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Why Do CX Group & BestMark Still Have Separate Sites?

Group? What group?... Continue Reading

Bestmark hotel/meeting signage audits

Any info on these? The limited info given makes it sound like it could be a piece of cake or a royal PITA. For the low pay, I'm not inclined to find out, but just wondering if any has done these and what their experience has been.... Continue Reading

BestMark says they paid but they didnít

I know others have had problems with pay from BestMark, but I havenít seen this exact problem in other posts. My ďPayment HistoryĒ section says that my reimbursement for a shop done on 1/12/23 was processed on 2/22/23, but I havenít received any direct deposit like previous pays with them... Continue Reading

Bestmark, What states do they cover?

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BESTMARK online retail shops

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BESTMARK: NYC fast casual shop?

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Healthy casual restaurant shops now with Bestmark

[b]removed[/b]... Continue Reading

Bestmark Payments?

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Boo Boo with Bestmark!

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Is Bestmark the Panda Studio?... Continue Reading

BestMark Payments - Anyone Else Have Issues?

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Bestmark Payments

Did anyone receive their 1/31 payments from BestMark? Mine was missed, so wondering if its just me or if they are just late all around this period. Thanks!... Continue Reading


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BEWARE of company POSING AS BESTMARK sending emails for "survey"

Got an email this morning from what purported to be from Bestmark, with an email header of "MS retail store survey". There are several clues that this is a HUGE SCAM. The BIGGEST is that it comes from Well, DUH!! Also, the language and grammar usage is off...anyway, here... Continue Reading

Bestmark - late payments

Starting about 6 months ago, my payments from Bestmark are very delayed. I had shops from April that never got paid til I contacted them in June. Since then, payment is sporadic and never on time. I've had to reach out a couple more times after two... Continue Reading

Bestmark Replying to Messages

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Best Mark Pay

Anyone having issues being paid by Bestmark? I have a shop that was supposed to be paid by 6/15. No one is responding to emails and when I call the 800 number it goes straight to voicemail.... Continue Reading


Does anybody recommend Bestmark? Or not?... Continue Reading

Has BestMark gone out of business?

I used to do shops for BestMark all the time, but haven't done any in 1.5 years due to Covid and other items. I've recently been checking their website, but haven't seen any active shops. I live in So California so it's a very populated area. I also checked for... Continue Reading

Bestmark refusing to pay referral fee

I referred a friend to Bestmark in December. My friend registered, was hired, applied for an assignment, completed the assignment, it was approved and they were paid at the end of the month. Now on my Bestmark page, it shows the referral applied and was hired. Does not show that they... Continue Reading

Bestmark EBay Gift Card Scam

So recently got email from a scheduler named Jessica McKeenzie stating she was from a Bestmark. Numerous locations were listed. Job included purchasing $200.00 EBay Gift Card. Job was well presented with the typical observations etc. the shop assignment report would be sweet and short and very tempting. So you... Continue Reading

Bestmark shopper application

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Warning! Scam texts received pretending to be from Bestmark

I received two text messages today purporting to be from Bestmark. Both texts asked me to click on the in-text link to advise the scheduler of my availability for $30 retail visits. I emailed a Bestmark scheduler and was advised that the texts are scams.... Continue Reading

Bestmark phone/web shops

I completed probably a hundred of these shops last year, setting oil change appointments and then canceling the next day. There were always many assignments available, and only once in my early days did I receive a coaching email (I still got paid). I've never had a shop canceled, I... Continue Reading

Bestmark... Scam?

I recently been contacted to do mystery shopping for "Bestmark" company. Scenario requires purchase of Ebay gift cards. Survey is like 10 questions. Full reimbursement + $30 shopper's pay. Anybody ever work with these folks? ....Seems super sketchy. BestMark, Inc. 5500 Feltl Road, Minnetonka, MN 55343 A Mystery Shopping and Customer... Continue Reading

Bestmark Hack

Beware! I just received a text from what appeared to be Bestmark. CHAIN STORE MYSTERY SHOP: † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † ... Continue Reading

Bestmark Reschedule Option

I have shopped BestMark for over a year. They have never been known to be generous with their pay. The amount of paperwork for a $3 oil change shop is ridiculous. In the last six months, I've noticed they have done a better job of getting shops submitted to clients... Continue Reading

BestMark - forgot to ask an open-ended question!!

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New shopper already tried bestmark, marketforce and maritz

I'll post my results on those companies in the appropriate section. Hi, I'm Debra from Oakland, California. Have made some $$ already.... Continue Reading

Best Mark non payment

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BestMark call shop technical issue?

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Bestmark phone shops

For the car dealership shops, have you ever been deactivated/disallowed from getting more of those shops if you don't call back the next day to cancel? What happens if you get the earliest shop in the day and simply can't call to cancel before your appointment was to take place?... Continue Reading


I just received a check for $2,340.00 from "" with scam directions to keep 300 and do jobs for Kroger, Vons, Safeway and more groceries. I will take this to the post office tomorrow and hopfully they can look into it. Never having worked for Bestmark, I just... Continue Reading

Bestmark Dining shops

Just curious about Bestmark dining shops. How are the reports? I see them sitting on the job board.... Continue Reading

BestMark Hotel

I have the option to complete a hotel stay with BestMark but they will not give the name until after accepting. Has anyone completed a hotel for BestMark? Are they easy, detailed?... Continue Reading

Unfair Practice at BestMark

Hi, I would like to read what others would do in this situation? * Picked up an Internet inquiry shop from them with a 2-day shop period. * Sent out my initial inquiry on the second date of the shop date window and filled in part of the... Continue Reading

Bestmark application invatation

Hello All I just received an email inviting me to join Bestmark inc. I am a little leery to click the link provided as it goes to pratacompany in Brazil. Bestmark inc. is listed on the main list here and that link goes to a different web site. Does anyone know... Continue Reading

BestMark shop still not submitted to client, but no contact from BestMark

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Has anyone done the wax shop for Best Mark

