading


Hi all. Any shop pros out there? I'm still fairly new. I'm writing because I recently was given an assignment with Ath and they cancelled my shop after I already worked it. Is this the norm? This was my first with them. I wrote the schedulers, twice but no response. Thank you... Continue Reading

Ath Power payments

I know you all say that Ath Power is reliable but I haven't worked for them before. I have three November shops that my log says were "paid" December 31st but how?? It is impossible to get through to them, my scheduler just copies and pastes what's on their site... Continue Reading

athPower Credit Card Shops

I've applied for two of these at base fee, only because I'm trying to make a couple of mini-routes for early this week. Never done one before; are these the same as the ones SeeLevel used to have (or maybe still have)? Or similar? Where you have to inquire about... Continue Reading

Ath Power Bank Shop

I ended up turning down a bank show at Ath Power after I found out they have a new requirement requiring a scan of my driver license/passport/etc for verification purposes. In this day and age of identity theft, etc that seems to be just too much to ask. ... Continue Reading

Ath Power Letter

Ok, so I have never done this kind of work before...ever. I received a letter just like one described in another post I saw. I was to deposit a cashiers check for 1980.00, text the company "FUNDS LODGED" and then once the money is clear I was to text them... Continue Reading

Ath Power cancelling shops

Hi, I haven't shopped much for Ath but had one of their shops today. It paid well so I cleared my calendar and decided to drive the hour away to do it. Received an email at 8:12 am - with many exclamation points! - to make sure I didn't miss... Continue Reading

Shopper needed in Athens AL for EASY shop on W LEE ST. GET PAID THIS MONTH

Due 11/12. Quick pay on this! Get paid before Thanksgiving. Simple report-yes/no and upload pictures. Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs in your area. These shops are quick and easy! You can complete multiple assignments. A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club during the Club's operating... Continue Reading

Heads up on checks from ATH

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$20 pay or best offer in Athens AL-EASY $

Bonus on this shop. $20 or the best offer to get this done ASAP. Please register with us at Service Evaluation Concepts has mystery shops at Nutrition Clubs in your area. These shops are quick and easy! You can complete multiple assignments. A successfully completed assignment includes: ** Visiting the Nutrition Club... Continue Reading

ath Power Consulting

Would anyone know how to get in touch with them? I completed several shops in February and have not yet been paid! It is impossible to reach them by phone, and they don't respond to emails. TIA... Continue Reading

Anyone ever not received payment from ath power?

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Ath Power FCR Teller Referral shops

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ATH Power consulting first time shopper help needed!

Hello i have recently been accepted as a shopper for ATH Power Consulting and i have received a letter with instructions and a check for $2435 and i am to buy an item and ship the item to a disclosed location upon purchase and after the shop is done i... Continue Reading

Ath Power paying by 'digital checks'

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$333 END-OF-SUMMER Theme Park & Water Park Shops in Athol, ID - ALL Tickets Upfront-NO Deposit

AMUSEMENT ADVANTAGE - EXCLUSIVE PARTNER TO THE ATTRACTIONS INDUSTRY SINCE 1996 Do you enjoy getting paid to have FUN with friends & family? Well then - we've got the shops for you! Total Shopper Payment usually covers ALL required purchases, often leaving PROFIT even AFTER you and your guests have had... Continue Reading

6 Tickets Upfront: Athol, ID Theme & Water Park - Early August Only

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! This shop pays 6 Tickets. All 6 tickets ($318 value) upfront with no deposit for August ONLY. REQUIRED PURCHASES ONLY $76-$103! At least one ticket ($30-$53) must still be... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Shops Available! - MA: Athol, Edgartown NH: Claremont

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International is now scheduling movie theater shops! You will be reimbursed up to $25 for up to 2 adult tickets and up to $15 in concessions. PLUS you will receive a $5 shopper pay! These shops may be completed Monday... Continue Reading

ath Power?

Any ath Power shoppers out there? I've got a question. I've shopped for ath for years, over 200 shops. Suddenly they've stopped using me, no explanation, no complaints or critique. Does anyone know what's going on? When I asked them, I got back an email... Continue Reading

$343 END-OF-SUMMER Theme Park & Water Park Shops in Athol, ID - ALL Tickets Upfront-NO Deposit

AMUSEMENT ADVANTAGE - EXCLUSIVE PARTNER TO THE ATTRACTIONS INDUSTRY SINCE 1996 Do you enjoy getting paid to have FUN with friends & family? Well then - we've got the shops for you! Total Shopper Payment usually covers ALL required purchases, often leaving PROFIT even AFTER you and your guests have had... Continue Reading

How to get PAID from Ath Power?

