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BARE: Make $50 today by completing a Price Check

BARE International has monthly price checks near you This project is a mystery shop that requires you to visit specific location. Using a smartphone app, you will collect prices on a given number of products. For this round, there are approximately 215 items to collect prices on. Pay: $50 Date: Wed, Feb 8 Quick... Continue Reading

Make a Route in Alabama, Georgia or Tennessee via BARE International

Using a smartphone app, collect 65 prices and, then purchase three (3) pack of cigarettes. Make $18 per location. Also, all tobacco purchases are fully reimbursed. ALABAMA Locations: Athens, Birmingham, Childersburg, Collinsville, Cottondale, Eastaboga, Montgomery, Rainbow City and Tuscaloosa GEORGIA Locations: Adairsville, Chatsworth, Dalton, Filntstone, Ringgold, and Rossville TENNESSEE Locations: Chattanooga, Cleveland, Sevierville,... Continue Reading

BARE International: Car Rental Evaluation - $75 Pay + Reimbursement (FL: Orlando, Tampa & MA: Boston)

BARE International has new car rental shops available! SCENARIO: You would be going to the assigned airport car rental location to rent a mid-size car from the assigned agency. In order to complete this shop: - You will have to schedule a mid-size rental car via the company website. - Pick up your rental car... Continue Reading

BARE: Go Back to Using KSS Already to Schedule Your Car Wash Shops!

I have no idea why BARE went back to scheduling the shops (two different chains in my area) themselves but it doesn't seem to be working. Multiple shops are still on the board with a 12/31 deadline. I rarely check BARE's job board (because most of their shops pay too... Continue Reading

Wytheville, Max Meadows, Galax VA - Short Convenience Store Price Checks - BARE Int'l

Super fast price check audits at convenience stores in Wytheville, Max Meadows, and Galax, VA. Enter prices of 40 items found in-store into an app. These are $8 shops that take around 10-12 minutes! Super quick shops to add to a route. Feel free to email me if you are... Continue Reading

BARE Int'l - 15 Minute Convenient Store Price Check Audit - Wilmington

Hi! We have three very short $8 price check audits at convenient stores in Wilmington, NC. December 8-9th. Enter prices into an app, and it's that easy! 40 items per location, they take about 15 minutes. These are also monthly, so they are available to be a regular source of... Continue Reading

I've Just About Had it with BARE

Its probably my fault. Have you ever just had a company that you didn't "gel" with? BARE and I can't seem to get on the same page. They have a car wash shop listed. The car wash (with a duck on it) has locations that have sprung up... Continue Reading

Problem with BARE Submissions

Hello and good evening. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with BARE's website recently? I have done a shop recently where they have asked me to make changes. I have made the changes, resubmitted the form twice now and it still shows up... Continue Reading

BARE International: $75 REVEALED Money Transfer Shops in Alaska

BARE International has $75 REVEALED money transfer inquiry opportunities available in Anchorage, AK; Soldotna, AK; Juneau, AK; Eagle River, AK; Palmer, AK; and Wasilla, AK. With the large number of shops, I would love to work on setting up a route for you! If you’re interested in completing these shops... Continue Reading

BARE International: $65 REVEALED Money Transfer Shops in Alaska

BARE International has $65 REVEALED money transfer inquiry opportunities available in Anchorage, AK; Soldotna, AK; Juneau, AK; Eagle River, AK; Palmer, AK; and Wasilla, AK. With the large number of shops, I would love to work on setting up a route for you! If you’re interested in completing these shops... Continue Reading

BARE International Alaska Revealed Money Transfer Myster Shops!

BARE International has $65 REVEALED money transfer inquiry opportunities available in Anchorage, AK; Soldotna, AK; Juneau, AK; Eagle River, AK; Palmer, AK; and Wasilla, AK. With the large number of shops, I would love to work on setting up a route for you! If you’re interested in completing these shops... Continue Reading

BARE: Sizzling New Price Checks in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee

$30 Price Checks - Download an app on your smartphone - Find products and Enter prices Super easy - No employee interaction required and no long form to fill out Dates: August 9 -11 Available Locations: ALABAMA: Montgomery, Florence, Childersburg, Tuscaloosa, Eastboga, Huntsville, Fort Payne GEORGIA: Rossville, Chatsworth, Adairsville, Dalton, Ringgold TENNESSEE: Memphis, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Jasper,... Continue Reading

Has anyone done the BARE price audits?

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BARE: Looking for California Shoppers for Price Checks

We have opportunities in the following cities for in-store price project $12 per location - a fuel bonus may be available for large routes Anaheim Antioch Davis Fontana Galt King City Lake Forest Marina Millbrae Modesto Pleasant Hill Sacramento Salinas San Dimas San Fernando San Jose Stockton For more information - email at Continue Reading

BARE Payment...Help. Just got back into shopping..

Hello and good afternoon. I was curious about something. I just got back into Mystery shopping after being out of the scene for about a decade. I've done 3 shops for BARE in May and got a payment today... The fees were all round figures $35,... Continue Reading

BARE Payment System

I recently started shopping with BARE again. I was charged $3.40 for a $20 payment. I've been exploring their site and it seems to use a system called TiPALTI. The link the payments and fees does not work. Anyone have any useful information about it? I'm not going to... Continue Reading

BARE International: Phone Call shops in FL

BARE International has some easy phone call shops available in FL!   You can own, rent, or use a friend/family's property, but it has to be a valid address with a lawn in one of the available areas. Shop Overview: The objective is to understand the service offerings, pricing, discounts and promotions a... Continue Reading

Bare ATV Age Compliance

There has been a shop paying $12 sitting on Bare's board for over a month, maybe two. You have to determine if a dealer will attempt to sell an ATV to you for someone under the minimum required age to use that large an ATV. I've done them in the... Continue Reading

BARE International has $30 REVEALED Mystery Shops Across Multiple States! (Specific states listed in post.)

BARE International has $30 REVEALED money transfer inquiry opportunities available in multiple cities across AL, AR, AZ, CO, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MT, MS, NE, NM, OH, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV, WY. With the large number of shops, I would... Continue Reading

Bare International: I just got a tax email allegedly from them. Is it legit?

I received an email this morning from a company called 'efile4biz' saying that Bare contracted them to provide tax documents. I don't recall seeing anything on the Bare site about this. Does anyone know if the email is legit? The form is asking for some personal... Continue Reading

BARE International $15 Menu Photo Shops In Jesup, GA; Metter, GA; and London, KY! Shops also available in Presto InstaShopper App!

BARE International has $15 menu photo shops available in Jesup, GA; Metter, GA; and London, KY! These shops are super quick, have no purchase and no narrative! The only things that these shops ask for are two pictures of the menu in a nearby restaurant. These shops are due today,... Continue Reading

$15 Menu Photo Shops in Cornelia, GA; Jesup, GA; and Metter, GA! Available on BARE International Job Board and Presto InstaShopper!

BARE International could use your help! We have $15 menu photo shops available in Cornelia, GA; Jesup, GA; and Metter, GA. These shops are super easy with no purchase and no narrative; all you need to do is take 2 pictures of the menu and upload them to the shop... Continue Reading

BARE International $10 Menu Photo Shops in FL, GA, and KY! No purchase, no narrative, only photos!

