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BMA ShopperUSA Co

Hi, I'm new here. Not sure if I got involved with a legitament Mystery Shopper company. Answered an email ad to be a mystery shopper and just got a check for $1986.11 to deposit. Keep $200 and I will be notified how to spend the rest at a... Continue Reading


I got email last week, I wanted information. They signed me up and sat. I got email you will get information Monday. Today I got a check? What is this. Is this legit? What do I do?... Continue Reading

BMA Mystery Shopping and Business Education Services

I have a couple of questions regarding these MSCs... The front page of both websites seem to be the same and they list the same companies as names of some of their clients. Does anyone know if they are both legitimate companies or if it's possible one of them copied... Continue Reading

BMA Mystery Shopping

Anyone have experience with BMA Mystery Shopping? They are also known as Customer 1st and Mystery Shopper Services all addressed at P.O. Box 507 Arroyo Grande CA, 93420, US... Continue Reading

SCAM - Fake Company - using BMA's name

I just signed up with BMA. They state they will be sending me a check for $2200 to get started. Is this a normal practice or does it smell like a scam? I have done mystery shopping before but never received a large chunk of money to start. [i]Mod note: ... Continue Reading

BMA, GFK, Jancyn? Good, bad, ugly?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BMA late payments

I occasionally use the iSecret Shop app when I'm out on a route and want to pick up a few extra, very easy shops...even though they don't pay as well as they used to. I like the app, but I know many others have mixed feelings about it...anyway I've been... Continue Reading


Beware of BMA! They have not paid or responded to emails.... Continue Reading

BMA payments

I stated picking up BMA shops through the isecretshop app. I did my first shop in November on the 3rd. I've made sure my documents are all there and I have been trying to figure out when I can expect to start getting paid. I don;t have a whole ... Continue Reading

Curious about BMA Mystery Shopping

Not because I'd ever want to shop for them, but I'm wondering how they ever get anybody to shop for them? I saw some jobs this morning posted by them, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Smartwatch shops for $6? Cellphone shops for $9? Who's going to leave their homes... Continue Reading


Is bma prophet still working. Haven't used them in years... Continue Reading

BMA Payment

I asked this on 12/29 in the stickied MSC payment dates thread but have not received any answers. It's been 70 days now since I've received a payment from them. Did their payment due dates change? I've e-mailed them twice and have not received a reply. I'm going to try... Continue Reading

BMA - Decreased Fee

Has anyone noticed that BMA's cell phone shops went from $15 to $9?... Continue Reading

BMA - hooray

I have done several of one type of shop for this company. The form is awesome. It is easy to understand and not repetitive. And short but to the point and gathering useful info.... Continue Reading

I got a email from BMA/Isecret. I do not remember signing up with them

I got a email from BMA/Isecret. I do not remember signing up with them. Are they an actual MSC or some sort of MSC software company?... Continue Reading

Customer 1st and BMA

Each time I go to each of these websites, I get a message that there sia problem with the security of the site. In the past, each of them were in my favorite places and all I needed to do was to sign with my password. I... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard of this company and are they okay to shop for? Where are their shops located?... Continue Reading

Not paid by BMA Mystery Shopping Services?

Hello. I've been lurking this forum for a while now, but I'm making my first post to ask a question. So, I have been shopping with BMA for almost 7 months now. They were actually the first company I signed up with and the first one I did a mystery shop... Continue Reading


I just looked at their job board and saw a phone shop I wanted to apply for. When I hit the Accept button it goes to a page saying to contact the scheduler. However, there is no e-mail address for the scheduler. Has anyone experienced this ridiculous and... Continue Reading


Have had the most absurd encounter with Sentry. They had a job for a Taco Shop in my area on JobSlinger. I looked for it in my "available jobs" area and it was not there. I emailed Sentry and asked them why I could not see the shop and got... Continue Reading


Has any of you shopped for BMA? I did four shops in June and just got paid for one. I'm wondering if this is a mistake or ???... Continue Reading

Anyone has an an issue with BMA?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Any one with experience with BMA or JANCYN?

Do they pay fast?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of BMA Mystery Shopping / Best Market Audits

Lionbridge and Leapforce were the major players back in the day:[/quote] I used to be a webmaster and was extremely good at SEO. (Source). March 10, 2020

You may want to go to a webmail based email program like Yahoo mail or Gmail that way unless you erase the email yourself it stays there. (Source). March 08, 2020

In the 90's, their sister company, the mexican food chain, had a strong MS shopping company going, until crazy Marketing folk (LFO and JH) submarined the program, asking it to balance elephants on needles. (Source). February 20, 2020

There were some pretty boats in that marina and also what looked like a submarine. (Source). January 17, 2020

Solve a murder mystery during a train ride through Budapest. Save a naval fleet trapped in a sinking submarine. (Source). December 04, 2019

[/quote] The only time I have seen this is when I was an adult webmaster, and many companies required the models to hold up their ID to prove their age and comply with the 2257 regulations. (Source). September 07, 2019

Problem solved.[/quote] So if I were doing a shop in Bermuda I could claim $200 in mileage? In my submarine? (Source). June 17, 2019

Problem solved.[/quote] So if I were doing a shop in Bermuda I could claim $200 in mileage? In my submarine? (Source). June 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Mystery Shopper Services, BMA, and Customer 1st www. (Source). May 08, 2019

Happy Tuesday, Mystery Shopper Services, BMA, and Customer 1st www. (Source). April 30, 2019