I completed a wax shop for Best Mark that was rejected. I must have misunderstood the guidelines because it was rejected for using the restroom after my wax session. The way I remember reading the guidelines was to not use the restroom during the wax session itself, before or after... Continue Reading


I just completed my first Best Mark assignment. I am unable to upload the evaluation. There is nothing next to status. They did accept my receipt. Have left a message via phone and email. How long will it take to receive an answer? TY... Continue Reading

Bestmark terms and conditions

Does anyone actually sign their terms and conditions ? Why would you sign if you so easily could not get paid? Understood that if you submit a crappy report, no payment, but the clause does not specify no pay for a reason.... "Contractor acknowledges that... Continue Reading

Bestmark Hidden Bonuses

Just got an email from Bestmark with available shops in my area and an offer of hidden bonuses. Apparently this is not new but I donít recall seeing this before. The bonus can range in value but you donít see it until the shop has been approved. The bonuses are... Continue Reading


Is anyone having difficulty getting into the website?... Continue Reading

Bestmark Server Down?

Is Bestmark Server down tonight? I cannot log in to their website. When I tried logging in, it would load for a long time and then only show me the Shopper and Auditor Login screen. I am only asking because I have two shops to report.... Continue Reading

bestmark new make-up shops?

Anyone else snag these up? I have two shops scheduled for this weekend. I never shop on the weekends except for food shops but I'd gladly do a makeup shop too!... Continue Reading

Bestmark call recording system

Has anyone had problems Bestmark's phone recording system lately? I had one call disconnect and another call there was not a recording at all. They recently have most calls being recorded but you cannot listen to them.... Continue Reading

Bestmark website is wonky

[Removed]... Continue Reading

Bestmark Payment Methods Updated

I just got an email that Bestmark is updating their payment methods. You can now choose between check, direct deposit, PayPal and Gift Card. I was able to update my profile right after I received the email. They were scheduled to process payments on Friday, August 3,... Continue Reading

Bestmark "Phone/Web Only" shops

I see this now on the Bestmark site, have for the past week or so. Nothing ever populates in there, and I can't search by zip code outside my own (how I made most of my Bestmark $$), and the dealership shops have all but disappeared. Am I missing something?... Continue Reading

Bestmark going out of business?

Any truth to the growing rumor?... Continue Reading

Question for BestMark shoppers

All of the jobs on the board in my area suddenly disappeared. Has this happened for anyone else? There were a whole bunch, so I don't think they got magically assigned since some had been sitting for a while. They were there in the morning, then I checked in the... Continue Reading

Bestmark decreasing locations?

Usually, they roll out a ton of locations as the year goes on, but this year, I've not spotted a dozen locations that I used to see. Did they drop a ton of locations this year or are they really pushing these hard to fill locations? The ones I see... Continue Reading

BestMark Checks?

Has anyone had issues with a BestMark payment this month? I was notified by my bank this morning that the payment was returned!... Continue Reading

Bestmark car maintenance shops

I was wondering if anyone knows where the car maintenance shops at dealerships that Bestmark had went, I didnt know if anyone had seen them at a different MSC ? My car is about due and hate to miss an opportunity. Thank you.... Continue Reading

BestMark, how high? Oil change

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Best mark direct deposit option...

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Cannot Login to Bestmark

Is anyone else having trouble logging into Bestmark this morning? I cannot login. I can login in now, I just wanted to edit this. That was strange.... Continue Reading


BestMark may drop me after the email I just sent. Once again they changed the guidelines on me at the last minute and didnít notify me. I signed off on the guidelines on Monday. The shop window is today from 1-8pm. The changed the guidelines at midnight last night/this morning!... Continue Reading

Best Mark Casino Shops

Much to my shock I got a casino assignment from Best Mark today. I've been applying for these for about a year, but I've always gotten a "too late already taken" message when I've applied. I can't see the details on the shop yet so can anyone here who's... Continue Reading

Best Mark Service Shops

I must admit I am beyond shocked. For as long as I have checked Best Mark's job board, almost all of their shops have been service shops for one particular car company in my area.. Today I looked and you can now do a service shop for virtually... Continue Reading


Is there a way to do a search in an entire state rather than by zipcode?... Continue Reading

I received an email titled "Job Offer" from BestMark

The only problem I have with this is it's from a John Daniel (Head of Recruitment) and it tells about all the jobs that it has to offer. Actually I've only come here a few times, bought a Manuel to even see if I would be... Continue Reading

Bestmark Question

Does BestMark ever bonus their shops? I have never seen it, and I asked a couple times for a bonus when it was last minute, and was told no. Just curious what your experience is. Thanks! I've done a couple shops with them and they have been great so far.... Continue Reading

Bestmark -- two new(?) restaurant clients at least in the Chicago area

I've been logging into the Bestmark site more frequently recently and could not help but notice more restaurant shops. One of them is in the zip code where my mom works (near downtown Chicago) so was curious to know which place it might be. After consulting Yelp and... Continue Reading

Does Bestmark only pay by paper check?

Am I missing the option to elect direct deposit for Bestmark payments?... Continue Reading

bestmark has a new client

Anyone do the new shop for their new client? I've registered for three.... Continue Reading

Where did those car service shops that BestMark had go to?

I have one of the cars and need to get my car serviced again. I like free stuff. :) I was wondering if anyone knows which company has them now? Thanks y'all, JessieAnne :) shopping my way around the midwest... Continue Reading

Bestmark shop...anyone have this happen before?

I had a shop scheduled for monday and i just got an email saying it was cancelled due to client changes. Then i just checked the available shop page and that same shop which was cancelled is listed as available...anyone have any thoughts?... Continue Reading

Best Mark

When i log into BestMark, it shows that there are no shops available within 50 miles. I even extended it out to 200 miles, out of curiousity, but still nothing. They've always had at least a few shops in my area, mostly auto dealerships, so i dont understand. Is... Continue Reading


Does BestMark only have car dealership shops or do they do other retail and restaurants?... Continue Reading


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Best Mark paying every week in December? Yes Please

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BestMark site down again?