BARE International has $10 menu photo shops available in Bonita Springs, FL; Casselberry, FL; Cornelia, GA; Dublin, GA; Jesup, GA; McDonough, GA; Metter, GA; and London, KY. These shops are super easy with no purchase and no narrative; all you need to do is take pictures of the menu and... Continue Reading

Bares new payment company took a large service fee.

I’m shocked that I just received $16.60 for a $20 assignment. I don’t understand as all other companies pay exactly what the assignment offers through PayPal. Why would Bare hire a company that charges the shopper a service fee.... Continue Reading

BARE: Price Checks Across America - Pay between $5 and $12

Evaluators needed in the following states: CA - TX - MO - UT - TN - OR - MA - NY - PA - KS - WI - WA - SC - KS - NJ - FL - NC - IL Using a smartphone app, you are shown an image... Continue Reading

BARE: California Shoppers Wanted for Price Checks

Hi Everyone - I'm looking for an evaluator(s) to complete an approximate 80 item price check at convenience stores in the following locations: Ceres - Diamond Bar - Galt - Merced - Millbrae Fee: $12 Due on Wed, Jan 12 Let me know if you are interested!... Continue Reading

BARE Opportunities: Price Checks across California

I have easy price checks that take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Using a smartphone app, you will find approximately 80 items and enter the price in the store. That's it! Fee: $12 Dates: Jan 11 - 12 Let me know if you are interested... Continue Reading

BARE Price Checks in OH, OK, ND, SD, TN

I have easy price checks that take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Using a smartphone app, you find 62 items and enter the price in the store. Some locations require a purchase of a pack of cigarettes also. If it does, you are paid another $5 and fully reimbursed. Fee:... Continue Reading

BARE Shop Opportunity: Make $30 with a price check at Costco in Arlington, TX

I'm looking for a shopper to perform a 184-item price check at Costco in Arlington. Using a smartphone app, you will be shown an image of a product, you find it, and enter price. That's it. Fee: $30 Due: Saturday, Dec 4 Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Sara... Continue Reading

BARE Shop Opportunity: Make $60 with a price check at Lucky in Fremont, CA

Hi Shoppers, I'm looking for a shopper to perform a 373 item price check at Lucky in Fremont. Using a smartphone app, you will be shown an image of a product, you find it, and enter the price. That's it. There is no long form to fill out. Fee: $60.00 Date: December... Continue Reading

Bare - Tipalti Payments Registration

Hello, Does anybody else have difficulties signing up completely to get paid by Tipalti for Bare assignments?... Continue Reading

Has Anyone Else Had Issues with Editors for BARE International for Car Wash Shops?

I've had issues with more than one. These editors may be overseas (possibly India). They write in English but I usually don't understand what they are saying in their emails. When I email them back for clarification, I often don't get a response.... Continue Reading

BARE has easy price checks in California and Texas

• BARE is seeking evaluators to complete easy price checks in California & Texas • Using a smartphone app, you simply enter prices of approximately 50 items - that's it! • Pay rate is $15 and the dates are Oct 5 - 10 Antioch CA 94509 Berkeley CA 94703 Berkeley CA 94704 Berkeley CA 94710 Burlingame CA... Continue Reading

BARE International has $25 TV Inquiry Opportunities Available!

BARE International has high-paying TV inquiry opportunities available in many states. The available cities/states are listed below. For this shop, the client would like for Evaluators to inquire about a specific 75" television and obtain two recommendations. At least five (5) pictures will be required: location exterior, recommended... Continue Reading

Virginia Shoppers! BARE International Needs You! $25 TV Inquiry Opportunities.

BARE International has $25 TV inquiry opportunities available in Virginia. For this shop, you simply inquire about a 75" TV and a "best of the best" TV, capture a total of five photos (exterior, TVs and TV tags), and complete the report. The shop is easy and so is the report!... Continue Reading

I have no idea what to do about BARE

So. Like everyone else who was already a shopper with BARE, I got my "Hey, we're partnering with Tipalti" email, but I wasn't actively completing shops at the time, so I didn't really click through and register. This is totally my bad, of course. BUT I recently started playing the mystery... Continue Reading


Bare seem to take ages to allocate shop applications, is this normal ? and KSS stated in an email today that they are assisting BARE ??... Continue Reading

Good Grief....Steer Clear of the Bare fitness web lead project

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Bare Now Using Tipalti Solutions Inc For Payments

I noticed this disclaimer in the e-mail I received from Bare: "COMMENTS: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Before applying or self-assigning, please note that our payment process is changing. We have recently upgraded to a partner payment provider, Tipalti Solutions Inc. in an effort to provide you with an even better payment experience. Tipalti... Continue Reading

pnw bare schedulers

I am so thankful Bare is still chugging along. I used to do a lot of parking lot/airport evals, and a few other travel-centric companies before the quarantine really went into effect. I have a goal this year I want to make (in dollars) and Bare has been keeping me... Continue Reading

Is Bareburger shopped?

Always liked their Buckaroo Burger and Loaded BLT.... Continue Reading

BARE International has easy, essential price check audits in Sudbury, ON

BARE International is looking for an evaluator in Sudbury, ON, P3A 2A2. This opportunity is a low-touch price check. Maintain social distancing while entering prices on an easy-to-use app on your Apple or Android SmartPhone. No employee interaction, No Purchase, and no Form to fill out. Capture approx 70 prices... Continue Reading

Anyone paid from Bare yet?

I had an email Monday saying a direct deposit was coming, but nothing in my account so far. I need that $. Anybody get paid from bare this month?... Continue Reading


I get emails from bare about avaliable jobs but when I log in it say no jobs avaliable on there board or on the presto board any one else able to get anything with bare?.... Continue Reading

BARE International has New Retail Shops Coming to Locations Across the US!

BARE International has some great retail shops coming to locations across the country! For this quick and easy shop, you will inquire about new appliances or new televisions. Please check the BARE evaluator site within the next week to apply for these shops! If you would like... Continue Reading

Bare not connecting

Is anyone having difficulty opening the BAI page?... Continue Reading

BARE tax form? Do they issue?

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Can't log on to BARE

Anybody else having trouble? I just get an error message that says- This code is not compatible with the mysql module. Please adjust your configuration. Tried 2 browsers, then a tablet, all with the same result.... Continue Reading

BARE Question - What's my Shopper Rating??

I found a shop that sounds super interesting, but it says that my Shopper Rating must be at least 5. How can I find this info? Does anyone have experience with this? I've filled out all demo info and SSN, etc.... Continue Reading

BARE “Billing Invoice” email from Adrienne Taylor with pdf file - Legit or Virus?

I received an email today from (Adrienne Taylor) whom I know is a real person at that MSC. However, with the subject line of “Billing Invoice.” and a .pdf file titled “BARE 2020 Statement of Work,” it seems very spammy. Anyone else get this? I’m not clicking on the link... Continue Reading

First BARE overnight Hotel shop. Help, please!

Any helpful hints, suggestions, etc, please. I know I'm asking way too late, should have asked sooner. How difficult are the editors? If I miss some little thing, will the entire report be thrown out? Pretty tense about it, so any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Should I send this terse reply to Bare/BAI?