Hi friends! I did two mystery shops for Ath Power last year in 2018 and I thought that payment came to me automatically through I did two more shops for them this year in April, payment was supposed to be June 15 and I have not been paid. I... Continue Reading

Informa and ATH Power inquiry shops

Hi everyone, I have been on hiatus for a year to attend grad school. Iím off this summer, and want to get back to mystery shopping. Clearly so much has changed. Informa is now with sassie. ATH Power I notice no longer has platform shops. Informa use had platform shops.... Continue Reading

Does Ath require an invoice?? If, so, how does that work ?

After many years of not doing any Ath Power shops I have just done 4 of them. Today, up popped a screen asking if I wanted an invoice. So, I said "yes," and it offered to print one....but not to submit it for me. I am genuinely confused.... Continue Reading

Who is the scheduler for Ath Power Credit Shops?

I don't want to name the retailer, but does anyone know the scheduler for their credit card shops?... Continue Reading

Make me an offer on pay for a mystery shop in Athens OH!

No Reasonable offer will be refused. We need a very easy mystery shop done in McConnelsville, Beverly and Athens OH†by 3/29 for a nutrition club (no purchase). It is currently paying $18, but make me an offer at Pick up another shop in Athens for a sporting good store... Continue Reading

Can someone tell me how long it takes ATH Power Consultants to pay?

I did a few shops for them five weeks ago and have no idea when they will pay. There is nothing on their website letting shoppers know when to expect payment.... Continue Reading

Bonus on easy shop in Athens OH with SEC

We have a bonus on an easy nutrition club shops in OH. 3 location pics, takes about 10 min. and report is yes/no answers. to register and self assign. $17 each due 3/17.Thanks!... Continue Reading

Bonus on shops in Athens, Beverly and Beavercreek OH

Bonus on OH mystery shops. Due 3/15. This is for a nutrition club (no purchase required). You will visit the location and if open ask about a product. Each shop takes about 5-10 minutes, the report is 20 yes/no questions, and 3 required exterior photos. If the location is not... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Shops Available in Athol, MA, Edgartown, MA, and North Conway, NH

If you are interested in these shops please apply at Hi Shoppers! KSS International is now scheduling movie theater shops! You will be reimbursed up to $25 for up to 2 adult tickets and up to $15 in concessions. PLUS you will receive a $5 shopper pay! These shops may be completed... Continue Reading

Ath Power

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Double pay for shops in OH-Chillicothe, East Liverpool, Athens

SEC has a no hassle Sporting Goods Store Evaluation available in your area. The assignment must be completed by 12/22. The assignment is extremely straightforward and pays $20 plus a Bonus! The purpose of this engagement is to ensure sales associates are performing the non- negotiable standards in regards to customer... Continue Reading

ATH Power Consulting

I reached out to a scheduler, but maybe someone here will know quicker! I just completed my first few shops with ATH and I did read on a previous post that they pay on the 10th two months later either by, direct deposit, or check, but I cant find... Continue Reading

ATH power not paying on time!!!!

Ath NEVER pays on time but this months is going to be the worst! I haven't received the email yet saying that payment is on the way. Payments don't process on weekends and tomorrow is Friday. Which means at best,that email won't arrive until next Tuesday because of the... Continue Reading

Non payment from Ath

I have emailed athpower a few times about a shop I did in June. I never received payment. They told me the shop was scheduled to be paid Sept 10. I just got paid for all of my July shops, but still nothing for the June one. Anyone else... Continue Reading

Athpower in-flight shops

Have these discontinued? Didn't see any shops posted for September, they usually come out the end of the month.... Continue Reading

Movie Theater Shop Available in Athol, MA This Week/Weekend!

Hi Shoppers! KSS International is now scheduling fun movie theater shops! You will be reimbursed up to $25 for up to 2 adult tickets and up to $15 in concessions. PLUS you will receive a $5 shopper pay! These shops may be completed Monday through Friday 6pm or later or Saturday or... Continue Reading

ath power $250 credit card shops

There are a ton of these for self-assign, has anyone ever done one? You have to go to either a golf cart place or lawn mower place, open a credit card, and charge at least $200, which you can later return. Iím wondering if this is an easy $250,... Continue Reading

AthPower Notary Job Issues

I did a notary job, and just received this message from ath Power: "We are unable to use your shop or pay you for it. The Notary form is missing the line for the Notary to print their name. Please be sure that the document prints correctly before taking... Continue Reading

5 Tickets+$10 Extra Pay for Amusement / Theme Park Shop in Athol, ID

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! This shop pays 5 Tickets+10 Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes a shop... Continue Reading

5 Tickets+$10 Extra Pay for Amusement / Theme Park Shop in Athol, ID

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! ... Continue Reading

The wrath of ath.