Anybody else unable to pull up BestMark?... Continue Reading

Best Mark Question

There is a Best Mark shop that I would like to do. However, it says that the client name will be disclosed in the confirmation e-mail. This is a shop that I have to be requested for. Will it be OK for me to e-mail them asking them what they... Continue Reading

Bestmark problems?

Does anyone have experiences with Bestmark - good or bad? I just shopped with them and was unhappy with the way I was treated - except for their scheduler Cory who is great. I received condescending emails and was told my photos were not acceptable even though no other companies... Continue Reading

Best Mark

They are finally offering a reimbursement for their big box electronic store shops. The minimum purchase is $9.99, and you are reimbursed up to $12 for one item.... Continue Reading

Bestmark phone/web shops

Does Bestmark still offer phone call and web inquiry shops? I haven't seen any on the board for about three or four weeks; I used to do multiple a day for years.... Continue Reading

bestmark not paying for shops

Bestmark has not paid me for shops I did in July even though they were marked paid 7/29. Also did not pay me for the shops that were due to be paid on 8/20. They refuse to answer my emails or phone calls.... Continue Reading

Best Mark website down

Is anyone having the same Issue? I have 2 reports to do and I work in the morning at a regular job in which I cannot get these done in time. I sent a email to tech support called but they are closed..... Fusturated on my end. I did do... Continue Reading

Is BestMark's site down?

Hopefully this isn't a "Futile question." *Rolls eyes* Getting the classic "Cannot display page" message. Have reports to do.... Continue Reading

Bestmark website is down

Anyone try to get onto Bestmark's website? I have a report to do but their site is down.... Continue Reading

BestMark changing scheduling policies...not even waiting for me to finish the question before telling me no.

So frustrated right now. I used to do a lot of the vehicle service shops for Bestmark. Two years ago they would schedule 3-4 of these shops a day for me. A couple weeks ago I called in and talked to one of their schedulers, and they told me that... Continue Reading

BestMark is seeking shoppers for multiple nationwide automotive studies Ė Service and Sales shops available in VA, WV, MD

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BestMark has Car Shops Available Now. "Let Best Mark put some Green in your pockets" Shop Blitz

If you live in a zone where its slim pickings, BestMark is sending out emails saying "BestMark has car sales visits to put green in your pockets". If anyone needs work, BestMark can use your help to shop some car lots. What are they like,I never performed their... Continue Reading

How long does it take Bestmark to edit a shop?

You can look on your history and see if a shop has been edited or not. I have done two shops for them this year, the first took two weeks before it showed as approved, and the second I am going on week three and it looks like it hasn't... Continue Reading

Error message when trying to acess Bestmark site

anybody else have a problem getting onto the Bestmark web site?... Continue Reading

Bestmark automotive (oil & tire rotation) shops?

Let me start my first post on the forum by thanking all of you for the knowledge you've shared over the years. I'm a rookie shopper in eastern Nebraska. I started in early November after retiring in May. I've spent many hours reading posts on the forum... Continue Reading

Bestmark offering early self-assign privileges

So did anyone else get the email that they could now self-assign shops for January with Bestmark? I kinda had to wonder how "special" I was, as I hadn't done many assignments for them (less than 5). Regardless, I took advantage of it and booked a couple jobs... Continue Reading

Bestmark website

Has anyone been trying to use Bestmark's website. It won't save my information, and the site seems to freeze up. I can't even log in right now. Has this happened to anyone before. It is very frustrating.... Continue Reading

My first mission with Bestmark is a 170$ in an expensive restaurant...any advice? Has anybody done that?

Hi everybody! I'm new on this forum, pretty glad to meet you all. So here is the thing, as a first mission on Bestmark I picked a 170$ mission in a big hotel. That was the only one available. I'm really nervous about this because I don't know this company... Continue Reading


Do I have slow internet or Bestmark's website is loading very slowly? Just curious... Continue Reading

HELP -- Bestmark Reports...

Doing a Bestmark report and after filling out the first page with basic shop data (date, time, etc.) I used the save button to save my work before moving on to the next section. Then, I clicked the arrow button to move to the next section and the website... Continue Reading

Help with BestMark site navigation

Hi everyone, I need help with navigating the BestMark site. I primarily only do web and phone shops, and on most platforms, I can search either an entire state, or within a 999 mile radius, then sort by fee to find them. On BestMark's site, I am only... Continue Reading

Bestmark Oil Shops?

I've seen these several times, but they are usually looking for makes of cars that I don't have. This time, though, it said "any automobile." I've never done oil change shops before. How many questions do they ask and how much narrative is required? Thank you... Continue Reading

Confused: Not seeing all of BestMark's shops?

When I look at I see a multitude of different shops for BestMark that say "BestMark has mystery shops at (insert shop type)! They have evaluations available in your area immediately." But my search on BestMark's site shows nothing but auto. Any ideas why?... Continue Reading

Bestmark website problems

Their page won't load for me today. Anyone else having issues with their website? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Best Mark Car Shop

Good evening. Has any one done the Best Mark Car shop where you make a Car Dealership Sales Visit and an Web / Internet Inquiry? Before visiting the dealership you will visit the dealership's website and inquire about a new vehicle. Is there an report to fill out? I need... Continue Reading

BestMark oil change shops

After reading some threads about oil changes, is it safe to assume the dealearship shops from Bestmark are good shops? Having just reentered the arena I'm still learning. Any advice?... Continue Reading

Bestmark Pharmacy Shops?

I used to do pharmacy shops for Bestmark. But I haven't seen any in about six weeks or so. Has anyone else seen any recently?... Continue Reading

BestMark Termination of Profile

After a computer glitch (on my end) resulted in 4 cancelled phone shops in a week, I received an email from BestMark terminating my profile. I contacted a supervisor and when he looked into it, he reinstated my profile. I had completed north of 160 shops for them and now... Continue Reading

Is Bestmark known for low pay and inconsistency?

