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Most Recent mentions of BigK Mystery Shopping (Mexico)

We had our BigK (Kmart) close a few years ago. (Source). September 20, 2017

Or maybe he'll go back to the bigkahuna thing. (Source). March 11, 2013

The mods did. It's their decision. They're like the Supreme Court no appeals allowed. So tell us, bigkahuna, do YOU think mystery shopping is worth it? (Source). February 18, 2013

bigkahuna1 Wrote: - its a secret. (Source). February 18, 2013

I wonder what time Biesen was actually removed. Amazing that your first act on this board is to defend Biesen..... bigkahuna1 Wrote: - I have learned a lot in the very short time on this forum, so much so that I do not think I care to be a part of it, maybe I am jumping (Source). February 18, 2013

on second thought, bigkahuna1, I think you are right and this forum might not meet your high standards. (Source). February 18, 2013

Welcome to the forum, bigkahuna1. (Source). February 18, 2013

Bigkahuna1, I think you're overthinking this. (Source). February 18, 2013