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Business Evaluation Services / Mystery Shopper Services

Does anyone shop for them? Don't see any talk of them for a few years. Website: Business Evaluation Services / Mystery Shopper Services Continue Reading

MSI Trend Source Business Evaluation shops

Has anyone completed the Business site evaluations for MSI/Trend Source? I have not taken the certification test and other requirements yet and wanted to see what the forum says first. Comments?... Continue Reading

Who is Business Evaluation Services?

Need some help? I just got a PayPal deposit from a company called Business Evaluation Services for $22. Only problem is... I don't think I work for them. I did an e-mail search, looked through my bookmarks, etc. We all know some Mystery Shop Companies get... Continue Reading

Business Evaluations Services- Payment inquiry turns into angry rant!

edited- please delete... Continue Reading

Pinecone Research / Business Evaluation Surveys N

Has any one heard of or worked on shopping assignments for Pinecone Research....... Continue Reading

Pinecone Research / Business Evaluation Survey

Hello Fellow Mystery Shoppers Has anyone had any dealings with Pinecone Research. About a year ago while doing some research looking for additional mystery shops I came across Pinecone Research. After I completed a application for a mystery shopper, I received an email stating that they ARE NOT accepting... Continue Reading

Does anyone have experience with Mystery Shopper Services or Business Evaluation Services

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience with them. I understand it is the same company and MSS is the new name? Thanks. J.... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services and ISecretShop

I'm confused...I log into BES and it sends me to ISecretShop. Does anyone know the relationship between these companies?... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services online purchase shop

Has anyone done the online purchase shop for Business Evaluation Services where you buy a highly priced item on a well known auction site, have it shipped to your house, and then ship it to another address? I'm thinking of signing up for it, and I just wanted to... Continue Reading

Company named 'Business Evaluations'

Has anyone heard of them? I just did a shop for them and would like to know something about them before I do more.....just in case.... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Sevices

Hey Everyone, I hope everyone is having a good shopping month! Anyone have any experience with these folks.I was supposed to do a job today which entailed calling a 800 # then putting in a ext.and I kept getting a voice-mail at the location.I probably called the # at least 15... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services

Have others done work in the last 3-4 months for this company? I did a shop in November and another in December. Their payment FAQ says they pay in 45-60 BUSINESS days, to allow the client time to review the shop. Today is day 56, and no response to emails,... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Service

Has any one done any work for BES. I took two shop, which I need clarification on. I emailed and called their toll free number, but have not gotten any response.... Continue Reading

Ever shopped for BES (Business Evaluation Services)?

Hi, I am relatively new to shopping and did a shop for Business Evaluation Services on 7/19/09. They state 45-60 days for payment via mailed check. Well, I haven't been paid yet. They do return my emails stating it's 60 days for them to cut the check, not 60 days for... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services

I received an email from BES soliciting sign-up for shops in my area. I'm not signed with them and I don't know how they got my email address. I've researched them on other forums, but what about members here? Any advice/enlightenment?... Continue Reading

Any one have any experience with BUSINESS EVALUATION SERVICES?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble with Business Evaluation Services?

I'm having trouble receving payment. I have 3 shops sitting in my shop log as approved (they don't use SASSIE or Prophet, its their own software) and their required 40 days and come and gone, and one of the shops doesn't show the reimbursement I was supposed to receive. I've... Continue Reading

Business Evaluation Services - BES

Business Evaluation Services, is a company that I started with in 2006. I enjoyed working with them and they were good about payments. I have not worked with them in the past year or so because they have not had shops available in my shopping area. Today I... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Business Evaluation Services / Mystery Shopper Services

Intouch Insite they pay you full and very easy to report and reimbursement in less than 2 weeks.Goodwin very easy to report. Business Evaluation Services They pay is very good, for example, for one week three visits I got $60 per piece with some photos only and very easy to report. (Source). November 27, 2017

Today I received a payment from Business Evaluation Services for a shop performed in mid-March! 7 months! Wow! (Source). October 21, 2017

I did submit a receipt both itemized and credit copy. It lists seat 1 and seat 2. I did the shop through a scheduler service for Business Evaluation Services. (Source). September 30, 2017

I did submit a receipt both itemized and credit copy. It lists seat 1 and seat 2. I did the shop through a scheduler service for Business Evaluation Services. (Source). September 29, 2017

Mystery Shopper Services {aka Business Evaluation Services} acquired BMA and Customer 1st back in 2014. (Source). September 21, 2017

I think Business Evaluation Services is technically the parent company which includes BMA and Mystery Shopper Services. (Source). September 11, 2017

I was reading the Mystery Shopper Magazine dated July 17 and noticed a company that was new to me. I tried to register using the link for Business Evaluation Services, but it took me to the subsidiary page Mystery Shopper Services. (Source). July 23, 2017

It's under "B" I think it used to be BES (Business Eval Svs). (Source). June 29, 2017

The company was Business Evaluation Services. (Source). June 29, 2017

Then for a while there were 'business evaluations' that were more akin to paying a shopper $50 rather than an appraiser $750 to measure and photograph businesses that were looking for business loans with their real estate as collateral. (Source). September 29, 2016