I've read mostly negative things about this company. The pay is never described as good. Their shop guidelines are threatening and negative. Their schedulers and staff are inconsistent. They don't seem to value their shoppers.... Continue Reading

Best Mark, *Resolved*

I am hoping that this is an innocent mistake. I signed up for a shop through a scheduler. The shop was supposed to pay twice as much cash as is listed in my dispatch assignment sheet. I was also supposed to receive $ in travel money. I called him back,... Continue Reading

Bestmark Nevada

Yesterday I sent an email to Bestmark asking for their application to shop in Nevada. This morning I got a reply that Bestmark only assigns Nevada shops to residents of Nevada. I found that to be shocking if true. So curious, is there anybody outside of Nevada... Continue Reading


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Bestmark's definition of "upscale"

Did Bestmark seriously just send me an email saying "have an upscale dinner on us" and link me to a (gross mid tier at best) shop???... Continue Reading

Best Mark new car shops.....

Anyone do these? I needed to take on more "no out of pocket jobs" this month due to paying $5,000 for our Disney trip in a little over two months.... What did I get myself into?!?!?! Do they really want a huge amount of narrative for ALL of the sections? Or... Continue Reading

Best Mark

Attached is a c/p I got from someone identifying them selves as Best Mark.......Beware of these guys and there are many Update: Friday, January, 30, 2015 | Code: USA/6480000018 BEST MARK Inc. is a Market research company that uses Mystery Shopping or Mystery Consuming to measure the quality of... Continue Reading

BestMark application

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BestMark Review in MSM

Great review, @vlade5394! It was informative and made even more so by your personal experiences. I have to ask, would you [i]really[/i] let your next new car purchased be influenced by this MSC's shops? (heart)... Continue Reading

BestMark site down?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bestmark -- recommend or not?

I am considering becoming a mystery shopper. I researched a bit about Bestmark but would like to hear what you experienced professionals have to say.... Continue Reading

Bestmark - will they reinstate

About a year ago I deactivated myself from BestMark because I did not have the time to do their shops. Has anyone been reinstated with Bestmark and is it a PIA to do? Any answers would be appreciated. I'm not sure if I should call them or... Continue Reading

Bestmark shop limit?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bestmark NEW car sales shop? Any suggestions?

REMOVED because of non-helpful responses.... Continue Reading

Bestmark posted a article about route shopping

Bestmark posted a article about route shopping on facebook. Sounds to me like an abbreviated version of the e-book in the MSM earlier this week. Continue Reading

Bestmark shop opportunity in cosmetics

Hi Shoppers, I'm in need of friendly guidance here. Today I got my first opportunity from Bestmark. And I must say I'm completely taken back. It's in cosmetics. Now any of you women out there know you can't buy anything in cosmetics for $5.00 anymore. I mean nothing! They will reimburse... Continue Reading

Best Mark

Good morning fellow shoppers, I am new to this and have signed up with Best Mark. Anyone out there have anything good or bad to say about this company.... Continue Reading

BestMark weekend phone support?

Hi - Anyone know if BestMark has weekend phone support aside from the Exit Interview Team? If so, do you know their hours? Thanks.... Continue Reading

BEST MARK Mystery Shopper LLC

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BestMark Stop payment checks

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Bestmark facebook

Anyone else notice that since we called them out on it a couple months ago, Bestmark has stopped using our discussions as topics for their Facebook postings?... Continue Reading

Bestmark web site down?

I haven't been able to login to Bestmark in several days. I thought about e-mailing, but the e-mails I have are Anyone else having this problem??... Continue Reading

How to get "in" with Bestmark when you don't do car shops?

I'm a New Yorker which means I don't drive. I've been signed up with Bestmark for a while but they do not seem to have any shops aside from shops relating to cars: service for cars I don't own, or trying to get me to test drive cars. I know... Continue Reading

Anyone else getting Bestmark "assigned" jobs?

I'm not mystery shopping right now; too busy with tax returns. I open a few of the emails but mostly I'm deleting everything and not looking at job boards. So imagine my surprise tonight when I get home and find an email from Bestmark informing me I have... Continue Reading

BestMark payment schedule

Does anyone know why processing has slowed down so much? I've been shopping with BestMark for about a year. I did notice that last year payment schedules would fluctuate between weekly and bi-weekly (the weekly checks were great!) Recently, I received their update about possibly increased processing times; I'm up to... Continue Reading

BestMark Dining Award

I'm doing one of those dining award shops this week for Bestmark. The one where you give an award to your server if he hits on all the things you're looking for. Seems like a fun gig, like Beetlejuice trying to get Lydia to just. say. BEETLEJUICE! Anybody ever do one... Continue Reading

Bestmark "news"

is it just me or do the people at Bestmark seem to be reading the hottest threads on this forum and then writing an article about it for Facebook? Maybe this has always been the way they do it and I'm just noticing it now.... Continue Reading

Places better than BestMark?

Hey everyone, I had my first mystery shopper assignment through BestMark today. It seemed to of went well and I'm interested in finding other websites that people find to be better or as good. Any tips?... Continue Reading

Bestmark, cannot access website

Has anyone had any experience in the past with not accessing the Bestmark website? I have cleared the cookies as they have prescribed and double checked the username and password, to no avail. I've sent two e-mails, waiting for a reply. I did two shops last year... Continue Reading

Bestmark, just shoot me now!

I had two fruity computer shops scheduled, one for Wed and one for today. Had to move the Wed shop to today because everything was closed here due to this white frozen s#^t we have everywhere down here, so no biggie. Went to print my survey out last night, and... Continue Reading

How are Bestmark hotels?