Hello all, I would really appreciate your advice, perspectives, and feedback. All points of view are welcomed. I recently signed up to do an announced auto for an auto repair chain with Bare/BAI. I have done about a dozen varying projects for them, but they are not a company that I... Continue Reading

Bare English Test

Hello to everyone. In order to proceed to evaluations, i want to ask you If you have earlier experience with the English Test at Bare International. I have check and recheck a lot of times the test and all the times I got 82% in order to 100% that... Continue Reading

Payment from BARE is missing

I have a payment missing from BARE for August shops to my bank account, even though the payment statement has arrived claiming I received it. Can anyone help with contacts of the payment department in BARE Int.? Thank you so much in advance!... Continue Reading


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Bare International has a shop where they send you their phone and you go to CPR and have it fixed; then return the phone back to them. The cost could be up to $350. Is the a scam. Sounds like it.... Continue Reading

Bare and Lost in Mail checks

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Bare has joined up with Informa...

Just got an email from Bare that they have teamed up with Informa and have many Bank jobs, none in my area. I wondered what happened to Bare as they have been laying low for months....who see's them as a team?... Continue Reading

The payment deduction from BARE international

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Wasn’t yesterday “payday” for BARE? Has anyone been paid?... Continue Reading

Bare In Store Covert Price Checks

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Bare International payment history

I think that I can be dumb but not stupid. I can not find my payment history on the Bare International site. Am I being stupid?... Continue Reading

Bare auto service call

Is anyone doing this shop. I have a question and can't reach the scheduler.... Continue Reading

Bare International; Editor's emails absolutely NOT making it to my inbox

I received an email that said my shop has been excluded because I did not respond to the editor's 2 separate emails requesting more information from BARE INTERNATIONAL. I do 5-10 shops every single day, more on Saturdays or more distance driving and partial Sundays. I have NEVER, EVER missed... Continue Reading

Strange de-activation by Bare

Hello everybody! Has Bare International recently informed you that it will stop its cooperation with you? I got an e-mail from a local coordinator that due to a decision by the central office of Bare our cooperation will be stopped. I found it strange as it didn't state the reasons and... Continue Reading

Bare Int'l

I have a question for whoever works for they have an age requirement. I have assigned for their furniture shop, didn't get it and now for a restaurant in my town that has been on the board forever and not getting it. I would just like to... Continue Reading

Anyone else have this happen Bare payments never deposited, Bank says no deposits ever made, Bare insits they sent them

I hadn't noticed but none of my deposits from when I started working with Bare in July have actually been deposited to my account. I had received emails from them stating each month that payment was sent and would be in my account in a few days. I expected that... Continue Reading

Bare 1099 email

I received an email today from this company, efile4biz. The email said they were hired to provide 1099s for Bare. It also said the deadline to opt out and get a paper copy was 1/28/19. Why would they give notice on the 30th for a deadline that already passed. I... Continue Reading

BARE input system erasing my entries IDEAS???

I tried to enter a report yesterday afternoon. When I tried, twice, to upload the receipt the system locked up and deleted all answers input since the last save. I gave up and am trying again this morning, saving every few answers, of course. BUT, now the #$%^&... Continue Reading

bare international send and receive money shops

hi everyone, just looking over some msc's I'm signed up with and noticed that bare international has a couple of shops available for the send and receive money shops they were doing a few months back, not sure if they are back for good or what, but only 2 in... Continue Reading

Bare: receipt or invoice?

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BARE International Pay

Infuriating. I did a club shop for BARE and received $2 less than the shop was posted at. No citation, no problems, just docked. And nobody will respond to my emails. Has anyone ever been successful suing these companies in small claims court for no pay/docked pay? I've looked it... Continue Reading

Bare payment

Just curious. Has anyone had their payment deposit for Bare International yet?... Continue Reading

Bare contact info please!

I need a contact info for Bare, not scheduler but someone who can help with an issue I had with a pay for the shop overseas (where they don't seem to give a clear explanation)... Continue Reading

Bare International fine dining restaurants

Anyone done these outside USA? Reimbursement amounts are minimal. Do you think they are ok with us going over? Any input is welcome.... Continue Reading

Bare is Nice

So, I have to say that I had a very bad shop with Bare, but they treated it very fairly. I was supposed to get my oil changed. Pretty easy right? NO! Because this place was a place to get your car fancied up. The lube was just a... Continue Reading

I was so excited about Bare.

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Once again, BARE upload photos is not working

I did the shop with a partner today. Unable to upload photos in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.... Continue Reading

Bare International question

I have signed up for my first shop with Bare International..its basically just posing as a potential new client at a gym..and pay is 22.50..I remember doing one for planet fitness for another company awhile back and dont remember that one being difficult at all..have any of you shopped Bare and... Continue Reading

Hotel shop application with Bare International in pending status?

Hi all! I have an application in pending status for an overnight hotel shop I said I would do tomorrow night. What does this normally mean? The shop for this location is still posted, so are they seeing how many people apply - am I on a "wait" list? I'm... Continue Reading

Bare International

Bare is now requiring direct deposit to pay shoppers. If you did not see the email, please go to their website to sign up.... Continue Reading

Bare Scheduler refused to approved my report - Have you experienced this?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bare photo upload

Hello, I have had this problem before. Then it went away. Today I cannot upload photo for Bare shop. I tried Edge, Chrome and Samsung Internet on my phone. I also tried Chrome on my desktop. Nothing works. It goes to 100% but it does not save to the page.... Continue Reading

Does Bare International ghost shoppers?

First time with the company. I have registered for a shop but didn't hear back. I need to know what my schedule is like so I can plan accordingly. Are they usually good about getting back to you? Should I assume they shop is no longer available?... Continue Reading

BARE tests - how do I find?

Hi, I am a brand new shopper and already finding great info here, including the incredibly helpful spreadsheet. I very much want to do a shop with BARE, with whom I have successfully registered and requested the shop. They suggest that shoppers take their tests in their evaluation section, but... Continue Reading

Unable to upload photos to Bare - no problem with other MSC

I have performed a shop for Bare the last two months and I was not able to upload the required photos of the receipt and the restroom. I emailed the scheduler. Last month she replied that she would attach the photos to the report for me. This month I had... Continue Reading


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New with questions on shops, and specifically BARE

Hello, I am fairly new to mystery shopping and I am trying to set up an account with BARE. I am a little nervous they are asking for all of my banking information up front during the intial set up process. Can anyone give me any feedback if this is a safe... Continue Reading

Weather & Closures - DC Area BARE International

Good Morning, valued BARE Evaluators, We are all still working. While the Federal Government is closed BARE is not! Our phone lines are down. Please feel free to contact your scheduler via email today. We appreciate your patience if you experience any delay in response during this extreme weather. Thank... Continue Reading

Compliment to Kalki @ Bare International

Kalkidan Bekele ( "aka" Kalki) at BARE rocks! I needed clarification for my shop instructions and she was very professional, patient and kind. She didn't seem rushed and unconcerned but she made me feel valued and appreciated. She also promised payment on a particular date and she Continue Reading

Anyone having problems with BARE Int'l. payment?