I am just venting. I understand that this is not going to serve any other purpose. Over the past ten years that I have been a mystery shopper, I mostly have had success. It is too bad that the majority of the opportunities that I come across pay so... Continue Reading

Ath Power Consulting

Completed the shop 4/20/18 and still haven't gotten paid for my shop assignment. Who do I contact? I have contacted the scheduler and no response... Continue Reading

5 Tickets for Amusement / Theme Park Shop in Athol, ID

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! This shop pays 5 Tickets Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes a shop... Continue Reading

5 Tickets for Amusement / Theme Park Shop in Athol, ID

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! This shop pays 5 Tickets Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that registers and completes a shop... Continue Reading

Your kids will be so happy if you take them along on this Mystery Shop in Athol, ID!! 83801

Amusement Advantage has fun shops at a Amusement / Theme Park location in Athol, ID available now! This shop pays 5 Tickets + $5.00 early return bonus. Even if you aren't interested, please refer your friends, family and co-workers. You will earn $20 for every new shopper you refer that... Continue Reading

AthPower Consulting ~ I am getting emails "on behalf of" Ath Power Consulting wanting my banking info...

... and it wants me to click their link to accept and go to a site I do not recognize... and provide them with my banking account and routing number. They say they want me to switch to epayments, instead of checks. I cannot find any way to... Continue Reading

Scam sent from ATH company warning.

-----Original Message----- From: "Lynn Saladini" Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 8:46am To: "Lynn Saladini" Subject: Email Verification Scam Happy Tuesday Everyone. No need to alarm yourself but we just wanted to reach out and let you know about an email scam going around about Rackspace who is the provider of our email... Continue Reading

the magical mystery world of Ath scheduling

So, now it is a 5 month rotation for FCR shops and 6 months for everything else.... Ok, change is good.... Yesterday, I get an email from Ath (and virtually every day, for that matter)...I apply, seeing several locations on the email that THEY sent me, asking me to apply, and... Continue Reading

Those easy ATH Power account opening shops

I've done quite a few of these for ATH over the years. Anyways, I went to open a real deposit account at a different bank and was turned down. The bank would not take my money if you can believe that. They gave me a blanket statement and told me to... Continue Reading

ATH Power email about database is a SCAM.

I just got off the phone with two of ATH associates. Please never send any information to an MSC without going directly to them first.... Continue Reading

Ath Power Email

I received an email from Ath Power stating that they are cleaning up their database and that I need to do one of three things. Do nothing and they will turn off my emails in 30 days, Unsubscribe and they will immediately stop sending me any shop offers, or... Continue Reading

Payment issue for new shopper at athpower consulting-one of five shops will be paid from March,18

My 1st time working with Ath Power, I finished 5 shops in March but only 1 shop (03/16) shows paid on ď05/01/18Ē via, The other 4 shops total $610 show as ďpayment pendingĒ .My life is depending on it given itís the end of the month. Iíve emailed... Continue Reading

$15 Beer tasting tour shops in Athens

Our companies, MSS/BMA/Customer 1st, currently have opportunities in your area. These opportunities are located on isecretshop platform. (If you are not yet registered, you can do so for free). Quick overview You must be 21 yrs old and have a valid driver license to complete this shop. Tours typically take 20... Continue Reading

Does Ath Power respond to emails on the weekend?

Yesterday I was assigned a bank to do today but have since found out itís not open on the weekends. I am willing to do another location that is open today or change to a different day. I emailed my scheduler last night as soon as I discovered the bank... Continue Reading

Ath power consulting credit card application can't sign up for shop...suggestions?

The Ath power credit card application is posted as a shop on an MSC daily; however, when I attempt to assign this shop the dates are Due Date 01-01-18 (m-d-y), and Do NOT shop before 01-01-18. At the bottom of the assignment sheet the calendar is all gray, and... Continue Reading

Ath Power payment clarification

Just looking for clarification from those of you that have shopped with Ath. I received a invite last month from Ath. I signed up and can see the invoice pending in my account, with a due date showing of 1/12/18. On Ath's website, it shows a paid date... Continue Reading

Ath Power

I am just now becoming eligible for their bank shops after six months has elapsed (a fairly long rotation period), so I applied for a shop with Ath power....a day later, the job board completely changed, the shop is no longer listed, and this shop was deleted from my applications.... Continue Reading

No luck applying for Ath Power shops.

