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Automotive Insights Late With Wages again

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Automotive Insights site down

Their site cannot be reached when I look them up. I have done a couple of shops and not been paid yet and cant even get on the site to check payment status. Has anyone else had issues with this?... Continue Reading

Payments from automotive insights

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Automotive insights

Anyone have a contact phone number or email address for this company? TIA... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

Is anyone else's email getting lit up right now with the same message every minute?... Continue Reading

Automotive insights

I sign up for a car shop for them. First of all you try to download instructions and the link does not work. Then after sending several emails to summit scheduling they finally send me a link for instructions. I am told that since my trade in value... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

Has anyone had any luck with automotive insights? When I click on search outside my region and click on any state , all of them say I am not eligible for the shops...Any thoughts?... Continue Reading


Does anyone know how to find a way to sign up as a shopper for this company? I have searched the site and can not find the portal to be a shopper.... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

I did a few shops for this MSC in 2013, but haven't seen anything lately from them, and nothing showing on their job board. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding this MSC?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Automotive Insights

I just finished doing three sets of five comparison auto shops for this company. The reports were very straightforward. For a car shop, the reports were a good mix of yes/no answers and some narratives, but nothing repetitive. They did present some challenges, most of which were about taking photos... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

Do they still have shops? I didn't see any for them this year and I just did a search, even looking in states where I don't shop and I'm not seeing anything.... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights Payment Issues

I did a series of shops for Automotive Insights. It was a last minute emergency type situation and I took a day off of my regular job to help them out. We agreed on a $50 per shop rate for five shops. This was the first time... Continue Reading

imyst and automotive insights

Hello all, Can anyone tell me about these companies and how they are to work for. Any feedback would be much appreciated... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

Just wondering if anybody has completed new vehicle shops for this company. If so, how did it go? Would you do it again?... Continue Reading

Automotive Insights

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Most Recent mentions of Automotive Insights

I've worked with IntelliShop, SeeLevel, and Automotive Insights in the past for these, but curious to know which other MSCs offer this type of shop. (Source). January 03, 2019

Why can't I log into my account on Automotive insights anymore? (Source). December 12, 2018

Easiest Maritz (once you are familiar with their quirky system) and SeeLevel Hardest : Automotive Insights (prepare to do battle in order to get paid and their scheduelers are boneheads) and Strategic Relections (late pay) (Source). December 11, 2018

automotiveinsights. (Source). December 11, 2018

Hi everybody, just wondered if anybody is owed money from automotive insights? (Source). December 03, 2018

You may only pick one ONE visit per location. Additional visits at the same location will be canceled. Please login at https://shopper.automotiveinsights. (Source). November 15, 2018

Please apply at http://shopper.automotiveinsights. (Source). November 07, 2018

I got a shop returned by the editor at Automotive Insights because it had the wrong photos attached to it. (Source). October 01, 2018

Most times for these are Mon-Friday, not after 5pm. Saturday is available as well. If you are not currently signed up with us, please go to the link below: https://shopper.automotiveinsights. (Source). August 25, 2018

Most times for these are Mon-Friday, not after 5pm. Saturday is available as well. If you are not currently signed up with us, please go to the link below: http://shopper.automotiveinsights. (Source). August 21, 2018