I completed a shop for them back in September and it was approved. I still have not received payment. I have emailed the scheduler multiple times and have not received a response. Does anyone have a phone number or another point of contact for payment issues?... Continue Reading

BARE--how long to edit report?

I recently did a restaurant shop for BARE. It has been more than ten days since I submitted the shop and it is still showing in "completed" status (as opposed to "received"). Is it normal for it to be sitting around that long? In my experience, restaurant... Continue Reading

Are Bare "green" Evaluator Citations good?

I just noted something new when I log into my shopper log on Bare's website. There's now a place for the company to note citations along with a number. My number is in green print. I'm assuming that's good? I don't see any comments along with... Continue Reading

BARE Int'l Price Checks via App

Has anyone done these price checks? How are they? Do you let the employees know what you are doing? Or does this have to be done covertly? The shop description says there are 50 easy to find items and should take 30 minutes. Thank you for any feedback!... Continue Reading

Anyone having problems with BARE Int'l. payment?

Hi! I just want to ask if anyone is having problems with Bare Int'l. payment being delayed?... Continue Reading

Bare retail audits

Has anyone done the Bare audits where you price 300 items and they estimate the entire job (no report needed) will take 3 hours? It's all done on an app while you're in the store. I gather it will take more than 3 hours, but how much more?... Continue Reading

Is the Bare pizza shop new?

I'm wondering if Bare took over the contract for the pizza shop after the demise of the other MSC? Perhaps it's unrelated?... Continue Reading

What should I know about the Bare announced assessment for the jewelry store?

Anyone know what they want "assessed?" Lots of narratives or mostly check lists?... Continue Reading

Bare warehouse audit

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bare fitness shop...never again!

I picked up a Bare fitness shop for $15. Of course, I had no idea how much detail would be required before I accepted it. They tell you later that the client requires very detailed info and they won't accept the report unless it explains basically everything that happened... Continue Reading

Does Bare international europe got problems with payment right now?

I did a tour over Sweden in Mars and spend a lot of money on car, fuel, ferries and lodging. At the moment I need money to pay a couple of hotels and my own bills. I where waiting payment in the end of last month but have not seen... Continue Reading

How long does it take for Bare to edit a report?

I'm wondering how long it generally takes for Bare to edit and accept a report. How will I know when it's been done? Will they send me an email? Will something change on the shop log so I know my report has been accepted?... Continue Reading

Anyone know how to contact schedulers at BARE?

When looking at their job board, I see only job descriptions + a scheduler's name. But, unlike other job boards, they don't list the email address, nor have a "contact link", in order to get into touch with the schedulers. Anyone have experience doing so and know how... Continue Reading

How much work is involved with a Bare fitness shop

I'm wondering how much work is involved with a Bare fitness shop where one is required to sign-up and then cancel a membership? I want to know what I'm getting into...... Continue Reading

Bare- I should know this, how often

How often can I shop the same restaurant with Bare? I'm new to mystery shopping and I've signed up with a lot of companies. I'm having a hard time keeping these details straight.... Continue Reading

Bare offering reimbursement only shops

Bare recently offered a sporting goods shop with no fee, just reimbursement. In my area those shops now offer a $5 fee along with reimbursement. Now Bare is offering a cone-shaped pizza shop that is reimbursement only. You must order a minimum of three items and take photos of the... Continue Reading

Bare Financial Audits for $35?

Has anyone done one? What do they entail?... Continue Reading

The new reimbursement-only jobs with Bare

I'm very disappointed to see these highly-detailed jobs with just a $9 reimbursement. What!?... Continue Reading

Bare Associates International Registration link

I am not able to find the page for Bare Associates International new mystery shopper registration. It shows only evaluator sign-up not mystery shopper.... Continue Reading

Anyone else in the USA receiving Japanese-language emails from Bare?

Lately I've received a couple of emails from Bare that were in Japanese. Since I live in the USA and don't know the Japanese language, I found this strange. Even more strange is that the body of the email appears to be addressing someone whose first name is a Western... Continue Reading


I am still trying to collect payment from back in September. I've emailed multiple people and have had no response. Anyone have a contact at the BARE that I could call? I would like to get an answer before the holiday. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Thanks to Bare International for writing explicit guidelines

Thank you to Bare for writing great instructions for their shops. Specifically, their food delivery/take-out shops. The guidelines are clear about what timings and pictures are needed. Sample pictures are provided so that the shopper knows what items (packaging, food, combination of both) needs to be in each photo. The... Continue Reading

BARE Unclear Guidelines

Is it really just me? I think "save" and "submit" are two entirely different things! I accepted the electronics shop. The instructions say to enter your expected shop date "in the questionnaire and submit it" within 24 hours of accepting the assignment. ....... I feel like I'm talking to an overseas operator.... Continue Reading

BARE: "Checks in the mail" Really???

First shops from Bare. I received an email from Bare on 9/12 that check is in the mail. It is 9/17 and NO check yet. Has anyone had issues getting paid? I've received checks in 2 days from across the U.S from other MSCs, just wondering why it takes so long... Continue Reading

Bare - high end luxury cars

Saw a shop that would be great for shoppers who specialize in luxury car shopping. Ten assignments for $1500 but all ten locations must be shopped. Breaks down to $150 for each location and they are in or around the same city. I am sure there is... Continue Reading

Bare Bones From Bare International

In my local area the offerings on Bare International's Job Board are garbage. I suspect they give the decent stuff to the 'in crowd' via emails or calls and leave the crumbs for the newbies to fight over. Is it worth doing some of the slavery work in hope of... Continue Reading

Anyone having payment problems with Bare?

I did an oil change shop for them and they only paid me the shop fee, no reimbursement. They did not have any problem with the shop. I have been asking for an update on the reimbursement for over 2 weeks now and I cannot get anyone to... Continue Reading

Why does Coyle think Dubai is within 60 miles of my home?

Their job board is a pain because they seem to think Dubai, San Salvador, Turtle Bay, etc are within 60 mikes of my home. And the jobs that are within my range aren't even at the top, I have to scroll through all the garbage to find them. Am I... Continue Reading

Zoo Food Shop for Bare

Does anyone have insight on doing Zoo type shops for Bare? I am considering one that looks like it is mostly a shop for the food vendors within a zoo. It doesn't pay much and I don't think the reimbursement will fully cover everything that I am required to... Continue Reading

anyone else having trouble with the bare website?

just lost my whole report because it crashed grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Continue Reading

Bare International

They have some shops that I want to do. I can't self-assign because I am a new shopper with them. There is no contact information for a scheduler. How do I get shops from them?... Continue Reading

Huge Volume of Bare scheduler e-mails

Last month I got an e-mail from Bare that they knew how overwhelming it was to receive multiple e-mails from multiple project managers so they changed the process and would be sending a single Bare e-mail called DOSE. Okay, sounded great. I think it was discussed here on... Continue Reading


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Review for Bare International as a Mystery Shopper based in Singapore

Been with Bare as Mystery Shopper for 4 years, with very good experience throughout. Pros: - Prompt in Payment. - Detailed information given for every project, providing a fail-proof platform for shopper. - Competent Project Team, providing prompt support to me when require. Cons: - Nothing much, except for a call-out to Singapore... Continue Reading

BARE restaurant customer intercepts

"As an interceptor you would approach guests at their table and ask them to complete a survey" Oh ya. People LOVE being asked to complete surveys while they're dining out. 10-foot pole... Continue Reading

experience with BARE INTERNATIONAL

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Thanks Bare Associates International, small holiday bonus!?

Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I appreciate the gesture. I had two shops, both had a $6 fee plus a maximum $11 reimbursement. On both I spent several dollars below the maximum reimbursement. The payment I just received was $17 per assignment.... Continue Reading

Mystery shopper with bare international

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Bare International Offline

Its 9:20 pm (ET) and I'm trying to enter a report for Bare and getting a "System temporarily offline for maintenance" message. Does anyone remember seeing any notification as to how long it would be down as I can't see any message on their website and my eyes are getting... Continue Reading

Bare International Payment

Does anyone have an email address I could contact about payment for completed assignments for bare international?... Continue Reading

BARE ratings/ average

Does this company show us our shop scores? Thanks for any information!... Continue Reading

Shops from Bare International [edited]

Does anyone know the name of the company that will be taking over the [i](shop identifier)[/i] mystery shops since Bare International will no longer be doing them? Sincerely Elaine Paulson [i] Mod note: It is a breach of Forum rules and probably a violation of your ICA... Continue Reading

Bare International Flake Citation

I had a scheduled "exam" shop for Bare, but right before I was supposed to leave for it, my husband called and said he had to work late. I tried to find a sitter for my baby, but couldn't. I called the scheduler and left two voice mails and emailed... Continue Reading

Bare Audits

I have been working for five years, once a month, to audit four stores. I hardly ever have any mistakes. The person that is proofing the shops keeps sending back twelve to thirteen items to re-check. With four shops, this takes more time out of my weekend.... Continue Reading

Bare guildlines

Is anyone else having trouble downloading Bare guidelines today? [I]Mod Note: The job board is for schedulers to post available jobs. Please do not post questions there. This thread has been moved to a more appropriate section.[/I]... Continue Reading

Bare New Format

Has anyone else been switched over to the new Sassie format in Bare? It's just terrible IMHO. It's much more difficult to follow the questions to the answers in the new survey format.... Continue Reading

Has Bare Intl. changed their webpage format....

or am I just seeing something weirdly? This morning it was the regular way and now it is different. Just checking........ Continue Reading

On Bare's website are you able to see

Your shop log of completed visits if you have assignments on your homepage? If so, where?... Continue Reading

Bare closet shops

Has anyone done these shops for Bare? Was it worth it?... Continue Reading

Remember When I "Bragged" About Winning The Bare Contest?...

Let me preface this by saying that I really like Bare and no matter what, I will continue doing assignments for them with the same integrity and effort put forth that I always have. That said, I am still waiting on that Gift Card they promised to send and it... Continue Reading

BARE Dimensional Shop Finding Boxes

I've had some difficulty more than I thought in finding the four sizes of boxes. I found 14 x 14 x 14. But not the other sizes. Also, can you buy in bulk and resubmit the same receipt?... Continue Reading

BARE shop in limbo

On May 8th I completed a BARE shop. The next day I got an email telling me I was missing one required photo (my mistake); I went back to the location and took it. On the job board the View/Submit button was greyed out, so I emailed my... Continue Reading

Bare - Basics Quiz

Was anyone else forced to take the Bare Basics quiz....? I've been shopping with them since 2011 and took both the Advanced quizzes and the video shopper quiz long ago and passed both - and have done MANY shops for them. I was forced to take the basics... Continue Reading

BARE testing

I'm looking at the BARE job board today, and I get a notice that even after completing multiple shops for them (and being paid for such) I can no longer accept shops until I pass their 'BARE Basics' test. Is this normal?... Continue Reading

Bare payment

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Bank shop for Bare

I jst saw a bank shop posted for 20 dollars. That bank has changed Would you still do it or mark as closed do you still get paid. I looked up the name of the bank that they say it is . Its the same address and phone number as... Continue Reading

Contact info for Dave at Bare

Does anyone have an email address for David at Bare International? I think he is a scheduler. Thank you.... Continue Reading

not sure what to do about bare payment

So I need advice about bare international. I received the email about my payment coming and my payment is 0.65 short. I dont know if I should say anything because I mean its 0.65 and I understand that stuff happens within payroll, on the other hand I dont want... Continue Reading

Payment Processing Time is here... some inside info. from Bare's Office Manager

Hello wonderful forum members :) Tabitha from Bare International here, it is that wonderful time of the month again.... Payment Processing Time. This is the time when we begin processing payments to our loyal and hard worker shoppers. This is also a time for a great many questions to pop up... Continue Reading

Bare Payment methods

I filled out direct deposit and paypal information when I signed up with Bare and have been patiently waiting for last months jewelry shops to be paid out. I got the invoice showing what all three added up to (and panicked as it was USD and didn't specify). ... Continue Reading

Bare International Non-Payment

I can not locate a good e-mail for Bare International accounting department. They owe me six payments since January and I can not get a response. I received 9,10's on my reports. Any suggestions on how to get paid? I shop for several companies and this is my first payment... Continue Reading

February jobs not included on March Bare check?

I got the notification email from Bare listing the February jobs that they are paying this month. For some reason, 2 of mine are not included. I double checked, and the reports are "received" with grades of 10/10. The office manager told me it could be because it was a... Continue Reading

no jobs at Bare International

The job board at Bare International has been bare for days--not a shop in site. Has anyone heard anything about this company? I do a fair amount of shops with them and this worries me.... Continue Reading

Bare Referral Programme

Hi all, does anyone know how to get a referral code to share with friends from BARE?... Continue Reading

Bare payment?

Has anyone received their BARE direct deposit yet? I received the email saying that my payment had been processed and to wait a few business days but haven't received my deposit yet. I know of one other evaluator who got hers on Saturday but I'm still waiting. Just mostly curious.... Continue Reading

Have any of you done the entertainment shops for Bare?

There are several shops listed periodically by Bare in various parts of the country that are listed as "entertainment" shops. I am not sure whether I simply do not understand the shop expenses and reimbursements listed, or if there is a discrepancy. They require you to acknowledge that... Continue Reading

Pay problems with Bare International!

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Bare Planning Date?

Um, can someone please explain this? When you sign up to do the shop, you submit the dates that you PLAN to do the shop, so what on earth is this planning date within 48 hours nonsense? They just took the shops out of my account, no warning, no real... Continue Reading down? (11-21-14)

I'm working on a shop report for Bare. Their Sassie site,, is up; however, some of the material is on, and I keep getting "server not found" errors. It doesn't appear to be a typo in the link, either; their Facebook page has a link to the same... Continue Reading

Bare International (Non-English shops/reports)

I have completed a bank shop last week for Bare Int. That wasn't my first shop on this Project. So I know every rules very well. And of course I obey the rules. But for the first time I wrote the report in my native language (they wanted like that).... Continue Reading

Hello, Tabitha here from Bare International

Hello all. I have joined this community in order to learn more about the triumphs and issues shoppers face in the spirit of creating even more positive experiences with our company. This forum has a great deal of insight to provide and works as a great place to share pertinent... Continue Reading

Bare - Bar Shop

Hope someone can help. I applied for a bar shop and I need to take the certification. There was a link in the assignment when I applied but it does not open. How do I get certified? Do they not give you access until after they... Continue Reading

Win an iPad by filling in your BARE ESP

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I like Bare, I really do, but...