No matter how many times I apply for a shop from Ath Power they never get back to me. I'v been trying for over a month and still no assignments. I see plenty of shops near my location on the board, and emails about open assignments all the time. Anyone... Continue Reading

Ath Power bank shops

Hi y'all, I applied for a bank shop with Ath Power but got no response from them. I thought they would let me know I was not chosen but the application just disappeared from my dashboard with no explanation. Is this typical? I have never done a... Continue Reading

Ath Power shopper rating

Where do I find my shopper rating with this company? All of a sudden I can't apply for a specific bank for this company because my rating is is not a 5. I'm shocked. I've been working this bank with no problems since 2015. The last two jobs for this... Continue Reading

ath power contact info?

looking for questions on a group of shops thanks tom... Continue Reading

Ath Power "Intersection" identity-protection service evaulation Shops

I was assigned to an ath Power shop where I needed to sign up for 4 identity-protection services, note down all of the emails that came pertinent to that company, etc., cancel after 14 days. Fee was $75 plus upto $70 reimbursement for 1st month's fees for 2 of 4... Continue Reading

Ath Power Credit Card Shops

Does anyone know if applying for credit during these shops shows up as a credit inquiry on your credit report? I also emailed the shop coordinator, but I was wondering any of you guys knew.... Continue Reading

ATH Power $250 credit card shop

Hi everybody, I had a quick question on the shop that I see posted quite often for the $250 credit card shop then involves buying a piece of equipment and keeping it on your statement for at least 30 days. I have read and researched on this form about this... Continue Reading

ath Power Screen shot shops

Anyone know what's up with the ath Power screen shot shops? Is it really as easy as the brief states? Great pay to look at your online statement and (if needed) send a screen shot. All the shops flew off the board before I could even get to it. I'm... Continue Reading

ATH Power Consulting Shopper Rating

I have completed a few shops for this company, and see they have posted jobs that can be "self-assigned" if your shopper rating is at least a "5." I have never received a rating on any of the shops I've performed for them. I don't even see a column for... Continue Reading

Does Ath Power Consulting open up to shop fee negotiations?

Their shops used to have higher fees. Has anyone ever tried to negotiate with their shops? I want their shops to return to their normal fees instead of the ones they have now.... Continue Reading

ATH Power insight needed

I did a few shops with them in May and early June and had only one correction to make. I see jobs that I can apply for, apply, and the next day my application is removed and the job is still listed. This has happened at least 6 times now... Continue Reading

ATH Power Website

I am only able to see jobs 0-100 on their job board. When I try to see jobs 100+ I get an error message. Is there a trick that I am missing?... Continue Reading

How are the Ath Power competetive banking study?

Anyone here completed one of these shops? Lots of narrative? Pain in the butt tracking down the right person with whom to meet?... Continue Reading

Ath Power Credit Card $250 shops

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Can I use an alias for the Ath Power new home loan (or re-fi) scenario?

I haven't applied for this shop, but I have read the instructions. It doesn't say one way or another if I can use an alias or not. I would prefer to use an alias since I do most of my banking with this bank. Also, if I... Continue Reading

A thing about athpower Mystery Shopping.

I just read a post that has been closed by noladoodles regarding athpower and Cheryl Bacon. Without boring anyone with the diatribe I could bore you all with, I just wanted to say I found her posts very informative. I have just gone through a different, yet very similar,... Continue Reading

How will I know if Ath Power accepted my shop?

How long does Ath Power generally take to edit a shop report? Will a comment appear under the "reviewer comment" section? Under "status," will that change from "received" to something else (maybe completed...)?... Continue Reading

Ath Power?

I've seen some good feedback on them that's older but it seems like there is quite a bit of negative feedback recently. They seem to have some excellent paying bank shops listed on jobslinger that makes me want to try them but some of the payment issues I've read about... Continue Reading

Ath Power QC

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client[/b].... Continue Reading

For Ath Power, where is the information needed to pass their tests?

I tried to apply for a banking shop for Ath Power. When I pushed the "self-assign" button, it brings up a page that references needing to first pass a test. This is what it says: If you have not done this shop before, please take the... Continue Reading

Questions about Ath Power Competetive Banking Study

I saw a listing on the Ath Power job board for a "competitive banking study." The only information provided is that the shopper must meet with a financial advisor regarding investment banking. The pay is $17. Has anyone on here completed this shop and can provide me... Continue Reading

Does Ath Power deactivate you?

I am trying to figure out what may have happened with me and Ath Power. I never had major problems with them...they asked for clarification a few times. Now when I apply for jobs, I don't get them. The job sits on the job board and gets bonused. If... Continue Reading

New ath Rotations

ath sent out an email today stating that they now have a six month rotation for account opening shops. Thoughts?... Continue Reading

Getting paid from Ath

I did a shop for them in early December. I never got the email from them about, and on the shop log it says Paid on 2/10/17. Does that mean they're just sending a check, or could the email still arrive? Because obviously I'd rather have the... Continue Reading

ATH Power New Account Shops (How soon can I close my accounts?)