How do their hotel reports stack up against say A Closer Look, Buckalew or Coyle? Anyone has experience?... Continue Reading

Best Mark - not saving

Anyone else have a problem with Best Mark reports tonight? I'm trying to finish a report but it keeps saying try again later.... Continue Reading

BestMark Survey Problem

So I'm trying to fill out the survey for my first BM shop and the Pts/Poss column isn't showing on my screen. I see it clearly listed on the survey form that I printed, but not online. I can give a detailed story format narrative for every section,... Continue Reading

Bestmark Clients

Does it bother anyone else that Bestmark does not reveal the client or address of a shop until after you have accepted the shop? I accepted a restaurant shop for this week more than two weeks ago. It was for New Year's Day and I thought it might be fun... Continue Reading

Bestmark Site

Has anyone had trouble logging into the Bestmark website? I haven't been able to for a couple of days.... Continue Reading

Well, it's official. Bestmark doesn't tell dealerships who shopped.

One of the smartest things I have done is set up a dummy voicemail on Google Voice with a different number. Now, the sales calls that I get from all the different dealerships I have shopped, either in person or by phone, pile up in faux voicemail. I have one... Continue Reading

Bestmark, YOU'RE FIRED!

So I was cancelled out by Bestmark today after several years of successful shops. They accused me of forging reports...the ultimate insult in this business. Of course they have no proof, as there is not any. I do several small town rural dealerships 2 or 3 times... Continue Reading

Best Mark

How long does it typically take after you have completed a shop for it to be approved?... Continue Reading

Inactive Bestmark acount?

I haven't shopped with them in over a year but I still receive their emails. I wanted to log on and see what jobs they had but it wouldn't let me. I even requested the password be resent (and the system recognized me because they resent it) and... Continue Reading

Does Bestmark only do auto shops now?

They used to have a variety of assignments such as wings, fine dining, retail. All I've seen the past few months are automobile shops (test-driving cars and bringing your car in for service). Even the web automobile shops are gone. Is it just my area, or are... Continue Reading

Best Mark...Technical Problems?

I have been having a problem and wonder if anyone else has encountered this...I completed several internet surveys for BEST MARK over the last few days. I confirm them, and then wait for e-mail responses from various auto-dealers, which the time frame extends beyond the "confirmation" due date/time, which... Continue Reading

best mark

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On jobslinger, there are offers of different jobs from Bestmark in my area. However, when I log into Bestmark, I am only given automobile jobs. I don't understand? Thanks... Continue Reading


My first mystery shop is doing an exit interview for Bestmark. The shop is approximately 35 miles away. I would like to know if this is a good company to work for. Also would you travel 35 miles to make $56.00? The shop is 3 hours long. I greatly appreciate... Continue Reading


I recently did a casino shop for this company which was to pay $75.00. I have done shops for them before and have put up with their bllsh*t deductions. I decided to give them another chance to be fair. I did my assignment, filled out all the surveys and submitted... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shout out to BestMark!

Thanks BestMark! This past week I had a hugely bonused new car shop for you at more than double the starting price. When I called you to let you know that the address was only the business office and service department, and that the car lot was at... Continue Reading

Does anyone ever get feedback from BestMark?

Just curious if they ever offer any feedback? I have completed over 30 shops for them in the last two months, and have never heard a single word about anything. They don't use a rating system, so you can't see how they have graded your reports. Not... Continue Reading this beyond tacky or am I too jaded?

This is a message posted by BestMark: "BestMark is recognizing those affected by the Oklahoma Tornado by donating $.05 to the American Red Cross for each shop that is self-assigned online and completed by June 24th, 2013! Join BestMark in a collective effort to support all families, friends, and individuals who... Continue Reading

Best Mark Certification codes

Where do I get the survey code to take the certification tests? I tried the dispatch #, but that isn't it.... Continue Reading


Does anyone know where to find the rotation times for Bestmark? I was able to pick up a ton of phone and web jobs all of a sudden there is nothing listed. I had to call them for a question on a job so while I had them... Continue Reading

What is going on with Bestmark?

I work for the above quite often. I have noted recently I am being short changed by them for so called not performing the job. Some editor who gets their income from shoppers - has sent back a report at least once a month. The most recent... Continue Reading

BESTMARK Beware of this one

I just did an assignment for Bestmark. I got a call asking me to do a job which I completed and then got a call saying rhey would not accept a report for it. The assignment was a multichoice one and I did one of them which was allowed. Because... Continue Reading

Question on Bestmark

Hi I am actively shopping with a dozen different companies and have been for 3 months. I have never had a rating less than 8. My average is high 80s or 9 & 10/10. I've never had a report rejected. Yet, Bestmark has declined to proceed with me as a shopper. Without any reason... Continue Reading

BestMark report entry problem

Hello, in case anyone is still up (it's almost 2 am EST). I am entering my first ever BestMark report. I am at the last screen and constantly getting the message "Updating scores, Retry Save". Is this issue common? Any ideas on how to bypass this and not loose my report?... Continue Reading

Bestmark Audits - Any updates

I know there was a lot of discussion when Bestmark started offering Audits several months ago. As the program was new, the opinions were mostly negative about the time and payment offering. Now that a little time has gone by, how do those who have done them feel about them... Continue Reading

BestMark Closed for the day

FYI I just logged into Bestmark and they are closed for the day due to weather.... Continue Reading

Bestmark car sale phone shops

I thought that I already posted this. If so I apologize. Done any?... Continue Reading

Bestmark auto sales phones shops

Have you done them? How are they? Iam not a car person.... Continue Reading

Bestmark University?

I just received this email: Please visit the BestMark University tab to review the training materials and certification assessments, and then the Find Audits tab on your shopper page to sign up for the location nearest you! But of course, I see no BestMark University tab. Can anyone tell me... Continue Reading

BestMark Kiss Off?

I tried to login in to BestMark today and got this message: "Your login is not active" So what does that mean? Did they kick me out of the system? Technical glitch? Either way I can live with it, I just want to know what it means. I seem to recall reading that... Continue Reading

BestMark Great!

