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BDS Marketing? It's been resolved

I haven't seen any threads about the MSC. I completed a shop for them on 12/17/16 and have not been paid yet. They post on isecretshop's platform. I emailed the scheduler and haven't yet heard back yet. This is from their site: "When do I receive my paycheck? Payroll is distributed every... Continue Reading

BDS Marketing - More recent feedback?

It's been two years since the last comment. Anyone else? Thanks. :)... Continue Reading

BDS Marketing

Anybody work for them and have any good or bad stories? Thanks!... Continue Reading

BDS marketing

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BDS Mystery shopping

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

bds marketing

Hi: Anyone know anything about bds Marketing.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of BDS Marketing

Well, I know that Chase has a really great wbe and phone app and sebds messages in a timely fashion, so I had to go with Citi. (Source). June 23, 2020

Off hand, the only ones which pay by check are A-C-L, ACE, BDS, Harland Clarke, Informa, Service Performance Group, Service Sense, Shoppers, Sensors Quality Management (for US ICs only), Sights on Service dba Secret Shopper, Sinclair. (Source). September 27, 2017

I got one too for two jobs in march with bds marketing but my own booking had caught it like a month or two ago. (Source). July 28, 2017

A Rep from BDS Marketing. (Source). July 07, 2017

A Rep from BDS Marketing. (Source). July 05, 2017

They say the manager will answer that and the manager asks if the recruiter answered that question because he doesn't know. If this was for BDS, and some others, they are call-center employees who are just reading from a script and typing in the answers on the screen they are looking at. (Source). July 04, 2017

BDS is asking for a non compete agreement. (Source). April 22, 2017

Seems to prevent you from working with almost any retailer they work with or any of BDS competitors while you work for them AND for a year after you or they end your employment. (Source). April 22, 2017

BDS Marketing also has Merchandising work. (Source). March 10, 2017

If you have not, you won't get paid until they receive both of these things. You can Fax to (949) 597-2293 or Mail to: BDSmktg 10 Holland Irvine, CA 92618 Attention: Human Resources / Mystery Shopping If you have questions, Erin Neally: Erin. (Source). March 07, 2017