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I have been a mystery shopper for over 16 years. I have, literally, completed hundreds of shops for most mystery shop companies, I have never encountered such nonsense from a company like CHC Solutions. I did a shop for this company, after being begged by MH. Not only didnít she... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions

I got offered a casino shop for this company. I have done them before for other companies and so I know the drill pretty well. My concern is I will be putting forth ALOT of money up front the hotel alone is $263 a night. The company has assured me... Continue Reading

GoSpotChceck App question

I am hoping that someone on the forum an help me with the GoSpotCheck App used for at least one MSC. I am unable to send (upload) reports to the app. I have been in contact with them and they can't seem to find out why I am having this... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions MSscheduler mystshopsol

I see some negative feedback about these folks here but its all out of date. I cant believe how these folks do business. I get an email yesterday from a scheduler about a casino job. The email stated to register with CHC solutions and then to email her back with... Continue Reading

Having your casino winnings deducted from fees...(CHC)

I looked into doing a casino shop for CHC in 3 weeks. I've never worked for them before. They state that all winnings from slots/tables will be deducted. I left a message for CHC. Does this mean that if they reimburse $30 and pay $10 for... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions Mystery Shop................................

I don't know if this is a scam operation or just just an incompetent group of women trying to run a legitimate business with not experience. If any questions or concerns, please contact me. They have no clue as to what they are trying to do....... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions Editing Positions

CHC Solutions, Inc. is looking for an experienced editor with good grammar skills, flexible hours, and can edit for content. We are looking for someone to start immediately. We pay per edit and have a tiered structure. Please contact me if interested at Continue Reading

Columbo... minus trenchcoat... sigh...Or, rate your own work

Everyone, it has been one of those days. I thought I was to perform this shop on Monday, when I would be in the vicinity and have time. But, Noooooooooo. It was today. Miles and miles away. And, then I received the happy news that I was given an additional... Continue Reading

chc solutions: dont waste your time.

You will be expected to provide unreasonable and excessive details that are beyond the abilities of even the best of shoppers. Be prepared for extreme nit picking and a lack of support. Way way too much work for the pay. Keep moving. There are better companies to work for as... Continue Reading

Punchcard App

There is an app called punchcard which you can get points to redeem for cash etc... Good for mystery shopping receipts too. But a handy part of it the receipts are saved. If you are in a restaurant and for example the beverage prices are not marked and you need... Continue Reading

CHC is crazy

CHC is apparently crazy. Anybody have any experience with this company. I'm going to copy and paste the conversation that I had with them. ME: Hi, I was interested in doing some shops with your company. I've signed up on the prophet system but I hear you are mostly an invite only... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked with CHC Solutions? Any feedback? Thanks... Continue Reading

CHC Solutions--Help Please?

I received an email from CHC Solutions re: a casino shop. I was not a registered shopper for CHC at that point, so I emailed the scheduler asking for more information. She asked me to register as a shopper on their Prophet system, I did so, and then I asked... Continue Reading

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Yeah, it's not like we are wearing oversized trenchcoats or hoodies with sunglasses and pacing in the lobby, LOL!!!! (Source). November 14, 2019

Bestmark and CHC in New Mexico (Source). October 16, 2019

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I saw one of her movies at a recent Hitchcock movie marathon, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" with Jimmy Stewart. (Source). May 13, 2019

Every bank in the U.S. now uses that system. https://techcrunch. (Source). April 19, 2019

I cannot remember the last time (if ever) that a shopper posted glowing reviews of CHC Solutions. (Source). April 14, 2019

I have, literally, completed hundreds of shops for most mystery shop companies, I have never encountered such nonsense from a company like CHC Solutions. (Source). April 12, 2019

So, I will finish up Alfred Hitchcock's "Strangers on a train". (Source). March 12, 2019

They are full-time and part-time employment opportunities that are not readily accessible. You stated in another thread that CHC was unethical and that you would never shop for them again. (Source). March 03, 2019

Iíve applied to both. I would consider an offer from LQA to be the utmost compliment and would be thrilled if they would work with me. CHC never had their license suspended for unethical behavior? (Source). March 03, 2019