I just would like all mystery shoppers to know that I have been with BestMark since December 2012 & I enjoy working as an ic for their company! I have done a few phone & internet shops; & I got paid bi-weekly because I sign up every other week... Continue Reading

Just one bad apple at BestMark

My earlier email, using the scheduler's name, was not posted, so i'll just say he schedules a lot of BestMark's restaurant shops in California. This guy is the only person who's ever flat-out ripped me off, in all my years of mystery shopping, and the fact that no one else... Continue Reading


I emailed BestMark and offered to do a car dealership out of town...I was going anyway....for $20.00. They replied there was no incentive on the shop. They listed the shop for $14.00 on thier site and Shadow Shopper has it listed for $17.00. Duh..It has been on the board... Continue Reading

Has anyone done a Bestmark Car Dealership Shop?

Has anyone done a Bestmark car dealership shop before? If so, what was your experience? I'm considering doing a web + dealership shop in my area but I don't want to do it if it requires too much time or effort for the pay.... Continue Reading

Is Bestmark worth it? I feel bad doing this but....

Is Bestmark worth it? I feel bad doing this but.... i think i'm going to late cancel this restaurant shop that i signed up for. i'm not new to mystery shopping but i am new to this company and this web forum. i have done many restaurant shops with several... Continue Reading

Bestmark automotive email shops

I did two of them, one was rejected saying I went to the wrong URL. I was careful to go to the correct URLS, the one with no period in the names other than the needed ones. I've emailed them. I was not told in the instructions... Continue Reading

Bestmark Guidelines

Am I missing something when I look at my shops for Bestmark and there isn't anywhere to click to see the guidelines or the form? I've tried logging in using IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Thanks! Rhonda... Continue Reading

C'mon Bestmark

I am getting a little frustrated with Bestmark as of late. I have started to receive a lot more phone calls from them. They continually want to know if I'd be interested in performing one of their auto shops. But, when I ask if the shop is... Continue Reading

Bestmark issue and resolution.. :)

I signed up for a remote, hard to fill oil change yesterday morning. I did the job yesterday, which was a 168 mile round trip (at 11 mpg). I found a few small jobs to fill out my day, but would have never done it without the oil... Continue Reading


I am new at Mystery Shopping and have watched the available jobs dwindle from 32 to 1! I have signed up for several shops and completed them. How do you get the good jobs. I do not talk to anyone on the telephone and only use my... Continue Reading


Does anyone know that is you cancel or reschedule 5 shops in 6 months, they will cancel you as a shopper?... Continue Reading

Bestmark Site Down For Maintenance

Guess my report won't be in by midnight........ Continue Reading

Bestmark Question

I received an email today from Bestmark about three grocery store shops in my area. I signed up for all three on the same day, so I could get them done in one trip. I've been assigned one. This isn't the first time this has happened. The same thing happened... Continue Reading

Need Help With Bestmark Shop Survey....

I completed a shop for Bestmark today and have filled out the survey but when I try to submit it, it keeps telling me invalid and 2 of my questions are not right. The first one is the receipt number, the one under the Val#. I have entered it exactly... Continue Reading

BestMark's policy on exchanging an Item

I did a shop for BestMark and realized that I bought the wrong dang thing. The thing cost 35$ and the shop pay is only $11.50, but I actually needed the stinking thing. Anyway, got home and realized I bought the wrong one. I know some companies don't allow you... Continue Reading

Bestmark's restaurant client?

Bestmark shops a small restaurant chain that I love. (Not the wings place. An American-food-and-beer place.) I haven't seen any restaurant shops on the board in probably six weeks. Does anyone know if they still have the client? I miss the restaurant, just wondering what happened to their shops.... Continue Reading

Can someone tell me if Bestmark is worth the time and how they pay and when

Hi Everyone, I got an acceptance email from this company. I am still new to this game, but doing okay so far. Can someone please give me some insight about this company ie...are they honest, how they pay and when they pay.....I would appreciate the input. ... Continue Reading

Anyone Pay for a Background Check via BestMark?

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bestmark merchandising audits

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

BestMark Merchandising Auditing?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


I have 2 questions.... First, I just got a jobslinger report that says bestmark has restaurant shops in my area, but they aren't on the website. Already taken? or something else? Next, does anyone think that if I email Bestmark they will tell me what restaurant it is? Or... Continue Reading

Bestmark pay only by check?

Can someone verify for me...Does Bestmark pay only by a physical check by mail. I thought that was 1 of the things to look out for as far as scams. All other MS pay by paypal or direct deposit to my account so I was caught off guard... Continue Reading

GFK vs Bestmark: ?

which is better for their large store audits... you know what store i am asking about :P bestmark is paying better... but i want to know if there is more work involved and if they are still not worth it ... lol...... Continue Reading

Damn Bestmark and their penalties!

Did a shop for them thursday and forgot to upload the receipt. Duh. Today I get an email saying there was no receipt and I was being penalized. They have deducted $4 off an $11 shop which was frankly, a pain in the a** shop anyway. ... Continue Reading

Beware of Monterey Mystery Shopping, BestMark and Marketforce

Stay away from these companies. They are frauds. They require a lengthy shop, then bullshit you that the form "needs more information" but they refuse to tell you what is missing. That was Monterey. Bestmark unilaterally withholds payment after the work was done and the form was sent. They are frauds.... Continue Reading

Best mark login?

I keep getting this message: Invalid security credentials or expired session. † Your browser may have lost your login information, or our web server may have encountered an error due to heavy user traffic. If you continue to experience this issue please click here to reset your browser's cookies. † We recommend you wait a moment or... Continue Reading

Audits for BestMark

I am a Gold shopper - working at mystery shopping for about ten years. I thought I'd try BestMark's audit shop for something different. My advice. Forget it folks. The pay does not even approach minimum wage. For the two days I was there I worked hard - no breaks... Continue Reading

Bestmark password resets?

Anyone else get an e-mail telling them their password has been reset? The idea of the reset does not bother me. The e-mail is so poorly written it disconcerting.... Continue Reading

BestMark Problems?

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Does anyone know what is going on with Bestmark??? I have tried to login 3 times tonight and keep receiving some bizare message.... Continue Reading

Bestmark's shop instructions...