Hello, I recently completed two ATH Power new account shops with the red and white bank. How soon can I close these two accounts? It seems my shops were accepted because they both say "received" under status and I haven't been contacted about them in over a week.... Continue Reading

Ath Power Consulting lowered their fees?

Does anyone know why Ath Power Consulting lowered its fees for its shops? Is this because shoppers accepted shops with low fees? I used to complete a mortgage shop for them which used to have a standard fee of $90, and now the fees dropped down to $35. I mean come on guys.... Continue Reading

Is Ath late again...anyone?

I got an email today which told me that an early November shop would be paid on 2/10/17. And that was AFTER I had to pester them (3 emails in three weeks...good ol' Ellen B. finally returned my email) ...3 months is a 'longish' time frame, I think. Anyone... Continue Reading

anyone try the new ath teller shops?

looks like they just picked up a new client. the pay is decent for a teller shop, but is there more work involved? do you need to sit with a banker after?... Continue Reading

ath Power Consulting issues

I completed my first shop for ath Power. I read the guidelines at least 5 times and followed them to the letter since it was my first banking shop. I received a follow up question from Cheryl. She asked for the name of a teller that first... Continue Reading

What's Up with Ath Scheduling?

Ath posted a boatload of jobs in my region, with a due date of this Friday. I think the "do not shop before" date was 10/18. On Monday, as soon as I saw the e-mail, I applied for two, one for today, one for tomorrow. Both showed as still pending... Continue Reading

Is Ath circling the drain? Did they lose their biggest client?

I know there has been plenty of Ath talk here and this post might be better placed elsewhere, but they cancelled a shop i had scheduled for Saturday this morning (Thursday) and no one is answering emails or phones there.....hmmm........ Continue Reading

Notified by ATH that there is a SCAM using their name.

The SCAM states, They are calling and emailing also. Newbies beware. Never give out any information to any company unless you go to their real site first. Edited in: Forward info to if you receive any of these scams, so they can deal with them.... Continue Reading

ATH Power Schedulers... Where are you?

On Monday, a bunch of shops were made available for a very large bank - several for each of their branches... The due date is 9/30... I signed up for my 3 closest branches - one for Wed, Thur, and Friday... And they have yet to be scheduled...... Continue Reading

Is Ath Power the (name removed) of MSC

Still waiting for payment for two completed jobs. Emailed them several times and have received no reply. Website says that a check was sent. Appears this company is going to wait until I tire of pestering them. [i] Mod note: name removed from subject heading as it gave the title a... Continue Reading

Ath Power

Does anyone know how many hours I have to turn in my report for this company? I checked the guidelines and didn't find it listed anywhere. I also did a quick search here but didn't see anything. I don't want to email the scheduler but I... Continue Reading

Kudos to Ellen at ath

My bank shop went completely sideways. I gave my scenario (I need a higher interest rate than a CD) and expected the banker to have me meet with an onsite broker to speak with me about investment products. The deposit accounts were offering higher interest rates. I... Continue Reading

Ath power

Anyone done shops for them?. I am a new mystery shopper. Just wondering about all the tests that are required in order to do the bank shops. I can't seem to find the preparation information.... Continue Reading

Uploading photos with Ath Power

The screen is a blank gray when I try to upload photos. What software do I need downloaded on my computer in order to upload the photos? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Trolling a athpower mysteryshop scammer

Got a text from someone supposedly from athpower mystery shopping company. Haven't heard of the company but I checked their website and they are on sassie and have their own website. Person had a Walmart money transfer mystery shop to offer me.$100 per assignment. pffffffff. Is this an actual mystery... Continue Reading

Ath Power Consulting

I recently performed a shop for Ath and was treated very unfairly. I have been mystery shopping for eight years and have a very good reputation with the companies I shop for. I submit accurate reports in a timely manner and take pride in doing a good job.... Continue Reading

Problems with ATH power consulting

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***UPDATE/RESOLVED*** AthPower over paid me

I received a payment from for Ath for $140. Ath only owes me $15 for my last shop in February (I had to abruptly stop shopping due to an accident) so that was my last open shop. I'm sharing this so that you can double check your... Continue Reading

Ath Power Payments?

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I received a message from ATH

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

ATH 3/16 Answer from ATH about payment.

This is the email I received from the ATH payment scheduler. "I am checking with accounting as to why that direct deposit has not occurred. In the meantime, I will make sure releases it and you will receive the pay confirmation email from them this week." I will keep everyone... Continue Reading

Ath Power taking a very long time to review reports?

