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Thoughts On Business Observations

I have noticed that I cannot logon to their web site w/out getting an error message. Any thoughts and opinions appreciated. thx... Continue Reading

Business Observations?

I just registered with them and was wondering if anyone has worked with them recently. Apparently they do video apartment shops. I found a few posts about them, but most were old.... Continue Reading

Business Observations - anyone have any bad experiences with them?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Does anyone have any experience Doing Apartment Shops for Business Observations?

Was wondering if anyone had any experience working with Business Observations out of Peoria, AZ. They do audio and video shops for the apartment leasing industry. Are they a reputable, reliable company? No matter what they say in their literature about paying shoppers, what is the real... Continue Reading

Business Observations Payment Schedule

Good morning out there! Can someone tell me when and how Business Observations sends payment for completed jobs? I cannot find any means to contact them about a video shop I completed on 7/22/2015 and have not been paid for.... Continue Reading

Business Observations canceling my shop for no reason?

Has anyone had this kind of experience with Business Observations? I scheduled through ISS my very first shop with them, an apartment recorded audio shop with them last Friday, with a shop date of next Tuesday (so, about 1 1/2 weeks in advance). Yesterday I receive an e-mail saying my... Continue Reading

Business Observations

Has anyone been a shopper with this company? Any feed back would be apperciated. They did post: I am always eagger to work with a new company, but always like feedback :-)... Continue Reading

Business Observations

Has anyone done any of the video shops for Business Observations? I had a message from them this morning asking me to do a couple video shops for them. I might add I have never done a video shop and am somewhat nervous about it. I'd like... Continue Reading

Business Observations

I just received an email from this company regarding video apartment shops. Has anyone worked for them? The pay is very low for video shops and the shop requires a report.... Continue Reading

Business Observations

I have seen this company advertize but I have not seen them spoken about on this board. I checked the company list and I came up empty. If you have worked with them please tell me a little bit about your experiences with them and what their pay policy is.... Continue Reading

Business this for real?

This is a compnay that was mentioned by someone who says that they were offered a route of $30 video shops. I looked at the web site and applied, as a guinnea pig. Would others please do a search on the name and make an assessment of the... Continue Reading

Business Observations & Cast Creative Agency

Has anyone heard of Business Observations & Cast Creative Agency or worked for them before. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank You.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Business Observastions

Anyone at Clear Evaluations, Business Observations, and my scheduler for ACL. (Source). February 12, 2019

However, every couple of months, I find a video shop for Business Observations there or some other random filler. (Source). January 17, 2019

I have had great experiences with my scheduler from Business Observations and ACL. (Source). October 02, 2018

IBusiness Observations is up there too-I can't name just 5 LOL. (Source). August 31, 2018

If you do video, Business Observations has a couple shops that I was not able to get to while I was there and Grace Hill has additional targets at locations I was not able to visit. (Source). August 07, 2018

I am signed up with the majority on that list. I work a lot with Business Observations (mostly video/apartment shops), EPMS (apartment shops), and Mercantile. (Source). July 05, 2018

Currently, Business Observations is at the top of my list. (Source). March 07, 2018

BestMark has had a few shops recently that have paid well - some car dealerships at $45 and $75. (Though this has not been typical.) They pay by check. Business Observations is found on iSS and pays by check. (Source). February 12, 2018

I am a scheduler with Business Observations. (Source). November 26, 2017

We had 6 new schedulers sign up today and I am waiting for their lists. A Closer Look ACE Mystery Shopping All Star Amusement Advantage B Business Solutions BLD Scheduling Business Observations Cirrus Marketing Coast to Coast Scheduling Customer Experience Experts Customer Perspectives Grace Hill ICU Associates Informa Research Services IPSOS iSecretshop Jancyn Market Viewpoint MCG Measure CP NIM Research Nsite Inc NWLCP Primo Solutions, LLC Private Eyes Online RBG Reality Check Red Brick Scheduling Sales Quality Group Satisfaction Services Sentry Marketing (Dave promised he would send me his (Source). September 19, 2017