On 9/12 I received an email thanking me for my shopping efforts and it said that I should be receiving payment in the form of a check in a few days. I waited, waited, waited. The check did not arrive. So I called on 9/17 and a very nice... Continue Reading

BARE email NOT a Scam

Hello! For those who received and email from BARE asking them update their email... yes, it is legitimate! We're sorry for any confusion. The U.S. Office is doing this in order to validate the emails we have so that we can effectively communicate BARE news and updates. It states in the email... Continue Reading

BARE scam? - RESOLVED (It's legit.)

Got this today. Looks suspicious to me since the link to update your email does not reference BARE at all. I forwarded it to their corporate office. Anyone know anything more? From: ( BARE is doing some spring cleaning (…or fall cleaning!) We are updating our email... Continue Reading

Bare International login

I was halfway through uploading my assignment details last night when I suddenly got the 'the webpage cannot be displayed' message. I tried to sign in again from all different locations as well as restarting my pc. I then tried using my daughter's laptop and it seems that I... Continue Reading

Can't do my shop-Bare

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Question again - Bare International

I have another issue I ran into and wondered if anyone has had the experience and how you handled it. I got a jewelry shop for Bare International. I completed the shop, made my selection and attempted to pay for the purchase. The salesman who was helping me went to... Continue Reading

Rude scheduler at Bare

I saw a job for a well known jewelry brand on the board on Friday due that day. The store had closed 3 hours earlier so I emailed the scheduler asking to do it Tuesday (yesterday) because the store was closed on Monday and it had to be done... Continue Reading

Delay with bare assignments

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Question about Bare's Focus Group Participation with $50 fee

Does anyone have experience with this sort of focus group assignment? The email says that Bare wants to know how to improve things for mystery shoppers and the industry. All I have to do is logon to their site and answer a few questions. Too good to be true?... Continue Reading

BareInternational data/report entry down?

Anyone else having trouble reporting on the Bare International web server? I keep getting this message, "Service Unavailable." Technical description: 504 Gateway Time-out - The web server is not responding. This has been happening since last night and I have 13 reports to input.... Continue Reading

Dear Bare International,

It is very misleading to send e-mails titled "If you're 21 and over you can shop!", only to read in the body of the e-mails that you must be between 21-30 years old. Perhaps you are having difficulty filling these shops (which I'm assuming you are because I get roughly 10... Continue Reading

Intercept Interviews for Bare

Anyone ever done them? If so, was it an easy assignment? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Weird email from Bare

I have been approved for a shop I did not apply for! It is around a thousand miles away! I've replied letting them know I did NOT apply for the shop. Has anyone else gotten an email like that? I never have before with any company. Could they just be hoping... Continue Reading

Shop Comment Bare International

Hi, Recently I had to unfortunately cancel an exit interview assignment due to the snow. I just realized there is a comment in my shopper log by that assignment that reads as follows: "Excluded NP: Shopper canceled due to snow." What does this comment mean? Does it mean I am excluded from future shops... Continue Reading

BARE (warning: RANT!)

Last week I signed up for my very first shop with BARE. I was excited and pleased -- it worked into a route I had, in a city I was going to anyway. Nice bonus. The shop was a testing shop, scheduled for 8 AM. Oops... Continue Reading

Bare shipping shop question

I've never done a shipping shop for Bare so I have a question about the requirements: when it says zone 1-4 for example, does that mean you're limited to shipping just to those zones and no further?... Continue Reading

Jobslinger and now Bare

Sites down for maintenance. :(... Continue Reading

Bare payment

Is anyone else still waiting for their December pay check? Or have any of you recently received it?... Continue Reading

Problems with Bare International

I am posting this as I would like to get feedback as to what others would do at this point. I performed a shop for Bare International on January 7th and it still has not been received (as opposed to completed) and I sent an email asking what the... Continue Reading

Bare payment schedule

Just started back with Bare after many years. Couldn't find their pay schedule on their website and I have a couple shops I am waiting payment for. Sept 6 and Sept 30. Anyone have any issues with them? Thanks.... Continue Reading

I've reached my boilling point with Bare & their shipping shops....

I've done many of these, for several years. The most recent one I did was Nov. 26th. Today (SIXTEEN DAYS LATER!!) I get an email asking for more information, such as what time I entered the line, was there a customer in front of me, how long I... Continue Reading

Bare international

What up with bare lately. They used to be such a good company to shop for until lately. They have had these shops lately for l- the letter left so that the name is not revealed. They have gotten ridiculous in what they want. The report takes forever... Continue Reading

BARE Doesn't Know I speak English

I've done 9 shops with BARE. I went to self assign a shop, but I got a message saying that I could not do so. It said that I needed an English qualification? I looked in my test center, but I do not see such a thing. I saw one,... Continue Reading

Suggestion for BARE

First of all I really enjoy working for this company. They provide great feedback and there's always jobs available. My only suggestion for improvement is to be notified when I get bumped out of a pending application. For most MSC using Sassie, I get an e-mail that... Continue Reading

Bare Int'l Travel Shops

Has anyone ever done any shops with this company? It is Bare International specifically for travel shops. However whenever I look for shops on their board there's nothing available in all of the US. [i]Moderator note: Dude, do NOT name the MSC and client in the same post.... Continue Reading

Shout-Out to BARE Editors

Usually a score of 10/10 makes me happy, and positive feedback from an editor is a bonus. Recently my shops for BARE have all included nice comments from the editors (JLK, RG, MC, JF). Thanks, BARE editors! It's nice to be appreciated. :)... Continue Reading

Bare Int'l - Anyone Else Having Trouble Logging In

Can't seem to login to Bare - anyone else? Maybe it is just my computer being wonky or something........ Continue Reading

Bare International

Does anyone know if Bare International does hotel shops? I just started with them and I like working for them. I just wonder if they have more clients than I am able to see on the job board because I am so new with them. Thank you!... Continue Reading

BARE's system wonky today, or is it mine?

Anyone having a problem with BARE's shopper log or reports today? I'm getting "page not found," "invalid address," and "cookies not enabled" error messages. Thankfully I only lost one minor set of additions I'd made to a report before I saved it, and could easily add them back in when... Continue Reading

How do I reach Bare?

Their website is useless. It has a "Contact Us" button but when you click on it, it gives you an error. No phone number or email or anything.... Continue Reading

BARE didn't pay my fee!!

I had a test center visit for BARE in July. I waited for the payment on the 20th of August. They didn't pay. I wrote in comment box, that when they would pay my fee. They said they will pay at the end of the August. Today is the... Continue Reading

BARE using Yahoo email addresses?

I did a shop for BARE. I received an email from a Yahoo email address that said my grade, comments on the report, and that my report had been submitted to the client. I found it odd that it came from a Yahoo account and not a BARE email address.... Continue Reading

BARE International Auto-Assign???