Maybe this is just an unusual thing, but I did two shops for Ath Power during the first week of this month. The first was reviewed and approved in less than a week, even with the editor having to ask for a clarification. I did the second one two days... Continue Reading

ath power; do they always send back for more detail?

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ath power

I recently did a shop for ath power. Do the editors get back with you and grade your shop? I have not heard anything good or bad and just wondered if I will know when it has been reviewed/accepted?... Continue Reading

First Bank shop with ATH Power. Any advice?

I was just assigned a bank shop with ATH Power. Is there anything I should know in advance? The report seems very straight forward.... Continue Reading

any one had luck contacting

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ATH Power, Why????

I just attempted a $200 fee shop at a local furniture store. It requires a purchase on credit. I planned on getting a small accent or decor and then returning it. I had a small table lined up for $220 about a half hour in. The associate took all my... Continue Reading

Legal notice at end of Ath Power Reports

I just completed an assignment for Ath Power and saw, for the first time ever, a legal waiver on the bottom of the report which I had to initial. It basically said that you promised you didn't falsify information, upload incorrect documents, didn't rush the shop, and truly completed... Continue Reading

Ath Power

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ath Power

I have never done any bank shops before. However, Ath Power has some high paying bank shops that seem simple. Is it for real?? Looks like it's not much work for quite a bit of money.... Continue Reading

ACL and ath Power Payments for August??

I did a huge # of shops in August for a bunch of MSCs. Everyone's paid except these two. ACL states checks being mailed on 9/28 but haven't received anything. I have no idea when ath power pay schedule is. I've been paid for one shop which seemed... Continue Reading

ATH Power not responding to my e-mails - What to do?

I was accepted for a 2-part mortgage shop. Conducted the first part last week on the day scheduled, no apparent issues, filled out my questionnaire on time, and per the guidelines e-mailed the scheduler to let him/her (I have no idea, don't have a name, just an e-mail address) know... Continue Reading

Just received an email from! Ath Power:

Pay will be in the bank tomorrow 9/10... Continue Reading

ATH POWER: Eligibilty for the higher pay shops??

How many lower paying bank shops must be completed before they will give you one of the larger pay shops??... Continue Reading

Ath Power - Slow to assign shops?

Does anyone else wonder why Ath Power appears slow to assign shops? I've have several successful shops with them and would like to do more but the due dates began yesterday and end on Saturday. My previous applications for their assignments were assigned within 1 day. The MSC's expect... Continue Reading

Thought my completed shops disappeared, apparently my log was set to current shops instead of any. Shout out to Ellen Barkhouse at Ath Power.

I emailed Ath with my concern that all of my completed shops had disappeared in my shop log. They use the Sassie platform. Turns out it is an easy fix. She emailed me almost immediately with instructions: In the Status/Job ID column of your shop log, click on the arrow to... Continue Reading

Why I no longer shop for Ath Power

Hello Everyone, I'm not much of a poster but I frequently read the boards and learn a lot from your contributions. I finally have something that I feel may be helpful to others so I'm sharing. I am not a full time mystery shopper but I have consistently been... Continue Reading

ATH Power- how can I get a shop with them?????

I've applied three times now to a bank shop near my town. The application sits and sits past the deadline and then, evidently, they assign it to someone else, because it disappears. These are well-paying shops and I want at least one! Any of you have any tips as to... Continue Reading

Ath Power

they have jobs posted on there job board and it says that you have to pick a date but it does not give you dates to pick... Continue Reading

ath Power Consulting Prequalification email

Anyone know any more about this or has anyone done a similar project? Part of the email reads "Please ONLY complete this survey if you are interested in applying for and accepting a new store credit card for one of these high ticket item store segments .... For this shop... Continue Reading

Shop in 'completed' status, not "received" status from Ath for 2 weeks

I completed a multi-month (open a credit card, buy an item, return an item, request customer service, etc.) shop with Ath consulting on Oct.3 and submitted the last part of the requirements (a mailed to me bill from the company being shopped). The first portion of the shop was... Continue Reading

ath Power and Ratings

Just heard back from my scheduler about ratings (Per the continuing ath Power discussion on another thread). She said, "We do not grade shops. Every shopper starts with a shopper grade of 5, that only changes if you do one of two things. #1 flake on a shop then we... Continue Reading

Scheduler with athPower Consulting

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Didn't aTH Power used to accept Paypal?

