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Baird Group Medical Mystery Shopping

I could tell you that Baird is supportive, encouraging, friendly and always pays as promised. All of that is true but the reason I would recommend Baird very highly is that you get a chance to do work that is interesting and actually makes a positive difference in the field... Continue Reading

Baird Group Medical Mystery Shops

So I've done a whole bunch of mystery shops for Baird Group. They specialize in medical shops, which means you're contacting and visiting hospitals and clinics. They've always been reliable on payment and reimbursement. Most of the time you'll be doing phone shops. They give you a specific scenario (such... Continue Reading

Lindsay (Baird Group), Kandee and Cheryl (ARC Call Performance)

I need to give a shout out and big THANK YOU to Lindsay, Kandee, and Cheryl. At every prenatal visit I had recently, I was assured that my baby was making no threats to come earlier than his scheduled C-section date. So, last Monday and Tuesday, I scheduled my... Continue Reading

Baird Group - feedback

Is there any more recent feedback on this company? Types of shops? Do they pay on schedule and how? Responsive employees? Is the work reasonable for the pay? Thanks folks.... Continue Reading

Baird Group -- Job Board

I have a question for any shoppers that have worked for the Baird group. All I see on their job board are certifications. Does this mean that you have to take the certification before you can see the jobs; or does this mean that there are no jobs in... Continue Reading

Baird Group

I received an e-mail from this company that is recruiting shoppers for medical mystery shops. Anyone have experience with them? Do they pay? Are they legit?... Continue Reading

Baird group -- opinions?

Merry christmas everyone.. Anyone have any experience with this MSC. I recieved a email the other day about some upcoming shops and was curious about this company. Feedback anyone ? Thanks... Continue Reading

Baird Group Consulting has wrong link on List page.

On the MSF list of companies, the link for "Baird Group Consulting" goes to the next name on the list: Bare International. The correct link, I think, will be: Thank you. Regards, I. L. Banks... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Baird Group Consulting

Baird Group has both phone and in-person shops available in and around Lewiston, Rumford, and Bridgton, Maine. (Source). December 13, 2018

Baird Group is looking for people located within approximately 90 miles of Rumford, Bridgton, or Lewiston, Maine, who are interested in performing healthcare evaluations. (Source). November 21, 2018

I hope your car can be repaired and things work out okay! I would avoid Baird Group's phone shops, as they are report-heavy and drove me nuts when I did them. (Source). November 17, 2018

I have the following list saved in my browser folder for MSCs offering phone shops: 1.) I Secret Shop 2.) Intellishop 3.) Shopper's View 4.) Confero 5.) Baird Group 6. (Source). November 17, 2018

- Must have a dog with up-to-date shots Medical Facility Phone Assignments Beaumont TX 77701 The Baird Group www. (Source). July 08, 2018

Hi, The Baird Group is looking for evaluators in the following areas to participate in medical facility PHONE assignments that you can complete from home. (Source). July 06, 2018

Baird Group is looking for people interested in performing healthcare evaluations, both on the phone and in person. (Source). May 03, 2018

Baird Group is looking for people in the Baltimore, DC area that are interested in performing healthcare evaluations. (Source). May 03, 2018

Baird Group is looking for people within 90 miles of Beaumont, TX that are interested in performing healthcare evaluations. (Source). May 03, 2018

New shoppers need only register as a new shopper and complete a phone certification to be eligible. To learn more about Baird Group, our shops, where we are shopping across the US, and to register as a new shopper, please visit: www. (Source). April 17, 2018