I just got an e-mail from a BARE scheduler stating the following: "Thank you for taking part in the XXXXXXXXXXXXX Mystery Program. Please find the most important details of your assignment below. _____ Scenarios here______ I omitted the rest... is this how this company gets to shoppers to do their shops by... Continue Reading

When Does Bare International Give The Payment?

I thought that Bare would pay the fee on the 20th of this month. But He didn't. When does Bare give payments?... Continue Reading

Anyone know how to get a 10 with BARE?

I'm just curious if anyone was able to get a perfect ten with BARE? At first, I got a 9 for being TOO descriptive with employees, listing nationalities or race if appropriate... I.E. "My cashier was a black man who was 5'10" and short black hair" I was told not... Continue Reading

Bare International

I just want to say how much I love this company! They keep me busy with assignments, are super easy to communicate with and very helpful, and they pay in a timely manner! I've been with them for awhile now and never had a problem. I highly recommend them!... Continue Reading

Bare on Sassie -- Is it working?

Has this happened to any of you -- as soon as you compete a report and submit it that that shop drops off your job log. Also, the 35+ shops that were in my job log that were completed in the past several months also disappeared . . .... Continue Reading

RSG and Bare International Contact?

Can anyone give me an email address? I put in 2 apps earlier today. The jobs are kind of far way, but I'm going in that direction tomorrow any way. I just "assumed" they would be assigned to me pretty quickly. I would hate to have... Continue Reading

Bare Evaluations??

I did my first shop for Bare yesterday. I use a cell phone for timing. My family has noticed that all of our timing devices are different. The computer has a different time than cell phones or the car or the microwave. Last night when I was putting... Continue Reading

Bare payment schedule?

I can't find it on their site and I'm sorry if this has been stated previously, but how often does Bare send payments out?... Continue Reading

Bare shipping

I know I have read posts for those of you that have done the shipping through BARE. I got my first assignment today. I understand I have to mail a package, 18 oz to 2 lb. They will pay up to zone 4, i can ship zone... Continue Reading

Bare International

:)... Continue Reading

question about Bare phone shop

I just did it now. I had to order a product. The report needs to be submitted within 12 hours. It says to attach a picture of the invoice. I assumed the invoice would be sent by email as soon as I got off the phone.... Continue Reading

Is Bare's site down?

I get a "404 Not Found" message when I try to log in. Anyone else have trouble logging in? Thanks! Edit: Ahhhhhh...just saw on another thread that Sassie is down right now.... Continue Reading

Bare Bonus

I recently did a shop with Bare and got paid but never got my bonus money. Does anyone know who I can email? I tried emailing the scheduler of the shop but never got a reply back. Thanks, Lisa... Continue Reading


Hey ya'll, I had a question that I am hoping you could advise me on. I have been receiving emails from BARE about shops in my area. I have applied for the shop close to me now four times in the last week. Each time, I am rejected. I have... Continue Reading

BARE payment

Now, I know this is a good and reliable company. But, I have yet to receive my October check. I was told by the person I spoke to, when I called to inquire about it, that the checks were mailed out on the 20th of November. I have yet to... Continue Reading

Anyone do the Bare test-taking assignments?

I'm scheduled to perform an assignment for Bare in which I take an exam and purposely fail it. Has anyone done these before? Are they worth the $30? The instructions state that the test is 4 hours (!!!) but I only need to stay one hour.... Continue Reading

Inundated with Bare motorcycle shop emails. Anyone else?.....

Ok, I love Bare and I've done many shops for them, but in the past 2 days I think I've gotten about 15 emails (maybe more, I've lost count) for the motorcycle dealer shop. Enough, already!!!!... Continue Reading

How can you tell WHEN you got paid by Bare?

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Bare International

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Bare & their quizzes

I signed up for a shop that I've done many times in the past. Super easy shop (no, really!) with simple report. Today, I'm about to leave for the shop and want to get a look at the guidelines and report before I go. When I tried... Continue Reading


Just started with bare recently And I have to say I have NEVER dealt with a company soooooo accomodating!! I have moved things from my name to hubby's, changed "required" zip codes, and our latest snafu........Hubby sent them the wrong receipt!! The scheduler called his work and left... Continue Reading

Bare Essentials and Shadow Shopper

Anyone know anything about these two companies? I get notices all the time. Shadow Shopper has all these great jobs IF I pay to join. Wonder if it is a real offer or just a way to get my cc info?... Continue Reading

BARE Pay Schedule

I just completed my first shop for BARE International. I can't find anywhere on their website where it lists their pay schedule. Can someone help me out with this?... Continue Reading

Bare MSC

Hi all, Anyone that does the jobs where you have to ship boxes, how do you weigh your box.I was looking at some of the shops and it says the box has to weigh 18 oz. any tips would be appreciated.I used to do these shops when Maritz had them, but... Continue Reading

"Oh, Bare!

While doing a report, I got kind of peeved with the MSC and said under my breath, "Oh, Bare!" My dog, sleeping by my chair, suddenly stood up and gave me a concerned look. I had to laugh and pat and reassure her. Her name is Bear.... Continue Reading

BARE: Does anyone know...

where to find a payment history on their site? I saw a link on here several months ago, but I've looked and looked and can't locate it now.... Continue Reading

Quick Bare question-payment

I am new to working with Bare. I read on their site that they have 30 day payment. I am a little confused...I did shops in mid-March. When do those pay?... Continue Reading

The Cupboards are BARE?

Has anyone else noticed how BARE this job board has been (at least in my state) over the past month or so?... Continue Reading

Rescheduling with BARE

Hello all! I have a question. I recently signed up to shop with BARE. I got scheduled my first shop and I can't do it on the day I originally confirmed for, but the day I can do it is before the deadline. I emailed the scheduler to make sure this... Continue Reading

Bare contact?

Can someone help me out with a phone number for Bare? Thanks... Continue Reading

BARE January payments

Has anyone received payment from BARE for January yet? I know they normally pay on the 15th but sometimes pay later. Just wondering....... Continue Reading

Where did the BARE shops go?

EDITED: ICA VIOlation... Continue Reading

Bare international mega shop review

$140 shop to review a major client during a monthly sign up and personal training program. The shop went smoothly and was a LOT of fun. I derived a lot of value from it. Now I'm wondering if they'll manage to refund the charges to my credit... Continue Reading

BARE Sodexo Auditors

I believe BARE has already done recruiting and training in some parts of the country for Sodexo audits in hospitals and health care systems. They have just begun the recruitment and certification process in my area, and I'm wondering if any of you already have any experience with this... Continue Reading

Bare International payments

Has anyone else had payment problems with Bare?? I've had to contact them for not being paid for four shops and they are giving me the run around..anyone else experience this?... Continue Reading

Does Bare International ever contact you?

I've applied for a few shops with Bare and only been accepted once. The other times they never even sent a simple email to let me know they assigned other shoppers. Every other MSC I work for at least notifies me I didn't get the assignment. Anyone else have this... Continue Reading

BARE payments.