I have never seen another MSC use so much emphasis in their instructions! Bestmark uses *all* of the following for emphasis in each shop instruction that I've ever seen: highlighting, bolding, caps, italicizing, underlining, excalamation points, and colored text. It makes my eyes hurt after awhile.... Continue Reading

Best Mark Dropped Me Because I Said Fee Was Too Low

They really did not like my telling them that over 30 pages for a report was not worth the less than $10 they offered. Insteady of appreciating free feedback from a shopper with over 20 years experience they were rude and nasty in their reply and told me they would... Continue Reading

"Bait & Switch" - Bestmark?? Happen to anyone?

Morning, I signed up for this shop on 4/22. At the time I signed up it was a 15.00 fee + 15.00 reimbursement. I would NOT have signed up for it because I knew the report was LONG, tedious, redundant yada-yada. But, I love the shop. NO,... Continue Reading


.... Continue Reading

Best Mark Fired Me Because I Said Fee Was Too Low

Would you believe I went to log on to Best Mark, mind you I have over 20 years experience in the MS industry, and I had trouble logging in. When I requested help I was shocked to get an email from an "executive" at Best Mark who said that because... Continue Reading

Earliest call from a scheduler ever: 4:49 am CT-BestMark????

Call came in from BestMark scheduling line at 4:49 am this morning on my cell. The worst part??? BestMark is on Central time ALSO. Even for a scheduler on Eastern time, that was 5:49 am. I've called back and been put in the queue twice, it hangs up on me... Continue Reading

Jered (scheduler) - BestMark

Does anyone know what happened to Jered B. (past scheduler for BestMark)? He used to be my primary scheduler there. Even though I seldom work for BestMark these days, Jered was always GREAT to work with. I hope he has moved up in the world somewhere!... Continue Reading

How does Bestmark calculate cancellation & reschedule rate?

I have done about 18 shops for them. I had cancelled one, and rescheduled one, yet my cancellation rate is 23% and reschedule rate is 17%. I don't understand the math.... Continue Reading

BestMark - Cash Payment?

Ok, without wanting to sound naieve, how do they define "cash payment"? I've noticed that several Bestmark shops say "CashPayment". Can someone fill me in.... Continue Reading

Bestmark is not cost-effective.

Bestmark pays timely, but they are not user-friendly in terms of unreasonable pay deductions and the lack of user-friendly reqirements on auto shops. The typical auto shop takes about 2 hours to do it justice, and then there is a horribly long report in which they ask a number... Continue Reading

Did BestMark lose their Big Box client?

I haven't seen any shops for their Big Box client since before the holidays. I know some retail shops stop at that time of year but I haven't seen any for the month of January either. I am not heartbroken because I was getting sick and tired of... Continue Reading

bestmark advice

just finished a restaurant for them... not a new company but new standards... everything that is exceptional needs narrative that lists something exceptional... scheduler called and talked to me... she was really nice but just thought i would give out the advice first... saves both of ya time..... Continue Reading

OK for husband AND wife to both work for Bestmark?

I've done a lot of shopping for Bestmark, and a lot of the local ones are going to start to recognize me if I keep it up. My wife has started shopping the last few months, too, and we would love to both be able to pick up a lot... Continue Reading

BestMark Casino/Hotel Shops

Has anyone done the BestMark Casino shops? I am curious about the "8 interactions", such as what they involve, how much interaction is needed, the detail of the report etc? Will I enjoy my overnight stay there, or will I be overwhelmed with work? I do my fair share of... Continue Reading

Best Mark Pay

Anyone else see this? "In an effort to help get cash in your pocket as soon as possible this holiday season, BestMark will be processing checks every week throughout the month of December (thatís twice as often as normal)! So shop early and often and get paid every week!"... Continue Reading

bestmark audio shops

$16-- the $10 ones are clearly not worth it... how bout these?... Continue Reading


So some good shops finally came through on my "radar" for Bestmark (everything since I started had been car shops, finally some restaurants popped up). The bad part is that the shop dates aren't until the last week of October and first week of November, which would normally be... Continue Reading

Getting a live telephone rep at Bestmark?

I have a couple of questions to ask them about shops I see on their website, but cannot get through to someone to ask questions. Does anyone have any hints to get a live rep on the phone at Bestmark? Thank you! PC... Continue Reading

Best Mark Blew It!

Well, I have been doing mystery shopping for nearly a year now and I got my first stiff. I repect rules and if someone agrees to the rules then they should play by the rules. At the same time, good business practices demand that there be fair play... Continue Reading

Bestmark a little slow lately?

I have receipts from the 1st of September that are still waiting to be approved. Also, it seems like a check should have been processed on Friday. Has anyone else noticed any slowness from them?... Continue Reading

BestMark Upload Problems

Anyone else having receipt upload problems today?... Continue Reading

Something new on BestMark receipts

As of yesterday, we are supposed to put the name of every associate that we interact with on the receipt we send in.... Continue Reading

Bestmark Job Board

Can someone please explain how their system works. First they give no details meaning name of shop or location, only a zip code on any of the shops on their job board and now after I took a restaurant shop, ALL the restaurant shops disappear from my job board. They... Continue Reading


I've been trying to sign up with this company (at for a while now, but their site is always down. I've noticed that people are doing jobs for them and no one said anything about technical difficulties with the site, so I'm wondering what the problem is. Anyone experiencing... Continue Reading

Bestmark Dining Shops

For those of you who shop for Bestmark, maybe you can help me. I went on their job board to view the details of some of their dining shops and it does not name the restaurant or the address, just a zip code. It says that the client name will... Continue Reading

BestMark and MarketForce Partner

The Mystery Shopping Industry Leader for 25 Years BestMark and Market Force Have Partnered to Offer More Potential Mystery Shopping Opportunities Brenda, BestMark and Market Force Information ( have partnered in order to offer potential new mystery shopping opportunities to a limited number of BestMark shoppers. As a current BestMark shopper... Continue Reading

Best mark

Hey gang: Anyone notice anything odd going on over at Best Mark? I've had shops in for over 2 weeks now that are still saying "uploaded" and pending confirmation/verification. Plus it seems that by my records they are off a week by paying as they are saying checks are... Continue Reading


I did a restaurant shop for BestMark yesterday. When I got home I went on the computer and read my email. The email said that they are trying to contact me to not complete the shop and that I needed to do it on another day. I was so disappointed... Continue Reading


I shop for bestmark on a regular basic and today after my shop I tried to go and log in to confirm my shop was complete and got a page that gives me two options...purchase or renew my domain name. Below is the information under renew. I have... Continue Reading

Bestmark down?