I went to freshen up my aTH Power profile as it seemed like it wasn't linking in JS and used to do bank shops with them. I got an email saying to update extended profile and some sort of promotion. After reading these job boards, and looking over my old... Continue Reading

Ath Power Referals

Sorry if I'm missing a previous post, but does anyone know if Ath Power offers referal bonuses? thanks!... Continue Reading

Ath Power Run Around

I performed two shops for them, (more of a test for them than for me), and two weeks later, when applying for a third shop, found out I could not apply...I was frozen, or disenrolled. Had to email four times to get a response...turns out the 'client' disputed (via... Continue Reading

Ath Power Contact

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Enough already Ath

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Ath Power Consulting--slow to review reports?

I did three shops for Ath Power Consulting, ranging from 2 to 3 weeks ago. They're all just sitting there, without any sign that anyone has reviewed them. Is this normal for this company?... Continue Reading

I Think I'm Going To Like Ath Power Consulting

Ath is one of the new MSC's I have recently signed up with and today I was able to self assign for an $18 investment banking shop with them and I looked at the online form and it's yes/no and choose from a group of answers and very light if... Continue Reading

Ath Power Consulting. Big goof

I did one of their bank shops and was somewhat goofy in the employees description. I was somewhat offended that they asked for height weight and race. Also asked for distinguishing features and I put down peg leg and an eye patch. I saved the work and when I submitted... Continue Reading

Evaluation Service - Dr Athony Hill

I received a couple of emails from this guy thanking me for signing up with their shopping detective service. It was so badly worded that it was obviously a scam so I blocked him. Today I received via USPS Priority mail a check payable to me in the amount of... Continue Reading

ath Power Consulting

Does anyone have an email address for the bank shops with ath Power Consulting? I had it but had to format my hard-drive and lost all my email addresses. I want to send an email to a scheduler about an upcoming shop. TIA!... Continue Reading

ath Power - a wonderful company

Recently, I had some issues with ath Power, and they had garnished my wages. It was not a big amount, but I had to fight it. I believe when I put in my best effort, I should be paid my legitimately earned wages. I was able to... Continue Reading

Ath power phone call

10:41 pm last night! Good thing the phone was turned off. Then they sent me an email. It was for some shops they want done. To my mind, anything after 9pm is harrassment.... Continue Reading


Did they lose their banking client that starts with C? Haven't seen any shops for them in quite a while. If they did, I might as well close up my checking account...... Continue Reading

ATH Power Consulting

Has anyone done shops for this company? I see they have bank shops near my area but I've done the bank shops for INFORMA and even though they pay well, they do take some time. Are ATH's bank shops easier and do they require paper questionnaires?... Continue Reading

Now ath Power wants to pay via another alternative payer.

Received an e-mail about getting paid via The way I understand, it is optional. I don;t want another way to get paid occasional $10-$20 from them. Also, they are stingy in pay, want too much for too little, and take for ever to pay.... Continue Reading

Ath Power Pay Problems?

Ath Power has been giving me the same ole script about "putting the check in mail" for 2 weeks now... I performed the audit for them back in April and I am still waiting on the check.. This is disturbing me because as we all know, you take the time... Continue Reading

Has anyone done (regular) bank shops with Ath Lately?

They had the "customer retention" shops, where if you are a customer, you go in and (try) to close your account. I did one. (you are only allowed one of those). Ath is my bread and butter and I pulled in ALOT of banks. But in the last two months, the only... Continue Reading

when does ATH Power pay for shops?

I did 3 bank shops for them in December and have not been paid. Will I get paid at the end of this month via Paypal?... Continue Reading

Business Census for ATH?

Has anyone done this? The instructions say it's a lot of work, how hard is this exactly?... Continue Reading

How does ATH Power pay?

It has been a long time, since I have done any shops for this company. I know they pay timely, but I can't seem to find out which method they use. Do they pay by check or paypal or direct deposit? There isn't anything on my profile... Continue Reading

Athpower officially sucks

After trying and trying to get an answer for why I was getting shops I signed up for, I was finally told my account was deactivated due to various issues with my shops. I was paid for 6 shops but there are 10 I performed that I have no... Continue Reading

Is this some sort of hint from Athpower

I did a ton of banking shops for them in November/December. As of 3 weeks ago, however, when I sign up for a shop it is removed from "pending" and put back onto the job board selection. Is this their way of saying they will no longer work... Continue Reading

How long does it really take for athpower to pay up??

I have done over 20 shops for athpower and have not got paid... Continue Reading

Is anyone's check from AthPower late?