BARE payment announcement on the tenth, deposit into my account the twelfth. The last few months did get later, but this December, on the nineteenth day nada, nekas, nothing, rien! Am I the only one who's not gotten paid for November shops?... Continue Reading

Anyone work a Bare International non-realtor shop?

From time-to-time, I get shop notifications from Bare International, where they are offering a string of 10 non-realtor shops for $7 a piece, but you have to commit to 10 shops but they will assign you 20 shops, which is okay with me, since the shops are done by an... Continue Reading

Bare Job Boad Q

in the profile it says they will send one check before having you enter your bank account info. When I open a job near me, there is a flashing box titled "Click for Extended Profile" yet click all I want it doesnt open. Is this reffering to entering my bank information? nothing... Continue Reading

How To Complete Bare International Shops?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BARE will be the death ofme.

Did two Scenario B shops yesterday. On one, the receipt says Pick Up or something like that. My scheduler told me that is when a customer asks the Blank to hold something or says they would rather pick it up than have it delivered. I am so confused.... Continue Reading

Bare Shop--Am I screwed?

I just did two Scenario B shops. The receipt just says Bubble mailer and gives a long number and the dimensions. It does not give the name of the mailer (which is Scenario B). Am I screwed? This is the first time I have done a Scenario B.... Continue Reading

BARE shop Scenario D??? 911

I have a Scenario D shop? Does anyone know if this is the same as Scenario A? There are no guidelines for D, just I am assuming (do I really want to do that?) I have emailed the scheduler and have gotten no response. I am scheduled to... Continue Reading

Bare shops w/lots of phone calls

I took a bunch of shops for Bare @$7 a pop, thinking they would be very easy. The more I do, the more uncomfortable I feel. I keep thinking they want to trip me up. I have to judge certain descriptions as being Excellent, Average, Fair, or Poor. They give... Continue Reading

Bare International

I haven't seen anything from them lately. Are they still in business?... Continue Reading

BARE Associates International - Great Company

So many of our posts deal with problems and issues. I want to share positive feedback on BARE. They were one of the first companies I signed up with to do mystery shops. What I appreciate is a good variety of assignments, very fair fees and reimbursement,... Continue Reading

Bare Int

Does Bare Int.ever allow you to self assign?... Continue Reading

HELP! Urgent Question about BARE!!

Hi everyone! I have a shop due today and I have NO idea how to submit my receipt! My scheduler is out of office and it's past office hours. I'm assuming I just e-mail her the receipt but I'm not sure if that's a legit way to submit it since... Continue Reading

Waiting on score from BARE

Has anyone know why it sometimes takes BARE a very long time to score/receive your report? I've done 4 shops for them that have been received & scored and yet one that I did prior is still only showing as completed. I would have thought that if there... Continue Reading

After submmited Assg, When can get pay from Bare?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bare-- Bank Shops

Just a heads up to everyone,be sure and read their guidelines very carefully when doing their bank shops.I opened a new account at a bank and they would not accept the job.I thought any checking account was acceptable but I was wrong.Oh well ... Have a good week everyone...Keep on shopping... Continue Reading

Problem uploading to BARE website

Hi all, I've had no trouble uploading to a lot of other sites but I've clicked all over in the report I'm trying to submit and can't figure it out. Suggestons?... Continue Reading

Has anyone received this from BARE before?

I have a phone shop scheduled with them for later this afternoon. The call can not be made before 4:00 PM. I just received an email from them that looks like the standard Sassie evaluation review email, but of course says Incomplete at the end since I have yet to... Continue Reading


I thought Bare was a great company. They have an editor that is way too strict. I have been dodging shops from them. As we know, some edotors fix simple things and go on,She makes a point and reduces your rating. No more Bare for me.... Continue Reading

BARE bank shops

BARE sent me an email recently offering "self assign" bank shops. I logged on and read, "You do not qualify for self assign status on this shop, however, you may APPLY for this shop and wait for a scheduler to assign it to you." Yet there are no test to take... Continue Reading

Beware of the Bare

I did a phone shop for them yesterday, which involved a purchase. Their instructions specifically said that if the order was canceled, there would be no charge to my card since this company doesn't charge until the order ships. I called two hours after the purchase and canceled the... Continue Reading

Bare International

Hi, who has experience with this company? Do they have many jobs and do they pay well? thanks Tam... Continue Reading

BARE and the mysterious shipping company

I hope it's OK to start a new thread on this. I, like others, am avoiding these shipping company jobs since moved from Maritz. But I am keeping an open mind until a few shoppers report on how they are going, Where they are finding shipping supplies, is BARE accepting... Continue Reading

Welkom! - Velkommen! - Accueil! - Bienvenida! - Welcome! to everyone across the globe from BARE International.

Bare International is a global firm dedicated to helping businesses worldwide deliver excellence, increase sales, enhance customer loyalty, train and retain their most valuable employees, and improve their overall competitive edge. Headquartered in the Washington DC metro area and with five full-service locations worldwide, Bare is uniquely positioned to... Continue Reading

Bare Associates/Linda Pegram

Several times over the past couple of weeks, I have received notices for health clubs in the greater Los Angeles area. Each time, I have written to Linda and asked her to please not send these, as I live in Hawaii. Each time she has not bothered to... Continue Reading

Bare International

What are people's thoughts on this company? I've signed up, but am wary of places that have money transfer jobs (wire $50 somewhere and get reimbursed for that and paid $25).... Continue Reading

feedback Bareinternational

Anyone do any work for Bareinternational.... Continue Reading

Bare International and Beyond hello

Bare International and Beyond Hello are doing an exchange. Looks like they will be working together now. I really do like Beyond Hello.... Continue Reading

bare international did'nt pay me for the ****** cafe

my wife and i did the **** on sept. 10th.have yet to receive payment.... Continue Reading

Payment from Bare International

I did 7 airport shops for Bare International back in July 2008. I have not been paid for these shops ($70). I can't get anyone to answer emails and I don't know how to contact them besides the contact link in the jobs that I did. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Bare Associates International

BARE International is needing reputable auditors for areas all over the country. (Source). March 17, 2023

You can email back with the locations that interest you. If you are new to BARE, signing up just takes a few minutes. (Source). March 15, 2023

I went to Trader Joe's today in a snowstorm with #1 as our cupboards and refrigerator are bare. (Source). March 14, 2023

Bare International has easy grocery price checks via a Smartphone app at near you! No employee interaction, no forms to fill out, and no purchase required. (Source). March 10, 2023

BARE International is seeking evaluators who are aged 65+ to make phone calls from the comfort of their own home. (Source). March 07, 2023

..the reason I barely ever look for information or help on these boards. (Source). March 06, 2023

You are not allowed to duplicate any items. You also must tip 15-20%. This shop is barely feasible at the reimbursement. (Source). March 05, 2023

Now heading out to do a bunch of barely bonused gas shops since my tank says 50 miles. (Source). March 03, 2023

Looks like you just go into the establishment and look for the signs - but it says a purchase may be required....some of these are higher end restaurants...$10 barely covers a soda. (Source). February 22, 2023

THE BRANDT GROUP BARE INTERNATIONAL ANOTHER I FORGET [quote="Arch Stanton"] Which msc does car wash shops please? (Source). February 21, 2023