Hi, Is anyone else having trouble getting this site to load? We've been trying since yesterday and we get one of two things. Either Internet Explorer (also tried in Firefox) can't load the page and just now a Network Solutions page started loading that the domain is for sale.... Continue Reading

I like BestMark

Does anyone else? I seem to get the feeling most folks here would give it a thumbs down. What have been your experiences with them?... Continue Reading

How reliable is bestmark?

I am thinking of taking a shop from bestmark, it involves a relatively high reimbursement amount. How good are they in paying? Do they try to nit-pick to find excuses not to pay? Thanks... Continue Reading

Trouble with Bestmark shop search.

Has anyone else been having a hard time accessing the job search on Bestmark? I might get search results 10% of the time that I search. It's either down for maintenance, can't respond right now - try again later, or is being accessed by too many users - try again... Continue Reading

Bestmark - Website Problems Over the Weekend?

I couldn't log into Bestmark the weekend of 3/20-3/21. Did anyone else experience the problem? When I called this morning, they said I was the only person who had a problem.... Continue Reading


Anyone shop for them? I initially signed up because I heard they had casino shops and I'd love to do a casino shop. There are no casinos in Texas, but I have family in Louisiana where they do have them, and I go over there frequently. I've... Continue Reading

Huge Bestmark Pet Peeve (or is there a way around it that I don't know)

I hate that you can not know the address of a shop before you sign up for it. Sure they give you the city, but most of the cities I search for are rather large and just giving the city name really doesn't give much info. For instance I am doing... Continue Reading

Best Mark

Is anyone having difficulties logging in to their system? I have been trying for the past two days and I cannot get back into my account. I did a shop for them, and have not hear back from them, and now this. And: yes my password and log in information... Continue Reading

Bestmark-make sure you take screenshots of your reports

I have just deactivated myself from Bestmark. They were never my favorite company, but they were not my least favorite, either. They pay pretty low, and their scheduling system is rather restrictive. However, they had some shops I thought were pretty easy and were in locations I... Continue Reading

BestMark - Sign off "immediately?"

Hi All! I'm back with another newb question. :) I have my first shop for BestMark tomorrow, and in the instructions it states that I must sign a confirmation "immediately" after completing the shop. Does anyone have any experience with how literal/strict this deadline is? I mean, do I need to... Continue Reading


I applied to be a mystery shopper for Bestmark about two months ago. I recently received an email, asking if I was still interested as they had many shops in my area. About a week ago, I received a list of shops in my area for January. ... Continue Reading


Since I am new to mystery shopping I thought I would ask here incase I am not understanding before I email them. I did a restaurant for BestMark and I was suppose to be paid $22.00 but when I login and go to "shop history" I see it in the list... Continue Reading

bestmark payment

anyone else have problems with Bestmark not paying properly, they do not properly pay, don't do shops for them they make us bogus reasons as to not properly pay people... Continue Reading

Best Mark scam e-mail

Sounds pretty fishy to me. ARE YOU INTERESTED? Best Markģ is accepting applications for qualified individuals to become mystery shoppers. It's fun and rewarding, and you choose when and where you want to shop. You are never obligated to accept an assignment. There is no charge to become a shopper and you... Continue Reading


Ok, It's soapbox time. BestMark has never been the best paying company, and the reports tend to get tedious and repetitious. But they were good for a few bucks, to fill in the cracks when I needed to be in a particular area for something else anyway. They don't pay high,... Continue Reading

Warning from Bestmark

This is posted on the Bestmark site Warning: Potential Scam Involving Mystery Shoppers and Mystery Shopping Providers BestMark, Inc has recently been made aware that there are a number of individuals using our name and/or trademarked logo in the process of a scam involving "mystery shopping opportunities" that would require... Continue Reading

Best Mark , Ritter Associates, and Sinclair Mktg.

Hi, all. Have any of you worked with Best Mark, Ritter, and Sinclair? They are the slowest when it comes to paying: two months after the shop is completed and approved. Has any one else had the same problem with them?... Continue Reading


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Most Recent mentions of BestMark

The last was a Russian Spy, happened just a couple of months ago when I was out on my regular Tuesday route of hotel visits for Bestmark. (Source). November 14, 2023

It seems they picked up an "old" fitness shop that used to be with Bestmark offering $12. (Source). September 09, 2023

Bestmark, Intellishop and Shared Insight have car washes here. (Source). August 24, 2023

Bestmark, Intellishop and Shared Insight have car washes here. (Source). August 23, 2023

Also, I'm in Canada. It Seems Best Mark used to have a few. (Source). August 23, 2023

[quote=xynz] I am new to this game (this June) and I have tried a few platforms (Coyle, ACL, BestMark, GigSpot, ShopConfidentail, IPSO, MarketForce). (Source). August 21, 2023

I am new to this game (this June) and I have tried a few platforms (Coyle, ACL, BestMark, GigSpot, ShopConfidentail, IPSO, MarketForce). (Source). August 15, 2023

bestmark. (Source). July 31, 2023

Faster than any MSC I have worked with to date. They had many nice fine dining shops that we so enjoyed. quote=purpleicee] I never got a quick payment from Bestmark, either. (Source). June 12, 2023

Yeah the Bestmark ones are not worth having to hang around all day. (Source). June 01, 2023