Just curious if you have received your check at the normal time frame?... Continue Reading

Athpower: yes they pay through bill payment but are stillslow payers

There is a post that states many people do not know that athpower sends out checks through Billpay. I already know this. There is still many complaints about slow pay by me and other shoppers. In my case I have tried to speak with them about a very time consuming... Continue Reading


Did any of you out there complete the business census in June? I was told payment would be sooner than their "regular" payment schedule as this was a special project. I see where I am scheduled to be paid but no date as to when that will be.... Continue Reading

Ath Power

I contacted Ath by email this morning and told them due to their inability to pay me in a timely manner I will no longer accept their assignments. I wish more shoppers would do the same until they change their payment policy and show more respect for the men... Continue Reading

ATH Power

Does this company only do bank shops?... Continue Reading

ATH Power Problems

I am sick and tired of this company and how slow they pay! THey always promise that it will be better next month but they are taking advantage of their shoppers by holding the shoppers money for so long! I did a bunch of Bank shops and it took... Continue Reading

ath Power ( Apex Corporation)

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No, it's not yet another thread about slow pay. I just got a check for my December shops. The thing is, the return address says Payment Operations, Palo Alto, CA, and across the top PAYMENT ENCLOSED. In other words, no indication on the envelope that it's from Ath, and in... Continue Reading

ATH Power, bank shops

Does anyone know anything about ATH canceling most of their February shops for a major bank that they have had for years?... Continue Reading

Ath Power payment

Still waiting for a payment from Ath on a 7/26 shop. Contacted them in Sept., and they told me I would be paid with the October checks. Well, here it is 10/17 and still nothing. Anyone seen a check from Ath this month yet?... Continue Reading


Maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't see this one come up in search. Does anyone know if this company grades, or is it typical to see month old shops noted as "received", but without any kind of rating?... Continue Reading

ATH Power

Anyone have experience with this company, good or bad? Thanks in advance for any input.... Continue Reading

Should I start worrying about my ATH payment yet?

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Blow me down! I got paid by aTH

I was not expecting that at all. The one shop I did for them (last minute, with a $15 bonus) ended up being a mess of miscommunication. I had completely written it off as a waste of my time. Lo, and behold - I got a check in the mail... Continue Reading

Anyone know when ath Power Consulting Corporation pays?

Since signing up for jobs at ath Power Online I find that I don't have the documentation that lists how long it takes to get paid for the shops that I complete for them. So do any of you have this information? I would appreciate it if you would share... Continue Reading

$3.75 Ath Phone Shops?

Please tell me none of you are doing these $3.75 phone shops. $3.75?? REALLY??? It's not even worth my time to pick up the phone for $3.75. If the shop takes just 10 minutes it's too long for $3.75. Has anyone done any of these... Continue Reading

Ath Power/ Apex? Help!

Has anyone worked for this company before? I have 4 bank shops coming up, and I sent them a message because what they are asking me to do is a little weird. I signed up with this specific bank early in December becuase there was a lot of shops for... Continue Reading

ath power Mystery shopping company

There was a discussion on this earlier regarding they are slow pay. I am getting back to you. I did get paid as scheduled. They take longer because of their processing which the scheduler took the time to explain. Once they mark paid on the job log.... Continue Reading

ath Power

Anyone having problems getting paid from this company? I did a shop two months ago for them, was told the "check is in the mail" on May 30th and nothing. It was a 3-day "shop" and worth couple hundred so I just don't want to "forget about it".... Continue Reading

Anyone here from CT that has shopped for ATH?

Anyone here from CT that has shopped for ATH? I hear their large bank client for this area has not yet renewed their contract? Any info?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Ath Power Consulting

I have a friend in Athens, GA. (Source). August 04, 2022

As of today, I have completed 2084 shops for ath Power since 2008, and I have never had a problem getting paid for any of them. (Source). July 24, 2022

I may still have the returned check in a file cabinet somewhere. [quote=shopperbob] Many yrs. ago, I accepted and completed a blue bank shop through ath. (Source). July 22, 2022

Absolutely no problem working with ath or Checkbook. (Source). July 22, 2022

ago, I accepted and completed a blue bank shop through ath. (Source). July 22, 2022

Has anyone dealt with payments from Ath Power? (Source). July 22, 2022

I "generally" know when to expect payment. Market Force, Inteli-shop, The Source, Cirrus, ATH Power, and IPSOS, to name a few that I have worked with, have all received payment complaints. (Source). June 27, 2022

I "generally" know when to expect payment. Market Force, Inteli-shop, The Source, Cirrus, ATH Power, and IPSOS, to name a few that I have worked with, have all received payment complaints. (Source). June 26, 2022

They might have some banking in your area. I may have seen something from Ath and I may have seen something from a large Sassie company that escapes me (Source). May 31, 2022

I would be interested in knowing more. I have done bank account shops for ATH and Ipsos (Source). April 29, 2022