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Surprised that they didnít post July shops today. Donít they always do on the 20th of the month?... Continue Reading


How does Buckalew make any money? They consistently have about 15 shops per month on their board yet they send emails showing several employees at trade shows and stuff. Is it safe to say that these 15 shops that show up every month on their job board arenít the only... Continue Reading

Hospitality Work with Buckalew

Does anyone do hospitality/event staffing work with Buckalew or any other company? Can you share any details on rates, how often you pick up work and common locations? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Buckalew Credit Reversal issues

This is my first time working with buckalew hospitality and i performed a hotel shop for them early last month. It been more than 25 days but my credit reversal has not been posted (The report was approved). Anyone else had similar issues with them?... Continue Reading

Buckalew Tips

Hi, I just accepted my first shop with Buckalew and was wondering if there was any tips or issues I should be aware of. I am well versed in Excel, so I don't foresee an issue there. I did a search on the forum and the most recent... Continue Reading

Aimee at Buckalew

I was so glad to see that others experienced issues with that ghastly Aimee at Buckalew. --Not happy that others had a bad time of it, of course, but gratified I wasn't alone. I, too, get consistent 9s and 10s (all false modesty aside, mostly 10s) from all... Continue Reading

Shop Offer from Buckalew Hospitality Using Gmail Account

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Buckalew Website

I am trying to log into Buckalew but can't get their site to load at all. Anybody else having issues?... Continue Reading

Buckalew question from a newbie

I am in my second month of shopping. I have done roughly 25 shops from gas station to fine dining. I've not had any series issues with any reports. I did have to provide a little bit of additional info for one of my "A Closer Look" shops, but it... Continue Reading

Buckalew Beginner vs Intermediate

Those of you who have shopped for Buckalew in the past... what is the workload/requirement differences between beginner and intermediate for them? I have only shopped their "beginner" hotels. Even then, the amount of tasks was almost overwhelming. I'm jusy curious how much more difficult it is to do an... Continue Reading

Buckalew feed back timeline

Hello, I am new shopper with Buckalew. After submitting a hotel shop, how long until the editor finalizes the shop and sends back her evaluation of your shop with the grade? The editor did respond back very quickly with three questions, which I answered. No how long until I know if... Continue Reading

Need help!! Someone who's familiar with Buckalew forms

This is my first shop with Buckalew. I like the Excel format, I really do. But I've finished the report completely, and on the 'Shopper Information' tab, it still says that only 4 tabs are complete. The other ten still read incomplete, but I've filled everything out and double checked... Continue Reading

Buckalew dispute

Just a word of warning to new shoppers for this company. I have been in the secret shopping industry for over 17 years. I have very high ratings with the companies for which I work. I recently completed my first shop with Buckalew. The report form... Continue Reading

How tough is a Buckalew hotel shop?

I have a project coming up and I'm wondering if I could reasonably defray some hotel costs by picking up a shop. How many hours would I plan for reporting?... Continue Reading


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Most Recent mentions of Buckalew Hospitality

? I've never done that for any company except Buckalew and it's at the end of the form and so is automatic. (Source). February 03, 2020

Coyle is picky in terms of what they want, but they don't often follow up for corrections. I just did my first Buckalew and was disappointed with my score. (Source). December 03, 2019

[quote=iShop123] If you need a starter hotel, try Buckalew's "beginner" ones. (Source). November 22, 2019

If you need a starter hotel, try Buckalew's "beginner" ones. (Source). November 22, 2019

My experiences with them were positive, but they pay less than some others. I mainly work with BBS and Buckalew for hotels now. (Source). September 29, 2019

I did several for LRA after that, then Coyle. I have heard Buckalew has some pretty easy ones. (Source). September 28, 2019

Less work than Coyle, more than Buckalew or ACL (but closer to Coyle). (Source). September 09, 2019

It is from me and I recruit for Buckalew Hospitality. (Source). June 26, 2019

Buckalew is legit (Source). June 26, 2019

The one from Judy for Buckalew shops is legit. (Source). June 26, 2019